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  1. :0 Potential game-changer there. How steady were they foiling upwind, and what did their sideways drift look like? Rock steady, impossable to tell drift. We were a couple of hunderd yards off on basicly parallel course then they pulled us. Awesome pics MM! Nice to get your feedback as well. Seriously? Upwind? 2nd day? Do I really need to go to PD? Thanks Now thats upwind for sure
  2. Foiling upwind is a myth! Big Blue foiling at all a myth well there she is . I know where and what direction this is its not upwind unless the sf bay has been turned upside down . Be great if they can
  3. +10
  4. Holy fuck! AR faster than OR? Thats the funniest thing I've hear in aaages! I want some of what he's smoking. Never mind OR have to get past NZ
  5. Works fine for me but just in case blogger may be alittle backed up tonight try this one http://acworldseries.blogspot.com/2013/07/americas-cup-artemis-racing-first-sail.html
  6. More Big Blue J Navis Film http://acworldseries.blogspot.com/2013/07/americas-cup-artemis-racing-first-sail.html
  7. +10 God it's just so good to see Artemis have a flying F'ing great day in the sun - They have already won! I seemed to miss the part where it says Artemis chages are repairs ? http://noticeboard.americascup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/RN207-Agreement-pursuant-to-Article-25.6-of-the-Protocol.pdf
  8. BIG BLUE FLIES http://acworldseries.blogspot.com/2013/07/louis-vuitton-news-big-blue-flys.html
  9. The Artemis Interviews Mainsail CNN http://acworldseries.blogspot.com/2013/07/louis-vuitton-cup-news-artemis.html
  10. ok. but the 72 is a different beast than a 45. and i think he sailed less than 5 days on AR1.. thats a statement in itself. my point is.. where has it been said he was sacked for speaking the truth? Right - it was not stated what TH was sacked for, but .... - it was not stated why W1 crumpled - it was not stated that B1's beam was crap from day 1 - it was not stated why B2 was built to the same dubious standards as B1 - it was not stated why* shitty B1 (B2 really when you count the Orma 72) tacoed and trapped a sailor - it was not stated that they failed to notice someone was missing until they were all in the chase boat - it was not stated why they were not following the post-Orpocalypse safety recommendations - it was not stated that JK and his under performing bro' got the boot Lots of whining - not so much transparency Good luck to them anyway - just can't muster much sympathy * conceptualisation, design, construction, testing and probably maintenance all suspect from this bunch - take your pick Put simply JK is and will never be a Multi Hulll designer and you have put responsibility here. But as far as the sympathy statement way out line not the sailors fault >
  11. PC base camp obviously it was a structural failure anyone who has seen all the pictures by now know that .. Just the cause he would not elaborate . Falling back on the investigation line . Did Jk get it wrong ? . We would have to at this time say yes . Is he still in charge I would venture no. Boat two may have been a replica in hulls yes . But everything else seem to point to new . First and largest task the Foil control boxes and getting them in the boat .. Second that is evident Main cross beam pictures here just don't do it justice its massive And have a added sort of back bone or back brace in the curved attachment areas . Rudder buckets seem to be gone as well . a huge load area. The wing still seems mis proportional to the boat this may be why the main cross beam has its sweep v in it to move the rotation point . Great detail goes into the foil attitude systems and must perform in split second and percent degrees each and every time . Explained to us by LP and NO . they have a set of fast foils and they have a set of medium range I can only tag per PC seeing them up close amazing work goes into them .. Each cast from single blocks for the forms . They had taken the rear station the removed from boat one and using it as a actuator station using the grinding stations still on it to power there huge Jig of a dagger box Also a make shift wheel helm with staggered control buttons . Whole think to give them practise as they have nothing in the water to test yet . All important attitude system . I will say this if Peyron will sail it anyone will and with a knowledge its safer stronger and perhaps lets hope competitive . Wings are one thing flying on foils was completely under estimated . And the first day anyone saw the NZ fly would been the day I would have to second guess ever competing with out . There was enough intel around to know this was the trend and course . Getting caught with your pants down this bad can't be easy and losing a great sailor because of it another matter completely . In the spirit of innovation and groundbreaking technologies . This New Cup has delivered that and more . Lets just pray its not all in vain and we learn from the mistakes made so future applications from all the events during the builds and test and matches Trickles directly into the new modern sailing industry and reflects not only in builds but rules to somehow prevent them. PC will get them thru this will he ever CEO a team again perhaps not . Or perhaps Structures have to be looked at as far as design builds and who has final sign offs of builds . The engineers or the Sailors or complete involvement of all . The next weeks lay ahead with a lot these answers,lets support them to line after that its in their hands completely . For sailings sake at least .
  12. I went to base show and tell let me say this to all the Go homers here . No one said they would be competitive , Cayard and Outteridge both strongly noted they are not fooling themselves . The Boat must pass the stress data before floating or sailing . They have a foiling attitude simulator they have been practicing on . Something other teams didn't have . Watching the last Race between LR and NZ its not impossible to win a flight . Speed is the key in Gybes and Tacks . The Team is a competitive bunch of world class triple A sailors . From observations Cayard is more involving the whole team in decisions.Management , Build , Etc. I would not be surprised they beat LR in at least one . Lets remember as well he who pushes harder may be pushing carbon back into a plane and not challenging for any cups. this design the AC 72 forgives no one and will most likely see a failure before all this is over and I doubt it will be the big blue boat . My visit gave me new insights to the Ar teams efforts, and believe me they are not in vain and should gather respect from all sailors worldwide . As well as their new almost open door policy at base camp . No one is forgiving or forgetting the lose of bart this effort almost and you can feel it is in his honor and memory . There doing things right there doing it better and they're doing it safer . And if you were not there first hand to see it keep your comments in your hat . Been enough AR bashing and its now time to support some world class guys .
  13. interesting page on my high speed connection it just keeps continuing to load pics and pics and pics .... Thanks each is a post or press release etc. you can change the view of the page in the upper left hand corner for different formats of viewing
  14. The biggest problem I have observed is some media here trying to throw a wrench in everything Im even says answers or otherwise not asking the the real questions like . If the Jury answers before Monday . Will Prada sail regardless the out come . Since the Artemis Loss , Prada has done everything other than what they have said they would do . Prees conference Sailing after all the other teams had agreed not to as well as recanting on agreements . Principles they keep shouting when if you go by there examples they have none . These round robins count really for nothing so trying just to distrub the event is just anther get back for venice and other thinks in the past just like shutting down there store . Perhaps there coming out with a new line of Bad boy gear or ganster rap sailing clothing . They certainly arent acting like a Luxury Brand . Unless some how they feel they can tarnish the Vuitton Brand doing this . Guess what it not working.. Their boats measured in lets race like Dean Barker has said ..
  15. Deano Today http://acworldseries.blogspot.com/2013/07/deano-is-ready.html