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  1. so guy selling smack is evil pusher, however put on a suit give it a label and youre good to go
  2. toad

    Poor Mans/Womans Globe Beater

    whats the point? seems like another angle to me
  3. toad

    Congrats Jacinda Ardern & Labour

    All Trump had to do was clearly communicate the seriousness of the pandemic put the countries interest first take advice from the CDC give financial support to those most affected encourage people to work together and educate them about masks and social distancing support all governors in managing the virus use it as a the best reason ever to move with the zeitgeist and do single payer Simple really; even a racist, philandering, tax cheating psycho dullard could do it, and if they did they would be re-elected in a landslide.
  4. toad

    Father Dear Father

    Weird how all the bimbos have the same hairstyle, but that Kimberly chick looks like a real beer goggles bite your own arm off in the morning to escape kind of gal, scary shit..
  5. good riddance to the fat cunts cruising the world in cattle trucks
  6. This is the kind of good arab immigrant we want not that other kind
  7. toad

    Suggested music for trump covid parties

    wait for it...
  8. toad

    Trump has it.

    I feel like nostra fucking damus after today. #pencesfly
  9. toad

    Trump has it.

    bleach too, dont forget the bleach
  10. toad

    Trump has it.

    plus he's never contributed it unless you count 1500 bucks in the last twenty years
  11. toad

    Trump has it.

    any office that allows the corruption we have witnessed over the last four years is totally broken
  12. toad

    Trump has it.

    oh but he is!
  13. toad

    Trump has it.

    its like someone got a whole fly buzzing truckload of smelly slimy shit and tipped it on America and now everyone is into coprophilia