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  1. Sailing art

    No one has mentioned Willard Bond ? http://www.prints.com/art.php/Willard_Bond/?artist_id=27062
  2. Sailing art

    Nancy Hammond is a local artist who does some great work: http://www.nancyhammondeditions.com/
  3. WTF Australia

    Some pretty cool lee shores......
  4. books what to read

    Flying Cloud: The True Story of America's Most Famous Clipper Ship and the Woman Who Guided Her https://www.amazon.com/Flying-Cloud-Americas-Famous-Clipper-ebook/dp/B000PDZFSY/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1507322546&sr=1-1&keywords=flying+cloud
  5. How does the Navy AntiFoul Submarines?

    Ranks right up there with the Jack Nicholson lecture on the Foredeck Union..... might have to borrow the above.
  6. Lets Make A Deal - Monty Hall DTS

    Was having a conversation with a politico about what the US Founding Fathers would think of the US if they could time travel to today.... He asked "What would they think of what we have done to the Constitution ?"... My reply: "Screw the Constitution, what would they think of Game Shows ?" From the lyrical genius of Steve Goodman (with some help from Jimmy Buffett): Oh I took a wrong turn, it was the right turn My turn to have me a ball Boys at the shop told me just where to stop If I wanted to play for it all I didn't know I'd find her on daytime TV My whole world lies waiting behind door number three I chose my apparel, wore a beer barrel And they rolled me to the very first row I held a big sign that said "Kiss me I'm a baker, and Monty I sure need the dough!" Then I grabbed that sucker by the throat Until he called on me Cause my whole world lies waiting behind door number three And I don't want what Jay's got on his table Or the box Carol Merrill points to on the floor No, I'll hold out just as long as I am able Until I can unlock that lucky door Well, she's no big deal to most folks But she's everything to me Cause my whole world lies waiting behind door number three Oh Monty, Monty, Monty, I am walking down your hall God be, I lost my seat but I'm not a man to crawl No I didn't get rich you son of a bitch I'll be back just wait and see Cause my whole world lies waiting behind door number three Yes my whole world lies waiting behind door number three
  7. Tom Petty DTS

    66..... holy crap. Didn't see this coming..... RIP Mr Petty, thanks for the great tunes !
  8. 505 Worlds Annapolis 20-29 September 2017

    How to launch 80+ 505s in 30 mins:
  9. Moovie Review Threade

    Saw "Jackie" the other night, definitely worth a watch for a personal viewpoint of the JFK assassination. Initially I wasn't thrilled with Portman's portrayal, but Jackie was a person with drastically different personas (public vs private) and by the end of the movie Portman's acting fell into place. An interesting contrast between the "Camelot" Kennedy-mystique of the 60s and her "strained" relationship with JFK. I was born in Mass in the early 60s, and remember my father playing the LP of the musical "Camelot" (it's played a few times during the film). Brought back some memories.... Wasn't crazy about the moody soundtrack, but it's desired effect was understood.
  10. NFL 2017

    Next time try a burqa ?
  11. "Viet Nam" documentary by Ken Burns

    Or you can google "Pro Vietnam war propaganda" and cut/paste that for a counter-viewpoint to blackagendapoint.com.... or not.
  12. NFL 2017

    Seriously.... you can EDIT a post, ya know ?!?
  13. what are you listening to right now ... part trois

    Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks on gee-tar.... my favorite post-Duane lineup.
  14. NFL 2017

    Heard the LA Chargers parking price is $100 per vehicle.... wtf ? How much was it back in Dago ?
  15. "Viet Nam" documentary by Ken Burns

    Communism is an economic model where the government owns the means of production... and the Lenin/Marxist implementation of Communism calls for individuals to be expendable for the economy. Hence if you are of a class or group determined to be a detriment, your elimination may be beneficial to the collective (this allows for purges or sending dissidents to "re-education camps"). The political class ruling over a Communist economy can theoretically be democratic, republic, monarchy, etc.... While the US and other western governments have their drastic shortcomings, they were based on inalienable individual rights (such as private property in a Capitalist economy) which the government cannot take away.... though you know many of our leaders certainly try.