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  1. 1st JPK 11.80 launches

    Drawings I’ve seen show a slab which seems to be the ticket for IRC optimization. I’ve seen some other JPK models with a bulb. IRC focused 10.80 seems to have the slab. I’m guessing the slab is standard but they’ll built you either one. I asked Jean Pierre the same question and am waiting to hear the answer but I’m guessing he’s a bit busy with the launch. If one is not competing in IRC and more concerned with ORR or other rules, would you choose a bulb keel?
  2. 1st JPK 11.80 launches

    JPK says hull #1 will splash on Feb 7th. I'm excited to see how this boat turns out. I've been enamored with the JPK 10.80 and Sunfast 3600 but really looking for something a bit bigger offshore. I'm wondering how this boat will stack up against the J/121. Any other obvious competitors? JPK11.80 - Plan de voilure 171029.pdf
  3. J 121

    PHRF-NB rates a J/122 only 6 seconds slower at 36. I doubt that 30 rating will last. According to the numbers, it's a significantly lighter and stiffer boat.
  4. Bermuda 1-2 2017

    Mine Screaming Meanie just arrived and I think it's a keeper. The 90db mid setting is louder than other timers I've played with and doesn't automatically shut off after 20 seconds. The 120db High setting is ear splitingly loud. Assuming all goes well, I'll be arriving to Newport on the 28th for my safety inspection. See you all there soon...
  5. Couple sleeping in same berth underway?

    Underway double handed? We sleep in shifts while on passage. Only one sleeps at a time until we reach our destination. Then you can "snuggle" all you want... I've seen some double berths that were setup with a lee board in the middle so two people could sleep in one berth without crushing each other. With the movement in offshore waves, I'd think snuggling would be quite uncomfortable.
  6. Bermuda 1-2 2017

    What do you guys use for a sleep alarm? I've heard some use the Watch Commander but the the recreational spec version is not currently in production. I was on the phone with Lunde Electronics and they're only making the $695 Pro model which is designed for watch keeping on big ships. I love the concept of the two stage alarm that stays on until cancelled and then automatically repeats. For double handed sailing when exhausted and on watch I've used the loudest manual kitchen timer I could find but they don't ring for very long. Anyone find a good interval timer or ios app that will do the trick and make enough noise? I've ordered a $30 trucker alarm/timer called the Screaming Meanie 220. It's supposed to be an ear shattering 120db but lacks the automatic repeatability that I'd prefer.
  7. Opinions on Alerion Express 38-1

    I thought the Alerion doesn't have full standing headroom. With a low freeboard, you can only raise the cabin top so far before it all looks out of proportion. Best to get onboard and double check. I was hot for the J/124 until I got on one and experienced the limited 5'8? headroom. Their giant mainsails and tiny jibs look a bit awkward to me but I still think the Alerion is a pretty boat. But they don't look as good when rigged with a dodger. Since I like sun and spray protection, I'm only interested in a boat if she still looks good when the canvas is up.
  8. Bermuda 1-2 2017

    Looks like we now have 34 signed up! Do any of you 1-2 veterans have recommendations on how to manage sleep for the solo leg? Any useful links or articles? Do you nap in the cockpit or always head below? What's the longest block of sleep you'll allow yourself when things are calm? Are you using alarms on AIS, radar and wind angle or heading changes? The longest I've gone without help was the first 2.5 days from the Azores to Portugal when my girlfriend was horribly seasick. I napped in the cockpit and really just toughed my way through it without ever sleeping for more than 15 minutes at a time. But I don't think that will be a successful strategy for the 1-2.
  9. Just...What. The. F---

    The majority has spoken...stupidity is what they want and have given over the helm of the ship of state to a buffoon. Where's the like button?
  10. Rudders

    Too bad there's no such thing as clear antifouling paint. This looks too pretty to cover up! I think you're gonna enjoy the speed boost.
  11. new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Congrats!! How far out are they booked?
  12. J 121

    I asked for some specs since they're not listed. Was told these are subject to change... She's only 0.4' wider than the 122. Considering the modern ocean racer premise, I figured that she'd be wider. LOA - 40' LWL - 35.78' Beam - 12.3' DISP - 11.500lbs DRAFT - 7.8'
  13. My Last Post; Good Bye

    It's been fun, have fun in your bubble. P.S. It's not going to improve. Shit has just started to hit the fan. Couldn't agree more... The toilet has just begun to flush. Gonna enjoy watching it circle the drain. #notmypresident
  14. New boat construction - JPK 38 FC

    When does she launch? Looking forward to more pictures and review.