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  1. I recall seeing A class and F18 on the harbour but never any Hobies of any size. I heard Takapuna was the place for off the beach boats
  2. Is the 16 the best option for Auckland?
  3. Must be a very special Hobie if you are thinking about shipping it to NZ I spent 3 seconds thinking about taking my 18 to Auckland but the shipping cost was more than I paid for it
  4. Some of us haven't stopped
  5. How funny if it was a certain 60' sitting on pier 6 at the SOPYC
  6. @Swanno.... Are you set up with gumtree?
  7. UK Cherub is the call from FB http://www.uk-cherub.org/doku.php/boats/3202
  8. Not a mark of the RWB course so no.
  9. So what should the vast majority of us be using?
  10. Use whatever sail gets you to your polar for the conditions. Non planing hull... A poled out headsail will usually do the trick A good helm will help when setting the pole by steering deep.. By the lee if possible
  11. who is building one?
  12. Trademe.co.nz http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/SearchResults.aspx?searchString=Elliott&type=Search&searchType=1&user_region=100&user_district=0&generalSearch_keypresses=0&generalSearch_suggested=0&generalSearch_suggestedCategory= Squealer did the Auckland Fiji recently but might be out of the budget
  13. He will be speaking at a Canberra Yacht Club fund raising dinner in December
  14. Is that a fishing rod?
  15. Might be time for the last rites