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  1. I think they still had the stack. It seemed to be slightly more aft. The video from the gybes show stack at 50/50 and some of the other picks with Tamara show stacking behind her. This tweet from the team seems to indicate that they were moving a lot of weight around with every gybe (1 Ton), which I'd think it includes the stack. Just a guess anyway.
  2. Nice vid from MAPFRE. Feeling good about today and tomorrow and setting up for a gybe tomorrow morning to start climbing towards Melbourne.
  3. Xabi is thinking: Joan.... one more gybe and I will get the knife out.
  4. NOR 17.3.4 (b): Crew Members who will sail on Leg 4 (Melbourne to Hong Kong) and up to a maximum of two shore crew nominated by e-mail to Race Control before December 12th may work on the Boat. http://www.volvooceanrace.com/static/assets/content_v2/media/files/m46329_nor-2017-18-amendment-9-20171207.pdf#page=14
  5. They must a bit tired then ...
  6. "Misplaced" is a gentle way of putting it. There is already a crew member from Mapfre sitting this leg out after "back pain", which seemed to be induced by a fall on-board. There are always people interested in this agenda. Mr. Hancock is disingenuous at best by wanting to spark discussion in this way? Like @NORBowGirl first time I have seen this about this incident in general and in this thread, which would have had no trouble bringing the topic front and centre if any one felt that it was a real issue.