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  1. Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks on gee-tar.... my favorite post-Duane lineup.
  2. Heard the LA Chargers parking price is $100 per vehicle.... wtf ? How much was it back in Dago ?
  3. Communism is an economic model where the government owns the means of production... and the Lenin/Marxist implementation of Communism calls for individuals to be expendable for the economy. Hence if you are of a class or group determined to be a detriment, your elimination may be beneficial to the collective (this allows for purges or sending dissidents to "re-education camps"). The political class ruling over a Communist economy can theoretically be democratic, republic, monarchy, etc.... While the US and other western governments have their drastic shortcomings, they were based on inalienable individual rights (such as private property in a Capitalist economy) which the government cannot take away.... though you know many of our leaders certainly try.
  4. Guess you and I watched a different show.... for every hour documenting US buffoonery, there is 5 seconds showing Ho in a negative tone. And Stalin was known as Uncle Joe.... still a murdering psychopath.
  5. Isn't that the truth.....
  6. Watched the first 2 episodes and a few mins into the 3rd. Some tremendous footage and good historical context of VN's colonial background. Formulaic story-telling following a historical timeline, supported by personal anecdotes. Some interesting flash-forward moments to demonstrate how past decisions affected future events. Majority of the video footage seems from US-based archives with interesting, but minimal, North VN footage intermingled which provides a different perspective. The minimal North VN info is to be expected as I suspect the VN Government doesn't have a Freedom of Information Act. Hence my rub so far.... It's easy to disparage the US Government's decisions given historical context (we know how the war turns out) and the available archives. However..... any mention of NV Leadership appears glossed over and their ruthless leadership styles minimized (I recall only 2 quick mentions of how leaders with dissenting opinions were punished, executed or sent to "re-education camps"). Ho Chi Minh is frequently mentioned as "Uncle Ho" and almost revered in the narrative. So…. We are able to openly dissect and criticize all aspects of the US role, but are spoon-fed mostly positive tidbits about NV. Still an interesting/educational chronicle, but my bias-meter is trending upward.
  7. Daughter is heading to Romania for the school year to teach and is fearing withdrawals from her US-Netflix/Hulu service. While Netflix may be available in Romania, it probably won't have the same shows/movies due to regional licensing issues. Anyone worked around this with VPNs ? She's demo'd a few free/low-cost VPNs, but Netflix blocked their IPs. Any suggestions are appreciated !
  8. Doesn't Short Bus have cotton sails ?!? The outrage has just begun......
  9. Thanks for the comments on Virgin Unite. More pics from Key West coming as they slowly get online:
  10. Just set the DVR - thanks !
  11. Thanks all - We'll probably fly into Cairns, then head north to Port Douglas for some beach fun.
  12. Kinda miss Boothie and his tales of Ms Cratchit....
  13. Nice find Woody. For those prepping for the big fight this weekend.... a calm morning in Las Vegas, 1953.
  14. Excellent vid - thanks. I read in the comments you sold the boat ? I will be in Cairns late next week, was going to offer to buy you a pint or 3....
  15. Including the furled-on jib, main still on the boom,dinghy on the davits with outboard still mounted.... ouch !