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    Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    new boat under construction in Germany, 53' er
  2. scaredsheep

    My newest project

    Hi Mr. Perry and faithful dog, "Depth of the third reef was the same as the depth of the 2nd reef. " would make sense if had a mizzen, I know it doesn't, reread last post of mine if desired. three reefs at proper heights... 3rd would be up way up there....makes it easier on crew rather than setting trysail. above third reef sail would hopefully be reinforced for high winds. If fancy boom does not allow the wrong boom grasshopper
  3. scaredsheep

    My newest project

    i think i read someone had to convince R. Perry that a 43' boat that will probably be sailing off shore at times, should have 3 reefs in mainsail....... wow. guess Mr. Swain right about very little cruising experience. last time I checked sail plan, wasn't a mizzen there for "jib and jigger"
  4. scaredsheep

    My newest project

    Any sailmaker's recommendations or thoughts you could share?
  5. scaredsheep

    Interesting One-Design Classes only sailed in one area.

    Atlantic fleets in westport ct Niantic ct Madison ct. Cold Spring Harbor NY and Blue Hill Maine
  6. scaredsheep

    My newest project

    If owner is keep four boats, perhaps he should buy or start his own sail loft.
  7. scaredsheep

    My newest project

    Client sounds smart. Nothing wrong with "high" Clewed headsails. Better reaching performance. I think some disagree.
  8. scaredsheep

    New Rambler

    Big ole tick or something
  9. scaredsheep

    New Rambler

    like it hope keel stays on forever.