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    A Cat Worlds Sopot

    Upwind I will sometimes pull the sheet in and stand on it at the sheer to give my wrist a few moments of rest. Of course I'm not foiling upwind so I can do that without too much penalty. Thanks to all about the wobbles discussion. That helps clarify some things I was experiencing and thinking! Slop is definitely (one of) the enemy.
  2. A-man

    A Cat Worlds Sopot

    I have 2015 DNA set up and I've spent a fair bit of time trying to get the rudders to stop rocking fore and aft in the cassette. I've re-potted one half of the cassette with the rudder in it and put epoxy blobs at the four corners of the cassette but I think the only real answer is to re-pot both sides of the cassette to eliminate any rocking movement. Otherwise its just a moving target. Also once they are locked in then I need to make sure the AOA at the bottom is the same. It takes time to figure out how to get it all right.
  3. A-man

    A Cat Worlds Sopot

    Can you guys talk a little more about death wobbles, what they are, how they start, how to kill them, looseness in the system vs. balance problems that create them, etc.? LIT, when you say " By positioning the rudder blade a little aft in its tiller housing, the the balance on the rudder is reduced and the boat is more stable on the foils" - are you pushing the top of the rudder aft or the bottom of the rudder aft? I've had the wobbles and I've seen the rubber tiller tiebar ends vibrating once the wobbles started! I've just slowed the boat down until they go away. I've also worked really hard to get my rudders tight in the stocks but maybe I haven't done enough. I've seen that some people are eliminating the rubber tiller tie bar ends which seems like a good idea to me. Photos of that would be nice. I was thinking of having a one end threaded so I could throw the rod for setting the rudders parallel. Other thoughts?