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  1. Qman

    Team NZ

    interesting, the angle is pretty ugly, looks better deployed but not that pretty
  2. Qman

    Team NZ

    A disappointing amount of video on the boats so far, the spies aren't really showing the goods yet. Maybe we need Navas to move to auckland. would love to see some of the manoeuvres that are being attempted. Looking forward to seeing UK and LR rigged as well. Is there any news of star ands stripes. how far behind are they?
  3. Qman

    Team NZ

    and you wouldn't tow to the windward side, only to the leeward if at all
  4. Qman

    Team NZ

    Some great indications there. Be nice to have some better video. With all those boats chasing there must be something more.
  5. Qman

    Team NZ

    "Man i wish i had a job where i could turn up without having to do my hair and wear comfortable clothing everyday. "
  6. Qman

    Team NZ

    they haven't returned to base on the web cam. at 230
  7. Qman

    Team NZ

    i love the conjecture, its going to be an interesting summer. This "looks" faster, more stable, sleeker aero etc. but that is the fun i suppose of AM. Until the match up in the same water and air its all conjecture. the 2 approaches are interesting. scow type vs pointy.
  8. Qman

    Team NZ

    Super impressed. Looks less conventional than am particularly in the rig. That deck endplate sweeper is epic. The slot is interesting, seems to breath pretty well. Surprised to be able to see through from beam. Relatively low wind to be foiling fast. Am pretty excited now.
  9. Qman

    Team NZ

    wow that deck sweeper is something, doesnt get much cleaner than that.
  10. Qman

    Team NZ

    I would suggest that tnz are exactly where they plan to be on their program. It’s not they that foil fast but those that foil fastest on the day. And remember the defender don’t need to be “ready” as early as the challengers.
  11. Qman

    Team NYYC

    that is so cool. love seeing the different approach to the hull form. one is dead flat and one full of chines. game on. proof of concept. now who will be the first to flop it over.
  12. Qman

    Team NZ

    The more i look at it the more radical i realise it is. Good to see the pit is designed safe. there were way to many sharp edges on the cats that risked injury. looks like at least 4 grinders and 1 trimmer on the starboard side. i can imagine a flier will be needed on both sides as they will need to see the leeward foil (presumably) so i presume a skipper and 4 grinders on the port? super clean surface on top.
  13. Qman

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    That was ridiculous. I can’t believe how dumb that is as a sailing venue. Completely undermines and discredits high class sailors and great technology.
  14. Qman

    Team UK

    Blown away by that video. So cool. Much better than expected at this stage. Game on. Excited.
  15. Qman

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    I quite enjoyed the final, super variable but that sort of made for snakes and ladders. overall i like it if the conditions are good. shortening of races midstream is sort of unfair i think but i understand it. There was lots of faffing yesterday with breakages and injuries. The cream rose which is good. There is still massive deltas in some races 1.5km in some cases. The boats are fast but not sure about their VMG, particularly downwind their VMG must suck. Bring on more of it. Interesting to me is M32 racing is pretty good even without the foiling.