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  1. IrieMon

    Cool story~~~~

    Insane traverses..... RIP to the diver who was lost (can't find his name):
  2. IrieMon

    Cool story~~~~

    Out-frickin-standing !!!
  3. Definitely worth a call to a manager to explain, but also realize there may be external forces in play (i.e. - Spinlock may be driving these dates and rigid policy).
  4. For some reason I was in an 80s mood this morn... and didn't realize Aimee Mann has a successful folk career still going strong.
  5. IrieMon

    The BLUES

    Keeping with the 70s white-boy blues.... J. Geils Band before that wretched "Centerfold" phase.
  6. IrieMon

    The BLUES

    Gotta admit when this thread started, I thought to myself... do we need another music thread ? Guess the answer is ABSOLUTELY ! Pretty d-mn epic, have added so many "new" artists to my playlists... thanks for everyone's contributions ! And since someone in GA mentioned seeing Stevie Guitar Miller recently:
  7. IrieMon

    LABron - LAvar - LAkers

    That's a big ole kick right in the salary cap.....
  8. IrieMon

    Windows Playlist Management

    Will do - thanks for the great info.. and fortunately I do keep multiple backups of everything. I just got into Sonos and it syncs well with iTunes, plus Sonos recently announced their compatibility with Apple Music. Guess I can buy a cheap iPhone 5s to run the Sonos Controller App (needs iOS 11).
  9. IrieMon

    Windows Playlist Management

    Very nice.... does Apple Music allow Playlists with local music files ? While 45 million tunes is insane, I have a lot of local artist tunes that never received formal distribution.
  10. IrieMon

    Geezer Rock

    I don't care who you are, that right there is some funny sh-t.....
  11. Currently using iTunes on Windows and syncing with my work iPhone6 which I also use as a Sonos Controller. My work has a habit of deleting non-company apps with little notice, so considering an older/cheap Android phone/tablet to use as my primary music device. Would hold about 30GB of music I can't find online and various streaming apps. Wondering what app Android phone/tablet users utilize to manage their tunes and playlists from Windows PCs ? iTunes works fine for my purposes (only have about 6 playlists), perhaps DoubleTwist is all I need (keep using iTunes). Any other recommendations ? Thanks in advance !
  12. IrieMon

    Evicting a cardinal

    I thought this topic was going to start off "A Cardinal, a Rabbi and a midget walk into a bar......"
  13. Dug up some of my old CDs... just don't have the heart to trash them yet. Fond memories of using this CD to test out reference systems.... play this with a 12" sub and it rattles the walls (in a good way)
  14. IrieMon

    The BLUES

    Not a bad blues player..... for a blonde-haired, blind, white, Canadian Saw him in the mid-90s backing up.... Allman Bros maybe. Never heard of him prior, he rocked the house !
  15. IrieMon

    Fake Online reviews in the news

    Been spot-checking Amazon products via Fakespot and it seems accurate. Also, Amazon seems to be slowly purging fake reviews of the Bluetooth earbuds, hopefully this is the same across all their product lines. Fortunately Amazon has the financial and technical resources to address (however slowly), but smaller companies/services (like the OP's) may not be able to address inaccuracies in their social media profiles.