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  1. IPLore

    We lost Bucky Pizzarelli

    I was lucky enough to hear him play in a duo with his son. Fantastic . Not a pretentious bone in his body. In all honesty I did not know he was still alive. He had a good run. Sad all the same.
  2. Interested to see how this guy and his family get triaged when they are brought into @Eyesailor 's hospital struggling for breath.
  3. The situation of the CV19 epidemic is terrible.......but looking for silver linings, lock downs and social distancing have significantly reduced auto accidents, flu deaths etc, such that the net result is that less Americans are dying this Spring. I know this is scant consolation for those suffering loss of loved ones from CV19 and financial hardship...but as I say a small silver lining:
  4. IPLore

    Florida Goes On Lockdown

    Florida is going to be a mess. It will take 2 weeks for the lock down to have any measurable effect. They left it until that state has already passed the 1,000 cases per day . By all comparisons with NY and Europe , they have left it too late and will be at 4,000 a day in 7 days. What were they thinking?
  5. The state is forecasting that NY needs 140,000 hospital beds.
  6. Its not the number of tests in NY, its the number of people testing positive as a percentage of the tests. This is currently running at 28% vs 8% in the rest of the nation. This penetration rate shows without doubt that CV19 had been running around longer than people knew in NY and Tristate. Most models show that NY is going to be the third sequential epicenter after Wuhan and Lombardy. The problem is that New York has a much bigger population than Lombardy and much less means of demographic control (closing roads , quarantining neighborhoods and the city itself) than China so it is likely the % of population impacted will be greater than Wuhan and the number impacted will be greater than Lombardy. New York itself will exceed the number of cases and mortality than either. Expect a 2nd level of lock down......and if you live there, move to as strict an isolation regime as you can.
  7. IPLore

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Yes, that became clear the next day. What is the point? When we transfer CV-19, we like to ship it on Americans?
  8. IPLore

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    I can fly home from the UK. Not so much from the EU. Score one to the blonde alliance.
  9. Hey Wess, Lot of respect for you over the years but when people answer this question, you dont hear the answer....so I think folks stop bothering to answer. When someone or an organization provides a good or service, if you like and want the product or service, then you pay for it whether you like the provider or not. Don't like the current US administration and begrudge paying taxes......there is always the option of moving to Mexico. But if you like living in the US, there is a price for the services provided. Don't like the current class leadership in the Laser class association.......there is always the option of buying any number of failed Laser look-alike classes. But if you like sailing Lasers, there is a price for the services provided. Don't like the flag officers at your local sailing club ..... there is always the option of Golf. But if you like the people who sail there and you like racing sailboats, there is a price for the services provided. Even if you dont go to the Commodore's ball and feel that some of the services are superfluous to your particular needs, the price is the price is the price. The fatal weakness in your repetitive argument is that (1) You are unable to see or acknowledge the benefit that the class organization provides to every owner of a new boat, whether they race in class events or not and (2) You begrudge forking up your share for the greater good and some events that maintain the value and fun in being a Laser owner, just because you dont want to attend those events. But I have 100% certainty that nothing we can say will cause you to reflect or change your mind. So can we all just agree that you disagree with everyone on this matter. You are right and everyone else is wrong (With, of course, the exception of Bruce H.....because I trust you will concede that Bruce is never wrong)
  10. IPLore

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    Is Laser creating a new business model , neither SMOD (single manufacturer one design) nor MMOD (multi manufacturer one design) but in fact SMOD-TOB? Single Manufacture One Design Token Other Builders.
  11. I have flown on a lot of airplanes. I would be glad to watch the World sailing show but Ive never seen it. Perhaps it gets shown on Greyhound buses late at night?
  12. I suspect that Mr. Andersen's days as President are numbered. At best he made an inept mistake and acted on a sensitive issue without conducting due dilgence, at worst......well at worst he is in real trouble. Either way he showed fatal leadership failings which leave him distrusted by his board members and a public reputation severely wounded. PR Rule # 1 of an international organization, commercial or sporting, is that you never, ever chastise a media person/journalist without having your facts precise and double checked. Rule #2 is that you communicate through a channel and not directly. Because the risk is that if you are mistaken or wrong in your facts and you communicated directly......then the story becomes about "you".....and you have supplied the all the verification the story needs to run. I worked with a CEO once who felt the company had been maligned by a journalist in the business section of a regional newspaper. Furious his office had called the WSJ and arranged to have an interview where he was going to "set the record straight". We got to him just in time. I told him the both the Journal-Constitution and the WSJ were going to be thrilled by his response. The story would shift from the company to him (human interest) It was going to sell a lot of newspapers. They would both by winners and he would be the loser. Far better, we go through a respected third party who was trusted by the J-C to inquire about some components of the story. It turned out there was some basis to the story and some exaggeration. The J-C toned down the story . A month later he had an amicable interview in the regional newspaper, J-C, where he was able to explain how the company was doing things better and the J-C congratulated him for his stance. Andersen has shown a lack of wisdom and a presumptuous disregard for the sanctity of the signature of his own board members without giving them time to check the facts> It was a stupid mistake to send a letter anyway. The organization is financially troubled. It is disconnected from its members. One can only guess about staff morale by the number of vacant unfilled positions. Change is afoot. Time for @Mr.Clean to dust off his resume
  13. Interestingly, there is nothing in the EurILCA constitution that prevents an officer from another class association serving as a member of the Executive Committee. Constitutionally speaking, there is nothing to prevent Beat Heinz serving on TLC and EurILCA. Here are a few other juicy tidbits from EurILCA's constitution: Article 1 EurILCA is a European Laser dinghy association. Article 7 Each district is constituted as a sport association according to the laws of said country. The members of the sport association are sailors from the three Laser Classes or persons and organizations who support and share the association’s ideals. So, can ILCA Dinghy sailors join EurILCA ? Article 10 EurILCA’s resources are composed of: • Contributions from the European Laser builder. • Fees are fixed by the EAGM, for each competitor who participates in international regattas recognized by EurILCA Who is "the European Laser builder"? Article 7 again; "persons and organizations who support and share the association’s ideals" What happens if the Executive committee decides TLC fits this definition? But there again Article 8 states one goal as: "Create and maintain permanent contact with ILCA and contribute to the achievements of ILCA." Article 35 The dissolution of the European Laser Association may not be decided without three quarters of votes of the quorum at the EAGM. Super majority needed to close down.
  14. IPLore

    Merlin Rocket Walk Around

    Thereby lies the eccentric charm of these beautiful pure racing boats. If the Merlin Rocket class was active in the US, there is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that I would own one. @Steve Clark the $32,500 for the workmanship, detail and equipment that goes into the boat seems an absolute bargain compared to the $65,000-$75,000 for a race ready J70. Hell , even the infamously affordable new Viper 640 pans out at $39,000 now. For a state of the art race boat that will drop jaws at the yacht club and have chicks drooling (if you are a male owner) and Olympian hulks yearning to crew for you (if you are a female owner), it is cheap at twice the price. This is a Ferrari not a Ford Focus. Absolutely gorgeous. Its no wonder British Olympians are so relaxed. Of course, its nice to win the odd Olympic medal or two, but when its over they go back to what really matters......sailing Merlin Rockets!