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  1. it definitely wasnt etnz. OR removed all the 2013 and 2017 months ago. very sad state of affairs.
  2. Lone wolf - have you read it.

    i just started "exposed" hopefully give something a bit more insightful, although his angle is pretty clear about his attitude to larrys legacy from page 1
  3. Hey guys, as with you i was interested in the scoop on some of the background story and downloaded lone wolf to have a read. Richard gladwell is clearly a respected sailing journalist. unfortunately i have found the book to be very poorly written/ constructed. Very disjointed, often repetitive and provides little insight into things that a lay person couldn't have observed from the outside. maybe this is a symptom of modern media and forums like this. But its incredibly disappointed to have constant de javu moments that you have read this bit before only to realise that you haven't some how skipped back a few chapters but that the book is actually repeating something it has already said. Incredibly disappointing read, given the subject matter.
  4. i really hope it works but cant figure out how you can deal with the fundamental conflict between needing weight for righting moment and the lift/drag associated with foiling in a meaningful way. A mono hull needs a canter for righting moment. which is something like 9 tones of lead.
  5. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    no question, he had an average qualifier and carried tough points through. did very nicely in the gold fleet, except the last couple. wasn't far away if you remove the qualifier points
  6. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    As far as i can tell PG was second wing trimmer.
  7. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    PG wasn't on the front line like some of them
  8. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    remember that PG was also part of AC campaign in bermuda
  9. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    It has a lot more to do with a failure to adapt than age. These guys need to be sailing as much HP stuff as they can, olympics, wmrt, moth, a class etc. and those that are are clearly ahead. you can't expect to be best around if your not sailing regularly. Some of them just aren't around. The fact that PG, NO, PB, Slingsby, and others backed up to the moth worlds says far more about there potential and commitment to HP sailing and makes them the way forward, more than their age ever will.
  10. AC36 Auckland NZ

    6 sorry, i can't even find kyle langford on the list.
  11. AC36 Auckland NZ

    i think the top 7 are all AC team members. and a few others down the list.
  12. AC36 Auckland NZ

    interesting. russell? wonder what he thought. possibly that they shouldve employed PB. Moth results are interesting. Certainly some AC talent in the mix. Would have been interesting to see DB, JS, FC and BA in there for stripped back man on man HP sailing. See who rises to the top
  13. Team NZ

    yes, it is a well set up boat, but i would say there are 40 well set up boats, and every moth sailer is a tweaker. One of the aussies has built his own. There are lots of good boats there. Pete is doing very very well. better with time (sounds familiar), The reality atm is that he would probably dominate any class he spent decent amount of time on. In fact he does very very well under prepared.
  14. AC36 Auckland NZ

    PB, NO, Goobs, and slingby are cut from the same mould. new school high performance sailors. all have excelled at olympics, class HP racing and americas cup. Dean and JS are from a different mould, have not performed well at olympics or in class HP racing. Look what came out on top. its not rocket science.
  15. AC36 Auckland NZ

    slingsby doing a good job at the moth worlds. proving he should've been at the helm in bermuda.