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  1. Gantt

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Wondering where the brand new Lasers in South America, Asia, Middle East, Caribbean and Africa come from. LP will still be able to sell there under Frand, though they may have some local competition. Also, are there really no less than 9 year old boats in North America?
  2. That's similar to a Mini 6.5 custom knockoff, based on the winning boat in the 2022 minitransat, right?
  3. Not many comments about the way world sailing are managing the event. Is everyone OK with the equipment being announced after selection in December 2023? Anyone?
  4. "To replace the Finn in the Olympics would be the same as replacing the skis with snowboards in the alpine disciplines." Paul Elvstrom (1999)
  5. Going really fast and waiting for those ahead to make a handling error is as tactically exciting as watching grass grow.
  6. Gantt

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Thanks for your response JB. Not surprised you've had 49er up on foils. Surprised IB's 7% rule applies. Wondering if the rig idea is new to 49er, or new to sailing. Intrigued. The old school skiff solution was to have different sized rigs - recall watching a 12 footer screaming along in 6 knots of wind, #1 rigs have massive masts vs hull length. (Speaking of the Qs, good to see Harry compete in the interdoms) The carbon rigs look good, though a little uncontrolled. (There's that optie thinking again - keep it simple so it hurts). Always thought it strange that it was OK to have a smaller rig that goes slower (radial), but not one that goes faster. C8 is interesting, wondering how it will impact - as the Std 7.06 will be slower, and insanely competitive persons like being first over the line. Sounds like an arms race that favours the big. Wondering if that is a problem. In time, I expect the same sized new rigs will be faster as clever sailors figure out how to trim them better. (Side note on the temperature issue for the mast, 150C is amazing. Wondering if a gravity triggered valve will do the job. Unsealed if upright, sealed if 45 degrees plus lean - or one with a floater - preventing water getting in. You have probably already thought of that). --- Was in Milan myself couple of times in 2017 for first time. Was based out of Novedrate just north. Liked it a lot. --- One up in a 29er/49er sounds surreal, a good way to get the heart rate up. --- I agree with your thoughts on governance. Noticed the change resistance too. I liked what Maria said about conflicts - if conflicts aren't dealt with as RG says, it's not from the want of trying. How change is managed is key. Yup, it's like ripping off plaster, or pulling a tooth. Faster is better. Get it over with. I've read this:[24946].pdf Thought this was interesting: Plenty of lines to read in between.
  7. Gantt

    TIps for new sailors

    Start out by crewing for someone experienced. While you do learn some bad habits, it is a faster way to learn - there is someone there to ask questions or show you what to do.
  8. Gantt

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Who were you trying to help by posting who JB (and his dad) are? I feel like there might be something wrong with you, and I'm starting to feel guilty for messing with a person without all their faculties. You are asking me 'who I was trying to help' when I was answering your question ten minutes after you asked it. Here, let me refresh your recollection. In other words, if you still don't get it, i was trying to help you, the...gentle soul...who asked the question. I became aware of the Bethwaites as a child. The yacht club I grew up sailing in had skiffs, and the Bethwaites were well known. Above is an example of assumptive thinking, and now you are assuming I'm a person without all of my faculties. Let's assume for a moment that I didn't have all my faculties. Are you attempting to emulate the great Mr Trump by mocking someone without their faculties? If yes, then good job. The question on who JB is was rhetorical, which I answered immediately after asking. This lead to my coffee remark (see below). --- No. It seems to me to be a common theme. I picked Sail World because I was reading it at the time. One of my pet peeves, given our current president and political enviornment, is lazy fucking assholes who condemn 'the media' for vague and uncited reasons when what they really mean when they rant about the media is "I read something that pissed me off. Whaaaaaaaa!" That's why I asked you to cite - to understand whether you actually had done a survey of the stories out there and were commenting intelligently, or not. I got my first job in 'the media' in 1987, though had been freelancing since 1984. To some extent, it is a criticism from the inside. More assumptive thinking Mr Clean. I read widely, and from memory formed the opinion on reports from Yachts and Yachting, Sail-World plus some mainstream media reporting. There were others. And blogs. I listened to the entire broadcast live. No, I did not complete a survey. Mostly I was agreeing with JimC though that seems to be a distant memory. --- Yes. Fuck you very much for your judgments. Holy shit, I got some life out of you! Awesome. Still, your almost Onion-esque overuse of passive voice is just incredible. You are either 94 years old and jumped off the education bandwagon back when Radium was still lighting up wristwatches or you are an engineer doing technical writing. Either way, it makes your writing really imprecise and weak. More judgments Mr Clean. This topic isn't all about me! --- The context in my view that the reports of the media (at least those which I have viewed) lack the very context Couldn't get past the opening of the above comment. It appears you are triggered when the phrase "the media" is used. --- No. I'd like to see more weight placed on what is more important. (Not what I judge to be important, what World Sailing judges to be important). Two examples, one was why the MNAs voted the way they did. The other is to report on Maria Clark's work on governance. You're doing it again, just like when you say 'the press' did something you didn't like. "World Sailing" doesn't judge anything's importance; The people on the World Sailing Council voted for something and there are many people who've explained why, but it's hard to know exactly why since it was a fucking secret ballot. That was all reported. There was discussion before the vote took place that outlined why people voted in a certain way, then more comments while the vote was being counted. They were not widely reported - in fact I can't recall reading anyone quoting the several voters who spoke to the topic. --- I still don't know who Maria Clark is, but I didn't open an article about Maria Clark, I opened an article about what boat would be in the olympics. Nope, you don't know who Maria Clark is. For your information, Maria Clark is the Independent Chair of the Governance Commission. She delivered a major presentation yesterday on WS governance. Incidentally, Richard came back to me on why he didn't report it. (And posted some of his thoughts here - which I didn't expect). --- How many cups of coffee do you have/need each morning? I suppose this isn't any more of a non-sequitur than the rest of your rambling, so I'll answer: I make the same coffee every morning: 6 shots of tasty espresso-rested sumatran beans pulled from a Gaggia Academia, a squirt of stevia, a drop of vanilla extract, and 6 oz. of steamed milk all in a big ass stainless travel mug. That gets me through to around 3 pm when i have my first meal of the day. Indeed. Yes, I do get obtuse at times. Translation into Mr Clean speak: Wake the fuck up. You seem intelligent - is focusing on me really what you want to spend time doing? Or making you best efforts to improve the sport of sailing.
  9. Yes, I definitely noticed it was Rio. Sailing the Star looks really intimidating. That's everything to do with the boat, right? Interesting you should mention the Star being dropped. UK youth sail way back when was hard fought in Lasers by Iain and Bart (Iain won on a countback), with Ben a distant 3rd. All three won gold in 2008, then gold and two silvers in 2012. When Iain moved to the Star back in 2001/2, did he do it because his chances were higher? (Age again?) Are some saying that Iain's decision was something to do with Ben's? Bart's sailing the Finn was about size, but not Ben. But this is nothing to do with why the Finn should be returned in 2024. The PRIMARY reason to bring the Finn back is because it is the best candidate to fill a hole made by removing the offshore keelboat event. The new two person mixed offshore keelboat Olympic event is weird. The offshore keelboat event has become a experiment in Olympic sailboat racing - it is a radical departure in race management and equipment selection procedures. Offshore events are usually planned years in advance, so this is new to offshore keelboat racing too. Welcome to the Olympic throwing event. You have been selected by your national authority because you are good at throwing stuff. We announce today, December 31, 2023 that next year's throwing event will be the throwing of the gumboot. Congratulations go to Ireland, the only country to coincidentally base their selection criteria on gumboot throwing. Good luck to your next six months of training (learning) this new event. For the Olympics, athletes indulge in years of the time honored ritual of self torture - which is a rite and a right, right?
  10. Who's Robert Scheidt? Oh. That guy! So why did Robert Scheidt move to the Star? (And I might add, he and Bruno Prada did really well with a silver and a bronze). How confident are you with this logic you are putting forward? Remember - I am saying that the prestige of the class is a part of the decision making process. Are you saying that all medals are equal in prestige? (I'd like them to be, but this is the real world, rather than some fantasy.)
  11. Gantt

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Um. I consider Richard to be a friend, and am familiar with his writing. Mr Clean, you are engaging in assumptive thinking. (Thanks by the way for posting who JB is. Really helpful. Wondering though who you assumed it to be helping.) I put all three articles up, because it gives the entire context for his (and therefore Sail World's) reporting. Loved Richard's report about the keelboat selection by the way. The Croatian MNA comments were impassioned, summed up why Laser sailing was so important to Croatia. They were made when the votes were being counted. Richard re Maria Clarke was not about missing a quote. It was about not reporting about a major presentation. Maybe he's working on a big article. (Hmmmm... I'll ask Richard if he is, and why he has yet to mention the topic in Sail World.) I started writing my own stories in the 1980s, and for the most part, fill most of my days with writing. It is great to write compound sentences, make grammatical mistakes and generally not give a toss about how I say something. This forum provides some light relief for me. As a consequence, my output my seem extreme, but in the context of my day, is not. But thank you for your unsolicited personal advice. May I suggest that if you want to make a personal message to me, that you sent it to me personally. Mr Clean, you kind of missed my point so I shall make it again: There is no attempt made to give context between the functions of the two committees. Rather than report the priorities, only outcomes were reported. JimC in my view nailed it:
  12. If it is, then no mention was made at the last two World Sailing meetings. Here's what Richard Gladwell wrote: Source = I can't even say whether or not the L30 is in the running!