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  1. DavidC59

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    "personal opinion" "point in time"
  2. DavidC59

    boating dumbfuckery

    The guy at the end of this video with the funny shirt is an idiot. Joe Charter with lines in the water has the "right of way" over a vessel under sail? The problem is that other douchenozzles are getting their "expert advice" from this douchnozzle.
  3. DavidC59

    Deadwood - Front page

    Oh, I see what you did there.
  4. DavidC59

    Deadwood - Front page

    DOn't think the boat name is Deadwood. Look at the part of the letters that are visible. The first letter is not a small or capital "D." Could it be "goodwood?"
  5. DavidC59

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    No. They are not on the intercoastal.
  6. DavidC59

    Just got the letter....

  7. DavidC59

    Wild Eyes found after eight years

    "Pilot in Command" is a specific, aviation term. When you are a student pilot, you customarily sit in the left seat, but the instructor is the PIC. He/She is responsible for the safe operation of the aircraft at all times -- not the person in a specific seat. This happens thousands of times each day all over the country/world, and nobody dies. It doesn't matter who is in which seat. In a Cessna 177, it is as easy to fly from the left as it is from the right seat. When two pilots fly in a small plane like a C177, they are always specific and clear bout who is the pilot in command. Even more than a ship at sea, the pilot in command of an airplane is the only person on the planet who has the final word -legally - on the operation of that aircraft. Even the President of the United States cannot overrule the pilot of Air Force 1. The PIC is in charge -- no exceptions -- and he/she makes all decisions as to the safe operation of their aircraft. Apart from the over-indulgent and/or publicity whore parent, the sole responsibility for that accident is squarely on the shoulders of the instructor. This jackass planning a VFR flight into deteriorating, IFR conditions shows a fundamental lack of knowledge, care, and professionalism on the part of the instructor. I'm sure he ws thinking "aaah, let's just go up and see how it is." Taking two passengers into deteriorating, VFR conditions unnecessarily in pursuit of some minor 15 minutes of very limited fame is inexcusable. They were taking off at over 6,000 feet -- a whole different kind of flying than at sea level on the coasts. Just the forecast of increasing winds and (are you fucking kidding me?) thunderstorms in the area should have kept them on the ground -- any student pilot with 10 hours flying time could make that decision. Flying near thunderclouds is no joke. Doing so when you are flying a C177 in the mountains and your take-off altitude is over 6,000 feet is suicide -- and murder.
  8. DavidC59

    What to know - Catalina 22

    If it's a swing keel, the keel is iron and is not encased in fiberglas (unless it was done as an owner mod). Check to make sure the hanger bolts are good and there is minimal lateral play (if there is, it can be fixed with an after market bushing kit). Other than that (and the cable attachment), scrape off any rust and slap some paint on it. These boats sail better than they have any right to. Keep it flat (15 degrees or less) and it is a nice, stable platform to teach sailing basics. Get to know www.catalinadirect.com . They have anything you need to repair or upgrade.
  9. DavidC59

    Ed's Outburst

    Compulsory voting in a free country that values liberty (or, at least we did when we started)? Idiotic! Anyone who thinks the U.S. presidential electoral system is unfair ("how can someone get less than 50% of the popular vote became president?!!") should study U.S. history or math. The electoral system is genius (just one of the things the Founders got right). We are not simply "America;" we are a collection of 50 "United States." Electing a president by popular vote would be unfair (it's also why we have two houses of Congress, not just one -- one elected by popular vote and reflecting the population density, one with an equal voice for each state). Without an electoral college system, our president would be elected by the same 3 or 4 states every four years. The rest of the country would never have a voice. Liberals like this idea because the top two states that would elect the president would be California and New York. The others would also be mostly liberal, left and right coast population centers. The vast majority of citizens (who consistently poll center/right, btw) live in what politicians, both conservative and liberal, think of as "fly-over country." As a teacher (and one who spent 20+ sucessful years in business before joining the educational system), I can tell you that the reason our country is so fucked when it comes to how we govern ourselves is due to the fact that we do not teach history and citizenship in our public schools any more (which, ironically, is the prime reason we established a publicly-financed education system at the local/state level in the first place). When you let federally elected officials muck around with the education system (thanks Jimmy Carter), you get the same problems you have in every other federal department and program -- eventually decisions get made not for the long-term good of the country but for the short-term good of whichever party happens to be in power this year or two. It's not that we don't know the best way to educate children; we did it for generations and it gave us the most secure, prosperous, advanced, innovative, and generous society in the history of the planet. We lost our way, and I fear we can never return. The perpetuation of a free society hinges on how you educate the next generation(s), and we have destroyed that (in more ways than just what I mention here).
  10. DavidC59

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Haven't you blokes learned by now? Dylan loves birds. It brings him enormous pleasure to watch, hear, and film them. Of course he is not going to have a positive opinion of killing them. Why is this so hard to understand? Why would you bother arguing with a man -- one who has recorded and published some of the most beautiful and amazing bird footage -- about bird hunting? It's daft!
  11. DavidC59

    Brain Trust Calls The Cops on Whale

    Garbage in - Garbage out.
  12. DavidC59

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    You guys do understand that Sail Life is a DYI channel - not a sailing vid channel -- don't you? Why would he discuss rigging and other sail system items when he is still working on the hull? My god, the man just did a re-core of his deck and a re-surfacing below the waterline! I bet their isn't one sailing vid producer who would attempt anything like that. How do we know how often he sails Obelix? In one of his vids last year he did mention going sailing on Obelix with his girlfriend.
  13. DavidC59

    from FP---rescue from sailboat in the Med

    What was the emergency?
  14. Stick it in San Francisco Bay and Rimas would get to Hawaii in it in the same amount of time as he has in a boat (quicker if it floats high in the water and can catch a little wind).
  15. DavidC59

    E-nav on the cheap

    Some iPads have GPS capability, some do not.