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  1. But you've got to account for bottom end of wind range for a boat compromised for starting purposes - no lift, no acceleration, sticking hulls. Going over a boundary at this stage is definitely sign of the pressure getting to him and TS, otherwise JS's start performance is a boat issue, not a skill issue Both JS and TS are getting rattled by an underprepared boat with distorted available set up modes
  2. What KOW said last sentence
  3. Great to see the Snaerk commenting again. Just retraining my brain again to get it on the skim read. Probably getting a bit late in the event for engineering insights from Snaerk but I remember from SF 2013 threads his engineering, logical argument and sailing comments showed a pretty smart cookie mind at work. The only thing we want now from Snaerk is his prophetic foresight - mate, how long must we endure the 5am starts down here? Yeah, missing those other guys too weta. I chatted to JNavas on the sidewalk in SF during LV regatta, hunched over his camera in those freakin cold afternoon winds. A very pleasant man operating out of pure enthusiasm to put out to the world his video record of those incredible flying machines.
  4. The house needs a paint job
  5. Yes, it's becoming clear the true team nature of this ETNZ package - well integrated stakeholders right from the start ending with not only an integrated boat package but one which is deeply integrated with the sailing team
  6. I'm thinking next time there will be very competitive Northern Hemisphere challenges - France, Italy, UK and Sweden. Possibly even stronger than a US challenger if OR gets gutted and the talent heads off to the Euro syndicates. It could take the US a couple of Cup cycles to get the combo of big backer, project leadership, sailors, designers etc together If TNZ bring it home I think the rumours of a Bertrand led syndicate could turn into reality
  7. It's nothing to do with comparing smartness between the teams design or engineering wise. Simmer's a real talent end of story. Oracle are a formidable package brimming with talent and resources, end of story What I reckon the difference between ETNZ and OR this time around is simply that ETNZ sat down and conceived a better project brief - one we have seen work out very consistently - that of continuous performance gains over the span of the regatta with the end stage being one that OR would be unable to reach if they followed the typical development track from the 45's. To do this the whole performance potential of the boat had to be re-conceived; no use doing things like everyone else and hoping to be marginally better. And thus a radical boat and associated radical way of sailing it has turned up. And looking like it's going to do the job.
  8. Agree, agree, agree. Laying into DB especially, like this was/ is just cheapshot He kept winning his share of starts in SF, only in one or two races did he and Ray Davies make a wrong call, he was beaten by a boat that got faster in the second half of the regatta. Just like Jimmy is getting beaten by a faster boat in the first half of the current event Bad call to relate DB's low key demeanor to notions of lacking a killer instinct. He got under BAR in the start box so aggressively Ben had to park on top of him. He didn't sail as well as NO in the semi's position wise on the course, but that says nothing about him being a choker. He did pretty well in Valencia in 2007 and in 2003 did his best to take it to Alinghi with a quirky unreliable boat. Lotta narcissism on this site
  9. Pretty interesting commentary and explains a lot of what we are seeing. Looks like Grant Simmer, superb project engineer that he is, has been left in the dust a bit this time around
  10. It's the Italian influence - out went the pie warmers!
  11. Could be a fake news plant for ORs benefit. Just saying..
  12. Heh heh, Jimmy doesn't have it all his own way! PBs mole now identified!
  13. Agree. Why the jaundice? I admire all our top sailor, builders and shore crew whichever team they're sailing for. I want to absolutely beat their teams, I want the Cup to come back to NZ. I was gutted to lose it in 03, just missing in 07 and then being hauled down in '13. I'm a passionate forever TNZ supporter, I'm in awe of what they put on the table every cup round, their brand performance has been a stayer through thick and thin, this is not normal, it's special and amazing But our non TNZ fellow kiwis who bring a scary competitive edge to the competition out there are still fantastic achievers and worthy of our respective imo, certainly they get mine. , They sit astride the AC world like no other national grouping, like our first class rugby players where there are too many to get into the ABs they are perfectly entitled to ply their skill sets on the world stage. As Larry himself said on the victory dias in SF, you can't do a good AC campaign without kiwis. I desperately want to see Russell defeated, I thought we'd got him last time, I stared into his eyes at end of LV in SF at the street bar by the AC pier and thought the fire was dimming, the jaw seemed less jutting. But no. I'm in awe of what he brings to every AC campaign he's been involved in, I don't have to like the competition rules in place this time around but the scary awesome Oracle AC machine would not be scary awesome in the way it is without the Coutts factor. He gets on with his contributions to junior sailing back here without any grandstanding but irrespective, he's one of our greatest yachting exports ever and it's taking a titanic TNZ effort over several campaigns to win against him. I sure hope it's this time. I don't see him and Butterworth and co as traitors, TNZ broke up, big shit happens in organizations and people move out. We didn't have a leadership replacement who could bring a complete package of sailors, designers, program and funders together in 03 and Russell won, his total program was simply better. End of story. I can't understand the chipping and sniping against DB. I thought it was probably time for him to go, but good on him and the guys who went with him finding a way to continue plying their trades with another outfit even though I'm frustrated to bits over the two boat OR program and don't like the arrangement one little bit. For me too many of the most enthusiastic kiwi fan boys here are too hormonal bitchy tribal blind cheap shot jaundiced. But I love y'all anyway because it's Anarchy and because you da the real energy of this thread, go for it ya one eyed bastards, go ETNZ
  14. Thanks for your post, Mariner. I agree LE's vision (now shared to a very large extent with we non-believers) is magnificent. He deserves credit. After races 9 and 10 yesterday, I was thinking it's a shame one of these teams will have to lose this competition. OTUSA's fight back is awesome. Jimmy is one hell of a competitor (maybe a bit brash for Kiwi tastes, but I admire is resilience and determination). Deano is a champion too, humble, unassuming and with a wicked sense of humour. What a battle this is. Best of luck to both teams. This is a late entry into this thread but Sailbydates comments sum it up for me. Always saw it as a great vision and innovation and like lots of innovations it's had some big struggles and disappointments to get to this point. But once the game making/breaking decisions are made its better to look to see the potential of something new and different rather than perennially slag it off because of the problems along the way. I couldn't schedule for AC so had to settle for LVC, knowing even back in May when booking, it would be a follow-the-leader event. But on the ground in SF I thought the set up was just great, nothing insufficient at all within the geography available for Pier 27 AC Village and Marina Green Village. Nespresso have pumped it big at bus stops and malls and the City had the usual power pole banners way into the boondocks of Mission and beyond. Glad to see ongoing nice comments about the folk at GGYC - I found them very welcoming, covering the odds with their comments, hopeful for the home side but admiring of the NZ campaign. And this includes SWS! Who, I repeat from an earlier post, thinks that Indio and co are probably good bastards at the end of the day You could see the event starting to penetrate local awareness even though from a very low base. Seems that Larry has his own public image challenges among the local populace so that wasn't helping locals get on board with the local team. But I think he and RC have pulled of a bold and innovative vision, all the crumbled cookies along the way notwithstanding - like just put them aside because they are now just past shit and look at what is. For all the issues, disappointments and bad events, the sailing world and the TV watching public have been agog at the super high speed match racing spectacle and race-to-9 :- slightly ruined of course by the excellence of one particular team lol. So I'm going to say it this side of match point - thank you Larry and Russ, this is a freakin good show and those on the ground in SF are truly lucky bastards enjoying a great atmosphere, great facilities and seeing a one-off event of sailing history in the making. SF City has done its thing primarily by just being SF - its a cool easy town. Gotta say I was impressed with some nice experiences in the development of American service chic - it's nicely evolving from professional politeness to an everyday natural conversation - Admiral Security staff Pier 27 were great in every gate contact with them. Of course I'm not generalizing from the following; a rather hot very sassy female Admiral staffer was standing duty in the evening by the superyacht dock. She was in awe of the lit up yachts, said all her girlfriends were dumping their men to try and get on board, said if I could get her on board it'd be sex at the mainmast even before we got down below. Hmmm, I have to admit I did consider ways and means... Ahh yess..., nice town, great event, friendly locals, fun time, participated in a little bit of AC history, smelled the carbon. May this Cup's vision help evolve the next one. I hope RC is consulted among others, in my books he's still a legend, a truly gifted competitive New Zealander plying his skills in a global market and still the best non-ocean sailor we have produced. In fact I hope TNZ set a framework that gets a lot of input from the world sailing fraternity and intending challengers as well as putting their own stewardship stamp on the short and medium term AC future. And I hope GD gets his knighthood, his masterminding this campaign is nothing short of stunning in the human excellence of its conception and execution. Yes I know I'm getting ahead of match point, just can't help it.
  15. Well, one team is going to take a beating tomorrow IMO. Just hope its not ETNZ It's the light wind forecast forecast that has has me on edge. I know ET has fully prepared for this but but if first race race stays largely below foiling speeds I haven't got any idea of competiveness against OR in these conditions