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  1. Bruce Hudson

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Rocket man's important launch before Laser national championship SUPPLIED/STUFF Staffan Persson set to take part in national laser champs, after launching a rocket into space. Staffan Persson will casually launch a rocket into space on Saturday night, before trying to find his inner warp speed at next week's Laser national championships in Wellington. Persson, who hails from Stockholm in Sweden, has been in the country since mid-December (he got out of managed isolation on New Year's Eve) to oversee the launch of a small communications satellite being launched by Rocket Lab from their base at Mahia on the East Coast. They have a small 5-10 minute window to launch the rocket to ensure it follows a certain orbit in space, 1200km above Earth. --- Full article here -->
  2. Even though the Laser/ILCA is one of the most successful boats ever, the number of sales, dominated by the sales in Europe, is relatively low. We're only talking about a few million dollars turnover, split by several parties. Bottom line is that boat manufacturer's "huge profits" are relative and in the scheme of things, in my view, quite small. One of the issues is that a sail goes from sailmaker to boat manufacturer, to retailer/s - and all three (or in some cases four) add a margin. The question of whether sails 'should' be sold directly from sailmakers is controversial and I imagine would be voted against by the boat manufacturers at ILCA World Council level. What isn't so accurate are perceptions gained from the forums, including this one.
  3. Bruce Hudson

    Cruising in the Caribbean During Covid

    Where are you? (If you don't mind me asking)
  4. Bruce Hudson

    Cruising in the Caribbean During Covid

    The way I read the below is that some pleasure boat travel (deemed 'essential') between Mexico and the US is currently allowed:
  5. Wess would be a very unusual person if he doesn't buy something made in China. Ironically, it is highly likely that the device he writes on is made in China (and isn't "crap") - which means added to his intolerance is hypocrisy. Then no matter how twisted and factually incorrect the reasons not to support ILCA, simply don't. There are some freedoms in the US which means that Wess has that choice.
  6. Bruce Hudson

    Cruising in the Caribbean During Covid

    It can more complicated than 'going for a cruise' - which I agree is unnecessarily risky. Hypotheticals from the top of my head include: Some people are already out cruising and want to come home. Some don't want to come home. A few may have feft during the summer thinking that they would return in a couple of months after the pandemic has blown over - and now want to come home to the US. I know of one person wanting to travel back to NZ, has a dog, is stuck in Mexico. (Land and air are closed, but it is 'less closed' by sea.) There is someone in the US who can look after the dog, and his plan is to return to NZ (by air). He's fairly sure he can't leave Mexico by air or road with a dog, however, under current rules can leave Mexico on a leisure boat (but would need to catch a ride with someone.) Doesn't currently have covid, but can be retested before going on board. Depending on what region, Mexico allows departure by boat with no special requirements. It is the arrival to the US that is the issue. If he got on a boat and arrived in the US, what would happen? (I suppose it would depend on which port.) One would assume that it would be with Americans returning home - and I'm sure there are a few. Technically he is transiting. Ha. I suppose the latest foiling boats might be considered "air travel" - but regular cruising boats? Wondering if there is a CDC page for recreational boats. If there is - I can't find it. Depends on which country. For now Yucatan and Quintana Roo in Mexico there are no requirements.
  7. Wondering about the practicalities of sea passages during Covid, some of the borders are open, others not. Also wondering what is involved (beyond normal) of departures from Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Mexico (Yucatan/Quintana Roo), and the Bahamas. And entry by boat into the US. How easy is it to hitch a ride right now?
  8. Bruce Hudson

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    How did you get on making a tiller? Got any pics?
  9. Bruce Hudson

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Seems like Greg's attitude, and your (Dave) unacknowledged attitude, are very much winning attitudes.
  10. Bruce Hudson

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    I can post without fear of Wess responding. Unless someone quotes me (please don't).
  11. Bruce Hudson

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    I would say that the above is a great attempt to gaslight this conversation in a specific direction, however, while an attempt, it isn't that great. Steve works for PSA in Australia. Has been for years. Steve won't be replaced by 'Zhang'. Steve will be working for PSA for the foreseeable future - he shows no sign of leaving or changing his name. There are two new ILCA builders currently in the pipeline, Zou Inter Marine in China, and Element Six Composites in Thailand - which along with PSJ will mean there will be three builders in Asia in the near future. There are no North American builders in the pipeline, so there will continue to be imported boats. (If the intention of Wess was to continue promoting himself as a person intolerant of Chinese/Asians, then job well done! No reflection of what is actually happening - three builders in Asia? Absolutely positive!)
  12. Bruce Hudson

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Nope. The dying part is an exaggeration. Sailing in North America is not what it used to be. Participation in some places is lower, while it is growing in other places. Pretty sure that overall, worldwide ILCA membership in 2019 was up on 2018. Maybe @aroy210677 has access to the actual numbers?
  13. You might be in for a surprise. ZIM are agents for boats built by Ovington, so I very much doubt they will be aggressively chasing the European/UK markets. ZIM's pricing is likely to be similar, the cost of freight will make a difference! The North American market still remains without a builder. It will be interesting to see which ILCA manufacturer is cheapest in North America. It might end up that RioTecna has the best pricing! It seems the first indication is that all of the manufacturers are making a similar quality boat.
  14. Bruce Hudson

    Going downwind slowly in a Laser

    I've won a few heavy wind races using a similar technique - but only when it is impossible to go directly downwind (Over 30 knots, depending on waves etc). Sheet in about 20 degrees, don't let your boom all the way out. You want the leach to be firm, with a little twist, but only a little. The entire sail needs to be drawing. Bear away at full speed only, when there is less pressure on the sail. Control is more important than outright speed. Do not ease main out, so you can sit on the side, without hiking. If your body gets hit by a wave, it can be all over rover. Have centreboard about half up, you want the boat to be able to slip sideways a little, and it reduces broaching. Sit back, keep the nose up. You have to pay attention to the waves, avoiding driving the nose into the back of a wave. Go as low as you can, even lower than the next buoy, then reach in at full speed. (Its all about VMG, including capsizes). I've been passed by a few when doing this, only to pass them when they have capsized. Also, with each capsize you lose energy, so slow and steady rather than the fast and risky is often best once you are at the top end of the fleet... I'm sure that other techniques work, but the above works for me.
  15. In this case, it is less political garbage and more good ol' bigotry.