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  1. James, you've got a pair of British Seagulls, a Chrysler and (I assume) a bike there. Surely someone will give you enough for them to fund fuel for a friend to tow you up the Delta?
  2. Genuinely sorry to see that you're having to quit James. Is there no way to get the FH up the Delta and live aboard there? While I didn't say the nicest things about the FH a few times, I really didn't expect you to have to abandon it.
  3. I think you'll find that you're completely wrong. The only people waiting and wanting you to die are the ones who you THINK are encouraging you. Those people who are saying 'YOU WILL DIE' and 'DON'T DROWN YOUR MOTHER' are trying to stop YOU from killing them by taking the FH out under the Golden Gate. I'll repeat it in BIG letters for you. YOU WILL KILL YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY IF YOU TRY AND TAKE THEM TO HAWAII ON THE FH. That's YOU, JAMES LANE. NOBODY ELSE WILL BE AT FAULT FOR THEIR DEATHS.
  4. If the size of the boat matters in determining the size of the rudder AND, the size of the rudder affects the forces. how can the size of the boat not affect the forces on the rudder. To put mass into the equation all I have to do is stop assuming the rudder size doesn't change and add in the expression for the required size of the rudder (which you already agree includes the mass) The 'truth' in this whole discussion depends on the assumptions you make. Your underlying assumption is that the boat is hard to turn, and that the problem is quasi-static. Doug is not assuming a quasi-static case, but instead assumes that the 'light' boat is easy to turn, for a sufficiently easy to turn boat, the maximum focre on the rudder is more limited, hence the 'extreme' polystyrene example, where no matter what you do the force on the rudder is negligible. The terms you neglect in your equations depend on the scaling terms. If you want to make the discussion proceed maybe consider at what point the boat mass, or resistance to yaw becomes significant. Beacuse everything you're saying is irrelevant. It's like saying 'well would gravity work different if you called it Muriel?'. The MAXIMUM force the rudder can possibly see is easily calculable. What it sees AFTER the boat starts to turn is completely irrelevant as it's less than the maximum.
  5. Ok I'll take your though experiment and add this. What exactly do you plan to attach the board to. If you attach it to a piece of polystyrene, and try and turn it relative to the polystyrene (without attaching the polystyrene to the tank walls) what forces do you think you can generate on the board? Now attach it to the tank wall (a slightly bigger mass). and change the angle wrt to the tank wall.... any differences? Occams Razor is correct. I find it rather bemusing that nobody else seems to understand that the key part of the statement is 'holds it in place'. The only way the maximum forces on the rudder can be any lower than at the max water speed and the ruddr at 90 degrees to the flow is if the mountings for the rudder give way before it can be turned through 90 degrees, OR if the boat it's attached to is smaller than the rudder...
  6. Thats 26 INCHES not feet before you start smacking the hull on the bottom.
  7. Hmmm... Maybe that's the plan.If it sinks, it'll mostly stay above water.
  8. James, where IS the Bayliner? From the sounds of the posts above, you might need a towboat in a bit of a hurry soon.
  9. Of course. After all, we're all Britons! Now lets go drown a witch... How do you know she's a witch? Does she float? Well we did do the hat... and the nose... Who is this who is so learned in science? Dunno, but you can tell he's not a peasant-he's not covered in shit
  10. Of course. After all, we're all Britons! Now lets go drown a witch... How do you know she's a witch? Does she float?
  11. Easy enough to work out from a pic I'd be really interested to know how you've made the porch strong enough to hold the 2 backstays and the mainsheet.
  12. HR, a little tip for you. Carry a gasket set and at least 2 spare sets of plugs if you're going to try and use that Chrysler Sail. Chryslers are old, don't like US ethanol filled gas to sit in them (shit, they don't like the lower ethanol % in the UK) and are known for eating spark plugs.
  13. Don't tell them you're a liveaboard?
  14. Given the location and date of the FOIA info (the day FH was moved to China Camp) I wonder if the 'drifting' was HR's sail test?