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  1. Gantt

    Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    In the wild, the sunfish is also know as the mola. Also, I like this:
  2. Gantt

    Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    What Torrid is saying makes sense if there is a contract or license agreement that LP/FR is bound by - I haven't seen what Torrid is referring to - however if FR/LP are wanting to expand production or change production to Asia (and they do for the Laser), they may be referring to their agreement. What Torrid said later was correct about Kirby setting up the agreements for Europe, North America and Oceania (New Zealand / Australia). It was a successful model so far as the ISAF (WS's old name) was concerned, so its not surprising to see similar elements in other class associations. When a class became international, the ISAF stepped in to try to make sure that everything was set up correctly - which included contracts with builders and the various rights holders. Here's some relevant clauses from the Sunfish class rules: So the big question is, who authorized or licensed the Sunfish? What, if any restrictions do the builders have? The Kirby vs LP court case was decided on a technicality - the court found that Kirby did not have legal standing to bring the case as he had sold his rights. Importantly, the court didn't get to test the validity of the contracts - so the matter sits unresolved with different contractual viewpoints for Laser Performance (North American / European builders) compared to Performance Sailcraft Australia (Oceania builders). Last I heard (2016) PSA still recognizes Kirby as the rights holder and pay a small amount of royalties to him. Most legal experts whom I respect agreed that the builder contracts were binding for the ILCA, ISAF, the builders, the trademark holders and the rights holders. This was (is?) disputed by FR/LP for a variety of reasons, a lot of which would not have been heard as it did not meet the necessary legal standards. PS: I'm super busy right now, so probably won't be contributing much here. I hope the above helps.
  3. Gantt

    Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    What makes you think I'm not here, watching Mr Tilliarman?
  4. Gantt

    LP contact info

    (203) 663-7300
  5. None of the posts appear to answer the above, and though my opinion doesn't really count (I'm over 40), it seems like a very good question to ask. I do note that the cost for a new, state of art race winner is $25K, but a second hand foiler - to get you started - can be had for as little as £2750. (The cost for pre-loved foilers is coming down). See here for a cheaper foiler (there are other adverts on the site):
  6. Gantt

    2016 Paralympics - Rio

    Here's a link that contains where to watch, including live tracking and TV: Australia is off to a great start being in the lead of two of the three classes (2.4 metre and the Sonar):
  7. Gantt stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    100% agree, and it's a pretty good design as a feeder class. I think over time, it's going to have a more solid second hand market than the moth if one design principles are adhered to. Also, in mixed club fleets, I predict there will be a healthy amount of bragging rights if a Waszp beats an Int. Moth, much in the same way that happens when a Laser Radial sailor beats Laser Standard sailor (Maybe even more so). I can see the Waszp establishing as a class quite quickly! I think 'junior' is a misnomer - rather as a beginner class - and I can see some sailing both - particularly if a separate class is established and they hold separate contests at different times.
  8. Gantt

    What is the secret of upwind planing

    The following was written for Tasars, but can be adapted for most similar classes: The section on planing to windward is on page 7 near the bottom of the first column and continues on pages 8 and 9. I'm not sure I'd sail exactly the same way - the text seems a little dated, for example, I wouldn't pull the foil up halfway - but there is a lot of detail that will certainly get you thinking in the right direction.
  9. Gantt

    2016 Paralympics - Rio

    Just three days until the start.
  10. Gantt

    2016 Olympic Games

    Not actually correct. Even if Aleh and Powrie had not been chucked from race 1 and their 6th place had counted, they would still have gone into the medal race behind Mills and Clark. Surely you realise that Mills and Clark only came 8th in the medal race because all they had to do was make sure they finished and with no penalties and therefore their strategy was simply to stay out of everybody's way. If they had a team closer to them, they would have sailed a very different medal race. To say that Aleh and Powrie would have won gold without the DSQ is simply wrong. They would have needed to finish 3 places ahead of the Brits in the medal race in order to win gold. Who knows if they could have achieved that. Using the same logic, Aleh and Powrie would have sailed differently in races 5 & 6, where they bombed in race five with an uncharacteristic 12, then mucked up race six for their second DSQ. Both admit to having a few head issues before getting it all together from race 7. It's all conjecture and speculation about the what if - including not just the medal race but other races prior. On points - if they were allowed to carry their 6th in race on and their first in race six, then they would have secured gold. Statements like this are not meant to address that subsequent races would have been sailed differently - they would have been for sure. In the end, they carried 21 points - and the gold was won by 10 - and I know there could be many spins on it - what can't be disputed was that it took a huge amount of mental toughness and sailing skill to claw back to second.
  11. Gantt

    2016 Olympic Games

    I spent a day on the shoreline of the medal race course at Weymouth 2012 and what you didn't necessarily get from the TV was that you wouldn't run a Nationals on that course let alone a World Championship. It was small, breeze coming off a shoreline, shifty as hell. The medal course in Rio was much worse. No I don't like the medal race concept. It's not a fair way to decide an event. Very cool that you were at Weymouth. I grew up with very shifty small lake sailing - and to this day love many short legs, shifty gusty winds and flat water. It makes for close racing, can recall 50 plus boats of different classes trying to round a buoy in 0-2 knots - bedlam. In spite of the conditions, the same people keep doing well - this is because of skill and fitness (both mental and physical). The medal race is fair in the sense that it is the same for everyone - however I completely get what you are saying. It's unusual, most other sailing championships are not sailed that way - though there is a tendency to copy the Olympics. Double points are kind of compensated by the reduced fleet size. For the most part, the medalists still finished near the front - there were exceptions. And for several classes, the medals were decided before the start of the medal race - for several classes DFL in the medal race meant less points than when the whole fleet sailed. It's just a little different. There's a big part of me that wants upwind finishes - these newfangled downwind finishes are different - but having competed with both - they are fine - it's still a race, and the tactics are much the same - and it's the same for everyone - the good sailors just adjust and get on with it.
  12. Gantt

    2016 Olympic Games Yup boring. Dawg Gonit thinks that racing is going to be chopped from the Olympics because it it's too boring. Here's nearly 3.5 hours of racing (the marathon): WHich is more exciting? Which is more exciting, a discussion on tactics for the marathon, or sailing? How about equipment? Or the conditions? The sailing commentary does need to improve - and it seems to be getting better over time generally - though I don't think Rio was as good as London.
  13. Gantt

    How Often Do Ya'll See Sharks??

    I once had a gecko stow-away on a catamaran I was sailing in Fiji. Once I got into some waves, it came running aft - so I caught it and took it into shore. There are Orca in the Pacific - here's a dude mad enough to make friends (filmed Monday a few days ago):
  14. Gantt

    2016 Olympic Games

    The changes made for TV are OK - while I liked the old Olympic course (Triangle - windward - leeward - triangle - beat to finish) it was more of a marathon - I love the shorter race formats - more races - and double points for the medal race with the best 10 only is an interesting development. It's not the only sport to be changed for TV / the Olympics. For example, table tennis increased the ball size and changed the scoring for TV. I agree, and the last race was particularly good. Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie had possibly one of the biggest clawbacks I've ever seen - nobody seems to be talking about the two DSQs they carried anymore - the first was dubious - they would have secured gold without that first DSQ. (And I have no problem with more medals heading south). The other racing that was great to watch was the 49erFX - with 1 point separating the first four boats heading into the medal race. It made for excellent TV - I was absolutely captivated. What's needed is a lift in the TV commentary. To forget about trying to pander to those who are watching sailing for the first time - and get into the tactics - and just call it. I missed the NZders blowing their lead in the 49erFX medal race by not covering - assumed (wrongly) that they were covering other boats - but they weren't and allowed the Brazilians to go left, get more pressure and take gold - they were lucky to come away with second. What gets me is that the commentators made very little mention of the mistake. Pretty sure that Peter Lester would have been aware (he's an ex OK dinghy world champ) - they did comment when the Brazilians got more pressure.
  15. Gantt

    Los Angeles Dingy Sailing

    The have an interesting setup, no ramp at the club. Instead they have a single crane where they hoist boats in. Seemed like there were more Lido 14s than Coronado 15s when I looked. BUT - yes - the Coronado 15 offers trapeze sailing! Fleet captain is John Richardson. Fleet seems a little stronger than I first thought, but don't expect big turnouts.