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  1. Rushman

    Connect Low Friction Ring to boom

    Some advice I was given by Pillow (May he RIP)... Better to break $3 worth of dyneema than to break $2000 worth of carbon boom Instead of 6mm dyneema, we used 4mm for a boom vang on a Magic 25
  2. Rushman

    Boats and foils comparison

    It looks that way based on the sponsors name
  3. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    I had them too but I lost them somewhere
  4. Rushman

    Team NYYC

  5. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    The leech tapes on the mainsails have the same colours but the other way round
  6. Rushman

    Stage 4 lock down-Victoria

    Life is good, I am still working, no traffic on the roads, food in the fridge and toilet paper to burn!
  7. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    The red/blue combination I have seen on my hearing aids.. Red is for right, Blue is for left.. If took me awhile to sort that out
  8. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    Shots taken from leeward and behind... both tapes should be visible Shots taken from windward and behind... only windward tape should be visible Shots taken from behind... both tapes visible (edge on so will appear as lines) and the space between skins will be obvious These are my basic rules for working out what is going on in photos. Foil position helps but not when both are down!
  9. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    You would have more photos than most to compare. Thanks for all the photos, they are keeping me sane whilst in lock down here in Melbourne. If only there was a way to get your camera above the action... say from a plane.
  10. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    Which photo are you referring to? Photos taken from the windward side don’t show the coloured leech tapes
  11. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    Thanks, that makes sense to me. Keep up the great work
  12. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    Mike... Do you have any guess regarding their tacking angle upwind?
  13. Rushman

    Units of Measurement and Representation

    That’s easy... we Aussies are down under so everything is backward to you Of course we refer to them as 90 x 45s, metric you know
  14. Rushman

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Your Google fu is stronger than mine! page 31 of the PDF
  15. Rushman

    Units of Measurement and Representation

    Decimal inches... Can anyone explain why these exist?