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  1. Rosie O'Donnell in Disney's bastardization of Tarzan:
  2. Can you cite a source where this establishment's proprietors were charged with human-trafficking ? I clearly recall the DA saying it was not in his press conference, this facility was initially targeted as part of an over-arching trafficking investigation, but went no further. As they had no evidence, the police could only start pinging the clients with misdemeanors. It does seem an ordinary rub n tug.... Did I miss an update ?
  3. Isn't this a typical resolution for a first-time misdemeanor ?
  4. IrieMon

    Facebook Down

    Don't forget... these 2.4 billion people couldn't watch puppy videos !
  5. Not a music video, but a fun 5 minutes with Joe Walsh.... best line: "One of the most terrifying things that ever happened to me is that Keith Moon decided he liked me." That explains a lot....
  6. IrieMon

    winner finally comes forward

    Winnings are probably taxed based on your residency on the date of the drawing....
  7. IrieMon

    Bob Seger Final Tour

    Quick clarification... Scaggs played with Steve Miller, not Bob Seger While I enjoy Bob Seger and he put on a great concert when I saw him in the mid-80s, Steve Miller was a trend-setter in the late 60s, early 70s.
  8. C'mon, you lawyer-types can convince a jury of just about anything..... that's why they get paid the big bucks
  9. Wow..... pretty strong statement. So happy you have such intimate relationships with billionaires. I am surprised the PD would jeopardize a 4 month investigation into human trafficking, just to get 25 misdemeanor accounts with a few being "big fish". From what I have seen, there have been no trafficking charges yet, hopefully some may soon be coming ? Otherwise, this timing may be deemed a publicity stunt and Kraft and the other "big fish" will have their legal team run rampant over the DA.
  10. IrieMon

    Peter Tork

    Peter got the Monkees gig after being referred by Stephen Stills. Apparently Stephen got turned down because of bad teeth. Peter once said if the Don Kirshner cared about their actual talent, Peter would have played guitar, Mike the bass, Davy the drums and Micky would just sing. Peter plays guitar on this ditty he wrote:
  11. IrieMon

    Hamilton... the play

  12. IrieMon


    Ironic it was JFK who authorized the attorney general's advisory committee on smoking and health.... which led to advertising bans and warning labels. Something tells me Ms Jackie might have known smoking wasn't all that wholesome when preggers.
  13. IrieMon


    Say it aint so.... Jackie O.... ok, she was a Kennedy at the time, but.... it's gotta rhyme.
  14. IrieMon


  15. IrieMon

    Don’t mess with the flu

    My doc recommended waiting til November for the shot, in order to still be protected for these late-season flare-ups. Glad I listened this year as I usually don't even get a shot and pay for it dearly. Sorry about your friend, but geez.... I've been known to commiserate in my sicknesses for too long, but 101+ for more than 2 days would get me to at least a walk-in clinic