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  1. squiby

    J/122 clutch upgrades

    I used the ronstan constrictors briefly on a Black Pepper Code 2 for a delivery from Brittany to the Canaries last year but found them problematic. They were slipping but the loads were much higher on that boat than on my 122. I'm also a bit concerned about the constrictors as they're sold for a particular line diameter in millimeters and there's a lot of potential for variation in line diameters, especially as they age. The lines on my boat are a variety of vintage and manufacturer so sizing doesn't perfectly match the ronstan specs. But it looks like you can swap out the socks once worn or incorrectly sized? If a line was slipping with one diameter sock, can you step down to the next size smaller sock to solve it? What other tweaking or maintenance is required? If the price wasn't so prohibitive I'd lean towards a bunch of XXB clutches for simplicity and forgiveness of line diameter variation. But considering the weight and price savings, maybe the constrictors are worth learning. J92S, your dad came up to say hello in Vineyard Haven harbor last summer while cruising the US east coast. The boat still had evidence of it's Scottish provenance on the transom. Your parents then came out for a fun sail. I'd only had the boat for a few weeks at that point so it was good to have some experienced 122 sailors aboard. Hopefully they're enjoying some warm weather sailing in the Caribbean for the winter.
  2. squiby

    J/122 clutch upgrades

    I've never used jammers. Why do you prefer it over a clutch? Is there a brand or model you like?
  3. squiby

    J/122 clutch upgrades

    I picked up used J/122e last summer and am slowly addressing some of the problems. The boat came with Antal V-Grip 10-12 clutches and they don’t cut it. I have to leave the main and jib halyards on winches as soon as the wind is over 8kts. The cams are clean and not worn out with properly sized lines. The Antals are rated at only 500kg holding power which is less than half of the load rating for the Spinlock XCS or XTS that seem to have come standard on most J/122s. But I’ve seen pics of some raced 122s with upgraded Spinlock XXA or XXB clutches on the cabin top. Anyone know if the XXA will handle the halyard loads? Or should I step all the way up to XXB? I’m adding a code zero to the inventory so I may also need a high load clutch for one of my spin halyards and the tack line. For the other cabin top lines I’ve been considering the newer XTR clutches. Like the XX but unlike the older XTS/XCS, the XTRs don’t have to be removed from the cabin top to remove the cams for service or replacement. Anyone go through the upgrade process and able to share some feedback?
  4. squiby

    J/111 staysail

    I’m adding a furling J/4 to my 122 for shorthanded offshore sailing. Lots of work to make an upwind capable setup. The staysails JL92S mention won’t need as much luff tension and should be easier/cheaper to rig.
  5. It worked better than anything else I tried. I had the only version they made at the time which is the ultrasonic one. If you were right next to it, you could hear when it was on. I don’t think a neighbor would hear it. When you’re onboard, you can press a button to turn it off. I removed them when sailing.
  6. My boat was the widest boat in the mooring field (in Menemsha pond) and the cormorants loved it. After multiple attempts to keep the birds away from my Corsair F-28R, this was the only thing that came close to working. They now have a more expensive option that mimics predatory bird sounds but my experience is with the original, more basic model and it was the most successful thing I tried. My boat poop was 90+% diminished after adding one to the bow another to the stern pulpit of my trimaran. Good luck! https://www.deck-guard.com/buy-now
  7. squiby

    J/122 Inner forestay

    Moster, what was your eventual solution? I also race short handed and am looking for a similar solution. J Boats said the bulkhead aft of the anchor locker would need to be reinforced to handle the loads of a properly tensioned upwind J/4. I’d love to have a setup similar to the J/121 but it may be cost prohibitive.
  8. I was out on Block Island sound during the incident and could hear some of the USCG side of the VHF conversation with Sarah. At the time, I did not know it was a Solo Twin competitor or that it was "Lithium" related. It definitely could have been something other than the house bank. I have no info other than what was listed on the solo twin website. Happy to hear that help was nearby and everyone was ok. This is from the Solo Twin site: 7/26 1900 – The fire on Sarah has been put out (I think by the Newport fire boat), Todd and Greg reboarded Sarah and SeaTow towed them back to Warwick. They are fine. Boats are reporting in rounding both 1BI and the Southwest BI buoy. Beautiful conditions. 7/26 1400 – reports came in that Sarah had turned back then that smoke was coming out of the boat. Some power boats were around and picked the crew off the boat. There was an lithium fire on board. The coast guard were present as well as Sea Tow. All is ok.
  9. The boat I raced in this years Marblehead to Halifax Race had a 2016 Mastervolt Li setup. A switchable, 2nd alternator allowed us to charge at 230amps at 12v. I loved the high acceptance rate and minimal charging time. It may have been an expensive setup but the benefits were obvious. Fast forward to last weekend... The J/121 named Sarah in the NE Solo Twin race had a Li fire. I've not been able to get any additional info about cause, chemistry or battery manufacturer. I have certainly heard of other Li fires but this one feels closer to home, especially as I had been researching for my own Li upgrade. Anyone have additional details about this incident? https://www.newportyachtclub.org/sailing/offshore/new-england-solo-twin/
  10. squiby

    What's your preferred wind app for iPhone?

    I more than don't mind windy.com. They're no longer windy.tv except in legacy. I love the animated graphics! So much easier to understand and see it evolve. I wish Expedition could do this for me offshore. And there is an app.
  11. squiby

    B&G H5000 Heel Correction

    I've generally heard negative things about the ultrasonic sensors. Are you happy with yours? What model is it? I would love to get rid of the paddlewheel. I have to pull it out every time I get off the boat or it'll be fouled with small critters within a day two.
  12. squiby

    sail lofts RI and CT

    The Morris Justine 36 I sold last year came with Z-Sails and they’ve made every sail for her since splashing in 1990. They built me a number of sails during my ownership of the boat and I credit much of our success to their product. Chris Wentz was a wealth of knowledge and a super nice guy. After his passing, the Zalenski brothers built me a new A-5 for the 2018 Bermuda Race with very little lead time. It was an awesome sail that I used a lot last year before selling the boat. They are still making great sails! Zachary Lee Former owner of Yankee Girl - USA 42899
  13. squiby

    Sun Fast 3300

    More than likely “quite something” of a calibration issue on a brand new boat.
  14. squiby

    Schock 40 - shockingly easy and fun.

    Perhaps because you've had one too many Concussions... Will I see you in Bermuda this June? Gonna be ready for solo offshore in this racehorse?
  15. squiby

    J 121

    I saw a youtube video of Jackhammer and it's fixed sprit. They're using it for a Flying Jib as well as the Code 0 flown from the short, fixed sprit. When do you think they'd use the Flying Jib? It appears to be sheeted inboard but I can see a fair bit of leech sag above the furling drum. I can't imagine it will point as high as the J1. Is it only for close reaching that's a bit tighter than the code zero can go? Would it be sized to the same LP and area as the J1 to avoid a ratings adjustment?