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  1. Foiling Optimist

    Coolboats to admire

    Sorry I actually posted this in the wrong thread, as Camara is in the uglyboat thread. It's a work boat because the owners are professional cruising liveaboards. Like La Vagabond is a work boat if you think about it.
  2. Foiling Optimist

    Coolboats to admire

    You know how we have a clause here that workboats cannot, by definition, be ugly, and so are exempt? I think Camara may actually qualify for the exemption, dodger notwithstanding. The family's nascent YouTube channel has more evidence of pro level family cruising than 1000 pages of Girl with Patreon Account Goes Sailing in a Hot Place. Cruising for 20 years, having two kids who are now teens and totally into sailing, and buying, fixing up and sailing an 80 foot ex-race boat in the span of a year, so it can now serve as a platform to go surfing and kite sailing all over the western pacific? Doesn't get more pro than that.
  3. Foiling Optimist

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Lovely video of Maitre Coq and Yacht Club de Monaco together
  4. Foiling Optimist

    Vendee Globe 2020

    It's not true old guys can't get sponsored, look at Joyon who is three years older than Le Cam, or Peyron for that matter. One challenge with this Vendee thing is because it's still an adventure race, which has a fair component of luck, it seems you want to win it and then go do something else. The career trajectory is more like mountaineering than say F1, and it's unfortunate we don't have Gabart or Le Cleach in this race with the current leaders. I know ultimes and all that but as we've established, ultimes are...tricky.
  5. Foiling Optimist

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I was reading all these pronouncements about the structural integrity of the repaired boat with great amusement. Sentiment began with "it's fucked and Dalin will have to sail over and fish Thomson out of his life raft" to "it's not repairable" to "it's not going to last". As someone who works with carbon fiber in for radiotherapy applications, that part looks like stock foam core sheet that's been routed into the shape and then capped with a sheet or two to protect the foam. Such foam panels are not likely to be that thick, eg thinner than the 4mm solid sheet he was looking at bonding in there, but who knows. We shall see. For a period in the mid 90's a friend of mine spent a fortune on the most exotic mountain bikes of the time, including the X-shaped, carbon tubed Trimble. My friend, an ex-wrestler was big and strong like bull, and tended to break things, including the ultra-light Trimble. He was good at carbon and epoxy though and he pointed out that the repairs were extremely successful because every time it broke and he repaired it, the next time it broke in a different spot.
  6. Foiling Optimist

    Vendee Globe 2020

    This thread is now officially, Law of Conservation of Mass Anarchy.
  7. Foiling Optimist

    Vendee Globe 2020

    As of 3:00UT the AT race site is showing 8.2kts max in the last hour. But the --1.3m bow height is also the max in the last hour. Which is weird unless it's sinking at 8.2 kts and still transmitting, which seems unlikely. Poor Alex, I'm not a rabid fan or anything but I greatly admire people who can get sponsors to achieve their dreams at a high level when others (non-Frenchies in ocean racing) struggle, and for that he is almost without peer. Edit: The team race twitter feed did say as of 3 hours ago they are figuring out a repair program so perhaps all is not lost and Yves Parlier here we come.
  8. Foiling Optimist

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I follow two sports seriously these days, ocean yacht racing and downhill mountain bike racing. Both are dominated by the French right now but downhill is sponsored by multinational companies like RedBull and Mercedes, and even the French bike companies, notably Commencal, sell in international markets. The result is the French athletes' social media feeds, and even the Commencal factory team feed are largely in English. I'm sure social media has driven English to be the default language even more than it was before. And that makes the total Frenchness of the Vendee Globe that much more remarkable and demonstrates the degree to which it's driven by domestic French sponsorship, which I find amazing and awesome. Sam talking French is pretty easy for this bad French speaker to understand and it just makes her that much cooler.
  9. Foiling Optimist

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Thanks Herman, that is exciting, and terrifying. This storm is so passive aggressive in its slow movement eastward. It reminds me of certain senior people in large institutions who similarly require deft navigation to work around.
  10. Foiling Optimist

    Vendee Globe 2020

    If it's not too late to heckle the website, the link on the vendeeglobe's front page for the English tracker is wrong. It's not, it's The French version is correct. I'm so happy this race is under way. How excited? This excited. J'ai la planete devant moi.
  11. Foiling Optimist

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist This is definitely not Craigslist but I heard this on CBC radio and got suddenly interested when the narrator talked about visiting the company principals who are currently refitting their theater, cum tall ship, cum Thames river barge at Shelter Island Marina. Now MAoCL thread aficionados from British Columbia's south coast will recognize that while we are still in the tidal river, Shelter Island is certainly a getting a little too far up the (Fraser) river for comfort, as Sloop Jon B might say. The main story is about the theater leadership/ship captains not taking US immigration issues seriously but this came about because they couldn't afford to comply with Canadian regulations that they probably should have, to avoid, oh, I don't know, things like the Catalina dive boat catastrophe. You can read more about the refit here and the good news is these folks are evidently good at writing grants so the Amara Zee may yet escape Shelter Island.
  12. Foiling Optimist

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I was about to tell an anecdote about not being able to recycle tungsten, despite it being like US$9000 for a 12"x12"x1" piece new, and thinking titanium might be similarly impossible to recycle due it it's being hard to reprocess. But before telling this not very related story, I googled about recycling titanium and, for the first time in literally years of gently looking, found a place that recycles titanium and also tungsten. See I've emailed them about the few hundred pounds of Tungsten blocks we have lying around. Thanks kinardly!
  13. Foiling Optimist

    A big project!

    Leo was pretty clear that iron overall caused huge problems throughout the boat, perhaps caused by fresh water ingress but nevertheless it was a cause of a lot of the remaining wood not being salvageable. It's certainly true that bronze is way more expensive than iron but I wonder how much, if any, you make back up because it's easier to cast. Bronze melts around 950C vs Iron at around 1530C so materials and processes might be a bit different. Regarding the polishing, they are already doing a lot of grinding to get the pieces to fit exactly, so it's not a huge deal to go through a few more sanding grades and polish them, given they have a great crew and the right equipment. I'm sure the main metal removal and fitting takes the bulk of the time, and that would also be harder to do with iron. It's true that smoothing things out can minimize stress risers but it really makes it harder for corrosion to get started so they should both last forever and look amazing.
  14. Foiling Optimist

    Massive (Front Page)

    And Gitana won the Fastnet, but just barely. They have also stopped using the, perhaps slightly sexist, mermaid graphic at the end of their videos. I would say, "son, come see this amazing sailing" and he was like "is that one of the derpy mermaid videos?"
  15. Foiling Optimist

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Here's a funny one. Adam Booth is well known as Abom79, arguably the most competent and interesting manual machinist on YouTube. Recently he did a collaboration with SV Seeker to broach some key ways into cast bronze capstans. Now normally Abom has an outstanding likes to dislikes ratio of well 2%, even on some of his early viral videos that go into millions of views. Here he has double that and fewer likes over all, and as you will see in the comments, it's certainly because a lot of people are still really mad about the stupid stunt Doug pulled that we are all familiar with. I think we would all agree here, if you are a YouTube influencer it would be generally advisable to collaborate with Leo and Tally Ho, as Keith Rucker did on his threading machine repair. ps. Top comment from youtube: "Those are some pretty sloppy looking castings. Looks like the patterns where made by a drunk".