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  1. A huge supporter of one design racing, Luca in my view would bring positive change. Luca announced on his interview with Tom E on Sailing Illustrated..
  2. Bruce Hudson


  3. The licensing, commercial interests and disputes are mostly independent to the decision to retain the Laser as an Olympic class. (In fact, they are reasons to not retain the Laser) World Sailing is involved once they recognize a class as international. The growth of the Laser is assisted by the class being Olympic, however is not entirely dependent on it. It is complex and dynamic.
  4. Bruce Hudson

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    I didn't ask, but thanks.
  5. Yawn. Two years? Yeah nah. Bill is 100% correct. Part of the final approval process is confirming that the boats are produced correctly. So sosoomii, actually appointing the builder is the same as starting production. About as long as the freight companies take to deliver. Focusing on the worst scenario are we?
  6. North America is being supplied by PSA. I can't see Europe being lost to the Aero, can anyone? --- here's what ILCA said: Are you sure with your two year prediction sosoomii? "Early 2020" sounds a teensy weensy bit closer than two years.
  7. Bruce Hudson

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Pretty sure ILCA have been busy with Step 4. Step 5 merits public announcements. Wondering who will be the first suppliers announced? --- The process set out below details the requirements to become a new builder. Outline of the Approval Process: Step 1 – Preliminary Applications Invitation for preliminary applications from any party interested in becoming an ILCA builder. All applications will be handled on a confidential basis and ILCA can provide a written confidentiality agreement upon request. Step 2 – ILCA Preliminary Application Assessment Review by the ILCA panel of preliminary applications against initial acceptance criteria (see appendix A1). Step 3 – Formal License Applications Invitation to selected applicants to submit formal license applications after signing a non-disclosure agreement and being issued with detailed information on the requirements of the ILCA Build Manual (IBM) and details of all required licenses, fees etc. Step 4 – ILCA Formal License Application Assessment Review by the ILCA panel of formal applications against detailed acceptance criteria (see appendix A2). Step 5 – Provisional License Granting of provisional licenses subject to pre-production approval. Step 6 – Pre-Production Approval Completion of the pre-production approval. Granting of ILCA Licensed Builder status and approval to commence production and sales (see Appendix A3). Step 7 – Ongoing Review Compliance Ongoing production review and compliance audits in accordance with the IBM and the requirements of World Sailing. (Source =
  8. Bruce Hudson

    Light weight traveller block - is this new?

    While I like the idea, there are a couple of small negatives: More leach tension More expense
  9. Bruce Hudson

    Tokyo 2020

    My favorite yacht club in the world is no more than a rickety old green shed. Note: no distractions - it is all about the sailing. (A couple of current masters world champs regularly compete there).
  10. Bruce Hudson

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    I misspoke. What I meant to say was those parts of Europe serviced by Laser Performance, rather than all of Europe - which is not.
  11. Bruce Hudson

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Everywhere but central Europe, Oceania, Japan and Korea has been starved of supply. That is about to change.
  12. Bruce Hudson

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Aside from the marketing issues (after all it is meant to be a one design class) - using the same hull design is problematic because there is a signed contract that specifically says that LP can't. No doubt Rastegar's defense will be that the company is a different entity to the one which signed the contract. Meanwhile, regattas will be held. New boats will be sold. And a new classes will be promoted as the next big thing. The existing classes: Standard, Radial and 4.7 is poised to grow over the next few years.
  13. Nope - at least I can't see how. The class is the Laser class, the boats may not have the Laser trademark. Look at the timing of the announcements. It makes sense - ILCA reached an agreement to use the Laser trademark after the ILCA dinghy was announced.
  14. Bruce Hudson

    Laser Construction Details

    Maybe. I don't know if boats were being built in Oz at the time, but they were definitely being built at Performance Sailcraft, The Councourse, Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand when I visited them in 1983. NZ and Oz both use the same dating format.
  15. Bruce Hudson

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    World Sailing’s Council confirms Laser as Paris 2024 Men’s and Women’s One Person Dinghy At World Sailing's 2019 Mid-Year Meeting in London, Great Britain, World Sailing's Council voted to retain the Equipment for the Men's and Women's One Person Dinghy for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition. The World Sailing Board informed Council in May 2019 that it would only continue contractual discussions until 1 August 2019 with the selected Equipment. The International Laser Class Association (ILCA) signed the required Olympic Classes Contract by this deadline and submitted additional information and clarification about the arrangements for the Class. Following ILCA clarification, the Board recommended to World Sailing’s Council to confirm the appointment of the Laser as the Equipment for the Men’s and Women’s One Person Dinghy under the normal arrangements for an electronic vote. This was approved by Council (30 in favour, 0 against, 0 abstain – 30 participated). Also on Facebook: --- World Sailing march to the beat of their own drum. I expected this announcement to be made at the end of last month. It took longer. Now the next steps can be taken - including the appointing of new builders. I've heard nothing to indicate that the agreement necessary for all builders to use the Laser trademark has been reached, so my expectation is that the class is still the Laser class, and the boats made by the new builders will carry other brands/trademarks. I would imagine existing builders who sell outside of their areas will also not use the Laser trademark.