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    I would say 36 is worse than 34. At least the initial design criteria for 34 was based upon a cat that was not supposed to fly, a concept that has been proven and sailed by thousands of people. The Kiwi's were innovative enough to get them to fly and created a whole new set of complications and a whole new class of sailboats. They were just beginning to learn how to sail those boats by time 35 came along The 36 design has never been sailed before and is all based upon computer modeling, which one side holds all of the cards. It is meant to fly, but many thing it will not for a majority of the races.
  2. Herfy


  3. Herfy


    Just learned that there is another secret team. Details are kind of sketchy, but here is a spy picture that has caught the boat on the water... looks like it could walk on water...
  4. Herfy

    Gonet Monofoil

    here is some more info https://www.facebook.com/MonofoilGonet/ it has a trangular foil that can be seen in some of the video.
  5. Herfy

    Team NYYC

  6. Herfy

    Second US Team

    Looks like there is a real strong effort to create a second US team to go for the Cup. It will be an All American effort. https://www.sfchronicle.com/sports/article/American-sailing-group-eyes-2021-America-s-Cup-12870135.php
  7. Herfy

    Team NYYC

  8. Herfy

    Team NYYC

    It is a slap in the face to American sailing. The AC is one of those clubs that is filled with inbreeding. How can a sailor get experience when they just rehash the old guard and never let in new members. Please, please have a second American challenge, this one is repulsive!
  9. Herfy

    Team NYYC

    You are right. Bankrolled by Richard Devos who made his money with Amyway (which is just one big pyramid scam) and his totally unqualified wife bought the job of Secretary of Education by being Trump's largest donor..... not really the type of people you want to cheer for... It is nice the NYYC is back involved, but what are they going to put on the sails? A large Amway logo, now that is classy. As far as the new logo, how many times can you arrange the same three colors into an eagle? It looks like they are trying to capture the eagle as it swoops down to attach prey. One of the major problems is that the logo is more vertical and makes it difficult to make it large on horizontal surfaces, like the side of a boat. I really like the old Stars and Stripe logo, that was creative and uniquely American.
  10. Herfy


    you beat me to it, but this is what I think about when I see the new boat design:
  11. Herfy


    Can we just start a "Bitching About Anything" thread and get you guys to just carry on in there? Some of us check this site every couple of days hoping to catchup on any AC info, but every thread is full of the same 6-7 posters bitch slapping each other.
  12. Herfy

    What Is It? Foiling Ghost...

    I like this type of design, much better than the salamander that ETNZ came up with. Having both foils always down may not be optimal for performance, but it sure would make it much more stable, safer and more likely to stay up on the foils. The foiling cats opened up pandora's box with the need for foiling speed, but it doesn't have to such a delicate state. Think back to the days of the 12 meters, no one was concerned with the seaworthiness of the boats. It was based upon the sailing crew skills, tactics and some minor design tweaks to squeeze out a little more speed. If they used a boat like this with a stable two foil platform the race would trend back to the skill of the sailors. You could open up some of the design of the foils, how they are adjusted, the wing, hull designs, etc... so that there is still the element of design choices that a team can make based upon expected wind/water conditions and any optimization that is team specific. The current state of foiling is getting too dangerous, it is just a matter of time until we have more life's lost. Using a more stable /safe design is well worth the 5-10 knot top end loss for boats that can travel at 50 knots! It would be like 12 meters on steroids
  13. Now that we know more ETNZ's autopilot foil trimming system, to me it seems obvious that it violates the intent of the manual controls systems. Manually tracing or turning some device in unison to a computer optimized track is not utilizing any sort of sailing skills. For all practical purposes the computer controlled the foils, not the sailor. He just was playing a game of pong! It is like claiming someone is a master painter when they just paint by the numbers or chess master when they just follow the moves dictated by Watson. It was very clever, but smarmy.
  14. Herfy


    I am excited for the nationality rules changes. It will clean out too much of the inbred NZ involvement on so many of the teams. ETNZ has been quite innovative in their designs for the last two cups and you have to give them the credit that they deserve, but they are not God's gift to sailing! They had the courage and determination to master foiling unstable boats. In hind site, the idea to have a dedicated foil trimer, just as they have dedicated sail trimers is not only obvious, but really a incrimination of the myopic designs from the other teams. This new foiling "monohull" is ridiculous, just so that someone can call it a monohull. I was at the last AC and it was an unbelievable spectators sport that was better seen from the grandstands than from a boat out on the water. Here in the US, everyone, and I mean everyone that I talked to was excited about the speed of the boats. I had numerous non-sailors talk excitedly about the races. Most of them had never heard of the America's Cup before these new boats. I really think that they should have stayed closer to the design from the last cup. Of course, they had to do something about turning the chipmunks onboard back into sailors. Just as with the new proposed boats, some sort of auxiliary power should be allowed and some more stability added to the foiling. There, I have vented on, carry on with you typical arguments....
  15. What a joke! I though everyone wanted to go back to traditional monohull racing with the real yachtsman on the crew instead of gerbils? All they did was replace the platform that the sailors stand on and give it foils that will require the boats to keep farther apart. Those foils look like weapons that can be used to clear the opponents crew off the deck or cut off the opponents foils under water. This is a way more complex design than the AC50's, they could have use stabilized the foiling of the AC50's and would have been a much better design. So how will they power the movement of these foils?