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  1. squiby

    275N Deckvest

    When you assume... The back strap is shortened as far as it can go. That did help but doesn't solve the issue when wearing fowl weather gear and using it offshore, short handed and days in a row. That may be shoulder soreness causing tension in my neck rather than it directly my neck. The muscles do extend. Regardless, I wouldn't want to add another 300 grams.
  2. From the latest NOR Amendment at the end of April. http://bermudarace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/18NoR-v6-4-28-18.pdf I thought this was already settled in NOR Amendment #1, but it seems they wanted to clarify it further. 2.2 b. RRS 41, OUTSIDE HELP, will be changed to add (permit): “(e) Help in the form of information freely available to all boats even if that information is only accessible at a cost. However, such ‘at a cost’ help shall not include private forecast or tactical advice or information customized for a particular boat or group of boats and/or her/their situation.” = PW gribs are ok. PW routing is not.
  3. squiby

    275N Deckvest

    What's the boat? I did the 1-2 last year and DH division of the Bermuda race in 2016. Gearing up for another "thrash to the onion patch" in June. Might be nice to take a year off from prepping my own boat but it would depend on finding an interesting and well prepped ride. I've got two 170 5D Deckvests onboard Yankee Girl with both the MOB1 and PLB1 packed inside. An AIS SART like the Ocean Signal MOB1 became a requirement for this year's NBR. The Deckvest 5D 170 is more comfortable than most inflatable PFDs I've worn. But after several days of short handed racing, they're quite noticeable. The 275 version is an extra 300grams hanging on your neck, almost a 25% increase. I'm looking forward to a consumer version of the VOR Deckvest. Rumor has a version of it possibly available to the public in the fall.
  4. squiby

    J 121

    I saw a youtube video of Jackhammer and it's fixed sprit. They're using it for a Flying Jib as well as the Code 0 flown from the short, fixed sprit. When do you think they'd use the Flying Jib? It appears to be sheeted inboard but I can see a fair bit of leech sag above the furling drum. I can't imagine it will point as high as the J1. Is it only for close reaching that's a bit tighter than the code zero can go? Would it be sized to the same LP and area as the J1 to avoid a ratings adjustment?
  5. squiby

    EPIRB, SART & PLB update 2018

    The NKE pilot remote will automatically send the boat head to wind or put the rudder hard over if you set into "solo mode" and the remote becomes separated from the boat. I have no personal experience with it but like the concept. I added a bluetooth pilot remote to my H5000 system last year. It's great to have some pilot control when I'm solo and at the mast reefing or hoisting the kite. But I doubt it would help if I went overboard. https://www.nke-marine-electronics.com/project/gyropilote-remote-control-transmitter/ I raced in the Bermuda 1-2 last year, the double handed division of the Bermuda Race in 2016 and am signed up for another round this year. I have both the PLB1 and MOB1 from Ocean Signal in both Spinlock 5D Deckvests that we use for DH racing. When I bought them, they were the smallest of each type available. I'm not sure if any newer offerings have gotten even smaller. But these are small enough to not cause problems for 4-5 day offshore races. A combined unit would be even better. The Bermuda Race is requiring an AIS SART like the PLB1 for the 2018 edition. For DH racing, we are often doing solo watch. If it works properly, the PLB1, it will set off the DSC alarm on the VHF and alert my off watch crew. But our rule is to always stay tethered when on deck for solo watch.
  6. Lono I was looking through my old copy of the 2016 Bermuda Race "Crew List" magazine. I saw an ad at the end for Sailfast LLC. Going to the site I found an affordable routing program priced at $269. I have Expedition and will continue to use it. But this may be a good alternative for significantly less money. http://www.sailfastllc.com/Default From their FAQ page "How does SailFast compare to other routing programs? If you have investigated other software packages you know that there are various products available that will do optimized routing. In general all the top end programs employ polars and compute isochrones to find the fastest route. Some programs were initially developed as racing innovations with America's Cup contenders while others added routing as an optional feature to navigation and charting suites. When you look at pricing you should find that SailFast is only 20-50% the cost of alternatives. If your need is optimized routing for offshore racing and you don't need the other bells and whistles, SailFast is a great choice."
  7. We don't see this the same way. The predict wind (or squid) routing is not done by "those not on the yacht." It's done by a computer program but remotely instead of a computer program on your boat. There is no human interpretation. I see no arms race there. Expedition is the arms race, not the relatively affordable routing from PW or squid. And if I want European model gribs, I'm still going to be spending money for a subscription with one of these companies even if I can't use the routing feature. So I think this rule change is a mistake that widens the gap between the Expedition haves and have nots.
  8. PW routing is generated shoreside by computer from raw grib data instead of generated by Expedition with raw grib data on my boat. This was recognized and allowed in the past. I wonder why they've changed their minds. Commanders Weather and other onshore routers are taking data and then giving you a human interpretation of it. There is no human interpretation of the raw grib data for PW routing and it's available to all for a relatively modest subscription price. I consider it MORE accessible to the public as it's much cheaper than buying a copy of Expedition and then setting up your computer to connect to the boats instrument data. I use Expedition and time and money I've invested to connect, learn the program, calibrate the instruments and polars etc.. is extensive. If Expedition route optimization is allowed, I see no reason why this isn't. Grib files from PW, Ocens and Tidetech are all subscription services and allowed in the race. Semantic argument in my opinion. I might enjoy the race more if Expedition and grib data were no longer allowed too. I'd be fine with just the macro scale, synoptic charts for safety purposes. Sorry for the thread drift... Any cheaper routing software than Expedition out there? Not for me but for the OP.
  9. Race committee has amended the rules and the routing info from Predict Wind is no longer allowed during the race. This does not make sense to me as there is no interpretation of the data, only a computer model crunching the info. This seems no different than downloading the gribs to my laptop and crunching it with Expedition. In fact I think it is much more accessible to the public because it's far cheaper and easier to use than Expedition. But that is the new rule... http://bermudarace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Amendment-1.pdf
  10. squiby

    Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    I've sailed neither boat but walked on both. The 3200 is spartan but surprising large inside. How important is the greater cruising comfort of the 109? Early 109s didn't have enough standing headroom. At some point during production, J Boats lowered the floorboards to gain headroom but this did expose a small amount of the keel grid. I've looked at a lot of used J Boats (109, 120, 122) and I've rarely seen an interior in good conditions. I'm not sure how much of this is the quality of construction vs the "use it hard and put away wet" ethos of J Boat owners. But the once pretty, now beat up, wooden interiors always look a bit sad to me. Maybe the sparse white interior of the 3200 will age better? I like the big, open cockpit of the 3200 but it only really matters when you have more crew aboard. The layout on the J allows you to steer from beside or ahead of the wheel where you won't feel trapped behind it. I almost never stand behind a wheel to drive. These days I do solo and DH offshore racing and coastal cruising with the GF. My next boat will be stiffer and not have overlapping headsails which would push me to the 3200. I think the J/109 is not as stiff and would need more weight on the rail or an earlier reef. It has inboard chainplates and overlapping headsails for light air. But for light air med sailing this may be less of an issue. When the light Med airs change from famine to feast, both boats will be well reefed down. Off the wind, the greater hull form stability and twin rudder should allow you to push it harder and faster before overwhelming the crew or autopilot. Clearly I lean towards the 3200 but the light airs of your local area or family cruising amenities could push you in the other direction. For EUR 109k this X-34 is well equipped and, to me, a more appealing cruiser than a J/109. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2009/X-Yachts-X-34-3129668/Alicante%2C-Medit.-Sea/Spain?refSource=standard listing#.WrvApZMbMWo
  11. squiby

    1st JPK 11.80 launches

    Drawings I’ve seen show a slab which seems to be the ticket for IRC optimization. I’ve seen some other JPK models with a bulb. IRC focused 10.80 seems to have the slab. I’m guessing the slab is standard but they’ll built you either one. I asked Jean Pierre the same question and am waiting to hear the answer but I’m guessing he’s a bit busy with the launch. If one is not competing in IRC and more concerned with ORR or other rules, would you choose a bulb keel?
  12. squiby

    1st JPK 11.80 launches

    JPK says hull #1 will splash on Feb 7th. I'm excited to see how this boat turns out. I've been enamored with the JPK 10.80 and Sunfast 3600 but really looking for something a bit bigger offshore. I'm wondering how this boat will stack up against the J/121. Any other obvious competitors? JPK11.80 - Plan de voilure 171029.pdf
  13. squiby

    J 121

    PHRF-NB rates a J/122 only 6 seconds slower at 36. I doubt that 30 rating will last. According to the numbers, it's a significantly lighter and stiffer boat.
  14. squiby

    Bermuda 1-2 2017

    Mine Screaming Meanie just arrived and I think it's a keeper. The 90db mid setting is louder than other timers I've played with and doesn't automatically shut off after 20 seconds. The 120db High setting is ear splitingly loud. Assuming all goes well, I'll be arriving to Newport on the 28th for my safety inspection. See you all there soon...