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  1. Campy

    Cheap Electric Car Anarchy

    The OP stated cheap car, it doesn't get much cheaper than $100/month car payment, no maintenance, no gas. You are obviously not the target for the 500e, me on the other hand only driving 14 miles each way to work, solar panels on my roof, level 2 charger in the garage and the sailboat less than three miles from my house would be. Perspective.
  2. Campy

    Cheap Electric Car Anarchy

    I've been driving a FIAT 500e for 3+ years, been a great little car. It allows me to pay for the partnership on the sailboat. Can pick up a used one for 6-9k. The Audi I replaced with it wouldn't let me have the boat, way to much maintenance. The FIAT has only been in the shop for a recall and for new tires, almost 40k on the odometer.