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  1. Qman

    INEOS Team GB

    I actually don’t think it’s a slow boat. I think they have someone simple. Like main sail trim that is stalling them. Maybe average foil. On the other hand the kiwi conspiracy to dominate sports like sailing and rugby by infiltrating other teams has worked a treat. And Australia keep employing kiwi coaches in rugby.
  2. Qman

    Dog Tucker

    I think the issue isn’t fundamental. I think there is similarities in their boat to Etnz. They were relatively radical and ambitious. I think it is more like the oracle situation. I think there is something with mainsail trim. The rest is on par.
  3. Qman

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    just looks like a reflection to me,
  4. Qman

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    What a ridiculous comment to make. These guys are all professional world class sailers, no quarter given. Had a german or NZ team dropped a place to make a difference you could question but it was just high class stuff. Although he fell off, Burlings recovery was just exceptional.
  5. Qman

    Team NYYC

    that is so cool. love seeing the different approach to the hull form. one is dead flat and one full of chines. game on. proof of concept. now who will be the first to flop it over.
  6. Qman

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    That was ridiculous. I can’t believe how dumb that is as a sailing venue. Completely undermines and discredits high class sailors and great technology.
  7. Qman

    Team UK

    Blown away by that video. So cool. Much better than expected at this stage. Game on. Excited.
  8. i really hope it works but cant figure out how you can deal with the fundamental conflict between needing weight for righting moment and the lift/drag associated with foiling in a meaningful way. A mono hull needs a canter for righting moment. which is something like 9 tones of lead.
  9. Qman

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    6 sorry, i can't even find kyle langford on the list.
  10. Qman

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    i think the top 7 are all AC team members. and a few others down the list.
  11. Qman

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    interesting. russell? wonder what he thought. possibly that they shouldve employed PB. Moth results are interesting. Certainly some AC talent in the mix. Would have been interesting to see DB, JS, FC and BA in there for stripped back man on man HP sailing. See who rises to the top
  12. Qman

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    PB, NO, Goobs, and slingby are cut from the same mould. new school high performance sailors. all have excelled at olympics, class HP racing and americas cup. Dean and JS are from a different mould, have not performed well at olympics or in class HP racing. Look what came out on top. its not rocket science.
  13. Qman

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    slingsby doing a good job at the moth worlds. proving he should've been at the helm in bermuda.
  14. Qman

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    it was impressive for sure but also the least interesting AC in modern history. Miss matches are no matches at all
  15. Qman

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    i agree it was not really an announcement at all, we know nothing more at all. it was the announcement you make when you feel like you need to say something but don't really have anything to say. It should have read TNZ announce that they intend to make an announcement at a later time.