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  1. goob

    What's at your bird feeder?

    Had to pull my feeders, a Coopers Hawk was using it as a buffet, and the Mrs didn't like seeing it eating finches on the back fence. Sorry no pics
  2. I had a 73 Chevy van to tow my Star back in the 80's and that was the only automatic I have owned. My 70 Ghia was an auto stick, but I have since dropped a 4 speed in it, much more fun to drive. There is a facebook page I believe something like save our 4 speed or something like that.
  3. goob

    Cruising the coast of Poland

    Thanks for the comments and info
  4. Hi can anyone share some insight to cruising the coast of Poland in august? Trying to decide if I will join a friend for a week.
  5. goob

    Booze. Whatcha drinking

    my nickles worth. Washington is doing some great small batch stuff. Dry Fly gin and vodka make great martinis. Heritage in Gig Harbor has a nice double barrel bourbon. Went well in the aged egg nog I made for Christmas. Still have a bit left gets better the longer it sits.