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  1. Gutterblack


    What gear did you end up using for painting inside
  2. Gutterblack

    Immigrant Children

    Gee if only the administration actually decided to enforce the law for banking fraud instead of the poorest most powerless people in the country. What about prosecuting with the same zeal employers of illegals? Guarantee as soon as you jailed a few CEO's or made the shareholders pay, then things would change.
  3. Just another cheap trophy immigrant wife. I dont believe for one minute that the self serving bitch has one ounce of compassion for anything other than herself. I call total bullshit on her being a victim. She would go down on the orange cheeto anytime if it meant $$$.
  4. Gutterblack

    Immigrant Children

    Say what you like about Trump, hes not the only one doing it;
  5. Gutterblack

    Hanuman for sale

    18 tons on the runners i hear, mind your fingers
  6. Gutterblack

    Satisfaction with the way things are going in the US

    You've chosen to ignore content by Nailing Malarkey Too. Options
  7. Gutterblack

    Immigrant Children

    The sound of freedom
  8. Gutterblack

    The American Theocracy

    Always amazes me hiw much airtime you get in the US if you call yourself reverend, here in NZ thats almost an admission of paedophilia and fraud
  9. Gutterblack

    Should Canada aquire nuclear waepon capability?

    What a load of shit..... Build the wall!
  10. Gutterblack

    Super Macgregor- 40' About 5 Tons

    Has it got 4th mode?
  11. Gutterblack

    The 4th Am Right to Privacy is killing children

    You're a total wanker Shootist Jeff To add, you should know better
  12. Gutterblack

    Immigrant Children

    Can you hear the jackboots coming?