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  1. hot rod hired a crew of actors with what was left of his mother social security money and has posted the video to youtube and has stated that "the portrayal of the video is EXAXTLY what happend in my mind".
  2. Can't be real. Gotta be a sock puppet posting that as a joke. I could beat his delivery time and turn the 3-5 days into 3-5 hours and that would include paint....plans, there really are plans for that boat? The stuff you can find on Craig's list.
  3. This is better than honey boo boo.... Holy shit! This is real...rofl
  4. would a headlight on a harley suffice as a steaming light?
  5. He is going 3 miles out so he can pump overboard legally.
  6. Where is that going to sink? I really would like to see the future of this boat.
  7. I'm worried if the collective knowledge on this forum can't see that the Harley is on the back as ****movable ballast!**** The fh is built to a "practical" standard.
  8. UPDATE: His boat will sink. He did it wrong. He looked at thousands of boats. Had he looked at thousands of tits on the internet, he would have realized silicone floats and he was building in the wrong material. I just did my research and figured I should share the knowledge.
  9. Speaking of photos, if you have read the forum for a long time, you know what to do next. photo and boat make/model added! Ahem... See you are making the same mistake as Hotrod, Comprehension is key Sorry about that. I really f'ed up! Here you go(pic added). Please accept the tits as my apologies. Don't know how I could have forgot to give my opinion on Hotrod's boat. I'm following to see what happens when this thing leaves the marina. Should be a show!
  10. Speaking of photos, if you have read the forum for a long time, you know what to do next. photo and boat make/model added!
  11. I have read this forum for a long time. Never joined until recently. I signed up just to be able to see the photos on this thread.