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  1. Black Pearl

    I looked up brailing but only see pictures of conventional furling for various gaff rigs etc. Did they do this on square riggers. I suppose Maltese Falcon has been doing this for the last 100,000nm or however far it's sailed by now so they must have the furling system pretty robust.
  2. Black Pearl

    Probably more like $200 million but maybe Dacron isn't such a penalty given it's a square rigger. It's impressive how the sails don't furl horizontally on the yard arms but retract vertically into the mast. See about 6:50 in the video which shows this happening with the mast lying flat on the hard. This might have a greater requirement for flexibility for which Dacron might be desirable though they have to preserve the solar cells they are putting on. It also means the mast is quite complex with some tubular structural member inside and the outer mast you see with big slits in it is actually essentially a cover. Also fun to think that these masts are 15meters taller than could fit under Vancouver's Lion's Gate Bridge, (which is about 65 meters though a recent Port document says 60 meters is the limit without special approval). By comparison, the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier could fit under the bridge with about 2 meters to spare back in the mid 90's. I don't think this is a particularly vomit inducing yacht compared to much of what you see on Superyacht Times. Except the dumb name. One could however quibble about a society where there is so much wealth inequality that what were large yachts in feet when I was a child now have the same numbers in meters. I think SA posters probably mostly think of themselves more as libertarians than socialists, so it's a uneasy conversation to have, but it is crazy.
  3. A big project!

    I hope this works out and they can sustain making the videos. It would be the all time most epic wooden boat restoration series. At least he has a really good site and a good shop and he knows what he's doing. Assuming he has continued funding it will be interesting to see how fast he can go. The are huge projects but how many people can really work on them full time either. Maybe this will happen. Does anyone remember Captain Zanatta doing a rebuild in Nicaragua a few years ago. He was posting regularly on the wooden boat forum. It ended really badly with loss of the boat due to government matters and other issues and what made it doubly tragic was how the great the story was going as he was doing it and writing about it really well.
  4. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    You have to love the Craigslist tradition of random use of Capitals and General Sloppiness in an ad for something for $40,000. Also earns points for pointing out the photos are an example only and the actual thing you get for $40,000 may be different. The interior is impressively depressing as well.
  5. VOR 2017-18

    I'm interested in how much sponsorship ends up on the Golden Globe boats. It's a bit of a test of whether the super elite aspect of the VOR is as much of a selling point as we all believe it ought to be. Also there's the actual price point; the GG is obviously going to be a pretty modest expenditure but maybe there's a niche there that's much more tractable for even large companies. At any rate they sure as hell don't look like kooks right now.
  6. VOR 2017-18

    I have to respond to http://sailinganarchy.com/2017/10/04/kooks-on-parade/ on the front page. Since evidently none of us either here or at VOR office can figure out how pro caliber round the world racing is to be commercially sustainable over the long term, and none of us has a magic formula for the right amount of technology to have in the race, and none of us has an obvious road map to connecting with the general public in the way of the races of old, no one is in a position to call these guys kooks at this point in time. Especially if you go to the Golden Globe website you see they have about 26 provisional entries and at least one of them, in Suzie Goodall, has sponsorship from a real company, in DHL, so yes this concept might be real. There is never a time for exclusionary arrogance but never more so than the week the biggest race in this category loses its CEO.
  7. VOR 2017-18

    To be optimally charitable, I think we might assert that Dalton is a better racer than race organizer..... Jack Sparrow makes great points about not straying into more and more esoteric territory in a time of financial uncertainty. The professional sailboat racing industry has been trying for a long time to make sustainable pro sports properties out of VOR and AC using the Formula 1 travelling circus model and it's not clear to me it can work as such. Perhaps it can at the Extreme or M32 series level but there is now a pretty solid record of struggling to get global consumer brands in the game for larger events. You can also draw a distinction in branding between the travelling circus model and the mountaineering-style sponsored adventurer model and the reasonably successful French Imoca and Ultime programs are promoted more along the latter lines and it seems to work. This speaks to Sparrow's point that when in doubt go traditional, as the old Whitbread certainly had that element of an adventure race with appropriate ties to history, even if handicap racing with less professional crews would seem like a step backwards. It would be a heck of a lot cheaper to run one would think.
  8. VOR 2017-18

    I thought MT's YouTube interview was reasonably clear for someone at that level. These things are always a bit anodyne. The complexity of the actual situation is such that one could plausibly pass blame around to lots of people and it's not clear even for insiders the precise sequence of events which lead to failures. And it would leave us here in the peanut gallery to speculate farther on too little information. Which is sure fun... The argument about the VOR itself not wanting to write a cheque does sound very plausible/ So I see on twitter that @scallywaghk (via Brunel who I follow) has some crew announcements in the next day or so but they haven't made them. I was going to snarkily reply that perhaps they were going to announce some women crew and maybe their captain and his 90th century sensibilities was leaving to accept a position on a brigantine ship servicing the lucrative Hamburg-Chile fertilizer and copper ore trade. Plenty of Horn rounding opportunities there...
  9. VOR 2017-18

    Interesting interview. He highlights the ambitious timeline failure as a show stopper but timelines are blown all the time, and if there is progress and de-risking along the way, most funders of most things I know about tend to be flexible. Reading between the lines I get the sense he built a great floating dream palace of new boat building, host venue contracts and whatever internal structure required to run the thing and there was so little slack in time and money that when the boat didn't come together or, as Stingray notes above, they had problems with one venue, the whole thing exploded. Still it's weird that things would get into such a pickle. Has the rationale for the very tight timeline to 2019/20 been articulated? I know this was announced several months ago and was vaguely paying attention. I imagined it was because they had enough sponsor and venue interest to go ahead but maybe it was more like an attempt at one of those self fulfilling hype cycles to get a lot of signatures in a hurry. Like Employee Pricing Days at your local car lot.
  10. Irma

    Aerial footage from Big Pine key: http://www.weathernationtv.com/news/aerial-footage-hurricane-irma-damage-florida/ https://youtu.be/Hl-9BdPkp-0
  11. Irma

    NOAA tweeted Irma made landfall at Marco Island at 3:30. As a long-time annual Marco Island Marriott visitor due to a particularly excellent conference there in our industry, my thoughts are with them.
  12. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Aha. It's good they went there and not Dolphin beach as we just drove around there and it looks like that's where old people go to be with their parents. (As Mel Torme once said about Sarasota).
  13. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Great video thanks for posting. What was that little harbor they went into with the very narrow entrance between Tribune Bay and Gabriola?
  14. Foiling Nacra 17 - Yet another World Sailing Disaster?

    Scarecrow where do you get the 141kg tension in the shroud in the hiking case? Is that the shroud pre-load?
  15. Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    Best wishes for your speedy recovery Bora, and thanks for posting here where you and Helena have many fans and supporters. Regarding Nacra 17 foil trailing edges, I cut my wetsuit boot pretty badly on one of the previous generation ones. I could see cutting your skin pretty badly in the right crash but it's hard to imagine how the forces would work to get you to what happened to Bora. Having said that, I think this is yet another reason it's great the new foils stay down as the helm can't hit the boards from the trailing side in big deceleration.