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  1. dakotasailor

    Random PicThread

    What bike is this? I don't recognize the dual shock monocross setup. I remember, fondly, the monocross of my 77 YZ125, my first bike. And the Uni-Link, Full-Floater and Uni-Trak.
  2. dakotasailor

    Random PicThread

    I was thinking Vans Soles
  3. dakotasailor

    Still Sailing?

    Yes. Seven races, half-dozen or so family day-sails and three single handed, usually get half-dozen single in the post labor day season along with a fall race season.
  4. dakotasailor

    it'sa pizza anarchy

    https://www.pizzatoday.com/our-experts/tom-lehmann/ https://youtu.be/j76hK-lNUWA
  5. dakotasailor

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    2013 BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition
  6. dakotasailor

    Random PicThread

    Does it count as a Bikini Bridge?
  7. dakotasailor

    Ross Perot DTS

    Editor’s Note: A previous version of this report wrongly attributed the Trump donation to Ross Perot Sr. Well shoot now I feel silly. And I guess the question still stands. What did Ross think of President Trump? When I was watching the news last night they showed some old SNL skits from the Perot, Clinton & Bush debates, Carvey's Bush impression was good but his Perot was HILARIOUS!
  8. dakotasailor

    Ross Perot DTS

  9. dakotasailor

    Damn, I wish I still had this...

    I second that request... And concur with Sloop. https://bringatrailer.com/sunbeam/tiger/
  10. dakotasailor

    Optima BlueTop Battery Lifespan

    A-Jan B-Feb...K-Nov L-Dec. L6, December of 2006 that makes sense and, wow, a 13 year old battery. Hmm...to spend $250 or roll the dice...
  11. dakotasailor

    Optima BlueTop Battery Lifespan

    Joakim, The only reason I take them off during off season is there is no electrical source in my boat yard. The night before launch I throw a charger on them in my garage so there charged fresh and ready to wake the sleepy diesel.
  12. dakotasailor

    Optima BlueTop Battery Lifespan

    I have in my sailboat, I bought used in 2013, two Optima BlueTop Marine Dual Purpose SC34DM batteries. The month and year dots were not removed so I have no idea how old they are. What kind of life can I expect out of them? During the season (May-October) they are on a ProMariner charger all week-long. I don't really run any heavy draw on them, just used for starting the diesel engine, powering a VHF and a couple depth and speed instruments. During the off-season I store them in my basement. They start the boat up no problem but with the unknown age I am beginning to wonder if I should replace them. Anybody else have some Optimas that are older than six years that they trust?
  13. dakotasailor

    Zebra Mussel antifoulant advice

    Here's an example of our Zebra Mussels. Don't know who's fender it is/was but it was floating in my slip. I tossed it back in and tied it off. I'm going to monitor it throughout the summer and post more pics later.
  14. dakotasailor

    Random PicThread

    Sweet I had an 85
  15. dakotasailor

    Zebra Mussel antifoulant advice

    I sail on a Missouri River reservoir in South Dakota and our Zebra Mussel infestation is pretty bad here. In June - August, when the water gets to 65-75, if you leave a line in the water for a week it will be covered in tiny Zebra Mussel. On the bottoms of our docks the Zebra Mussel are 2-3 inches thick. My boat sits in a slip May 1 to October 15, I have been using Pettit Hydrocoat and repaint every two years and have never had a Zebra Mussel on any painted surface. The only place that I do fight with is on the zinc anodes and prop but I do not paint those so...