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  1. DC Designs

    This may be a stupid question but would back stays be allowed on a canoe?
  2. DC Designs

    Thanks all. I definitely want to make something that is class legal and fast!! I am interested in the the IC from two angles. The development/building side and the racing side. I will make my position clear. This boat would be a project at first,I am not overly confident in my building skills, but if I was able to turn out a semi decent hull I would fork out for a decent rig and sails. I think the sloop version would be better. Are there ways of modifying the hollow log design for a sloop rig? My dad knows a guy who is a sailmaker and has an AC so I am going to have a go on that before I commit to building one!! I may just stick to my finn!! Thanks again Regards Johnny P
  3. DC Designs

    Just had a look at your blog jethrow. It looks awesome!!! The CNC parts must make it so much easier and quicker to build. Did you make the parts in CAD then send them away to be cut? Would it be possible a set of drawings or cad parts for your boat? it looks really good and the build doesn't look too bad. I now really want to make an IC!!!
  4. DC Designs

    I agree there is no point making hull then putting a stupid rig on it. Just almost thinking about making an IC as a proof of concept at the moment. thanks Jethrow for the response regards Carbon fibre. That makes sense and actually will not add too much cost. Regards my budget, I am not really on a tight budget but want to make something as cheap as reasonably possible. If I do succeed in making an alright boat I may be prepared to put a decent rig on it. The Idea of a kit is very appealling to me, I will check the 'Slurp' out. They seem pretty popular in the north of england/scotland so may be a good idea. The hollow log design does look pretty awesome too though Thanks again for your responses Regards Johnny
  5. DC Designs

    I am in London at the moment but won't be able to start till easter/ summer when I am home in Scotland. I am trying to do it as a project. Cost is probably the most important factor. I was thinking I could probably use My contender rig with maybe a re cut finn/ contender sail. IDK at the moment but I think it is interesting to experiment. As I am studying to be an aeronautical engineer the design/development aspect is interesting too. Thanks again for the help. oh P.s. for the hollow log could you use glass fibre instead of carbon?
  6. DC Designs

    Hey, I have been reading this thread and have found some of the innovations very interesting. I have always been very interested in IC/ACs I think mainly due to the eccentricity of a sliding seat and the sloop rig(is that right?). They seem from what I understand to be the fastest dinghies around. That really appeals to me!! I like the idea of it being a development class/ open rule allowing a bit of experimentation with rig and hull designs. It also promotes home building which is interesting to me. I will cut to the point, I am interested in building an IC and this is the best place to ask questions about that. I have not built a boat before, and maybe I am being a little ambitious starting with a canoe but I don't really want to cut my teeth with a mirror dinghy. I have had a look at the hollow log build guide/instructions and it seems relatively straightforward and inexpensive. Would that be a good first build? If not what would be your advice regards the best thing to build on a fairly tight budget(using minimal carbon and other exotic materials) I sail a finn and a contender at the moment but I am on the way down weight-wise and fancy a boat which I have always dreamed about and rewards a bit more agility. I am studying Aeronautical Engineering at the moment and am relatively handy with tools, if you know what I mean. Sorry for rambling Thanks in advance Regards Johnny P
  7. 59er XX

    From my experience the 59er just seemed a bit over powered. Also hiking with such low side decks/gunwale is a bit hard. I suppose I should stick to my Finn. Nice and comfy...