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  1. Due to the uninformed dishonest & disrespectful rant about our President, I herewith withdraw from any further contact with SA. Thanks to all of the great suggestions and helpful comments I have received. Sail on! Meant to say: Thanks to all....
  2. Finally, a moment to have a martini and to thank you all for the excellent help! On Friday, motored her home with all maintenance & repair, new Trinidad SR… Amazing what all needs doing on such a wee boat!! Because I had to wait for other stuff to be done, I was able to play around a bit with the saildrive. This is what I came up with & it looks pretty good. Decided not remove prop because there was no need since it operates perfectly. Put 2 coats of an epoxy sealer on the drive: http://www.tapplastics.com/product/fiberglass/epoxy_resins/coat_it_epoxy_sealer_with_kevlar/30 I spoke with the chemist who formulated it and he said it should work well on an aluminum saildrive. Stuff is as hard as a rock. After sanding the epoxy sealer, since I had already purchased it, used Velox Primer & Velox Plus coating on the SD20 only, not on the ss prop. Hit the prop with 2 quick coats of zinc paint; as per Gybeset: https://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/stops-rust/cold-galvanizing-compound-spray/ If this doesn’t work, will be looking to try PropSpeed. Sounds like a great product. If you would like to know the results of this experiment, PM me and I will keep you posted. I will be inspecting the work on a regular basis.
  3. Am in the process of servicing Yanmar SD20. This includes renewing antifouling coating on the foot & changing internal & external anodes. The drive is fitted with a stainless steel S6 Folding Prop by SlipSteam. The drive works flawlessly; however, suspect it would be good to remove the prop in order to inspect, better clean behind it, etc. The instructions from the manufacturer are fairly straightforward & does not look like a huge project. However, as I’ve learned the hard way, things are not always as they seem, especially on a boat. Has anyone had experience doing this? Any words to the wise? Coating? While the prop stays reasonably free of barnacles thanks to monthly diver cleaning, I was thinking it might be a good idea to coat with antifouling. Any suggestions? I believe the Velox primer & finish coat will adhere without an epoxy being applied; will have to doublecheck. Does anyone have a ss prop which has been coated? If so, with what and has it worked satisfactorily? If antifouling is a good thing to apply, do you suggest an epoxy undercoat? As always, suggestions from your experience will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Many thanks to Charlie & Scheleen, OHYC, the sponsors, and participants for an amazing week of sailing and camaraderie!! I really enjoyed getting to know some of the great PNW sailors a bit better. My only issue is with those who weren't there!! To that end, I plan to promote WIRW2017 whenever the opportunity presents itself; I encourage you to do the same. 2017 will be here before we want it. Special thanks to Jan and Skip Anderson of Flagship Maritime Training and Jan's Marine Photography for documenting so many of the great moments we sailors have year after year!
  5. Not many pictures, but here they are: https://janpix.smugmug.com/Race-to-the-Straits-2016/
  6. Cheap Beer, I respectfully disagree. I think the challenge of last weekend is what keeps it interesting. Had not so many boats finished (granted a fraction of the total registered), I would agree another weekend would be worth considering. However, as I said before, I look forward to similar conditions to see if we can... Of course, these things are totally in the capable hands of Ashley & Co. Anyhow, doesn't sound very doable from a scheduling perspective. It will be interesting to see how many boats sign up next year. I certainly plan to; hope you will as well
  7. Cheap Beer, good idea for some races; however, I found, of the races I've done over the last 3 years, this one was by far the most instructive and peculiarly, in some respects, the most fun. To actually experience the current as we did, ... & see boats with skill transcend, etc.; well, my use of the language is insufficient. The stuff I learned out there this year I could never even imagine from a book or a chart. Speaking of anchoring: When we were caught and concerned about running aground, by the looks of the bank, I don't think my anchor would have held.
  8. Congrats, Alex! & thanks for the great description. You've inspired me to take what you've written, what I can glean from others & what I've experienced and put it into an outline of my own. Assuming I'm still breathing, I will put it on SA a few weeks before next year's race for critique, correction, etc. While I don't know much, I do know that course knowledge for this race is absolutely necessary for a successful finish.
  9. Of the 20 classes, none had everyone finish. In our class, we had 8 boats with handicaps from 177 - 186 & none finished. To say the race was challenging... Having said that, I can’t express how much was learned and what a truly exciting, great time we had. There were numerous “You couldn’t make this stuff up!” moments for us like when we were soon to be the lead boat & got caught & swept to the point of having to start the engine in order to avoid being swept aground on the other side of the Sound! All the while, watching the boats who knew, mystically being swept in the right direction…, as we saw Port Townsend, which had been behind us, south of us!! "Alls I can tell yuz is": If we could start the same race again tomorrow, we’d likely win it & we can’t wait until next year! In addition to again saying thanks to all making this event possible, I would like to thank the members of the boat manufacturing companies, especially Steve & Tom Shock for making my little vessel so well. When the storm hit Saturday afternoon, Her perfectly matched hull & engine plowed through wind, sea and tide for hours with not even a whimper!!
  10. Bravo, IStream! I remember those splendiferous days; good you are enjoying them because they don't last long. Soon you will be enjoying your grandchildren & wondering where the time went. BTW, where did you get your A-sail? Weather predictions keep getting better!
  11. Yep, Dan, Alex; sounds like another great weekend in the making! Dan, you getting everyone into the right slips last year with such efficiency was nothing short of fantastic to the point of magic. With Dan as Race Chair this year, the Sloop will most assuredly continue to grow the Seattle Race scene. If you haven't done this race before & aren't able to join in this year, I encourage you to come by Shilshoal on Sunday to watch the boats finish. If it is a downwind finish as last year, you won't see a more spectacular spinnaker display for the entire season. Because a boat's start time is based on handicap, most all converge at the finish in a relatively brief time (I hope). Now: east shore, west shore, where to cross... Who to follow? Seriously- win, lose, or draw this is a great time for all. Hope you can make it; if not, next year will be here before we want it!
  12. Just checked email & perhaps "oversubscribed" is not totally accurate. The email sent from STYC says that registrations are being accepted through tomorrow. You are on your own with moorage. This site has the scoop : https://www.styc.org/&, I'm sure that help is available through the club if you would like to join us.
  13. Congrats, GH1; & best to the new grad! A boat stolen! Oh my, hope it didn't end badly for the skipper. Sounds like some great stories will be heard Saturday night. Pray Predict Wind is characteristically wrong in their forecast. Currently, showing a head wind each way. BTW: Hope it is OK to do this, but I would also like to give a shout & hardy thanks to the sponsors of this great event: Ballard Sails Northwest Rigging Prism Graphics Port of Townsend Great White, hope I get to meet you & hear some of the history you have...
  14. Congratulations to Commodore Ashley Bell and the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club of Seattle; the R2TS is oversubscribed! 131 of Puget Sound's finest boats are signed-up for this weekend’s shorthanded race to Port Townsend from Shishole. While I can only attest to the races from 2014 and 2015, this is THE most beautiful race! Gorgeous boats, challenging sailing conditions, incredible natural beauty and exquisite people and a great party Saturday night! Reading the list of registrants will bring joy to the heart of any sailor! Ashley and her crew do such a great job running this race, I won’t be a bit surprised when it fills 2 marinas as the word continues to spread; Port Hudson Marina is already completely filled with about 20 boats having to arrange moorage at the marina on the other end of town. Now, if we can just get the breezes of the last 2 years!!
  15. It is a great pleasure being able to view the excellent videos of KW. They have really whetted my appetite to sail that race. Seeing many of the newer boats up close and personal in a race is especially helpful. It gives a real sense about how many crew they really need to sail optimally. There is one of the new C&C 30 that shows the crew work better than any video I've seen.