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  1. Ok, just realised that if I shorten the mast the mast pin will not line up with the holes in the tabernacle.
  2. Also, instead of welding a patch onto the bottom of the spare mast, would it be ok to just cut an inch off the bottom of it instead? The gooseneck attaches with a slide that can be moved up and down so I feel like there's room to manoeuvre? Is there something I'm not thinking of here that would make that a very bad idea?
  3. I'm think of just filling the cockpit and forward buoyancy tank ( not at the same time) with a hose and see where the water leaks out the bottom. This seem like a sound plan?
  4. Thanks, is the fiddle block rigged to a bridle or is it fixed/ on a traveller?
  5. Thanks, I ended up buying the double blocks with no cleat and rigging it 2:1 to see how difficult it was. Sailed from Barra to Eriskay and back in about 5 hrs. Was fine apart from a sore arse from sitting on the side decks. I've ended up buying single blocks and I'll return the doubles. I had an annoying discovery that the boat is taking on water in the cockpit and probably in the front buoyancy tank (maybe a leaky bung), I figure I'll remove and reseal the ss keel binding thingies and the self bailers. But then when towing the boat mast up my brother drove into overhead power lines and bent the mast beyond repair. Great. So that was a colossal waste of money. I have a different mast that has flared out at the bottom, gonna see if I get a local welder to put a patch on the bottom of it and switch over all of the fittings/ spreaders etc and get the boat out again next summer. I honestly feel like just setting the fecking thing on fire and buying a new boat.
  6. Thanks, I'm gonna give the 4:1 set up ago first. I'll post the results when I get the blocks in the post.
  7. Hmm, ok, thanks. I was thinking that cam-cleat not being fixed to the boat could cause issues with uncleating it quickly. I'll just drop this idea. How about double blocks then to increase the ratios? Like THIS connected to the bridle and THIS connected to the boom? With the sheet in my hand coming-out of the one connected to the traveller. That's 4:1, yeah? Could you foresee issues with it jamming at the least convenient of times?
  8. Hello, I just bought a mk2 wayfarer and it is lacking a mainsheet set-up. It has a bridle on the back and no swivel cam-cleat in the centre position, so was obviously transom sheeted in the past. I don't really want to spend the extra cash setting it up for centre sheeted and also I like the idea of having it transom sheeted so that there is more space to move around in the boat. Having said that I've never sailed a transom sheeted dinghy before and it worries me that it's significantly weirder/ more awkward to sail than centre sheeted? The boat will be used exclusively for coastal cruising in the north of Scotland if that makes any difference. What are my best options for a cheap and decent set up? In my mind I feel like this could work: Set the boat up the same as THIS one in this link but use THIS 8mm rope and THIS cam-cleat. Feasible?