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  1. Russel Brown is just the definition of class and elegance. I've been aware of him apropos of the Proa Wars but only recently got up the energy to find out the history of the thing. Suffice to say, and I'll perhaps get flamed for this, he is one of the very few people to have done any significant ocean journeys on Proas, and done so for well thought out reasons, and without a particular ideology. He is obviously a great boat builder, as you can see for example in the Off Center Harbor video on their split-apart dingy. (I have to make a new center board for an old day sailer this summer and that video immediately converted me to epoxy on wood from my overly complex fiberglass ideas.) And of course he's worked on America's Cup boats etc. The cool thing, and I say this as a design engineer myself, is there is an efficiency of thought and action here that is remarkable. He does things with seemingly minimal cost and minimal energy to maximum effect. As many have remarked on watching the tracker this past week you can just see the elegance in the navigation. As I write this PT Watercraft is going 8.9 knots up Hecate Strait with what looks to be a great weather window to get to Ketchikan and is likely to beat Roger Mann by a bunch. Mann is really a great foil to Brown in this story as bistros notes above. It's just awesome.
  2. I'm involved in Engineering R&D as well and I completely agree with you. I was actually also heavily involved in cycling for a long time as well and in this case I strongly feel that the other teams really didn't talk to, or listen to, people who knew much about cycling. In particular this argument about how hard it would be to run across the tramp after pedaling hard doesn't really take into account things like cyclocross where you got at max for an hour or so and jump on and have to carry the bike several times on the course. Also they were probably thinking road cleats and maybe hadn't heard about mountain bike cleats which are up inside the sole. I'm particularly amused because I'm sure there was videos of team directors talking about how not-aerodynamic the cycling position was, and now ETNZ looks far more aerodynamic than Oracle, since the grinders can't generate much power unless they stand up. Here's a question, though maybe this has been discussed: If the Cyclors have so much more hydraulic power, could they, if behind in a tacking dual, make so many maneuvers that they exhaust the lead boat if the leader is trying to cover over and over? I haven't watched any full races other than the two on Sunday but I haven't heard there were much in the way of duals. People were speculating there wasn't much action in the start box as Oracle might be conserving energy. Of course the NBC race commentators were arguing it was because JS has gone squirrely in the face of ETNZ's pace.
  3. I would think you get into more an more trouble if the overall race is longer as well. It's one thing for Randy and crew to sleep badly over three days on an M32. Any longer than that if under-crewed or on an open boat you'd just have to stop and sleep properly. Didn't Ocelot have a decent number of crew, like four or more last year?
  4. An emerging topic of desk-bound speculation today: How did WCWO a 1972 O'Day 27 with four crew and 8 head sails handily beat Willpower, a SeaScape 27 with two crew? You have to think the extra crew on the heavier boats where mass delta is proportionately smaller, makes a big positive difference in the ability to keep moving both in rowing and more watches.
  5. Heart of Gold at Bella Bella. That's about two and a half days from Alert Bay, which is 215km.
  6. Just watching race 1 and 2, and yes the audio is a bit out of sync on Race 2 but no biggie. Thanks for finding these!!!!
  7. What is KMIYC up to? They look like they're going potentially around the east side of Porcher Island or are they stopping in at Kitkatla on Dolphin Island? This will help the wild ones catch up. Heart of Gold is just phenomenal.
  8. The webcam photos are time stamped in the upper right corner. They're an hour behind pacific time incidentally. Cam 3 seems to update frustratingly infrequently.
  9. 10 statute miles to go as of 13:50 by google earth reckoning. I have a couple of meetings to go to right now but fortunately the tracker works really well on the iPhone 6......
  10. Yikes, 44kts ESE off Lasqueti and 25 kts from North at Cambell River airport. There have been several boats at Campbell River tied up now for more than 24 hours. I don't think there's been any news as to why, but it's curious as conditions in Johnstone Straight didn't seem bad as of the tide when Heart of Gold went through. Nasty now for sure though.
  11. Let also the record show that Heart of Gold is going 9.1 knots in Johnstone Straight right now. This is about 50% faster than a respectable race pace for a 14' SUP in calm conditions.
  12. Make sure to watch the West Coast Wild Ones video via Facebook that pops up when you click on them on the tracker. In the top video, the two women detail their headsail inventory which would put an IMOCA 60 to shame. Two spinnkers (Helga and Bob Marley), two jenoas, an asymmetrical and a couple of jibs or something and no furlers. Between that and the other video where the skipper describes their Cape Caution options, we have probably never had an O'Day with a more expert crew or in better spirits ever.
  13. The SUPs should be OK because most of the wind looks to be following, though right now going into 22kts at Fanny Island for example, you'd be pretty much stopped. SUPs are miserable in head winds and fairly miserable in any wind that's at a significant quarter. Even downwind with the wind from one side you end up paddling 90% on one side of the board which gets very tiring. The point of SUPs is definitely not to race to Alaska so if one or more of them make it it will be truly extraordinary, and more so if they do it in good time.
  14. Argh. Well I missed the start this year as my son, who is in grade 8, figured out he had too much homework to go to Victoria for the whole weekend. This I think is a significant breakthrough and his presentation does have three slides entitled "Blunders of the Luftwaffe" I II and III, so that's something. As a sailor and SUP paddler I'm so impressed with Heart of Gold and I really hope he can keep going this year and get a good result if the weather cooperates. If it stays light I think he will do remarkably well in comparison to the other solo guys and a lot of the crewed sailboats. It's too bad the 6 man outrigger team from 2015 had to have the 30 knot headwinds; in 2016 they would have had a great result. I say this having recently been sailing upwind in a Nacra 17 in about 10 knots and getting blown away by the entire field of an OC-6 race. As another observation, today, I was on an SUP hanging at the weather mark of the F18 race, when the leader came round, they sadly blew up their spin halyard and tried to sail a couple of tacks with just the jib before bailing to the beach. In about 8 knots I was actually faster on the SUP downwind. VMGeeeeeeee
  15. I think French, Italian and German yacht journalists would somehow pick remarkably different Boats of the Year. What would be good is reading what Italian yacht journalists think of the German picks.