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  1. NaptimeAgain

    Stratocaster Build Anarchy

    Great looking stuff there.
  2. NaptimeAgain

    Router Table Jitters

    Watch the Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill. Makes his own tools.
  3. NaptimeAgain

    Router Table Jitters

    Have been tempted to get one of these.
  4. NaptimeAgain

    Router Table Jitters

    Have never had a lot of success with biscuits.
  5. NaptimeAgain

    Router Table Jitters

    A nice curled shaving from a hand plane is reward in itself.
  6. NaptimeAgain

    Router Table Jitters

    Wife wanted mahogany bookshelves around the fireplace. Festool track saw for the big sheets. Took about 5 days including crown molding and trim. I can't imagine framing a house with it, but for clean cuts on pricey veneered ply it's a great tool.
  7. NaptimeAgain

    Random PicThread

    Otherwise a lot of farm equipment would have to cross the highway. May also be drainage issues since it'd be on a valley floor.
  8. NaptimeAgain

    Router Table Jitters

    I've been happy with 10" Freud thin kerf blades on the tablesaw. I don't cut a lot of dadoes, but when I do the Freud dial blade has been great. There are more expensive blades out there, but these work well for my needs. Learned a long time ago to never buy really cheap tools.
  9. NaptimeAgain

    B-17 Crash in CT

    Probably. He learned to fly out of DTW many decades ago. Doesn't fly anymore.
  10. NaptimeAgain

    B-17 Crash in CT

    Very informative. Thanks for posting. My brother took a ride in the B-24 earlier this year in Michigan.
  11. NaptimeAgain

    B-17 Crash in CT

    Reports 7 dead, 6 injured, several critically.
  12. NaptimeAgain

    B-17 Crash in CT

    Multiple fatalities reported. “There were 13 people on board the Boeing B-17, two pilots, one attendant, and 10 passengers. Another person on the ground was injured when the plane slid off the runway and slammed into a building used to house the airport's deicing equipment, officials said.”
  13. NaptimeAgain

    B-17 Crash in CT
  14. NaptimeAgain

    Router Table Jitters

    Still have fingers and vision and hearing. Routers are crazy ass loud. It is important to test fit and adjust the tension on featherboards etc, and I generally have a same size scrap to use as a push stick through the featherboards. That way a narrower push stick doesn't get askew and pinched into the bit. Also make sure the featherboards aren't skewed relative to the fence or they will pinch the work.
  15. NaptimeAgain

    Router Table Jitters

    Bandsaws generally don't kick back. I used to have a radial arm saw - sold it to someone who needed to do a ton of crosscutting to build a house. I keep eye protection scattered all over the shop, and lots of push sticks and push pads near the table saw, jointer, router table. 3 dust collectors. And plenty of lighting. I make jigs that use clamps to hold stock in place. Made a crosscut box/sled for the table saw. The big thing is to keep the work absolutely in position without using your body parts. That said, I don't use the guard or splitter that came with my table saw. I am not recommending that practice - just saying that I found it hard to use. I have ratcheting hold downs/stops for ripping - back in the day I think Leichtung sold them, and Rockler has something similar. If a cut feels or sounds funny I stop immediately. Ripping can release internal tension in a board and it can warp during the cut and pinch the blade. I would consider the SawStop if I were buying a new one. Even a drill press can screw you up if it grabs the piece, so clamps there too. About the only stuff I do freehand is sanding, and even then need to watch the angles in case the piece grabs. The lathe will occasionally throw a piece but I wear full face shield for that, and use full size tools I can hold under the armpit which really stabilizes them for me.