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  1. toad

    NRA gets It's medicine

    attacking doctors over guns, what a total fucking asswipe
  2. toad

    NRA gets It's medicine

    dont be such a dumb cunt, how many people are treated by doctors annually?
  3. toad

    KAG Krusty Anal Goo

    sadly you cannot unread this
  4. toad

    How much speed am I losing?

    frog is talking dinghy and the op is talking 4ksb, the op would make a bigger gain by cleaning the bottom on race day.
  5. toad

    How much speed am I losing?

    If end plate effect made such a mind boggling difference then we would not have loose footed mains, no I am not saying that you should not have a deck sweeper but to say that X mm = X performance drop across a range of boat designs IS bullshit
  6. toad

    How much speed am I losing?

    Yeah nah, does not apply on a 4ksb.
  7. toad

    NRA gets It's medicine

    funny guy, what a crack up, hilarious, man you should get a job in comedy, phew I'm dying here
  8. toad

    How much speed am I losing?

    every 100 metres sailed upwind with a 75mm gap equals 3m so in a 500m beat you lose/gain 15m- dont think so
  9. toad

    How much speed am I losing?

    about zero difference
  10. that's what it looks like when the haves dont care about the have nots, its not a partisan thing.
  11. toad

    sourcing long brass bolts

    Assuming its to an external flange then copper bolts are fine in that application but I wouldnt use one with a nut (if you do make sure its bronze) you can make a what is essentially a giant rivet and peen the heads over, much more streamlined and neater
  12. toad

    Offshore racing at the Olympics 2024

    1m? dream on, thats barely the starting figure in an olympic campaign
  13. toad

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    its a dude, but whatever gets you off
  14. toad

    Volvo Diesel parts less than marine prices?

    nice, now its sea lettuce