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  1. Rushman

    reefing lines?

    What holds the clew of the sail to the boom? Car in a track or webbing around the boom? Reefing the sail requires the reef line to hold the clew somewhere near the boom while the mainsheet is trying to pull the boom and clew apart. The max outhaul load is irrelevant when reefed.
  2. That isn't what I was thinking it would be Which class would be better for "Team Fat Bastards"?
  3. Rushman

    reefing lines?

    How much load can you exert via the mainsheet might be a consideration
  4. What is the minimum crew weight for the Tornado versus the F18? Is there an ideal weight to be be competitive for both classes?
  5. Rushman


    Time for your eye check up too... White lazy sheet is holding the sunglasses against the pole
  6. Rushman


    Not the only one to have lost their glasses it seems Instead of inner forestay... Try thinking as if you were taking the photo, sitting 3rd on the rail, behind the chainplate What would be connected to the chainplate... That might hold the black carbon tube...
  7. Rushman


    Really? Time for some eye checks for some posters!
  8. Rushman

    Soft hanks over furler luff foil?

    How big a jib are you looking for? I have a jib in the garage, with 5mm luff tape that is looking for a home. I will have to measure it if you think the luff tape will work.
  9. Rushman

    World Cup

    That is probably hilarious but I have no idea what it means... Like most of your posts
  10. Rushman

    World Cup

    By the ears
  11. Rushman

    Tiny Shackles

    Soldering the "ring-a-ding" helps
  12. Rushman

    everybody doin' it?

    Is he taking photos with his phone?
  13. Rushman

    8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    How long/how many people does it take to put it on the trailer?
  14. Rushman

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    Have you never seen a boxing ring?
  15. Rushman


    Relaunch? I was thinking that you were making a garden ornament after discovering the cost of a berth at Westhaven