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  1. You can still get parts for an Atomic 4. Some old diesels? Not so much.....
  2. I wonder how many of us have now looked at our water heaters wondering what it would take to get it out. I know I have.
  3. I'm 6 feet tall, and easily fit in my Miata. Miata Is Always The Answer
  4. Are you saying you look like Proa? Snags is a Ninja Wordsmith .....
  5. That's a nice looking boat. What is she?
  6. To can outrun a hurricane with a 4KNSB - but you need a big enough aircraft for it.
  7. I'd dump the rig and increase the engine sizes. It rarely will be used as a sailboat, and you save the cost of the rig.
  8. Got to love the irony...........
  9. Nice ride - but, a bit closer to $40-50K than $8k. Pontiac Tempest convertibles are a lot cheaper. Here's one for $12.5K: \ https://bringatrailer.com/2011/06/07/black-plate-bargain-1965-pontiac-tempest-convertible/ I've heard of people taking Pontiac Tempest convertibles and putting on GTO badges.
  10. Proa has given out his real name over at multihull anarchy - in the thread titled "Jim brown". Plus, he listed his website "www.josephoster.com" in his profile. So he outed himself. What's funny is that in one of the threads in multihull anarchy someone called Proa a bully. The irony.......
  11. Higher booms can be a PITA if you are trying to get a sail cover on it. My boom is about 6'-2" above the cockpit sole, so putting the sail cover on while standing on the cockpit seats is fairly easy for me. Since you have a roller furling boom it isn't a concern for you.
  12. Earthquakes.
  13. RKoch - I hope you also survive with little or no damage.
  14. I drive a 3rd gen. And have thought about a trailer.