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  1. Time to Un-Zip! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee...............

    Steam worked for me, lots of steam Good luck
  2. Heavy #1 vs #2

    Less luff round? The H would need more luff hollow to allow for more forestay sag wouldn't it?
  3. Thanks @SPORTSCAR, great photos. Scavenger was already gone from your crowd photo so I must have missed that action or my memory is going We motored south, looking for somewhere to anchor until the motor died (kink in the fuel return hose)... It was an eventful afternoon
  4. Kids on a 16 foot skiff

    That is sooooooooo cheap Add some wheels to the cradle for launching and you are good to go.
  5. I don't recall the crowd of sailors on the bow, my memory was that it ripped off rather quickly. The crew cast off, motored away from the pier, then turned the nose into the waves without plugging the hole... Sunk before they had travelled 100m!
  6. Thanks, we were tied up beside them when the bow was ripped off
  7. Sailing tshirt company on SA?

    @DryArmour paging @DryArmour
  8. Did Flying Colours lose their bow under the Portsea Pier before the start of the Westcoaster?
  9. From memory the block did the damage, no mention at the time of ball bearings
  10. Safari & iPad

    Working for me... Except for pages with lots of pics/video links, then the page reloads multiple times Download speed?
  11. Jesus shackle

    Notch? To me it looks like a shadow from the thinning of the plate but you may be referring to something else
  12. Sailing with running backstays

    Inline spreaders... RBS required always Swept back spreaders... RBS not as critical during tacks/gybes (wind strength a factor) YMMV
  13. AC 36 Protocol

    Would anyone want him as CEO? In both AC 34 and AC 35 his boat was clearly slower at the beginning. Yes they improved during the match but shouldn't they have been at 95% potential rather than 75%.
  14. J112E

    Isn't the L shape the heavy bit?
  15. J112E

    Thanks for the feedback straight keel?