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  1. Herfy

    trickle down

    Oh, Ok... So the Kiwi's just adopted the obvious progression of foiling designs and were not innovative in making the cats fly. Got it, so why are the bragging about it so much?
  2. Herfy

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Are you out of your fckg mind? The AC75 are novelty boats, not stable enough to go to far from shore.
  3. Herfy

    Team NYYC

    I agree, it is a joke to claim all this American Pride and then fill half of the team with foreign retreads.
  4. Herfy

    Team UK

    Interesting, but notice how the design drawings never show the "outrigger floats" that are in use on the T5 during all of the sailing footage.
  5. Herfy

    Team UK

    The row of cars parked just to the right front of the building has spaces for at least 11 cars (from the red car to the black one in front, room for two empty space). The mini Cooper is about 6.3 ft wide + 1 ft for gaps between cars (min of 6 inches each side), so 11 x 7.3ft = 80+ feet. So the row of parked cars is longer than a 75 ft boat.
  6. Herfy


    But what is the point? AC37 will not have anything in common with AC36. Once the challenger beats NZ they will throw away this ridiculous design of a boat. They have basically made it a farce by trying to be cute with the radical boat design.
  7. Herfy


    damn spell check and a few missed words, but wtf.
  8. Herfy


    Thanks for posting something relevant and of more interest then those idiots rehashing thinks they nothing about!
  9. Herfy

    Team NYYC

    So, only 10 of the 18 team members listed on their website are front the US (56%), just barely a majority. Kind of pathetic to call it an American team! https://www.americanmagic.com/team/
  10. Herfy

    Team UK

    The boat looks as tippy as a canoe, the floats must be to keep it from rolling over.
  11. Herfy


    I would say 36 is worse than 34. At least the initial design criteria for 34 was based upon a cat that was not supposed to fly, a concept that has been proven and sailed by thousands of people. The Kiwi's were innovative enough to get them to fly and created a whole new set of complications and a whole new class of sailboats. They were just beginning to learn how to sail those boats by time 35 came along The 36 design has never been sailed before and is all based upon computer modeling, which one side holds all of the cards. It is meant to fly, but many thing it will not for a majority of the races.
  12. Herfy


  13. Herfy


    Just learned that there is another secret team. Details are kind of sketchy, but here is a spy picture that has caught the boat on the water... looks like it could walk on water...
  14. Herfy

    Gonet Monofoil

    here is some more info https://www.facebook.com/MonofoilGonet/ it has a trangular foil that can be seen in some of the video.
  15. Herfy

    Team NYYC