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  1. Bruce Hudson

    Want to get into Finn (open to suggestions, though)

    While you you are a little on the heavy side for the Laser, 102 kg isn't the end of the world. My concern is that the Finn is very complex for a beginner - you have all of the adjustments (when sailing) that a Laser has, then a whole lot more. Making mistakes (and you will) on a Laser, will be more forgiving on your bank balance. In the Bay area you have lots of options, though it is particularly well set up for the Laser. There are plenty of people to race against, always other beginners, top coaches who won't teach you bad habits... and the people there are helpful and more about fun (though deadly serious at big events) than many other areas. I've raced the Laser weighing 110 kg, was a little slower downwind and in some conditions - but I was sailing against some very good sailors. Still had a blast. If there is a great club in the Bay area that caters for Finns (or some other class), has a good fleet - then go for it!
  2. Bruce Hudson

    Butts on Lasers Working Group

    Amazing! @Old Yeller - please post more details on the history or more pictures of #412 - that is, if you can!
  3. Perhaps you could make a list of the rules you think were changed? Regarding the branding, most I know understood that if the rule requiring the Laser trademark to be used was removed, then other brands would be used. If that wasn't your understanding Gouv, what was? What did you think would happen if the acquirement was removed?
  4. Excellent to see the Laser being built by Ovington, new Lasers are on track to be built by Ovington. I wonder what brand Ovington will be using?
  5. Maybe the expectation, being a boat, is for purchasers to go to Portugal then sail it home to the US? After all, Portugal is closer to the US than England.
  6. I would suppose the perceived value of the composite top sections include how much Laser sailors value peace of mind. I've broken two top sections since 1983, ripping a brand new sail once, and slightly tearing an old practice sail (wishing it was the other way around). I've lost count of the number of top sections I've replaced.
  7. We disagree, no problem. In the same way I don't like jokes based on hate, I don't find these comments funny at all. Nor do others, including those who these 'running jokes' are directed at. To be clear, what Wess said others find offensive. I'm confident you didn't intend to cause offense, though be assured that some of those offended noticed that you like the comment. (And more so now I have highlighted it - apologies - that wasn't my intention). Yes, I selectively quoted. As you now have. The comment was also about Kirby and designers. Kirby did not charge for the trademarks he held. And Kirby could not give the Laser trademark to ILCA because he never owned it. However its a good comment for other classes for sure, including future classes. A series of meetings were held to reach agreement regarding the Laser trademark in relation to the new World Sailing requirements - the first one was in November 2018. A contingency plan was formed for the possibility of no agreement being reached. The Laser is substantially different to the Optimist, which has its roots in home builds. The Laser class has significant differences - junior classes mean sailors are there for a limited time, and being a junior class means that there is a great emphasis on learning. I'd say that given the direction of World Sailing, in the future all International classes may go the way of FRAND. (I have reservations about this). Yes, its a change for sure, and for PSA and PSJ the stakes are very high. No, that was Wess: "ALL" includes members of the ILCA World Council, right? Though its not exactly new:
  8. An interesting thing to say - the question is at what price would Rastegar be prepared to sell? (I'm not confident that ILCA have the funds to buy at the price Rastegar would want). There could be an opportunity to buy LP - but again - at what price?
  9. I'm unclear why @tillerman or @WGWarburton would 'like' this comment. (Firefly-DC 'downvoted' the comment). The clear implication is that ILCA World Council members are wanting to 'pick pockets', when the opposite is true. It makes no sense that volunteers Lasers sailors spend time, money and effort to rip themselves and their life long friends off. (Frankly, it is offensive - exactly as Wess designed it to be.) PSA are hardly in a mad dash to pick the pockets of their market dry. I am well positioned to understand the differences of doing business in NZ and Australia compared to what practices succeed compared to doing business in large markets like NA, EU and Asia. Because the population of NZ/Australia is around 30 million, PSA's success at surviving for so long has been remarkable in a market so small. By agreeing to have new builders PSA / GS are signing up for less certainty: new builders are a threat to what has worked well for years - so some uncertainty is ahead for a small company PSA. Elevating money as a motivator is fairly common in the US, which in my view comes as a consequence of underdeveloped social policies. This is not the same as other OECD countries. Not everyone in the US does it, however after 7 years of reading what Wess writes, I'm confident that Wess elevates the importance of money.
  10. What LP were saying in public was not what they were saying in private. In private, the three builders met, thrashed out a solution which included changing their build practices to incorporate the change - and agreed to not mention the issue in public. LP broke that agreement by releasing the information. Not really. The inspection is a bit like an audit of the procedures - the actual measuring throughout the year is completed by the builders themselves. Take hull weight for example. The hull weight of every hull is recorded on a ledger. The measurement officer checks that the procedures are being followed. Agreed. I fail to see what opportunity ILCA sought. What's you thinking there? That ILCA wanted to get rid of LP? Actually, what ILCA wanted LP to do was lift its game. The Sailing Illustrated interview of Rastegar revealed in part the extent to which he believed in the conspiracy theory. However it makes no sense that a PSA/GS trying to dominate the world would agree to the appointment of new builders. (I suspect we'll be hearing about some progress from ILCA shortly.) There was a plan, and LP was serving on the ILCA World Council when that plan was made at the end of 2018 to meet the World Sailing requirement. It had contingencies (Including a vote if agreement wasn't reached), then the appointment of new builders. The plan always included LP, however when it was clear that LP had no intention to allow ILCA to conduct inspections, the ILCA in my view had few other options - so LP was 'terminated'. That part wasn't planned so much as an act of exasperation based on the fundamental principle to ensure that the Lasers build were one design. Agreed. A bit of skepticism is good, particularly when combined with fact checking.
  11. Yes, there was a new trademark contract renewal from LP with added terms that were not acceptable to ILCA. Some of this was in the letter from December 2016, where LP threatened legal action if they continued using the Laser trademark if they continued to use the trademark without the contract being renewed. In the end the agreement was reached with the same terms as they had, in the end it was a simple renewal. There was an agreement in place which obligated the parties to do the inspections. The request was for WS to do the inspection, and that ILCA would not be allowed to take part.
  12. Bruce Hudson

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    Here's Jon Emmett's channel, who is doing an outstanding job of reporting Lasers: There are five videos so far from Geelong, and a ton of older ones.
  13. Bruce Hudson

    Best website to look for a used laser?

    Definitely Craigslist is in my view the 'best' place. But I noticed a few on Facebook market. (I'm no longer looking for a Laser in Socal, last time I properly looked was 2016). Frankly, there were not many listings in the LA area (where I was based). Also ask on the local FB pages. I'd also turn up to club days and ask around. $5K is a good price - you should have plenty to choose from, the trouble is finding them! I see that West Coast Sailing regularly has used Lasers, and they deliver.
  14. It misleads, and is false. LP refused ILCA inspections in writing in a letter dated 23 December 2016. LP's implication is that ILCA is not an legitimate regulatory body. Inspections are not completed by "other regulatory bodies" - that part is misleading. The agreement that LP had was with World Sailing or its agent to complete inspections. For decades, ILCA have been World Sailing's agent, and through an agreement with World Sailing have an obligation to do the inspections. I have not seen any evidence other than LP's public claims - so I can't say it is false. That part is true, I think. There are several parties who must play a role for World Sailing to issue the plaques. Actually, I think its more accurate to say that ILCA issues plaques on behalf of World Sailing. World sailing are not really a practical part of the process. Here's the plaques in recent years:
  15. Apologies for asking a pseudo rhetorical question - though it needed stating I think - because it's the big thing we agree on. The system is private, an agreement that is deemed by the parties to be commercially sensitive. That being said, if there is a bunch of Laser sailors voting on what to do, how would you vote? That is the 'action' that the ILCA took. I think it was reasonable - my only criticism is that they allowed LP too much slack - took their time in reacting - then issued 700 plaques after the fact. Maybe in a commercial setting I would be tougher than I observed the ILCA World Council being. The reason I'm asking you WGWarburton is that in this forum, your voice does have weight. The reason I asked is to get you to reconsider your comments which speak poorly of ILCA's actions, where you appear to be apportioning more blame on ILCA that is my view justified. Compliance with inspections is an important part of building boats correctly. Issues are deemed commercially sensitive, so are not publicly shared. You are correct, I did not state that LP were building boats incorrectly. Allowing inspections (as contractually obligated) is fundamental to building one design Lasers. Yes, that's what Nick Page said which surprised me too at the time. My want as an ILCA member is that all builders are inspected as contracted to. The difference is that PSA and PSJ have not at any time refused inspections. 100% agreed, in theory. In practice the plaques issued, and the way they have been issued, concerns me. There are procedures that haven't been followed. Again, as an ILCA member I am not so happy that the regular inspections haven't happened in recent years. Moving forward, my want is to ensure they do happen - and I'd support a little less secrecy that fact - though understand the commercial sensitivities - more so now there are going to be more builders.