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  1. We've all been there! Rock bottom, Hunter territory! We just need a support group, you know to enable our addiction!
  2. In that case you should not mention Laser in your SIs and races would not be to the Laser Class rules. That's fine, you would say, no? Now imagine what would happen if someone would show up with sails that are larger or from better material that Laser Class legal sails and would kick your behind.. Would you start whining then? Remember this - you can talk about 'fun' as long as you want, sooner or later someone will want the pickle dish badly and the whole mess will be your own fault. Not metiononing Lasers doesn't protect Laser owners from being protested (for not following OD rules in maintaining the class configuratuion) There really is no by the book solution, but I'd rather it be clear that anyone can go with a cheaper sail so it's fair rather then relying on personal initiative. The solution would be for the class to lean on the builders for gouging their members! But we have a National and World association that simply kowtows to the builders whims while claiming to suport stict one design, to the point of even redefining builder in a term more favorable to the current coportate owners... The stucture of the advisory council will not permitt new sail makers or lower costs, so as dogwatch says we vote with our wallets. And make excetptions to the rules.... Now if you show up with a fully battened mylar laminate sail we might need to narrow the exception... The point is we are not runnign NAs just beercan races.
  3. Foredeck Shuffle, you show a double standarts here. Why should some poor kid try to stick to the Class rules and 'sail down' his only legal sail while some smart ass shows up at the regatta with replica sails only to save his legal sails for some 'big event'? From the Rules perspective, your actions by deliberately breaking the Class rules in Class sanctioned event puts you into Rule 2 and even Rule 69 territory, not 78.1. You're not a hero by RAFing from the races, you're a cheat! You should have been DGM-ed! Shame on you! Or you can do what we do, amend the SIs for club sereise racing to allow non-class sails. Is it strictly by the book? Nope. Does it get more boats on the water? Yup If your a non-class member non-owner we can get you a loaner boat! Remeber that while this is a sport we do it for fun! More people playing with thier toys is more fun! Sending a few hundred dollars extra to LP is a lot less fun.
  4. Actually it makes me wonder about the other emails flying around behind the scenes leading up to the 2011 rule change. As apposed to the story we were told, I'm guessing it was far nastier... I can only guess at the other promises made and broken/out right threats made...
  5. Nothing to see here move along....
  6. And how did that SB3 work out? I forgot something about having the builder contracts getting yanked...?