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  1. Relative Sailboat Builders Quality

    Oyster yachts??
  2. Yup and it was called Spray
  3. Is this Crazy Horse? Seems poor form to have left it floating off Cape Cod as a shipping hazard.
  4. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Scallywag is in a different league.
  5. I once had the misfortune to be given the task of breaking up an abandoned 30 year old Rondar Fireball to fit it in a dumpster. Grief that thing was well built. It ruined a perfectly good chain on the saw !
  6. laugh or cry?

    Any number of reasons, but why speculate without facts?
  7. laugh or cry?

  8. laugh or cry?

    I swear you are the same guy who rear ended a stationary car, then walked round pointed to the damage and claimed that damage to the rear of the front car proved that the front car must have reversed into the rear car. There is a perfectly plausible scenario that the boats collided due to an inadequately lit vessel that any boat would have hit even with a proper lookout. Nobody is claiming this scenario without facts but you seem to be able to claim the opposite scenario where the FV was adequately lit sufficient to be observed with a proper lookout .....with out any facts to support your claim! But, hey, why let logic get in the way of your diatribe?
  9. laugh or cry?

    Or....should we assume that Vestas was keeping a proper look out and conforming to Colregs until proven otherwise? Do you have real information that they were not?
  10. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

  11. what is it?

    VX Evo Mark II
  12. RS 21 - Fugly or just a different genre

    I noted that the electric motor is an optional extra not included in the base price (To RS credit the base price does include sails). I suspect that 80% of clubs and schools will opt not to have the motor. A club owned 1300 lb, 21 foot boat does not need a motor. If the wind dies, the RC and club mark boat tow you in at half the cost of purchasing and maintaining 6 electric motors. Competitive private owners will not want the extra weight and will probably want to fair the bomb door shut. The private recreational owner living in a tidal area will love it, because he can hum out with the motor and drop the keel in deeper water. This has very similar weight and length specs to a Yngling.
  13. RS 21 - Fugly or just a different genre

    Nein. Das are granny bars on das flurboden! I cannot even guess what they are for. Footrests? To stop old folks sliding off the thwart to leeward? Harness line attachment points? Something to do with the cell phone charging station located in the center pedestal? Hard to call it beautiful.