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  1. So, maybe someone should try this. http://www.hotrodscatamaran.com/home.html There have been no updates in ages but he's got a donation button. Send him some $$ and he says he'll write back and send pictures. Maybe the pictures will show a scenic Harbor outside of the SF Bay Area, hmmm? He's actually been legitimately accomodating to the SA folks who've visited the FH in the past year, give it a try. so for all the haters out there. Do you think he had this cranked on the back porch - oops aft deck, while he went through the Gate? http://www.vevo.com/watch/taylor-swift/Shake-It-Off/USCJY1431460
  2. uhhh check your math. 50 & 42 are linear dimensions not sq ft. The following is cut and pasted from the advertisement "1600 sq. ft. total sail area.(full set of sails.)", a little bit different. Not commenting regarding the ability to fly those sails. That's for all the cranky-know-it-all sailors to respond to.
  3. ok, if we are talking about taking pictures of the most recent worthwhile post, I would be more than glad to take pictures of that young woman !! Just send me her address and I'll do it for free as long as she is amenable. (post #9439) Next, if you are talking about taking pictures of the FH (which has kind of dissappeared from this webpage), go to Jame's webpage. Contribute $10 through paypal. He will send you updated pictures himself.
  4. Here's one: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=67506 To search for aluminum trimaran go to www.latitude38.com. search on tincan https://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=tincan&sa=Search&domains=www.latitude38.com&sitesearch=www.latitude38.com Tincan was also sponsored by maxim magazine. you can also search for it there too. In my humble opinion David Vann was an idiot and I think what HR tried to accomplish is pretty remarkable, especially compared to Vann (but I'm in the minority on SA).
  5. Entirely possible. Speaking of Marina Village, there are easily a dozen anchor-outs currently on the Estuary, and have been for years. Some directly across the water from your old marina. The most hassle any of them have ever had was when Michelle Obama came to christen a new Coast Guard cutter a few years ago and the 6 or 8 anchor-outs that were within a stones throw of Coast Guard Island were politely asked to move further down the Estuary, where they remain to this day, again, unmolested. Windsurfer has some additional feedback above disagreeing with my opinion also. I just don't think it's easy to make it happen, otherwise there would be a lot more of us doing it. The boats in the Oakland estuary certainly had a hard time hanging in recently though. They had a blog going here on SA or somewhere and it wasn't a sure thing they were going to survive "unmolested". You've seen how San Diego has changed. No anchor-outs. There are some derelicts in the permitted anchorages, but it's tough to find a place to stay there. With the harbor patrol, coast guard, the black NSA boats flying around it's difficult to be a non-conformist and find a new spot. Maybe I'm projecting that onto SFBay more than is true. I do still believe that the SA posters from the midwest, east coast or Europe should temper their enthusiasm for "move to the Delta". I think it is a difficult proposition. You obviously get around a lot, send HR some options (coordinates) for a better location. The SA community would be very supportive if you helped keep FH afloat and the forum going !! Also, heading up the Delta is not a zero wind condition, we know what the trees look like up there. All the wind through the gate all summer long goes somewhere - like directly through the Delta or over Altamont.
  6. If you lived here, maybe you'd understand how ridiculous you sound. There have been people living unmolested on anchor-outs all over the Bay and Delta for decades. lived 25 years in Contra Costa, lived in Berkeley, San Jose, Livermore, Alameda. Shopping earlier this year for land in Vallejo, Suisun ?? Delta?? I gotta get back to the bay (but not south bay). Currently residing in Colorado. I'm trying to remember If you cleaned my LaFitte when it was at Marina Village? I think so.
  7. also: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-Petes-Harbor-Redwood-City/272717189513511 Both sites used to have very active blogs, but have now died now that hundreds of boats were evicted.
  8. In an earlier post I recommended La Paz, BCS. You can anchor for free in that bay. 1500 miles south. Mexico isn't free, visa's aren't free, you can't "legally" work in Mexico, but it might be the best option if there's a way to hoist the sails and catch a weather window south.
  9. Here's what happened to the last affordable houseboat harbor in SF bay this past year. http://www.petesharbor.com/ There were some nice homes and some nice junkers on the docks there. They all had to move somewhere or get scrapped.
  10. There is no place to legally park a house boat in California. Not that is affordable. Maybe Washington or Oregon, but heading north against the current and wind of the Eastern Pacific in October/November ?? Right. See post 8700 re "the Delta", you can't go up there.
  11. Damn !! the Marina is still for sale !! http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/17913300/3150-Grizzly-Island-Road-Suisun-City-CA/ only $325K, SA members can buy it. FH can move there for a year free of charge while the boat build kitty is rebuilt and systems finished/upgraded. Problemo solved
  12. STOP with the talk about the Delta. There is no where to legally anchor up there. All the Bay Area boaters know that. This is California. The local landowners, the police, the sheriff, the Coast Guard, the Regional Water Control Board(s) will find you and evict you one way or another. Richardson Bay is the only place that itinerant boats are tolerated, and one day that may end too. You used to be able to hang out in Clipper Cover (Treasure Island), but they closed that down a couple years ago. There is no place to go in the Delta. Six months ago there was a little fishing marina for sale in Grizzly Island. FH would look great there, Perfect for fitting out before the big trip. Unfortunately the Acre of land and the 700 ft of docks was priced about 300-400K. Don't remember exactly, but I drove up there and looked at it,. Would have been perfect for the FH. Oh except the 20' tall bridge a 1/4 mile away. The masts would have to come down to get in there. So, if you don't live locally, QUIT recommending the Delta. If you are a local boater and know an island where they won't evict you, post the GPS coordinates (Though I might try to get there 1st).
  13. todays tip, top of page > your profile > manage ignore prefs > kippermoose
  14. The following is from the GoFundMe question & answers. Look at the very last requirement. Obviously the idiot who created the page wasn't willing to deposit $100 to make it seem legit, go figure. Also, no one could have found the page without the originator distributing the link. Ah-hah that makes it a conspiracy to defraud (oops assuming the originator sent the link to someone else). Someone created the account and then distributed the link. Maybe someone is willing to fess up to avoid federal charges on conspiracy to commit interstate fraud? Wow, my post counter is now in the double digits. Enough, I'm erasing the link to this forum. Time for life elsewhere. Go Fund Me Q & A follows__________ When will I appear in GoFundMe's search results? While your GoFundMe page will be live and ready to accept donations immediately, your page must be manually approved by the GoFundMe Team prior to appearing in our public search directory. To help protect donors and to prevent any misuse, GoFundMe requires that you meet the following criteria before being listed in the Search Directory. NOTE: Pages that don't meet these criteria WILL remain live & fully functioning, but will not be publicly listed on gofundme.com a) Valid and authentic Facebook account must be connected to your GoFundMe page. Facebook accounts that seem to be purposely anonymous will not be accepted (e.g., no photo or unusually low amount of friends). TIP: You can 'refresh' your Facebook info at any time by visiting 'My Account' and clicking the 'Refresh My Facebook Info' link. Your page must include a photo or video. Clip art, graphics and logos won't be approved. c) Your page must have raised at least $100 in online donations. Offline donations are not counted towards this requirement.
  15. I followed the link too. It still works. Searching does not. I wonder if the GoFundMe people are aware it's bogus. Maybe they disconnected it from the search routine, but the site still exists. I think whoever created it must be required to use ID, like most web purchases etc. The return address for the site is "Walnut Creek". Who wants to start searching through all the contributors to this forum and looking for Walnut Creek addresses? 8500 posts? sounds like a long night. Maybe find a very evil sock puppet.