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  1. toad

    Nonskid for foredeck

    seriously we've had our fun, I did my non skid with a loop roller and gelcoat; here's the best guide I could find
  2. toad

    Fuck School. Fuck Softball. Fuck Everything.

    come on chaps get some context, this is a fucking nutjob society where half the people vote Trump, believe in a pedophile lizard master race conspiracies, rank number one in incest porn searches....also they have school police that terrorize 5 year olds- wtf is wrong with this picture?
  3. toad

    Nonskid for foredeck

    ok, ok what's the best anchor, antifoul and nonskid also whats the best paint
  4. toad

    Nonskid for foredeck

    Non skid? Never been discussed before online, anyway what's the best antifoul...?
  5. toad

    Fuck School. Fuck Softball. Fuck Everything.

    Your are taking it personally and acting as if the the kids owe you- they don't. We have all been parents right? So we know the best way to alter behaviour is to go head on with the big hammer especially with teenagers-NOT! This is not an American thing but I think your culture of over policing and retribution has seeped into the parenting psyche, ignore the kid and dont give it energy. Thats how you handle the 2 year olds (unless they are going to hurt themselves) If this girl had been ignored then her comments would disappear like the rest of the internet insultfest. Have you ever seen what kids get up to on the discords/ chats/reddit etc? wake up
  6. toad

    Fuck School. Fuck Softball. Fuck Everything.

    That’s sad, 9 is twilight of the magical years. Anyway the school has overreached big time.
  7. toad

    Fuck School. Fuck Softball. Fuck Everything.

    Fuck you, you old cunt, would be the appropriate response to this reactionary tirade
  8. I think a lot of this is boat dependent, a long keel old timer vs a skittish light displacement, also conditions.... basically nothing is better than a spare rudder
  9. apart from the message of privileged people go first, the lack of spectators etc the idea of an international super spreader event during a pandemic! Get the fuck outa here! the 5 ring human circus itself is a hot mess of corruption and political dick waving, fuck the olympics. it sucks a lot of money out of our sailing scene in the pursuit of gongs
  10. spoke to a skipper who had his son on board for a delivery from Oz to NZ and they lost their rudder, 45ft fin keeler. They tried for days to jury rig a rudder- floorboards, spin pole setups, drogues and in the end it was hopeless and they abandoned ship. Apparently it just flopped about aimlessly. From that I worked out that you need a dedicated spare rudder with pintles etc on the transom all ready to ship if youre serious.
  11. toad

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I think if Sir Blue Buffalo Jellymeat Purina dog tucker took the cup back to blighty it would a great for everyone involved, but I cant see it.
  12. toad

    INEOS Team GB

    Are we not men, we are ......
  13. toad

    Team NYYC

    it will be fixed by the semis so forgetaboutit
  14. toad

    Dean Barker's Future

    Why helming in the AC, didn’t you know?
  15. toad

    Team NYYC

    Been posted?[0]=The Mike Hosking Breakfast&keyid[1]=PJ Montgomery recaps Prada Cup%2C American Magic's capsize&sc=podcast_widget