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  1. This would seem to indicate that he knows how unsound his vessel is. He? I think the Loch Lomond Marina management knows a disaster in the making when they see one. And a PR nightmare. There is no way they want to read in the paper or watch on the news as a water-logged HotRod, freshly plucked from a mid-bay rescue, tells the reporter, "We didn't want to leave, but the marina MADE us leave in those unsafe storm conditions." Another one straight out of the George McKay playbook. " Oooh, you can't force me to go to sea, I have to find new crew." When he is told that he can go anywhere he wants, as long as he leaves the private property he is attempting to squat on, its; "I was forced out into the cruel sea against my judgement"
  2. So this beggs the question, If you were paying slip fees + liveaboard, would you continue to pay while this heap sits in a prime location blocking your sunset view?? Remember that scene from M*A*S*H; "Fair's fair Henry. If I kiss Hotlips and punch Hawkeye can I go home too?" I know if I was paying to keep a boat there and this guy was getting a free pass I would be mentioning the irony to the management every time I saw them.
  3. Here, I'll translate. I have teenage daughters, I speak txt. -------- There is in fact a difference between James Lane and most everyone else on this thread, in that the folks here are a bunch of stubborn, yet surprisingly complaining folks who resemble scared little kittens, and there is a further difference in that James is out in the world, wearing his heart on his sleeve, he did something big, his phone number is published, and anyone who wants to find him knows exactly where he is. On the other hand, most of the folks on this thread, with their store-bought boats get to enjoy a level of anonymity with their spurious barbs at my grandfather/uncle James Lane. And further, while all of the otherwise friendly folks here know so much about my grandfather/uncle, the only thing that my grandfather/uncle and I know about you is that you all are a lot of nogoodnicks, a collected group of meanies who looks for all the bad in my grandfather/uncle while not acknowledging that at least he tried to do something new. - Updated: You missed half of the family tree.
  4. I doubt the marina would want to take possesion of any of HR's stuff, er liabilities. I would have to believe that the harbormaster for this jurisdiction has been consulted and that he has a gameplan in place. That individual had a brief quote regarding HR in one of the published news accounts, so he has to be aware of it. If he is not standing by at the ready for either the attempted passage or the trespassing call from the Marina then he should be fired.
  5. Perhaps he is under the impression that the Marin Islands are "those islands in the South Pacific"? Looks like there is already one wreck there, some convenient pilings, and some ruins to squat in on East Marin
  6. Even assuming anyone is stupid enough to pay him to build another, he would not survive the lawsuit (s). Liability is a fact of life in modern business.
  7. That is how season 11 of RAW FAITH starring George McKay played out. Eviction notices, fisticuffs with the Salem Harbormaster, Swearing and uttered oaths of setting off for Bermuda, the Gulf Stream, the end. These reality show producers who miss getting a camera on this stuff while providing us with the antics of Jersey Shore douchebags and trophy wife whores instead are literally missing the boat.
  8. At least one person has already suggested that or similar. He is acting too late though, he should have angled for the Reality Show contract while the build was still going on. It could have been lucrative with cash advances from the network to keep everything moving along. They would have also likely provided a viable, seaworthy support ship and chase boats for filming Season 2 , "FH goes to Hawaii". At this point, he is in a race against time with few options and no cash reserve.
  9. That has GOT to be a joke.
  10. Logic is clearly not the man's forte'. "I've done a lot of things trying to figure out how to make money in America. It was making me crazy trying to figure out a way to get out of the workforce." How to make more money? Obviously by doing nothing. Every fool can tell you that. Good thing he will not need judgement and analytical skills at sea.
  11. My 10 minutes of research indicate that Oahu is the only island in the state that allows liveaboards. I did not research and compare prices of all of the marinas where liveabord is allowed, but if the prices of my example above are typical, Hotrod can expect to pay somewhere bewteen $5850 and $6165 a month based upon his LOA (single hull) and whether or not the liveaboard fee is over and above the cost of slip rental. Yikes!
  12. Seeing as how this boat will NEVER get within 2000 miles of the Hawaiian Islands, it really isn't an issue. True, but it takes no boatbuilding or Mariner skills to do a simple cost of living comparison between Oahu and anyplace else. The fact that he is so over-the-top dillusional about what awaits him out there combined with the rest of his fantasies should be enough to get him fitted for a straight jacket.
  13. Yeah, he's definiely been smoking crack again; Ko Olina Marina Slips OverviewBoaters who lease slips have access to water, electricity, cable television hook-up, telephone, laundry and restroom facilities, picnic area with barbeque and gated entry to the Marina. The Ko Olina Marina has slip lengths that go from 30’ to 200’ with prices from $452.36 to $5,991.62 per month including water and state of Hawaii taxes. End Ties start at $29.90 per foot per month, water included and Hawaii tax Water is included in monthly slip fee. Parking is $50 per month Guests rates are $3.00 per/foot/day; Kama’aina rates are $2.50 per/foot/day Liveaboard rates are $315 per month; max 2 associated people, absolutely NO pets accepted with this position.
  14. I was wondering how long it was going to take the local ace reporters to figure out they were missing a big story. "I've done a lot of things trying to figure out how to make money in America. It was making me crazy trying to figure out a way to get out of the workforce." When a wealthy friend told him he could escape from all that by building a boat and sailing to the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where the good life awaited him," Also wondering is this is more of HR's vast imagination again or whether there really is some sick SOB that would put this non-sense into someone's head. I can't help but think it was a rich man's bet for $1 whether or not the village idiot could build a boat and make it to Hawaii alive.
  15. I spoke to HR on the phone and he needs "some blocks, cleats, and winches to take a few laps around the bay" Anybody have anything to donate? He is being stopped now by lack of some minor rigging gear? Did you point out to him that Hervey Garret Smith's books (just to name one example), contain templates for wooden cleats, deadeyes, and blocks and that anyone deeming himself to be a sailor, shipwright, and master craftsman should probably figure out how to make his own? Winches? pfffft. “The local riggers only say they’ll come out and do the work for me,” he said. “They don’t think anybody can build anything.” HotRod Sept 2011