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  1. Used 3DL Sails

    may be trash, but can tell by handling sails: 2 people luff and leech , pull against each other , shake em a bit, especially light ones, if they sound like rustling leaves....pretty much trash.....check carefully near clew , entire leech
  2. I'm considering buying ONE new sail ...

    There is more to life than just being really, really good-looking. huh?
  3. General must have sail/quick fix tools on board

    First of all: Kokers phone number. fids? maybe for 12 strand dyneema Dr Sail epoxy for many working sail repairs, webbing, ssteel ring or two. extra luff slides for main. Spare batten perhaps. most babes bring their own lube
  4. J27 vs Evelyn 32

    J 27 with a decent Code Zero will plane in 18 true
  5. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    new boat under construction in Germany, 53' er
  6. KWRW Predictions?

    https://keywestraceweek.com/2017blog/ good stuff
  7. Big voyages in small boats

    py... etc did you have de spanker up?
  8. Water ballast using fresh water tanks

    Hi Bob, no disrespect intended, butt what are your thoughts on what it should be made of, design features, etc: " really high tech heavy air jib" as ORC from 2013 recommends it is strongly recommended that a heavy-weather jib does not contain aromatic polyamides, carbon and similar fibres other than spectra/dyneema. There are woven Polyester/Dyneema fabrics , and perhaps laminated fabrics that would be great for a heavy weather jib, but they are not really high tech, maybe 15 years ago. thanks
  9. Sailmakers warranty?

    looks to be "heavy thread" perhaps 138. Chafing on something. Ain't the sailmakers fault.
  10. My newest project

    Hi Mr. Perry and faithful dog, "Depth of the third reef was the same as the depth of the 2nd reef. " would make sense if had a mizzen, I know it doesn't, reread last post of mine if desired. three reefs at proper heights... 3rd would be up way up there....makes it easier on crew rather than setting trysail. above third reef sail would hopefully be reinforced for high winds. If fancy boom does not allow it..........got the wrong boom grasshopper
  11. Where to buy mylar slot tape in Aus

    pattern mylar pretty flimsy. monofilm available in different mill thickness, but you be best w dodger window material, also available in different thicknesses / gauges in window speak
  12. My newest project

    i think i read someone had to convince R. Perry that a 43' boat that will probably be sailing off shore at times, should have 3 reefs in mainsail....... wow. guess Mr. Swain right about very little cruising experience. last time I checked sail plan, wasn't a mizzen there for "jib and jigger"
  13. Capsized 57' Catamaran rescued

    https://www.chriswhitedesigns.com/capsize-of-anna On July 31, 2010, Atlantic 57 'Anna' capsized in a violent 60+ knot squall. Thankfully, the skipper and crew were soon picked up by a passing freighter and suffered only minor cuts and bruises. The links below contain a summary of the weather at the time of the capsize, several 'squall stories' from the skippers of other catamarans, and Chris' suggestions for a protocol to follow in squalls and very gusty conditions. What we can learn from Anna's capsize, by Chris White Inhabiting an overturned boat, by Chris White Weather Conditions for Anna, by Jennifer Francis, PhD Atmospheric Sciences (PDF) Squall Stories - Comments from some experienced Atlantic Cat sailors How much wind was needed to capsize Anna?, by Chris White
  14. Yankee Cut vs. Standard Jib Efficacy

    when one eases de sheet on a low clewed sail, the upper leech is gonna open and so lose power. Yes you can move lead fwd and maybe outboard, but lot easier and usually faster / better boat speed if sail has a "high clew" especially in breeze 18 true plus. Great for cruisers, short handed racers. Bermuda Race specialty sail.
  15. I have only crewed on one Melges 24 , light air turkey regatta alamitos bay years ago. so, no idea if this is the way to do it.. I would think back stay would be pretty firm down wind in 20 knots plus, when about to jibe, quick vang on so boom has no chance of hooking backstay, then vang off, as needed on new jybe. Rig stays up hopefully, backstay firm whole time am i wrong? don't really care but curious