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  1. Andrews 80 Donnybrook

    There lies the problem. The design team had promised the owner 20 konts.
  2. Was this intended to be sarcastic? It was a complete yawn fest. This was NOT a good example of close exciting racing. The quality of tactics and close encounter boat handling was awful. Hopefully the AC is NOTHING like this.
  3. lost at sea?

    BH should at least be sober when he writes his meandering blogs which the ED publishes, no matter how badly written they are. I envisage Clean with his head in his hands.
  4. I was going to ask if she was related to Eye Sailor but then I realized Eye's punchy feminine humor is better written , actually funny and often informative.
  5. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    Sclarke makes a good point. TNZ won the cup and we should respect their wish to return to more traditional values. New Zealand cherishes their open spaces and rural lifestyle.and may prefer a slower pace of life . I respect people who value the craftsmanship that goes into watch with a traditional movement rather than the ugly Apple Watch. Fast is not necessarily better. Holdens and Fords are classic and timeless. Soft sails and monohulls are a return to classic values. There is something quaint and enduring and appropriate about a challenge from Southern Italy, a nation of olive groves, fine wine and traditional luxury that is a good fit with a New Zealand defense. Forgive me for wishing there was a touch of the Maranello and Scuderia Ferrari in the Italian challenge.
  6. The only way for the Defender to have final say and control is to select a "poodle" challenger. The Italians are not the poodle in this relationship.
  7. My reading is that the Challenger of Record and the Defender both have to mutually agree on the protocol or its a DoG match. If they do not agree on a protocol then the Italians can leave their Challenge as a Deed of Gift Challenge. Its not clear to me that ETNZ have the final say If they disagree, they will try and find a compromise. If they cannot find a compromise, who will blink first? The Italians can threaten to throw their toys out of the sandbox and walk away taking their money and their challenge with them....or they can stick fast and insist on a Deed of Gift Challenge The New Zealanders can threaten to accept a challenge from someone else , unless the Italians insist of a deed of gift challenge. I think it is more likely that they find a compromise. A Deed of Gift Challenge would be very difficult for TNZ financially.
  8. 1. Too boring? 2. Most likely? 3. Too complicated and expensive? If you are TNZ and you want to avoid the Italian preference for option #1, then its not surprising that you continue to develop the #3 concept so that both sides can agree on #2 as a compromise.
  9. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    I have three boys. They have long since flown the nest. They all went through the usual Optis to Lasers to Lightnings to J 22s to MC Scow route because that is what it is around here. Dad has enjoyed watching the AC over the years. I am not a rabid fan like some of y'all but I like sailing. The kids showed no interest in the AC until San Francisco. They thought the Godzilla challenge was absurd. They watched Valencia for about 10 minutes before heading out to throw a football around. The final match in San Francisco had them glued to their seats. You wont find any more good ole American boys than my boys but they were divided in their support with one rooting for Team NZ and two for Oracle. In Bermuda it was reversed with two rooting for ETNZ and one for Oracle. They watched as much of Bermuda as their jobs allowed them. Hell, even Mom watched the Bermuda AC. My eldest went on a vacation to New Zealand and I dont think he had even heard of the place before AC 34. The point is, they sail the slow boats that we sail locally , BUT they want to watch high performance. To the Geek's point; I drive a Toyota Land Cruiser but I have no interest in watching Land Cruisers racing , or of watching Lightning or MC Scow racing on TV . I totally get Formula One and the Indie Series but I am not going to rush out and buy an open wheeler race car. If you are a motor sports fan, you want to watch high performance racing. If you are a sailing sport fan, what do you want to watch? For myself I really enjoyed the high speed tactics and the edge of the envelope skills displayed in Bermuda. It was by far and away the best AC ever in my book. Nothing before even came close. Team New Zealand were magnificent. It was really great TV and in this kind of format, Pete Burling was on his way to becoming a young rockstar in public sailing with his folksy understated manner versus the equally enjoyable brash Spithill. It was a battle. Hamilton vs Vettel. Mercedes vs Ferrari. Burling vs Spithill. Oracle vs ETNZ. It was great stuff. I am not anti-mono hull.....but I totally get why Artemis want to wait before committing to a challenge. A truly high performance foiling mono-hull would be exciting, but I remain suspicious of the Italians motives. They want to bring it to Italy and can they wrest it from NZ in a high performance boat where NZ has already shown in two successive cups that they excel? Will NZ receive Italian funding and support this time around?
  10. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    I havent heard the latest on challenges. So far the only participants I am aware of for the Auckland/Palermo edition is one independent challenge and two defender funded poodles. and of course the Italians never cheat....they just hosted the J70 Worlds and ...Oh Wait!
  11. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    That is the silliest theory I have read so far. The team that was runner up in the challenger series and was beaten by the team that went on to win the AC is somehow running scarit from the New York Yachtie Club. Why dont we take their statement at its face value:- 1. Their talent and their preference lies in sailing fast high performance cutting edge boats. They want to wait to see the details of the protocol. Seems fair. Its not as if they participated in the AC when it was sailed in the slow boats of yesteryear. They only came into the cup when it became the Formula One of sailboat racing. Its not like they are abandoning the competition as pussies . They got stronger and stronger over a couple of series and earned a lot of admiration. We always knew they were not be part of a "traditional" cup. 2. They dont have limitless resources and want a reasonably level playing field in terms of cost. Also seems fair. They did well. If the cup goes in a fast and leading edge direction, they would like to be back. If it goes in a more "return to tradition" direction, perhaps we will see them go in another direction but its hard to see them abandoning the sport altogether.
  12. Best Navigation App for GPS enabled ipad

    I dont need too many features. 1. Charts so i dont hit anything 2. Download way-points so that I have bearing to the next mark 3. Indication of whether I am high or low of the rhumb line. and....I want to be able to set up before the race...put ipad or iphone in ziploc bag and just glance at it from time to time. Oh...and preferably t doesnt take 4 hours to download
  13. I searched. Im surprised there isnt already a thread. What do folks use for coastal sailing (East Coast USA in my case) on their ipad? Simple.....clear and good graphics...because im sailing a small fast boat and can only glance at the ipad in its ziploc from time to time.
  14. Team NYYC

    and AARP could step up as a sponsor. The problem with US entries is that we havent seen whether any US Mega Wealth is going to back a US challenge under the current protocol. Devos money, real estate millionaires etc all have limited means. All of Amway's public quoted stocks have been going from top left to bottom right. The US business is a closely held private corporation but you got to suspect that their pyramid business model is being crushed by Amazon. They face difficult times. Dont get me wrong...the Devos family are very wealthy and can easily afford their private yacht racing....but their business is facing huge challenges and I wonder if that affects their big budgets. The Mega private wealth (public companies have a hard time justifying hundreds of millions on a niche sport) in America is in tech and e-commerce. There are plenty of tech' billionaires who sail. But does a "blue blazer" retro event interest them? It may do. Jim Clarke likes super fast monohulls but he is also typical in liking to play around at the leading edge of the technology of the sport (Foiling cats intrigue him). Now, to be fair, if they stay out of the AC during its "back to the future" era, that may level the playing field for the other nations. If Sergey (or the other Larry) decided to sponsor an AC entry, everyone else would be outspent. So perhaps its a good thing if they yawn and stay away.
  15. Team NYYC

    Monohulls New York Yacht Club Drunken quotes from DC Getting the Americas Cup back to it roots Why do I get this sinking feeling? Please NZ, dont let this slip back into the yawn fest of yesteryear.