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  1. May need to hold off a bit while docks are rebuilt after Irma slammed the area. Dinner Key in Coconut Grove normally has slips (and a great location), but they need time to inspect/rebuild (have friends waiting on a 36' slip). Heard they aren't even letting new moorings go on the market yet. Coconut Grove Sailing Club may have moorings available for a 35', not sure about 40. Good Luck !
  2. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Go team OAFR ! https://www.thenation.com/article/the-farce-of-the-olympic-athletes-from-russia/
  3. Stupid Airports

    Geez.... 34 posts and no one has mentioned Miami International? The only airport I have seen where the TSA-Precheck line is much longer than "normal" security. And the majority of TSA agents don't speak English, but it's cool putting government agents with inadequate communication skills in positions of authority. I got flagged for a small bags of chips I pilfered from a BNB at a small airport.... agent said it was due to them being "organic". I joked that Pringles are anything but organic, first time I ever got a smile out of a TSA agent.
  4. carson wentz how pissed

    Put your head down and concentrate on rehab.... Torn ACLs can be difficult to recover 100% from.
  5. Emotional support peacock denied flight by United Airlines

    You must have flown out of Haiti....
  6. Emotional support peacock denied flight by United Airlines

    Flew to the EU at Christmas time from Dulles, VA.... with all the babies and service animals laying under seats (babies) and against bulkheads (big dogs), I thought I was on Haiti-Air (not that there's anything wrong with people from Haiti). My issue with unrestrained (i.e. - not in a cage) service animals is how they will behave during a crisis.... If the flight goes pear-shaped, but lands in a survivable condition, any animal under that stress will probably go into p-ssed-off-grizzly mode. Orderly exit out the emergency exit with a spooked, 80 pound pooch blocking the aisleway ?
  7. NFL 2017

    Would be interesting if this SB had a significant drop in the # of commercials.... although the NFL has a fix for this situation: "TV timeout"
  8. NFL 2017

    The first SB victory is always the sweetest.... hopefully the Eagles can keep the key players/coaches together and keep it running. This was not an Andy Reid run offense from 2004 Where Foles ends up will be interesting... he just climbed the mountain to top QB status (some may say elite) in record time !
  9. NFL 2017

    Us insufferable Pats fans are coming out of the wordwork.... but always admired Amendola's workman-ethic. Danny for SB MVP !
  10. Same here ! A cross between Carolyn Wonderland and Grace Potter....
  11. Very interesting "Making of" vid ... back in the days before drum loops, auto-tune and such. Primitive methods, but they pulled it off flawlessly.
  12. Keith Jackson DTS

    Bob Costas could take some lessons from Mr Jackson. "Never make yourself part of the story, and share your enthusiasm"
  13. Oleg, the Ukrainian fisherman and melodica player, needs to cover War Pigs.... or perhaps Iron Man And thanks above for posting "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys"... that song has been going through my head for the past week+ The percentage you're paying is too high pricedWhile you're living beyond all your meansAnd the man in the suit has just bought a new car From the profit he's made on your dreamsBut today you just read that the man was shot dead By a gun that didn't make any noiseBut it wasn't the bullet that laid him to rest was The low spark of high-heeled boys
  14. NFL 2017

    I didn't get to watch the Steelers-Jags game, but from the discussion it seems the Steelers coached themselves out of another game. They could convert 4th-and-longs, but not 4th-and-inches ? Ben is huge.... if he breaks wind while receiving the snap count, it would propel him at least a few inches.
  15. Not many bands can cover the Beatles.... then again, Chris Stapleton is pretty d-mn amazing: (the other 2 on the stage can please sit down).