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  1. You could take the Sausalito ferry to the landing in Richardson bay, short cab ride or long walk would get you to the North end of the bay where he is ankered. The Ferry leaves from one of the piers, near 39 I think
  2. I know I'm opening the door here... but because I'm too lazy to search for the answer to my question within the SA site (as if there is one somewhere here) how does one receive the desired social SA forum downgrade from "newbie" to the coveted "Anarchist"?
  3. Sea not see Sea not see
  4. I was at Loch Lomond marina during the time they were anchored out near China camp and during the big blow and FH drag. At this time they were "see trialing the vessel which HR refers to in a couple of this postsearlier. According to people I talked to that talked to HR once they got stuck in the mud flats they reported virtually all of his sails were destroyed in their trials.
  5. My marina bud reported he heard that they were on the rocks (Channel 16) and somehow got off fairly quickly..once that conversation was over he has no idea where they went. Evidently towards Sausalito - not where I would ever go; cold foggy wet windy and lots of wave action in Richardson Bay unless you go so far North you're back in the mudflats. I once temporarily grounded getting fuel near 'Fish' at the Chevron pumps. 3' draft and it got less further North very quickly. Looking forward to the photos
  6. http://forums.radioreference.com/marine-monitoring-forum/41494-pon-pon-pan-pan.html Evidently pan pan is the spelling, Pahn Pahn is the pronunciation and they appear to mean the same but not positive
  7. Reports are CG is in contact with the FH. They have dispatched assistance.
  8. Pon Pon Pon Pon Pon Pon = All stations, all stations break: There is a 65' vessel aground in the vicinity of Marina Bay. Any vessels able to assist? San Francisco Coast Guard out.. on channel 16 just minutes ago
  9. http://science.kqed.org/quest/video/what-is-california%E2%80%99s-delta/
  10. Update - Revise the destination, HR did not go under the bridge at Richmond - may be heading for Pt. Richmond or the Delta.
  11. FH is reportedly under tow (towards Sausalito) by FH Jr and skippered by Hot Rod himself. Just got word from the marina. Sorry no photos, just timely reporting.
  12. To be fair, I'm pretty sure the original post describing the biting incident did NOT say it was bitten off. It was actually a pretty accurate description of the incident. I agree! - Tucsonbob