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  1. Rushman

    Can't Edit Posts?

    Quoting dead links would be annoying but quoting the original post and fixing the links would be appreciated by many
  2. Rushman

    REO 770 starts production

    You have to respect a handicapping system that promotes last to first in one afternoon on the water
  3. Rushman


    I met Pillow in 2013 when I moved to Canberra, my life is better for having met him RIP Pillow
  4. Rushman

    The Spirit of Sailing - Elvstrom

    Too early for my sarcasm filter, I need more coffee
  5. Rushman

    The Spirit of Sailing - Elvstrom

    Hardly... but if it makes you feel better Poorly behaved sports stars need to be called out when they think they are bigger than the rules that govern their game
  6. Rushman

    The Spirit of Sailing - Elvstrom

    Can someone please show this to Serena
  7. Rushman

    Shipping beach cat NZ --> Aussie

    That is similar to Victoria but it does require an appointment at the local office to collect the plate. The form may even be available online.
  8. Rushman

    Shipping beach cat NZ --> Aussie

    A call to the Queensland vehicle registration office might be better than talking to the NZ trailer builder
  9. Rushman

    Shipping beach cat NZ --> Aussie

    The Magic 25 I sailed on came from New Zealand. The trailer needs to have a VIN to be registered in Australia. Without the VIN/Australian compliance it was not possible to move the trailer from the container to have it inspected for registration. Bit of a catch 22.... Until.... the skipper remembered that the boat and trailer had been built in Australia, so the trailer was built to Australian standards and had a VIN already. Problem solved As Crazy Horse suggested, you may need to investigate the trailer further
  10. Rushman

    Shipping beach cat NZ --> Aussie

    Early March 2019 I think Talk to the skiff guys, the Aussie boats go to Auckland at some stage too
  11. Rushman

    Shipping beach cat NZ --> Aussie

    If you sent your belongings and boat in a 20' container, then have a chat with the skiff guys at Akarana and see if you can slide your mast in their container when they come over for the JJ's. Maersk is also one of the NZ skiff sponsors Tornadoes are in Takapuna, there might even be a container heading to Brisbane afterwards.
  12. Rushman

    Corby 33 Rebuild

    Umm mad... Different poster than the OP
  13. Rushman

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    Do you have two halyards that could be used for this sail? One for the sail, one for a "forestay" that the sail could be webbed to. With a sudden increase in breeze, release the halyard and the sail would be controlled by the "forestay" rather than falling in the water
  14. Rushman

    49er learning curve

    In the day 1 video... The split mainsheet doesn't seem right, the port tail seems tangled
  15. Tie together, then sail home with only one rudder down