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  1. slap

    LONQR 2

  2. slap

    How to improve the NBA

    That and relegation would devastate the value of their multi billion dollar franchise is why it won't happen.
  3. slap

    Extended Warranty Phone Solicitations

    After getting three calls on my cellphone today I started thinking..... I rarely give my cell number to businesses and just give them our home phone number. Yet most of the warranty calls come to my cell phone and not the home phone. Except when I bought the car I gave them my cell number. So I wonder if the dealer or manufacturer sold the information.
  4. So you’ll stick around for a baseball game? That doesn’t make sense. I think you missed the "etc" in his post.
  5. slap

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    If it's 50F or warmer and not raining it's top down weather.
  6. slap

    How to improve the NBA

    I don't think you will ever see any major US sports league shift to a promotion/relegation system - there are too many downsides for the owners. Even MLS didn't try to do it.
  7. slap

    Extended Warranty Phone Solicitations

    Sometimes I tell them that since we are on the Federal "Do Not Call" list they are breaking the law by calling me, and why would I want to do business with a company that breaks the law?
  8. slap

    LONQR 2

    Their pizzas are infested with large orange maggots?
  9. slap

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Considering how organized the poster is it's surprising that some basic details are left out - like what boat it is, what year was it built, hull / deck materials (probably fiberglass), etc.
  10. slap

    New sail order headache

    When I got my Nordac 3di main it was the same price as the Nordac radial cut. A few months later they raised the price.
  11. slap

    NFL 2020

    Someone made an edit to this wikipedia page during the Browns-Steelers game: The edits have now been removed.
  12. slap

    Ted Cruz, Cunt

  13. slap

    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    And if they still exist what condition are they in? Where would they build the boats - ship the molds to France? Even if the molds still exist it might make more sense to come out with a new design. A new design has the advantage of being targeted at the current market and wouldn't be directly competing with a used J/100.
  14. slap

    Coolboats to admire

    Bow is wrong, forestay isn't far enough back, and there doesn't look like there is room under the cover for the little cabin trunk that's on the IOD.