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    "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Have to start chemo in 3 weeks. This year is a no go for me, sadly. Next year, however......
  2. Sending some extra good vibes your way today.

    Just because.

  3. why are you up there??

  4. MSG

    All things Libya

  5. MSG

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Try this:
  6. MSG


    It's the fucking JOKE thread, all y'all need to harden the fuck up.
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. You should definitely have 5 stars!

  9. I have everyone, including myself, on ignore.
  10. (336): I don't make mistakes...just understandable bad choice sounds fair to me s.
  11. What happens if I post something here?

  12. Damn you to your domain, Satan! Go to home! I hate to be reminded I am 2nd runner up. Go make Helms fist Malarkey's dead son or something.
  13. i'd help you but i have forgotten how to steal carly's id.
  14. elle, you and myself have a nice three way going.
  15. yeah had to just to get a good read of the nautigirl thread, you were hilarious

  16. MSG


    Why did the Irishman cross the road? To pass out in the other ditch. Woman: "Help, help, an Irishman tried to rape me!" Cop: "How do you know he was Irish?" Woman: "I had to help him." Young Schmitty was taking confession, when he told the Irish priest that he was having impure thoughts about his sister. "Is this a sin, Father?" he asked. The priest nodded and said, "Yes Schmitty, indeed it is a sin...Look at the two beautiful brothers you have."
  17. MSG


    Why did the baby cross the road? It was stapled to the chicken.
  18. Msg- how did I miss your move? When did that happen? Merry Christmas.

  19. Hi Girl how you been?