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  1. No need to be rude dude. Was just relating what I had heard. And not incompatible with a CIA hit given CIA involvement in Diem toppling.
  2. Regarding there being more US materials...and presidents who liked tape recorders. I suspect the typical US combatants were more likely to either have personal cameras or accompanying press, and we have had relative peace at home since then so more stuff collected and the ability to keep it was preserved. SE Asia had a lot of shit going on even after 1975. Cambodia/VN/China hostilities in 1978-79 etc.
  3. Haven't watched most of any game so far.
  4. Stay safe
  5. My old man (long dead) was in the foreign service for awhile. A few years after JFK was shot, he said it was karma for the Diem coup/assassination. Seemed a bit of a mystery comment to me at the time. This was back in the 60s before much of the stuff we now know came out.
  6. As bad as he was, Nixon was hardly the first or the most dishonorable occupant of the WH.
  7. When you're on the cat the view outside isn't the cat.
  8. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/451435/pbs-vietnam-war-documentary-ken-burns-timely-booster-shot George Will commentary
  9. I got my selective service card as the war was winding down and they suspended the draft, so never got past 1H status. Was clearly headed for college yet had the sense I was missing out on something generational. Had teachers and coaches and fathers of friends and older classmates who went/came back/died there so it was talked about. Culturally was not a protester and was not fundamentally anti-war. Would not have occurred to be to refuse if I had been drafted. 18 year old males are governed by testosterone. As I got older and more skeptical about politicians and their motives I ended up being glad I missed it and sympathetic for the guys who went.
  10. Watched it, interesting. Seemed balanced apportioning of blame. Fascinating how events elsewhere impact policies far away. Picking a starting point is always a challenge for a documentary.
  11. Good idea on the casters.
  12. Down Periscope
  13. Depending on the reason for the fall, going to the ER every time can be a pain. Can be anything from a stroke to just tripped over the dog when it ran between her legs. But at that age almost any fall can break a hip. So a bit of "dizzy" + "my XYZ hurts" + "my meds are ___" = trip to ER, maybe admission, then because they are out of their own home some disorientation, med changes, more fall risk if they can't find the bathroom when they walk upland night and don't remember where they are, exposure to hospital acquired infections etc. And that's under the best scenario with attentive staff.
  14. Agreeing with PB. Repeated falls are the sign that they have started on the long slide downhill. Inability to live independently and self care are just icing on the cake. Inactivity from immobilization leads to rapid reconditioning (rapid as in days/a few weeks). So feeding and toileting etc become new burdens. Social isolation makes living a bore. I have some sympathy for nursing home staff because caring for these folks is a huge burden even if you are Florence Nightingale at heart. Walk/crawl in their house and figure out what they could possibly trip over. Throw rugs, pets, lamp cords etc. Excessive padding under a rug can make it unsteady. What will they hit when they land? Stair rails in many older homes may not meet current codes (discontinuity in the rail, inability to grip, etc). Keep their cell phone in their pocket, not the kitchen counter. General clutter can be a problem. Have had to think through this stuff for family members. Not a fun time. In contrast to kids you know in your heart they won't be outgrowing it.
  15. Sounds like maybe they should have done a few low speed passes first to scout out the area?