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  1. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Ahhh. Makes more sense. The announcers kept referring to the runs themselves as the throwaway. Thanks.
  2. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Women snowboard halfpipe telecast was maddening last night. They kept repeating that the scoring is "discarded high and low and average the remaining" when in fact it was clearly "best run of 3." They never mentioned that Chloe Kim started her runs at the top of the hill rather than from an unmarked lower rest spot used by most of the others. Seems to me that gives her more speed when she drops and that = more height down the pipe. She also completed her rotations better and kept her speed better than the ones who landed under rotated and scrubbed speed.
  3. Stupid Airports

    Early boarders on SW seem to be a mix of old folks in wheelchairs and the rest who seem to walk the jetway with zero apparent issues and dash off the plane. One was a 20 something in stiletto heels. In contrast, on a recent flight a middle aged guy with an artificial leg boarded last on a recent flight. Like other things in life, sometimes the people who actually deserve the accommodation have the grit to not ask for special treatment. Respect.
  4. Stupid Airports

    They need their own special hell...
  5. Stupid Airports

    KEF is nice. GVA pretty good. AMS a bit of a zoo with construction. LHR would be tolerable if the announce the departure gate sooner and didn't face you to kill time in the main shopping mall terminal.
  6. Stupid Airports

    I've come to like small airports like Manchester NH, Midway Chicago etc. Easy to navigate. Hate flying LAX, ORD, ATL, EWR, PHX etc.
  7. Random PicThread

    Have seen freshly burnt bodies in the morgue. Smells like charred meat, awful way to go if you're alive and burning.
  8. Random PicThread

    The rocket assist pod falls off. Still gotta be a helluva ride, especially for the first guy.
  9. carson wentz how pissed

    This. It's happened before. If you want all the glory for yourself play tennis or golf. Foles played well - Wentz should be happy compared to the alternative.
  10. 3 retirement scenerios.

    Assuming you are doing this by yourself?
  11. Quicksilver CEO missing, boat washes up empty

    Britain entered the war when Belgian neutrality was violated. All in all a tragic waste of human life in a conflict that laid the foundation for WW2. Brave soldiers and sailors led by some incompetents in a war between cousins. King George V, Tsar Nicholas II, and Kaiser Wilhelm were cousins. (Queen Victoria was German through her mother).
  12. Quicksilver CEO missing, boat washes up empty

    Not WW2, War of 1812. They set fire to the Capitol the following day but a fortuitous heavy rainstorm put out the fire. WW2 ref is the declaration of Paris as an open city in the face of German invasion. To go back further in history, Washington would not have captured Cornwallis at Yorktown if the British fleet had been able to come up the Chesapeake to evacuate the redcoats. But the French fleet defeated the Brits in the battle of the Virginia capes, so Cornwallis was marooned on the peninsula.
  13. Quicksilver CEO missing, boat washes up empty

    Citizens are often better than their governments.
  14. Quicksilver CEO missing, boat washes up empty

    How did WW2 turn out in the end?
  15. Quicksilver CEO missing, boat washes up empty

    Like how the US Government fled DC at let the British burn the White House in the War of 1812...