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  1. Rushman

    INEOS Team GB

    Hope they start soon, Ineos has water in the grinder’s stations!
  2. Rushman

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    That depends on how thin the steel is
  3. Rushman

    Etchells 46 early 1970's IOR racer

    So a different site... I can’t keep up with SA let alone another site!
  4. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    They couldn’t move the foils?
  5. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    Would a compression of the panel between the ring frames cause the carbon to crack? Conversely... if the foil arm twisted back would the tension cause the crack?
  6. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    Ok.. these pics show a piece that would fit the hole I was struggling to picture it as the photos yesterday this piece looked triangular Thanks
  7. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    What did he say?
  8. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    I don’t buy the pressure from landing punching a hole through the skin The explanation offered by TH doesn’t pass the pub test
  9. Rushman

    Prada Cup

    Is the battery housed just under the deck, near the no step vent that is on every boat?
  10. Rushman

    Team NYYC

    Good pickup.. perhaps that square thing in the water was the projectile?
  11. Rushman

    Prada Cup

    Hopefully there will be a full report released tomorrow
  12. Rushman

    Prada Cup

    If this is true.. where is the brace now?