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  1. Oh lordy the plywood thing again,
  2. Its like the end of an era. Maybe he'll include his version in his memoirs for our kids to read.
  3. Boston1

    Birth Certificate Forgery

    And you wonder why you aren't taken seriously here? Yup. Makes no rational sense at all.
  4. Sounds like that KKK band talking to me Brother
  5. If he took paying customers that thing and didn't have it inspected as a six-pack from the CG before doing so then he's in deep shit from my understanding of the rules. I'm pretty sure there are all kinds of rules and regulations about taking paying passengers out. Big mistake, and yea, he might just be looking at a legal battle. It'd serve him right and the court record would make some awesome reading
  6. I'm very happy to know that everyone survived.
  7. HR and his troupe should drum it up. Have they got a story to tell! Holy shit - if at least one of them can be harnessed into a semi-articulate spokes(person) role. This story could go all the way. Look it up, but in terms of investment return on the dollar - no Hollywood production can touch "Pink Flamingos*. Something along the lines of: "Cretins Ascendent - Mayhem in the Pacific"! Rods probably still in shock and wondering what went wrong, even if it is screamingly obvious to everyone else. But if someone on that heap can put aside their issues long enough to grasp the big picture. This is really one of the best sailing fiasco's ever. That alone is worth something. Filmed as a comedy, this could be worth a small fortune. All he's got to do is wake up and smell the possibilities. I see cult film possibilities particularly and obviously in the sailing communities. Be a whole new twist on Captain Ron
  8. If it was Rod and it looks like it was, who took that thing out past the gate. Then it kinda changes everything we gave him credit for ( OK not much ). I thought all along that he was just going to park it somewhere in the area and jokes on us for ever having ridden him so hard about wanting to go to Hawaii. The idea of building that thing with the intention of actually going out in open water was just so far fetched that it was easy to believe it was just some kinda joke. Apparently not. He actually did believe that thing would be able to make the crossing and he believed it enough to actually con a few layabouts into believing it with him. Wow, and all this time I thought he'd played us all and was just building a barge to live on. The level of hubris is astounding So by now I'd think there were a few interviews with he survivors, somewhere in the sailing community news. Given all the publicity good or bad ( OK mostly bad ) if I were a reporter type I'd be all over it. Surely one of them would be willing to give an account. Hmmmmm time to do another search for any articles that might pop up
  9. Yea yea yea I'm not new here but I got board and, well, went back on my own advice a little. Deal is I just love boobs.
  10. Fell out of my chair when I read it. My face hurts I'm laughing so hard
  11. Its hard to say from the video but the sea conditions looked pretty calm from what I could see. Long slow swells, no chop, slight breeze. My bet is ye ole FH just flat out fell apart in nothing more than calm conditions
  12. All right then, we'll just make do with the "I was raised KKK Baptist but ran away from home 3rd grade education rejected by society like to hike and live in a bat man themed trimaran until my third trimester pregnant wife and I signed on with Hot Rod - oh so hot - on a guaranteed paradise cruise of the pacific and we ate some strange beef from freezer but barely moved spun in circles till she started breaking up and we threatened to eat the second mate but she - or was it he - fell in and called the fuckin coasties and spoiled our cruise shit shit shit". Okay? That pretty much covers it LMAO. Awesome synopsis. and yea, I'll pitch in ten bucks. Well worth the cost of admission.
  13. What a tease, no picture of the boat. And for what its worth. I agree that the gender anomalies should be left out of the discussion. Rods an idiot of his own choosing, but no one asked to be born with abnormalities. Lets give her a break on that score. Oh I'm sure we're going to get a right laugh out of the batman boat or whatever it is. But the gender issue really aught to get a rest.
  14. I can't say if he suffers from hallucinations, but delusions seem to be pretty evident. So my bad if I chose the wrong terminology. I'd add that from what I can see in his actions over these last few years the term Narcism would be the form of psychosis he's exhibiting Sorry Boston (how about those Patriots), but psychosis is a severe mental condition and an un-medicated person cannot function in normal society without very serious problems. We are all a bit delusional at times but that doesn't mean we are psychotic. Psychotic people commonly have visual or auditory hallucinations, act completely irrational and generally can't function at all in society. Narcissism is not a psychosis it is a personality disorder. Narcissistic people may be full of themselves but they often function well aside from having trouble with interpersonal relationships due to their lack of empathy. As I said, I am sure Hotrod has some issues but he is most definitely not psychotic. Off the cuff, it is possible that Hotrod might have some antisocial traits, meaning he doesn't do well with the rules of society but prefers his own rules. The difference between negative personality traits (which we all have) and a full blown personality disorder depends on how significant is the impairment in the occupational, interpersonal and leisure areas of their life. I taught mental health to Army mental health techs for 2 years and worked in mental health for 10 years. Yea yea yea and I dated my share of bat shit crazy girls. ;--) No in all seriousness I stand corrected. And appreciate the professional assessment. I just can't help but see some serious denial going on tho. To the point where it really makes me wonder just what the depth of the issues really are. The guy blew his mothers money for christ sakes and on what. A floating wouldn't qualify as a tool shed ? Why. There's some really deep underlying issues that would be really interesting to understand. When he bit that guys finger for what? Not letting him use the can. I was immediately reminded of my days as a bouncer down town. I've seen it all but when people start biting thats when it gets serious. Those folks were leaving unconscious. Shits way wrong when some fool starts biting. Oh and I don't think the Pats deserved to win. I'd prefer they had some serious review over all the cheating thats gone on in that organization.