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  1. Take the kiddo aboard as soon as you can; just get used to it, the kid will thrive. Mine started at 2 months (for the March birthday) and 7 months (for the October birthday). Back in the baby days, long long ago, we were sailing a Cape Dory 22'. I throughbolted some webbing to the cabin sole so I could strap down a carseat. When the second boy came along 2 years later, I added another; they'd sit, fore and aft aligned, infant car seat and big boy car seat. I was always a bit fanatic about stowing everything so things don't fly around down below when under way - old-school obsession of mine. Worrying that my infant's skull would be dented by stray frying pans or foghorns only made me more so! We cruised on great lakes 2 weeks aboard with 1 and 3 year olds, 3 weeks with 2 and 4 yr olds. I never used netting on the life lines. Well, that boat didn't have life lines, come to think of it, which eliminated that decision..... Nylon dog leashes are your friend. Most infant and toddler lifejackets have a big "handle" on the ruff-like float around their neck. If you've pre-tied a few dog leashes to the boat (leashes have a convenient loop on the end...affix to handrails for example)... then all you have to do is "snap on" to the big handle on the life jacket. Then the toddler can roam around the cockpit and lazarette hatch etc on their own. Going forward - in my experience kids LOVE to go forward - just clip an extra dog leash on the PFD handle, and "walk" them forward. No problem. I only lost a boy over the side once, and I pulled him right up by his leash, spluttering and furious, but no worse for the wear (age about 3). I was singlehanding at the time, and he was about 3, sitting on the lazarette hatch, towing a toy boat, then suddenly he was in the water with the toy boat, but the dog leash tether fetched up. A nylon web dog lead that can hold a full sized rottweiler when bolting is strong enough for one small child, believe me. And they are around $8 so you can afford to have lots of them, conveniently placed. I always called the PFDs "boat coats". I kept them in the CAR, not the boat. When you go down to the boat, then, as you get out of the car, you tell kids "put on your boat coats" and this becomes absolutely automatic after a few years. No kids loose running on the dock without PFDs, no plundering in the vee berth looking for PFDs etc etc. Boat coats are on 100% of the time, from when you leave the car. Buy a long handled crab net or fish landing net and keep it handy below. Kids throw the damnedest things over the side and then have a complete meltdown because they've lost their favorite toy, boat, teddy, bottle.... it's good sailing practice anyway to go retrieve these lost treasures, but a helluva lot easier with a big crab net. And you will do this drill a lot. Keep a special boat teddy bear on board. My sons are in their 20s now and both avid sailors. They think their sailing mom is crazy, but that just shows they are sane. I still take a lot of little kids out, friends kids and grandkids, club associates, etc. I'm always astonished how few people are willing to sail with a child. Children can love to sail! Just have a supply of good boat coats, dog leashes, a lot of crackers and juice... and head on out. good luck with your new adventure (which will comprise a great deal more than sailing, of course...)