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  1. With all due respect the traits that you learned and the methods used to teach them are not unique to NZ. Most American children learn those same traits, sorry to hear that some drunken idiots in SF fulfilled the classic boisterous American stereotype and tarnished the experience for some NZ fans. As for the current cup. I have to compliment the Kiwi's for pushing the envelop and being very creative in finding unique solutions within the design limits. It is also quite embarrassing that with all of the resources and design expertise that the US team could overlook such ideas that now seem obvious. How can you not think about dedicating a person to trim the foils (the sails in the water) when you have always had a dedicated wing trimmer (the sails in the air)? This totally random control over the foils prevents you from optimizing the design. How can you leave the wing trim to a guy the just eye balls it versus using hydraulics to optimize the shape for each condition by computers? Like the last cup, I hope the US team is able copy as much of the NZ design to make the races competitive, because it is not even close at these wind conditions.
  2. I just returned from watching the AC Challenger sent-finials in Bermuda. What a beautiful venue and a great event. You can see the whole race (except the start) from the AC village and the finish line is right next to the shore. The crowds were excited and it was great to see so many new fans enjoy the sail races. As much as you classic sailors want to complain, every non-sailor that I talked to is excited to see these new sailboats race. The AC takes money to run and it needs real sponsors to fund the efforts, not just a few very rich billionaires. The only way you will get sponsors is to increase the fan base. The new format is designed to increase the excitement and fan base. The AC will die if it goes back to the old mono hulls. Oh, KiwiJoker, get over your insecure, whoa is me, pitiful self. You and several others give the great sailing fans of NZ a bad name with all of your conspiracy plots and blaming everything on others. Of course I want the US team to win, but I had always been a fan of the NZ team and the spirit they have shown. I bought a Team NZ polo shirt back in 2002 via mail order and still wear it proudly. There were a large contingency of NZ fans in Bermuda and they were all very friendly.
  3. 33 seconds into this video you can clearly see some points midway along the foils. Is this what people have been talking about?