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  1. slap

    Ultimate cruising boat?

    How about the hull shape:
  2. slap

    New Al mast budget 36' full keel cruiser

    I assume it's a typo on the J measurement.
  3. slap


    I had a GSD as a kid. When salesmen would come to the door, he would stand there next to my mother, nice and quiet. Once the salesman had finished their spiel Mom would say "no" to them and my dog would go into full combat mode. We never had to deal with pushy salesmen - they would leave quickly.
  4. slap

    CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    Assuming that Hurricane Florence doesn't damage the Pacific Seacraft Factory and surrounding area - I get the impression that much of the land around there is fairly low and the storm surge could be devastating.
  5. slap


    My Deerhounds used to do that. I assumed it was a "thanks for the food" moment.
  6. slap

    Worst Sportman of the Year

    From From And Serena's coach wasn't the only one called for coaching during a match at this US Open: Penalized for breaking a racquet: And from the rule book: Calling Ramos a thief and liar is an insinuation that he is dishonest.
  7. slap

    Show your boat not sailing

    Current boat (J/32) right after the sea trial last year.
  8. slap


    It's GEICO insurance, sold through Boat/US. What would you expect?
  9. slap

    Worst Sportman of the Year

    Not forgotten - and not allowed anymore. McEnroe was fined quite a bit, and was even thrown out of the Australian Open.
  10. slap

    Show your boat sailing thread

    CL's last boat had in-mast. So he's movin' on up!
  11. slap

    Help me choose my next boat

    Finding cruiser or racer/cruiser boats 30 feet long and over with tiller steering in the US is tough, especially if you are looking at newer boats.
  12. slap

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    You're forgetting that the water is full of "Sharks".
  13. slap

    Sailors Arrested for Drinking

    It was in Floriduh - that's the state sport.
  14. slap

    Slow news day