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  1. toad

    Gorilla Tape great for temp fix

    There is a silver foil backed fiber tape used for sticking sound proofing insulation together when I did my engine bay, I had a bit stuck on a hole in the mast for 5 years, still good.
  2. toad


    Too right,`its much easier to work on in the back yard. Once you launch you'll have enough to do getting the rig sorted and related jobs. You should be launching with a full fridge, squabs bedding, fishing gear, diesel so you can fuck off on day 2.
  3. toad

    12m Australia KA-5 for sale

    Love the bit in the ad where you can become a caretaker of australia's maritime history (for 400k)
  4. toad

    12m Australia KA-5 for sale

    Old race boats, especially big ones are worse than tits on a bull.
  5. My experience has been to go sailing with what you have and let the boat tell you what you need. Also it depends on the style of racing as cans are very different to offshore to cruising setups. You dont need to "trim" the jib like a crewed boat, its a bit more of set and forget unless its light and youre sitting to leeward. Cross sheeting is a pain in the ass. Mainsheet needs to have a central fixed swiveling ratchet with a cam that leads of to your boom/trav setup, ideally this is forward of where youre sitting. If youre doing distance the easiest way to self steering is a tillerpilot/solar panel. You could try bungees/tiller brakes etc but Ive never found them to be that great on a fin keeler. Its pretty easy to set up the vang/cunningham/outhaul to lead back with multiple spectra purchases, low friction rings and cam cleats. I would spend time making the cockpit comfortable with good bum padding, nonskid, footblocks, decluttering etc Single handed you are never going to go as well as a crewed boat so at least make it work for you, however two handed you dont need to make that many changes. You just need to get out there and make changes in response to what you need.
  6. toad


    could easily be a winner
  7. toad

    Loping 2GM

    You betcha it is! and good luck, its a piece of piss to fix the only special tool is a garden variety 3 jaw bearing puller.
  8. toad

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Luna rossa will be calling shortly for your napkin scribbles
  9. toad

    F-35 Fuck Yeah

    And trumpstain is playing 5 dimensional chess
  10. toad

    F-35 Fuck Yeah

    I figured that, they needed to turn on the emails and the obama
  11. toad

    F-35 Fuck Yeah

    Oh dear, back to the drawing board
  12. toad

    Unwanted Ivanka

    Every average shmo does black tie while playing with the kids
  13. toad

    Only the Best People

    But but EMAILS!
  14. toad

    Team NZ

    You get me wrong, I aspire to be like you but at least we agree about stinkray and A4 and lets try not to get into smaltzy sports idol worship, they dont give a shit about us.