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  1. weird sinus issue

    Google "rhinits medicamentosa". Or see the wiki discussion at link below. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhinitis_medicamentosa
  2. weird sinus issue

    Sometimes physicians prescribe antibiotics to meet patient expectations and maybe get higher ratings from them. Serious adverse reactions are unlikely and the drugs are relatively cheap. I had a boss who advised the incoming first year med students to always give the patient with back pain a followup task that you knew they would never really accomplish. When the patient comes back with ongoing symptoms, ask if they completed task X. When they admit they haven't, blame that and tell them to get going on it. By then the issue has resolved on its own. The "art" part of medical practice.
  3. weird sinus issue

    If u are irrigating your nose consider the fluid source. Or just google brain eating amoeba.
  4. weird sinus issue

    Personally I avoid antibiotics for sinusitis, even the green snot kind. Clears up most symptoms with real Sudafed and it's over in 2 weeks.
  5. Jonathan Higgins

  6. Why don't more people race?

    This topic comes up several times a year here. The summary is generally a mix of: No spare time No spare $$ Hard to get/keep dedicated crew Yelling and general unpleasantness PHRF/rating games A bazillion other things to do Handicapping is based on the boat, not the skipper/crew experience, so nice boat + new sailors = bottom feeding finishes Etc.
  7. Uber for babysitters?

    No way
  8. Anti-Texting-While-Driving poster.... what do you think?

    No need to get pissy. Just pointing out that lots of people kill lots of people in many different ways. Moralizing about it instead of acknowledging the realities of imperfect human behavior just avoids actually solving the problem.
  9. Anti-Texting-While-Driving poster.... what do you think?

    There is a temptation to turn unhealthy behaviors into moral arguments and then outlaw them. Worked great with Prohibition and just as well with drug use... While driving distracted by anything is a risk (phone/text/music/kids/pets in the front seat or on the driver's lap/stress/applying makeup/eating/balancing hot coffee/arguing with spouse/alcohol/legal drugs/illegal drugs/mental illness/lost/dropped something) the distractions are realistically unavoidable. Text to voice (or taking public transportation) is probably the best mitigator of that. I'm not ready to trust driverless cars yet. When your teen aged daughter is out for the evening do you ever text her? How long is an acceptable time for her to reply before you worry/complain? If she is driving when you text (and you may have no way of knowing what she is doing at that minute) you may be the reason why she is texting in the car. Pulling over to the side of the road may be unfeasible/unsafe depending on circumstances. If your boss is texting you for a vital answer on a critical project, do you tell her the next day to f'off because you were stuck in traffic on the freeway for an hour (and thus still driving even while stationary, with no way to pull off).
  10. Anti-Texting-While-Driving poster.... what do you think?

    90% of the cars I see in the HOV lanes are single occupant. Would like to see a draconian crackdown on that.
  11. Whiskey Anarchy

    Was in Scotland earlier in the year and sampled a few. Enjoyed a gift of Highland Park. Not a fan of Islay single malts, IMHO might as well age in the grass clippings from my lawn mower.
  12. residential aged care mark 2

    At this point having them both in the same place seems workable if they don't have much physical/mental energy to actually bother each other.
  13. Anti-Texting-While-Driving poster.... what do you think?

    Texters can put the phone down, drunks can't instantly sober up. Really not equivalent in actual practice.
  14. Anti-Texting-While-Driving poster.... what do you think?

    No need to try to politicize the message. What about the people putting on makeup or trying to keep their kids from arguing in the back seat? I see those daily. Given the fading memories of cars with stick shifts, how about just locking drivers hand to the wheel?
  15. Deadly shooting in lower Manhattan

    Apparently his guns turned out to be fakes. Cops shot him when he threatened them after he killed 8 riders by running over them on a bike path.