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  1. garuda3

    DTS T Boone

    T. Boone Pickens, the ‘Oracle of Oil,’ corporate raider and billionaire philanthropist, dies at 91 T. Boone Pickens was a wildcatter, corporate raider, hedge fund founder and billionaire philanthropist. He also pursued clean energy solutions with wind power and natural gas.
  2. garuda3

    Is Capitalism to Blame for Homelessness?

    If Exxon gets billions what is it, GREED! and if Christ was a capitalist what company was he a CEO of? and didn't he kick the bankers and brokers out of temples, feed the hungry ( food stamps )and healed the sick ( medicare) , if that's not socailism what is ? ARGO............
  3. garuda3

    Shave..electric vs razor

    Sharks would follow the boat when I used a razor , so I went electric and their gone?
  4. garuda3

    Is Capitalism to Blame for Homelessness?

    The greatest country in the world , and as Trump/Kudlow say the grearest economy in the world , we should have 0 homeless, and the idea that around 50,000 vets are homeless is really disgusting. But then again we're a nation of Capitalism / greed ! Exxon, annual average of approximately $17 billion in federal and state government subsidies 17 billion could house , feed and health care for a a lot of people ,think that's what Christ would want , but then again Christ was a socialist!
  5. garuda3


    The last time I heard this word was 2006/07 , by Kudlow/CNBC I sold everthing , stocks /house , and retired . so I missed the last bubble / recession/ dep??? so here's the word: head line from CNBC We’ve entered ‘goldilocks’ jobs growth market. History says that’s more bullish than bearish Is this just another stock market con ? Remember buy low / sell high!
  6. garuda3

    Great news no recession

    started new topic GOLDILOCKS
  7. garuda3

    Great news no recession

    Economy doing great as long as we keep printing money, Total U.S. debt including all forms of government, state, local, financial and entitlement liabilities comes close to 2,000% of GDP, according to AB Bernstein.
  8. garuda3

    Climate news

    PIctures : Hudson river Trench, signs closing Miss. beaches for 3 months, Lake O fl, lake Erie
  9. garuda3

    It's Sharpie time again,

    Where's it going ? One who draws the worst prediction get a job at NOAA or in trumps cabinet
  10. garuda3

    4 seconds

    If you have children , grand children or even great grand children , decide what you want to leave them watch this: and pass it on!
  11. garuda3

    Dorain/Alabama WTF

    email NOAA and tell them what you think about their tracking of Dorain and use of the sharpie for Trump!
  12. garuda3

    Dorain/Alabama WTF

    so who do you believe for weather forcasting , Trump with a sharpie /NOAA or the NWS and the computer models that had it right?
  13. garuda3

    Great news no recession

    DJT drinks a lot of Diet Coke, so maybe him and Kudlow have something in common? They both like Coke.
  14. garuda3

    Great news no recession

    Just got some great news from our president , backed up by Goldilocks Kudlow , We're all rich. President Trump: "I don't think we're having a recession. We're doing tremendously well. Our consumers are rich. I gave a tremendous tax cut and they're loaded up with money." 11:15 PM - Aug 18, 2019
  15. garuda3

    Dorain/Alabama WTF

    Those poor people of Alabama, I wonder if trump will give away another boat like he did last time, I have this book, it's hard to read in one sitting, I would tell you the ending but I don't want to spoil it. Looks like he'll be busy this time