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  1. Sand crab

    Extending an Outremer 49?

    There was a french group doing bow modifications to the Outremers about 10 years ago. They built a mold for the project. I believe the mods costs around $10,000.
  2. Sand crab

    Extending an Outremer 49?

    I love it Zonker. I think that Outie 40 might be worth some sweat equity if it was convenient. And cheaper.
  3. Sand crab

    Extending an Outremer 49?

    Here's the vid of the modifications to a Woods Gypsy 28. They cut the boat in half and added 5' to the middle. But before that they added 4' to the sterns. So it is now 37'.
  4. Sand crab

    Extending an Outremer 49?

    A guy did saw his boat in half and added a few feet to the middle. Maybe a Wood's design and possibly done in Canada. Obviously not for the faint of heart. I think it's on utoob. Did the O49 hobbyhorse?
  5. Sand crab

    Used cat market

    Going back in this thread a bit, what was wrong with the Wormwood?
  6. I don't see the comparison. Rimas couldn't sail, and the boat needed work and it was a poor choice for the "adventure" but at least the boat could theoretically sail. The FH on the other hand................
  7. I would think so. The existing vid is edited so we know there are some missing pieces there.
  8. Frayed, that's why we were hoping Jarcher's FOI request turns up something better that that vid. We want to see the carnage.
  9. Yup, the rescue was January 31.
  10. They called the boat the Flying Hawaiin. Maybe that's the problem.
  11. Frayed, go to page 115. The CG vids are there but they are disappointing.
  12. The sagging deck issue was noticed just about immediately after launch. It was discussed here (too) much. Ditto on the splayed out hulls.
  13. HR posted his number here and invited anyone to call him. I did and posted the results of that conversation and was immediately accused of being a tool. I put up a pic of my phone that showed I had called HR and everybody quieted down. This was about 2 years ago. I didn't save his number but if you want to call him then you need to go waaaaay back in this thread to get it. BTW He told me then that he used 1000 gallons of epoxy so that's where we got that.
  14. I'll bet a dollar there was no insurance.
  15. Lilmurray was last active on SA Feb 1, 2015.