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  1. NaptimeAgain

    Brexit, WTF

    You left out the part where the sharknado hits him while he's carrying the shark......
  2. NaptimeAgain

    Brexit, WTF

    The Black Knight sketch seems apropos. "T'is but a scratch." Ignore all the body parts on the ground.
  3. NaptimeAgain

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

    I think the angle here on SA is an appreciation of the Coasties. Denver may actually be prohibited from paying certain Feds, particularly if their jobs involve making decisions relative to Denver's interest. It gets crazy complicated.
  4. NaptimeAgain

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Large USAA donation.
  5. NaptimeAgain

    Brexit, WTF

    And now for something completely different... Where are the Pythons when we need them?
  6. NaptimeAgain


    Seems like laying out a football field on a baseball diamond and playing both games simultaneously.
  7. NaptimeAgain

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

    Congress by law gets paid during shutdowns.
  8. NaptimeAgain


    Just park a crapped out old van with HC tags in 031. That'll teach 'em
  9. NaptimeAgain


    Good she is safe.
  10. NaptimeAgain

    NFL 2018

    I think the Saints would have had a tough time with Dallas, especially with D line injuries. Sometimes the matchups work that way.
  11. NaptimeAgain

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

    Young families tend to live from paycheck to paycheck. The second missed one will be huge. I was furloughed in the 2013 shutdown. Just pissed me off to be governed by an incompetent board of 535 directors (Senate + House if anyone's counting) so I left government after spending a mid career decade in a Federal agency. I used to donate to the Coasties through the combined federal campaign. If a corporate board did this they'd all be canned. And if they forced employees to work without pay they'd get sued too. Just donated, thanks for the reminder.
  12. NaptimeAgain

    NFL 2018

    Who Dat
  13. You forgot the cunningfucker?
  14. NaptimeAgain

    jack the dull knife

    I've seen it for many years driving past there and wondered about the story.
  15. NaptimeAgain

    Pukers United – For those that have

    For those who use TransdermScop, don't touch your eye after touching the patch unless you wash your hands. I freaked out my wife once - she thought I had a stroke because one pupil was way dilated. That will also contribute to blurred vision.