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  1. slap

    V-berth anarchy

    Years ago when we were looking at boats I watched my wife crawl into one of those high off the floor V-berths. A reasonable height V-berth became a requirement after that. Our current boat has a V-berth that is 1" higher than the settees. Easy to get in and out of, and the headroom in the berth is excellent.
  2. slap

    The Future of Propulsion

    A 32 HP diesel engine mated to a minimalist roadster, getting 100mpg at 45-55 mph. Meets no emission standards and few safety standards.
  3. slap

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    This is the video Trump re-tweeted.
  4. slap

    Will Kevlar Edge be here tomorrow?

    Snaggs outed himself years ago - he accidentally signed a snaggs post using his regular login id.
  5. slap


    Use this instead - it's even rolled:
  6. slap

    The Future of Propulsion

    And if "Future" predictions were accurate, we'd all be driving flying cars.
  7. slap

    The Future of Propulsion

    There are 39 hydrogen refueling stations in the US, all but 4 in California. There are tens of thousands of places that sell diesel in the US. I can stop at a gas station with a diesel can, fill it up, and take it to the boat. You can't do that easily with hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel costs significantly more than diesel. 9600 BTU/dollar vs 55600 BTU/dollar. A hydrogen fuel cell / tank / motor is more expensive than a diesel engine setup. I can work on my diesel; if it is beyond me I can easily find someone to work on it. How easy is it to find a hydrogen fuel cell technician? You need a big freaking tank for the hydrogen - the tank is 5 to 10 times the size of the diesel tank (for equivalent BTUs, a hydrogen tank at 5000 psi has to be 9.5 times the size of a diesel tank, but a hydrogen fuel cell is more efficient). Since there are few places that sell hydrogen, you need a big tank to make it between fill ups..... Speaking of axioms, there is one that says something to the effect of "Early adapters are often left hanging".
  8. slap

    Looking for a new watch...

    Too busy. You want a watch that gives you the information instantly even in difficult viewing conditions.
  9. slap

    Floriduh Man

  10. slap


    $450?? Link says $1,650!! I just checked - The link gave a price of $1,165.00 in the "cotton" color. But it's only $672 on Amazon.
  11. slap

    What happened to Willin's Thread of crazy?

    Soooo, is he trying to get back what he paid, or is he hoping to make a profit?
  12. slap

    Used Car Anarchy

    About 5-6 years ago I started looking for a small convertible. Liked the idea of the folding hardtop roof. So I spent some time in SLK and Z4 forums and learned that when you have problems with the top you end up going to a dealer. Then I switched over to the Miata forum - far fewer problems with the folding roof (Powered Retractable Hard Top - PRHT) and the major complaint, squeaks, could be easily fixed with a couple of pieces of electrical tape every few months. And the top doesn't intrude into the trunk. So I bought one four years ago and the top has worked perfectly.
  13. Damn, except for the tiller I was going to suggest a J/32. At least the cockpit layout is well done for a wheel.
  14. slap

    Colregs ignorance