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  1. Based on googling and looking at the difference in the size of the windows, I'd agree with the Slooptster that it's a crown 18, much as I'm sure there are a lot more Cal 20's especially in the US. I was going to include a picture but you can google. I include this picture which is evidently not a cal 20 just because it's so good:
  2. Where, France?
  3. I'm definitely not asking the question with any sense of irony. The English speaking media in general thinks France is sinking into the mud all the time, and actually have been claiming this since at least the 80's. There is a ideological bias here since much of the press seems to think it has a free market orientation, so France must be sinking because of economic orthodoxy. Clearly there are economic problems in France but in a lot of measures they are doing well and better than other OECD countries. And in particularly there are highly productive sector leaders like Outremer, or STX which builds most of the worlds largest cruise ships in France. I think a lot of this success has to do with maintaining a sufficiently skilled workforce over an extended period of time so complex projects like yacht building can be executed with a high success rate, or more importantly, a low failure rate. My beef with so-called pro free market journalists, politicians and other policy makers is they seem to know about keeping wages low for restaurant servers, but not much about doing anything technically complex.
  4. Hey Soma, in light of so much that's been written recently about the always allegedly dire French economy, I doubt I'm the only person here interested to hear more anecdotes about how the French can cheerfully build boats and ships economically in bucolic coastal villages. Per your opening post, I'm just encouraging you in case you have been reflecting on this question after a few more months.
  5. Nice job!
  6. Impressive width at 14' too. The F18 beam is normally 8'6". It definitely looks like F18 hulls which would explain the 200kg. The F18 is 180kg. Good for cost control and if they can get it to foil in a stable way in light-ish airs, why not?
  7. Thanks Rasputin. I think we can all agree, THERE'S NOTHING SEXY ABOUT CORROSION IN FASTENERS.
  8. The important point in this photo is that the cross beam end cap, on what is probably an old Nacra, is missing. This is quite possibly due to inappropriate zinc coated self tapping screws designed for sheet metal, having been used to attach the end cap to the aluminum extrusion of the cross beam, rather than a stainless screw which might have require actually tapping the extrusion in advance. The result is the screws eventually freeze and when someone tries to take a cap off to run a line or whatever the screw head breaks off and then you can't hold the end cap on without carefully drilling out of the cross beam itself. Which is hard to do with a hand drill. Anyway, what were we talking about?
  9. Did some cursory patent searching but only found this rather nice write up about the Thomas Crown filming. https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/rec.aviation.soaring/UEYCs427X6c Sounds like it was altogether a great time weather wise so they even extended shooting. Sort of the opposite of waterworld. As for the movie, well I just asked my wife and her response was, "oh yeah it was an absolute mess". This was a remake of the original Steve McQueen, Faye Dunnaway version. Anyone know if there was a sailing scene in that and if so in what boats? In the absence of a published application or issued patent we might as well learn something else. Here's the 1999 link It appears the movie has appeal for all types of sailors.... whether in planes or catamarans. Here's the story that was in "The Multihull Source Newsletter" (Multihull Sourde is the New England Corsair dealer, located in Wareham, M.A.) "It all started with a phone call from Ralph Lucci, one of a movie production company's "finders," people who locate the myriad props, sites, etc. requested by directors of Hollywood movies. ' In this case the search was for two Class D catamarans to add speed and excitement to a racing scene. Bob Gleason of Multihull Source quickly explained to Ralph that D Class catamarans were "ancient history" and what they really needed were Formula 40 cats, two of which were right here participating in the Buzzards Bay Regatta. Ralph drove up from New York, looked the boats over and decided that they fit the bill perfectly. The racing scene was to be a segment in the remake of a 1970's classic, "The Thomas Crown Affair." The roles of the original stars, Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, were being played by Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo. Bob acted as catamaran coordinator of the shoot, locating and arranging for the swift racing cats and crew to converge on western Long Island Sound. If you happened to be on the water in Long Island Sopund off Norwalk in mid-October, you may have seen those two large catamarans racing each other with numerous chase boats circling and following them at great speed. A closer look would reveal several cameras on the stern of one of the chase boats well wrapped in plastic to protect them from the spray. Blessed with good weather and a fair wind, much excellent footage was shot with the cats vying for the imaginary trophy. The boats were sailed by leading multihull sailors from California, Florida and New England. The crew of the Challenger boat included Barry Herr, Ruth Imhjoff, Rick Bliss and Bob Pattison, with bob Gleason at the helm. The Thomas Crown boat's crew consisted of Randy Smyth, Mark Murray, Keith Notary, Tommy Gonzalez, and Roy Seaman driving. The brisk fall winds resulted in good action, with both boats lifting hulls for long stretches. The director was so pleased with the boats' performance that he extended filming by two days to get more footage." END Looks like we're not the only group anticipating this movie. (Maybe we'll attract some catamaran sailors to our "three dimensional" sailing.) (No mention of wanting to cut a catamaran up for the studio, though, Tom.... )
  10. DubTray, I do not, as it happens, but you have prompted me to ponder an important question. A recent proa thread http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=183030 which I had the strange experience of reading, gives some background on the bizarre conflict between certain Pacific and Atlantic proa people. What is particularly striking is the seemingly very small number of proas that have ever been built so that arguments are all based on literally one or two boats ever. DL comes in for all sorts of criticism for not building anything but the good news is everyone else is building and progressing so at least we're not arguing about 1976. Meanwhile, Paul Larsen goes and builds what I suppose is a foiling Proa, and maybe I missed all this but he didn't seem bring out the crazies all that much. My question is, does proa crazy cancel out foil crazy? Or does actually building a thing tend to make everyone shut up. Or am I crazy? Good luck with making the force aligned sailing boat models. It seems like a really good procrastination activity at work.
  11. Let it be known my handle has been Foiling Optimist (also in Minecraft if you must know) before any of this happened. Also, who the hell makes a foiling video with no actual video?
  12. I would be amazed if you weren't able to license the DSS at a reasonable rate. And ColinG is right, you'll save more in not making mistakes than you'll spend on fees.
  13. Regarding the DSS patent, does anyone know the number? I think I've asked this before and maybe even seen it though I've forgotten the details. At any rate, if you are interested in the validity of a patent, you have to look at the claims and see if there is anything there that is really novel and not in the prior art. If you think there is prior art or, and this tricker, the claims could be negated due to obviousness, then you could challenge in court. in my experience though in mature industries people are good about licensing IP back and forth as otherwise nothing good gets done. I for one don't believe Beneteau would have gone to so much trouble just to get around the patent. I'll bet this design has overall advantages with hull ports above the waterline being a big one. Edit: I just read Welbourn's patent claims and it does seem pretty comprehensive within a certain set of angles of the foil, but I have no idea about the prior art landscape. I wouldn't be surprised if these are different from fold out stabilizers in that the foil aspect ratios are different, which is another area the claims seem a bit narrow. This isn't really my area though....
  14. I wonder though, how healthy is the PNW cruising scene relative to 1975 or 85 or 95? How many boats pull into Ganges or Maple Bay in the summer compared to back then? My gut, based on not good observations, is there are fewer boats cruising in these waters. But I'm happy to be disabused of this.
  15. By the way, I meat to get to this earlier but whoever said that the Vagabond folks weren't in Outremer's target market absolutely does not understand marketing and sponsorship. They are perfectly in the target market. The idea is simply that the young adults on Vagabond 2 represent how older richer people imagine themselves and should imagine themselves. You're not actually aspiring to own the boat, you are aspiring to be those beautiful people. And not just physically, but in the sense of going out and discovering the world for the first time. It's perfect marketing.