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  1. Think that "love" would get complicated the moment one got a handful of meat and two veg, perhaps some would go what the hell lets give it a go and some would freak out. Statistically its a pretty unlikely event, and for 98% of SA'ers its never going to happen because that would also involve leaving moms basement.
  2. Blue Poles?

    Frank Gehry would fit in well here.

    Jesus Tittyfucking Christ
  4. Thick as Pigshit

    Last I heard the number one teenage activity was fucking, followed closely by jerking off- or was it the other way around? Anyways trying to stop kids swapping fluids is a war the warbird wont win . He could try I suppose

    I cant believe it, Dont say it but this thread has not had a single post by he who must not be named lest we get tipped up I am so tempted to say it
  6. Thick as Pigshit

    So, the right wingers thought that not teaching teenagers about sex was a great idea. Yep being a Republican politician also means you're a total moron Major sexually transmitted infection cluster found in Milwaukee The outbreak follows years of state-mandated abstinence-only education. https://thinkprogress.org/milwaukee-hiv-syphilis-outbreak-91c81fc01dbb/
  7. Kiwis lead JJ Giltinan

    Bicky aint saying nuthin
  8. Spraying the inside

    Dont think we can get Brightside, its all Toplac. Awesome paint, obviously its not 2 pot but miles ahead of any other single pack. High gloss, levels out nicely and looks like a spray job if you get the reducer right. Totally rate it.
  9. Kiwis lead JJ Giltinan

    Maybe they just sailed better. As for a faired bottom find it highly implausible that the extremely competitive Sydney fleet, having had the benefit of the Bethwaites knowledge have slow boats with "unfaired" bottoms.
  10. Going up the Mast

    We are talking different methods here, some boats are blocked, some are shored, some are in cradles, some have narrow fins, others long keels, some are light sports boats, some are massive tanks.... For a mid sized boat in a cradle- all day long but for an 1800kg sports boat with a bulb- dont think so
  11. Reverend, sooner or later that title leads to child marriage, gay bars and sordid little secrets. Oh the things one can do once "Reverend" has been bestowed upon oneself...
  12. Martin Shkreli ...KARMA

    Oh yes I think its a way of being thankful its not us!
  13. Martin Shkreli ...KARMA

    sure I can be funny about it. but sometimes a reminder that what people enjoy laughing about is actually a very real and serious issue. Kinda like making black/jew/gay jokes- after a while you just grow out of pretending that youre not a homophobic racist and either stop telling them or join the polite Klan
  14. How to rid spinnaker on Santana 30/30 pc

    Complicated, the typical setup here is 4 sheet winches in cockpit with the primaries doubling for the guys if you have lazys setup.