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  1. Every generation of Americans seems to be less physically capable than the generation that proceeded it. Over 2/3rds of US high school seniors today can't even meet the minimum physical standards for military enlistment. Those kids will NEVER take up active sports. Millennials may go hiking but they won't get very far from the parking lot.
  2. Parade Route

    One thing is certain... San Francisco was wise to not ante up the money to host a second time. Let Auckland taxpayers subsidize the global billionaires next time.
  3. In other news, researchers at a major university have found that people who boast about being pool shitters never get invited to pool parties.
  4. There's a Garrison Keillor monologue about an incident like this on Lake Woebegon: Pastor Ingqvist is out on his pontoon boat with a group of people from his parish, somebody used way too much lighter fluid on the charcoal grill so everybody retreated to the other side of the boat, etc.
  5. Respect to bottom scubbers, they earn it

    Seriously? Let me guess, you just got your third PADI patch and now you're a grizzled vet? Ice diving is a hard overhead environment. Cave diving is a hard overhead environment. Penetrating 100 feet into a shipwreck is a hard overhead environment. Ducking underneath a sailboat is an open water dive.
  6. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    The back end reminds me of the Britton Chance 12 meter Mariner. As Ted Turner said, "Jesus, Britt... even turds are tapered".
  7. My newest project

    Yes, I'd say James know from an early age how to go to sea in style
  8. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    As built, any yacht from the great yards like Herreshoff or Nevins or Lawley or Fife would have any visible screws clocked and that's how it's done today at Feadship or Abeking & Rasmussen. Anyhow you'd never leave a screw too loose and tightening the quarter or half turn that it would take to get it perfect isn't going to cause a problem with crushed wood fibers. Worst case, once in a great while you might need to back a screw out and start it over so it lines up in a different position. It's a standard of work, like mirroring the grain patterns in opposing planks or matching the color and grain alignment of the bung to the plank. It has little impact on the final utility of the product but if you don't do it, it's just really visibly not a top level job.
  9. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Two different people's work here... the person who installed the dark colored center trim took the time to align the slots in the screws all in the same direction. Nice attention to detail.
  10. Bull rails are fine, once you learn to tie a proper knot. As far as the trip hazard, in the words of Arthur Ransome "If not duffers won't drown, if duffers better drowned",
  11. Ahh, Lake Erie...

    relative wave height descriptions... 15 foot Lake Erie = 10 feet on the east coast = 6 feet on the west coast = 3 feet Hawaiian.
  12. http://www.formerbases.com/cal_no_treasureisland_history.htm Developers asking for public money/subsidy to develop a private marina for mega-yachts on public property... what's in it for the taxpayers?
  13. The pure physical beauty of a Westerly Centaur

    Dagger board boats are fine for lakes and sheltered waters, sure... but the English Channel or the North Sea? No thanks, not on my dime.
  14. Hull prep mistakes and speed question

    An orbital sander left visible marks in gelcoat? I doubt it. Sounds more like they used an 8" disc sander. Great tool for removing lots of material fast but noobs/the unskilled can do a lot of damage.
  15. Oracle Team USA

    Play a little touch rugby on the beach, go for a sail... it's as nice as any vacation I've ever taken in my life. And some asshole refused the job at $300K a year?