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  1. Aerial footage from Big Pine key: http://www.weathernationtv.com/news/aerial-footage-hurricane-irma-damage-florida/ https://youtu.be/Hl-9BdPkp-0
  2. NOAA tweeted Irma made landfall at Marco Island at 3:30. As a long-time annual Marco Island Marriott visitor due to a particularly excellent conference there in our industry, my thoughts are with them.
  3. Aha. It's good they went there and not Dolphin beach as we just drove around there and it looks like that's where old people go to be with their parents. (As Mel Torme once said about Sarasota).
  4. Great video thanks for posting. What was that little harbor they went into with the very narrow entrance between Tribune Bay and Gabriola?
  5. Scarecrow where do you get the 141kg tension in the shroud in the hiking case? Is that the shroud pre-load?
  6. Best wishes for your speedy recovery Bora, and thanks for posting here where you and Helena have many fans and supporters. Regarding Nacra 17 foil trailing edges, I cut my wetsuit boot pretty badly on one of the previous generation ones. I could see cutting your skin pretty badly in the right crash but it's hard to imagine how the forces would work to get you to what happened to Bora. Having said that, I think this is yet another reason it's great the new foils stay down as the helm can't hit the boards from the trailing side in big deceleration.
  7. We need someone to write a concordance to the thread, highlighting the key posts and providing backstory at important points. Otherwise you can experience the SA equivalent of being blown out the back of a road bike peloton, where you lack the emotional energy to catch back on no matter how bad you want to.
  8. This made me think of examples the British stealing their women, and the only one I could think of was Henry V (the Shakespeare play, not an IOR boat from the late 70's), which then made me ponder the fact that that Alex Thomson looks vaguely like Kenneth Branagh.
  9. The speeds seem to get screwy with the variable updates too. It's only irritating because we become so fascinated.
  10. TToP, Skally, Vestast and St Michele within .3nm of each other. with 49.5nm to go. jbc's right they are jumping around on the tracker a lot. An hour ago Vestast suddenly was way ahead of the other two and then got caught up in the next update. Go SMA!!
  11. If my experience with the C-foil N17 is anything to go by, keeping the boards down all the time will be a great way to avoid a great many crew injuries. The C-boards load up and lock in place very easily, as you'd hope since they need to stay down when giving lift. But that means you have to be absolutely spot on with your timing pulling them up and down during maneuvers and doing that over months and years of training and racing is just a recipe for back injuries. Lubrication helps a bit but it's still a big issue, and keeping them working smoothly will add a lot of maintenance time all by itself. So I think it's just awesome that they are stuck down for the next four years. By the way, it's cool when you do get enough lift that the hulls just come out of the water. A lot of boats hum when they go fast, this one goes quiet. Thanks for the efforts Mr. Clean, loved watching the coverage.
  12. Ugh, what I get from the interview is Witt is an amateur amongst pros, and lacks the cleverness of social skills to figure out how to have women on the team even though there is a consensus that larger mixed crews will be faster. His thoughts on crews in general seem properly old school, valuing commitment over competency. Talking about loyalty and respect is lovely, but in the great teams in any human enterprise, loyalty and respect arise naturally out of the competence of the leadership. If you have to mention them you're doing it wrong.
  13. Glad to see the conversation has gone in a somewhat sensible direction. Standard powder coating powders cure at 190C by the way which is lower than annealing temperatures for 6061. We do in house powder coating in our shop though I know there are other powders which are better for outdoor applications. I'm guessing that not a lot of anodizers or powder coasters can handle something the length of a mast and such operations are more likely done by the people who actually make extrusions. Which are very commonly anodized, whether they are F18 masts, heat sinks or 8020 type industrial frame members I know the powder coating and anodizing jobs shops we use couldn't handle a mast. But seriously isn't it time to find an old Hobie 18 or Tornado mast with an actual track and then get a more efficient sail? Get an old black one so you can take pleasure in the stock anodizing. There seem to be lots of old masts on the grass in our Sailing Centre's yard, they keep getting in the way.
  14. Lovely images. I promise when I eventually get an iPhone 7 or more which is IP67 rated I will paddle over and get lots of shots of the great zombies at the mouth of false creek. There's an indiscribably decrepit CrisCraft there right now. Re audio and wind, our Mr Clean just showed at the Nacra Euros you could do a Facebook live broadcast from a phone with a foam covered proper microphone plugged in and you don't get wind noise at all. Impressive since they were zooming around in a RIB at 25kts.
  15. Interesting about the two Buchanan boats. The 1956 to-be-mocked boat seems like a whole generation older in design than the 1963 one McMurdo found above. It's like motorbikes and cars and such, where in the case of BMW, they were building essentially the pre-war version until 1966 and then the 67 bike was a massive leap forward. (A very impractical friend of mine owns a '66). Cool to see in the ad http://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/33ft-wooden-sailboat-Alan-Buchanan-designed-_30374975 that the 1963 boat was built at Benson's in Maple Bay. I spent summers hanging around those marinas and shops. Benson's was the biggest marina and store at the south end of Birdseye cove, though I don't think they were building boats by the later 70's when I was there.