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  1. pipboat

    mike tyson

    Intrepid defended in 1967 and 1970 and came within one race of defending again in 1974. Courageous defended in 1974 and 1977.
  2. pipboat

    Alameda Marina Development Fuckery

    So between three current projects... Alameda Point, Encinal Terminals and Alameda Marina, you're looking at over 2,000 more housing units on the Island.
  3. pipboat

    Team UK

    Serious Q for all those (including the ED) complaining about Ineos money... what do you fuel your car with? Unicorn piss?
  4. pipboat

    Protest at Langkawi Race Week

    So now objecting to displays of white trash behavior is PC? That actually sounds... pretty white trash. Seems to me the RC handled it well, offending party apologizes and everyone moves on.
  5. Every generation of Americans seems to be less physically capable than the generation that proceeded it. Over 2/3rds of US high school seniors today can't even meet the minimum physical standards for military enlistment. Those kids will NEVER take up active sports. Millennials may go hiking but they won't get very far from the parking lot.
  6. pipboat

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    The back end reminds me of the Britton Chance 12 meter Mariner. As Ted Turner said, "Jesus, Britt... even turds are tapered".
  7. pipboat

    My newest project

    Yes, I'd say James know from an early age how to go to sea in style
  8. pipboat

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    As built, any yacht from the great yards like Herreshoff or Nevins or Lawley or Fife would have any visible screws clocked and that's how it's done today at Feadship or Abeking & Rasmussen. Anyhow you'd never leave a screw too loose and tightening the quarter or half turn that it would take to get it perfect isn't going to cause a problem with crushed wood fibers. Worst case, once in a great while you might need to back a screw out and start it over so it lines up in a different position. It's a standard of work, like mirroring the grain patterns in opposing planks or matching the color and grain alignment of the bung to the plank. It has little impact on the final utility of the product but if you don't do it, it's just really visibly not a top level job.
  9. pipboat

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Two different people's work here... the person who installed the dark colored center trim took the time to align the slots in the screws all in the same direction. Nice attention to detail.
  10. Bull rails are fine, once you learn to tie a proper knot. As far as the trip hazard, in the words of Arthur Ransome "If not duffers won't drown, if duffers better drowned",
  11. pipboat

    Oracle Team USA

    Play a little touch rugby on the beach, go for a sail... it's as nice as any vacation I've ever taken in my life. And some asshole refused the job at $300K a year?
  12. pipboat

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Looks like he used 2X4s for the gunnels... And 4x4 PT across the bottom... So at least we now know what Hot Rod has been up to since his home sank. Good lord. Despite all the massive lumber, that looks weak as shit. 2x6s would be far stronger than 4x4s. Spacing is too great, and the ply bottom is carrying the stress on the cross grain. The knees at the chine are almost worthless. Yea, this POS was put together by HotRod's meth head cousin. For a work boat you'd want to double down on the floor thickness and remove the frames completely. Puts the weight down low and opens up the interior, the last thing you want is a bunch of frames to trip over, collect debris, trap fresh water and make your life more difficult. I'd propose the Bolger Clam Skiff as an example of how to do a work skiff right.
  13. pipboat

    Oracle Team USA

    Additionally, to qualify as a seaman under the Jones Act, a maritime worker must have spent 30% of his career aboard a vessel in navigable waters. That's an awful lot of sailing for a professional racing sailor. The Jones Act is supposed to apply to merchant seamen engaged in coastal shipping, I think this gent is going to have a hard time making a case that a $25K a month sailing athlete is a merchant seaman.
  14. You certainly are a sanctimonius cunt, aren't you? With assholes like you around I can understand why the whole yacht club / white fiberglass sloop scene is dying. She sounds like she's had a pretty rough life but it hasn't made her go out of her way to shit on other people. In that regard you should probably be seeing her as a role model.
  15. The weather has been absolutely ideal, if the FH has any steerage at all they'll be down around Point Arguello-Point Conception calling for a tow in a couple days. I'm betting FH ends up being some SoCal harbormaster's headache by this time next week.