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  1. She simply said you were a horse's arse and needed to shut your gob. Nothing about climate. She simply stroked your ego to make you feel better about your BS and likely doesn't have a clue about climate science. Typical If you think I give a rats ass what your ignorant bitch says about climate science you are just as sadly mistaken as I've always thought you were. Deal is none of your denial is based on science and every time you open your gob you only embarrass yourself further. Go for it explain to us once again why the deniers own graphs DON"T show agreement with the other three major paleo climate temp studies ;--) I say you've got fucking nothing I bet you wouldn't call anyone's bride an "ignorant bitch" to their face.Interesting woman. Met her sailing around the world. Her very first sail was from BVI to Horta.... most people never set off to cross oceans and that was her idea of getting her feet wet. Nice English girl whose Dad has left a very large footprint on the music biz. As such she had traveled the world over at a young age. Not someone you would call an "ignorant bitch" and certainly not one to "stroke ego". But keep it up little boy. LOL just calling it as I see it. Any one supporting your ignorant views of climate science can only be just as ignorant as you are.
  2. Actually its the deniers that aren't just not taken seriously but laughed at so constantly that out of pure desperation they seek out refuge in their own little support groups like this one. I just got lucky enough to stumble into it. WOW, talk about self aggrandizing idiots. Really you guys could put some psychology grad student on the map. Hell I should post something on the shrink departments board and see if any of them would like to give it a go. And speaking of making shit up, you claim to be an architect but you don't know what a multi point foundation is and insist it has footers and my personal fave, that I need to be careful and be sure and get those footers below frost line. Brilliant, just brilliant. But I'm the one making shit up. Yeah, busted ;--) Its more than obvious at this point that all the animosity is based off you morons having had your asses handed to you on so many occasions concerning your climate denial that animosity is about all you can muster. Logic, reason and science certainly aren't your forte. But please do go on. I believe the last attempt was to say the Berkley study by the deniers themselves which led to the hand picked denier scientist Richard Muller flip flopping on his denial, is somehow flawed ;--) Or was it the deniers inability to grasp just how we know that virtually all the excess CO2 in the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial age is the result of human activities ? Oops nope I think it was something about CO2 not being a primary driver of climate simply because in a very lightly studied and very short term area of the paleo climate there wasn't enough data to really say either way. Another brilliant argument that bit the dust in about five seconds. Let me take another five seconds to review what the science has to say about that nonsense
  3. Yikes. you know the deniers are desperate when they start just making shit up. Entertaining, pathetic but entertaining
  4. and apparently I was right ;--) °
  5. I love it Idiot deniers bailing out right and left WTF One of me and fuck knows how many of you psychotics and yet you all are bailing out right and left. WTF LOL can't handle the reality ? Can't discuss the actual science ? Have nothing but personal insults ? Have no prayer of forwarding an actual scientific rebuttal to the universally accepted science of climate shift ? I say you are all a pile of cowards unable to face the truth of your denial and I challenge any and every one of you idiots to bring your cowardice forward and present your rebuttal. Go for it, bring whatever scientific reasoning you might have and lets hear it, LOL I say you fools have nothing
  6. And again the idiot deniers can't formulate a descent rebuttal to the science so they descend into infantile tantrums and personal assaults. I'm not impressed The whole fucking pile of you idiots and your bitches can freak out till you are blue in the face and it does nothing but prove what a complete pile if idiots you really are. You have nothing to rebut the science with and its more than obvious. Go for it. Try and deny the science, you can't. All you have is the cheap infantile personal assaults. and it shows
  7. Its like watching a group tantrum take place I've seen lesser performances out of a four year old, and thats an insult to four year olds everywhere. LOL To think these idiots actually take one another seriously is amazing Go for it ;---)) Can so much as one of you idiots come up with a single scientific argument concerning so much as ONE element of the theory of Rapid Global Climate Shift ? I don't think so. I say you are nothing more than a pathetic support group of climate denial desperate to ignore the science and cling you any excuse you can muster to avoid the science. Everything right down you your bitches ignorance is nothing but another sad attempt to ignore the reality of climate science Go for it Any of you idiots have so much as one singe scientific argument to present refuting climate science ? I say you are all full of shit Bring it on
  8. She simply said you were a horse's arse and needed to shut your gob. Nothing about climate. She simply stroked your ego to make you feel better about your BS and likely doesn't have a clue about climate science. Typical If you think I give a rats ass what your ignorant bitch says about climate science you are just as sadly mistaken as I've always thought you were. Deal is none of your denial is based on science and every time you open your gob you only embarrass yourself further. Go for it explain to us once again why the deniers own graphs DON"T show agreement with the other three major paleo climate temp studies ;--) I say you've got fucking nothing
  9. LOL no the deniers have failed at every turn to rationally respond to the science. Even your own argument concerning the accuracy of the deniers own study about paleo climate temps turned out to be pure nonsense. The simple reality is that established science humiliates the deniers diatribe every time. Go for it. Entertain us, PROVE that human influences AREN"T causing rapid global climate change today. AND publish your findings. I' can't wait to read your paper. I say what we have here is a climate deniers support group which will every time descend into pure horse shit rather than actually face any of the actual science on the issues.
  10. Figures you'd have some bitch reading over your shoulders ready to console you at every turn. Some of us depend on our wits and ability to engage the topic at hand, but no worries. If you need a woman to tell you everything is OK and your climate denial is acceptable at least to her then go right ahead, rely on that crutch if you have to ;--) LOL Obviously you have absolutely zero scientific evidence to back up your bullshit. Instead you are apparently still relying on some pair of boobs to comfort you whenever you shit your pants. LOL
  11. LOL You are so completely full of shit its amazing. I guess when you just don't grasp the concepts you and your ilk will try just about anything So tell us oh wise one just how the total solar irradiance DOESN"T effect climate and then feel free to note just how the sun has changed in the industrial age in such a manor that it would account for the present warming ? You are a complete fucking idiot if you're going to run that whole, the sun did it, crap up the flagpole again. Clearly you are desperate and simply making shit up. The article thoroughly debunks the notion that CO2 isn't todays driving force behind climate shift and explains clearly paleoclimate influences.
  12. LOL looks like are climate deniers are struggling with the basics. Again. Have any of you fools ever thought of just looking up the definitions ?
  13. To funny. So the idiot no.6 claims I DIDN"T read the article Care to try again LOL Ever single time you open your mangina you only further embarrass yourself Its fucking awesome. Next
  14. Your constant attention grubbing whore posts have become tiresome. You need to look elsewhere for someone to fulfill your insatiable self-absorbed black hole of unmet needs. Again with the inability to address the simple truth. Again you lash out at what you don't comprehend. You refuse to acknowledge that yet another deniers nonsense was found to be completely disingenuous and failed to stand up to scrutiny. So once again you're simply lashing out in an attempt to maintain the psychosis. If you ever do develop the courage to discuss the actual issue, then maybe you will learn enough to comprehend just what the real issues are surrounding climate shift. But instead you hide behind all the false bravado and personal attacks Pathetic but expected Next
  15. LOL again the deniers prove themselves incapable of any form of intelligent reply I love it