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  1. NaptimeAgain

    Work Bench for the Man Cave....

    I like a bench that I can walk around. Easier than turning a large piece of work. Lucky to have a full wood shop in the basement, plumbed for dust collection. The upcoming move (wife wants big kitchen) will be a PITA. My bench is made from leftover crap left by the previous homeowner. I mounted a couple vises on it and it's heavy enough to hold work still for hand planing. Should've aligned the bench top with the table saw bed to use as an outfield table. Will trim the legs during the move to take care of that.
  2. NaptimeAgain

    Random PicThread

    Dick Cheney"s hunting buddy?
  3. NaptimeAgain

    WTF with annoying car insurance adverts?

    The "Jake from State Farm" at 3 AM ad is running again. Actually funny.
  4. NaptimeAgain

    Social Distancing May Not Be Enough

    Lancet (a prestigious medical journal) had an autopsy report of a COVID death in China. Histopathology resembled ARDS. Will be interesting to see if our immune system is more friend or foe here. Various viral infections can trigger vigorous immune mediated inflammatory or other responses that end up being the ultimate cause of death. Sometimes a supercharged immune system is not our friend.
  5. NaptimeAgain

    Social Distancing May Not Be Enough

    Church attendance seems to be a problem rather than a solution, looking at clustering of disease.
  6. NaptimeAgain

    Social Distancing May Not Be Enough

    Because of the diagnostic testing delays and a few other issues we may never know the true attack rate and fatality rates. The lack of a reliable denominator is the missing piece. At some point we would need a paradigm like Hepatitis B where you can test for post acute antibodies (i.e. the folks who just recovered) and chronic antibodies (the folks who developed immunity after infection.) Much of the discourse to date has focused on the acute diagnosis. But the treatment of the patient is the same for viral pneumonia (supportive care) so the test result is more for isolation etc rather than to determine what you get as a patient. Social isolation is not a panacea. Unemployment correlates with poor health outcomes, and I won't be surprised to see a spike in domestic violence.
  7. NaptimeAgain

    Social Distancing May Not Be Enough

    More than aware of the latest med lit on this. Surprised we haven't seen a run on copper bracelets. Wasn't planning to go to an ATM. Just drive around and see the sights. More isolated than taking a walk around the block. :-) Arizona Republic reported on a couple than apparently ingested aquarium cleaner to get chloroquine. He is dead.
  8. NaptimeAgain

    Social Distancing May Not Be Enough

    Social separation doesn't really require people to literally stay at home. The key issue is about avoiding people, not places.
  9. NaptimeAgain

    Kenny Rogers

    Liked him better in his First Edition days. Ruby don’t take your love to town.
  10. NaptimeAgain

    Europe is shut out

    I prefer getting stamped. Makes for a better memory jogger.
  11. NaptimeAgain

    Europe is shut out

    Seems a bit late for that.
  12. NaptimeAgain

    jack welch dts

    I ignored all that stuff as more B school follow the leader. Mid career I started in an exec masters business program and left after a year. It seemed to be largely ungrounded in the realities of life. Bunch of lemmings incapable or unwilling to think IMHO.
  13. NaptimeAgain

    jack welch dts

    I have had the impression that his business legacy was increasingly dropping as GE dealt with the consequences of some of his strategies.
  14. NaptimeAgain


    Yawn. I barely care about the NFL these days.
  15. NaptimeAgain

    Community Dock Guidelines & Revokable License

    Was an officer in my HOA many years ago, a miserable experience overall dealing with neighborhood petty politics. My 2 cents is not to regulate boat cover colors. Seems any community would have many better things to do.