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  1. NaptimeAgain

    Florence & Venice Restaurants

    Have been to Florence 3 times. I tend to try whatever looks interesting as I walk around. So far it's worked fine as a strategy.
  2. NaptimeAgain

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Around 30
  3. NaptimeAgain

    CG ends search, 29' sailboat missing, east coast

    Hopefully it came quick like a jibe to the head. We waste a ton of money and effort on largely futile medical attempts to squeeze out another day.
  4. NaptimeAgain

    Frigate on the rocks, 7th fleet innocent.

    Given modular construction of large ships in the first place, seems like they could just build a new stern and pretend they are building a new one with a big head start since the front end is already there.
  5. NaptimeAgain

    CG ends search, 29' sailboat missing, east coast

    While sailing off into the drink may be a guys' way to check out, it's hard on the family especially if they are the sort who find closure in a wake and funeral etc, and exposes the Coasties to some additional operational risks to go look for him.
  6. NaptimeAgain

    Frigate on the rocks, 7th fleet innocent.

    Considering the Blucher is still on the bottom of Oslofjord, I suppose getting it over to the edge saves a lot of recovery effort.
  7. NaptimeAgain

    Offshore racing at the Olympics 2024

    Another Olympic sport to not watch.
  8. NaptimeAgain

    Stupid Human Trick...

    Full hand width at arms length is about an hour. Has been good enough for me most of the time.
  9. NaptimeAgain

    Well, the front didn't fall off...

    Looks like the barge was stationary.
  10. NaptimeAgain

    Halloween, Fuck Off!

    Porch light on = we are giving out candy. Porch light off = go to the next house. Not too complicated.
  11. NaptimeAgain

    Boats collide off San Diego

    Thanks. I think I misread it.
  12. NaptimeAgain

    Boats collide off San Diego

    Prowler looks significantly longer than 28ft.
  13. NaptimeAgain

    Free afternoon in Amsterdam tomorrow. What to do?

    Nice walking around the city. Take a boat ride. Rijksmuseum is a good way to spend a few hrs. While the AF house is historically significant, the interior itself is basically shuffling around in a cramped dark house.
  14. NaptimeAgain

    Sinead O'Conner converts to Islam

    Religion. Pick one. Any one.
  15. NaptimeAgain

    rules of expenses for boat owner and crew

    Trailering the boat down and back will add a few $$. In your list the rigger isn't transporting. Are the rock stars working for free?