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  1. Malta Madness

    Heading to visit my daughter for the holidays in Malta. Staying in the Sliema portion of Valetta, but appreciate any guidance for best non-touristy restaurants, bars, yacht clubs (with bars), etc. Any and all recommendations, tips & tricks are appreciated ! Will anything be open Christmas Day ? Thanks in advance.
  2. NFL 2017

    NE historically has a tough time down in Miami... no idea why. Seems like they change their playbook for these late-season games against the Dolphins and it rarely works. Plus Brady was off on a lot of passes last night.... Miami's defense was stifling, hopefully they can maintain this intensity next year and get some offense back !
  3. NFL 2017

    not sure why, but heard this play was not "reviewable". Not sure I have seen a concise summary of which plays can be challenged/reviewed and which cannot.... and the reasons why. So... Gronk suspension coming up ? If NE loses him against the Steelers in 2 weeks, that will make it very interesting.
  4. charles manson-dts

    Gotta disagree.... Manson kept up his demented ways and kept spreading his influence through many "pen pals" (didn't he end up marrying one ?). Why the F- the California Penal system allowed this, I'll never know.
  5. NFL 2017

    I think Eli is HOF material. Pains me to say this, but 2x SuperBowl MVP, 4x ProBowler, 2nd all-time in consecutive starts, plus an assortment of other odd records (foisted from Wiki): Most 4th-quarter touchdown passes in a season (15 in 2011) Tied NFL Record longest pass completion and touchdown (99 yards in 2011) Tied NFL Record most game-winning drives in a season (8 in 2011) Most road wins in a single regular season and postseason by a starting quarterback (10) Most passing yards in a single postseason (1,219 yards in 2011) Only QB in NFL history without throwing an interception in multiple conference championship starts Geno holds the record as having the most people forgetting he was still on an active roster.
  6. NFL 2017

    Geno is about one degree of separation from a butt-fumble.... Never thought I'd feel sorry for Eli, but what a way to go out. Truly class-less to bench Eli for a proven non-winner with a QBR around 70 (on a good day).
  7. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Molly hatcheted.....
  8. firefox v57 quantum

    Also use DuckDuckGo... Been noticing FF has been slowing down recently, but was too fat-dumb-happy to verify the version. Somehow I'm running the 32-bit FF version on Win 7 64-bit (verified in Computer--> Properties). Tried to upgrade to V57, but states it can't upgrade on a 32-bit OS. Guess I'll uninstall FF v52 (32-bit) and then try a fresh install of v57. Anyone else seen this issue ? Mozilla help seems oblivious... Chrome is still normal speed
  9. Best Rock Song Intros

    Best intro in a rock movie:
  10. Woman sentenced for marrying her biological mother.

    You just explained the European monarchies of the past 1,000 years.....
  11. Best Rock Song Intros

    While not THE best.... always loved this one from Kenny Wayne Shepherds younger days (he was about 17 ?) Now this one might be THE best.... figured I'd post SRVs cover which is a great vid:
  12. NFL 2017

    The best part of this season is probably TD celebrations.... potato-sack race, rock 'em-sock 'em robots, etc. We need a best-of show ! Another comical note... the Eagles scored so much, the stadium ran out of fireworks. First time for everything.
  13. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    That's what Fuiava (sp ?) said when they left HI......
  14. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Probably due to some psychological issue with delusions.... Ms Appel might sincerely believe all the lies/embellishments she has been conjuring up for 5 months. She wants to turn this "adventure" into a lifetime of fame and will say anything to achieve it, no matter how absurd.
  15. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Hopefully this means no new french toast vids showing up on YouTube.....