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  1. The bond which created such a magical song.....
  2. IrieMon

    77 Degrees and Other Facts

    Below is a common group of social media "tips" making the rounds.... along with feedback provided by Dr Jeremy Rossman, PhD in Infectious Diseases from the Univ of Kent. Additional info at: Dr Rossman's feedback is preceded by "***" Original message: Doctors are reporting they now understand the behavior of the COVID 19 virus due to autopsies that they have carried out. This virus is characterized by obstructing respiratory pathways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the airways and lungs. ***Nope, this is not true, the disease is not characterized by mucus build up or airway obstruction. You get pneumonia and fluid in the lungs that prevents absorbing oxygen from the air you breathe. So they have discovered that in order to apply a medicine you have to open and unblock these airways so that the treatment can be used to take effect however all of this takes a number of days. Their recommendations for what you can do to safeguard yourself are … ***Nope, as you don’t need to unblock your airway. 1) Drink lots of hot liquids - coffees, soups, teas, warm water. In addition take a sip of warm water every 20 minutes bc this keeps your mouth moist and washes any of the virus that’s entered your mouth into your stomach where your gastric juices will neutralize it before it can get to the lungs. ***Nope, you’re breathing in most of the virus, so it’s not stuck in your throat. Also, the virus sticks very well to your cells so it can’t just be washed off, even if it is in your throat. 2) Gargle with an antiseptic and warm water like vinegar or salt or lemon every day if possible ***As it’s not mainly in your throat, this won’t do anything….and gargling with vinegar sounds horrible. I much prefer whiskey. 3) The virus attaches itself to hair and clothes. And detergent or soap kills it but you must take bath or shower when you get in from the street. Avoid sitting down in your home and go straight to the shower. If you cannot wash your clothes daily, hang them in sunlight which also helps to neutralize the virus ***If you have spent a long period of time indoors with someone that was infected, you could have some virus on your skin, hair or clothes. It’s best not to spend time in close quarters with anyone that’s infected, but if you did then washing your clothes in hot water with detergent and showing would be advisable. However, if you’ve just been out and about, there is not need for this, all you need is just to wash your hands. Also, yes sunlight can help to kill the virus, but this take several days and is not necessary, just washing in hot water and detergent will kill all the virus anyways. 4) Wash metallic surfaces very carefully bc the virus can stay viable on these for up to 9 days. Take note and be vigilant about touching hand rails, door knobs, etc. and keep these clean in home home ***This is mostly true, the actual time is 3 days, but yes, you want to clean these with a disinfectant regularly. 5) Don’t smoke ***That’s true in all cases anyways, but it does put you at more of a risk here. 6) Wash your hands every 20 minutes with any soap that foams and do this for 20 seconds ***Washing your hands is the best thing you can do for prevention, but you don’t have to do this every 20min. Wash if you’ve been out of the house, if you’ve touched something that might be contaminated, if you’ve blown your nose or coughed into a tissue, after you use the bathroom and before you eat. 7) Eat fruits and vegetables. Try to elevate your zinc levelS ***Again, generally good advice. Zinc won’t protect you, but it also won’t hurt. 8)Animals do not spread the virus to people. Its a person to person transmission. ***Mostly true, the disease came from animals originally and pets may be infected, but it doesn’t seem like they then pass the virus back to people. 9)Try to avoid getting the common flu as this already weakens your system and try to avoid eating and drinking any cold things. ***All the precautions for COVID-19 will also protect you from the flu. As for the temperature, the temperature of what you consume has no effect on the COVID-19 disease. 10) If you feel any discomfort in your throat or a sore throat coming on, attack it immediately using the above methods. The virus enters the system through the throat but will sit in the throat for 3-4 days before it passes into your lungs. ***No, this is dangerous advice. If you have a sore throat, fever, body aches or any cough, call your doctor immediately and start self isolating. The virus enters the lungs rapidly, it does not ’sit’ in the throat. In addition ... Experts suggest doing this simple verification every morning: Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If this can be done without coughing, without difficulty, this shows that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, indicating the absence of infection. It is recommended to do this control every morning to help detect infection. ***No and again this is dangerous advice. Early in infection there are no respiratory symptoms and this ‘test’ does not tell you anything about infection. Also, the disease is worse in people that already have fibrosis, COVID-19 does not cause fibrosis.
  3. IrieMon

    Viral Economic Depression

    The re-open order came from the state Governor and Attorney General..... local City Council met yesterday and voted to re-close the island, except to residents, caretakers, essential personnel, etc. Big FU to the State Government....
  4. IrieMon

    Corona UK

    In case anyone notices this blurb from UK.Gov: After conferring with a virologist at the Univ of Kent, this status change affects how researchers and health care workers can treat COVID-19 samples. With the new change it will allow more researchers to study the virus and more places to test the virus (more eyes on the problem).
  5. IrieMon


    Here's a good comparison of the H1N1 and COVID19:
  6. IrieMon


    Per John Hopkins at 2p EST (21 March), Japanese stats: Japan Confirmed: 1,007 Deaths: 35 Recovered: 191 US Confirmed: 22,177 Deaths: 278 Recovered: 147
  7. Here's a good one.... George Harrison wrote his 1969 #1 hit "Something" about his wife Pattie Boyd (plus other inspirations). In 1970, Eric Clapton wrote "Layla" about his lust for the then-married Pattie (whom George would not divorce until 1977). Clapton married Pattie in 1979, divorced in 1989.... then Clapton sang the song George wrote for Pattie at the "Concert for George".
  8. IrieMon


    From CDC: It is not yet known whether weather and temperature impact the spread of COVID-19. Some other viruses, like the common cold and flu, spread more during cold weather months but that does not mean it is impossible to become sick with these viruses during other months. At this time, it is not known whether the spread of COVID-19 will decrease when weather becomes warmer. There is much more to learn about the transmissibility, severity, and other features associated with COVID-19 and investigations are ongoing.
  9. Or.......for a little change of pace
  10. IrieMon

    Shatner divorces, gets horse semen

    What kind of an onerous a--hole do you have to be to get divorced at 88.....
  11. That is odd.... I just re-clicked and it is the proper video. Anyone else having this issue with this particular vid ?
  12. Interesting version of John Lennon's "I'm Losing You" with half of Cheap Trick. Much prefer it over the official release, but Yoko didn't like this for some reason...... Gawd I hate that woman:
  13. IrieMon

    Bad end to Daytona 500

    Earnhardt Sr resisted the full head restraint (HANS).... probably would have saved his life. Been to a few NASCAR races back in the mid 80s..... a few dozen cars cruising by you at 200mph (this was before restrictor plates) is a feeling that does not come across on TV. Glad Newman will be ok and hopefully fully recover.
  14. IrieMon

    Random PicThread

    Hobot - sorry for the continuing thread-drift... here's additional info on the various configs Te Vega has been through. I sailed aboard when she was part of the Flint School in the 70s.