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  1. Not for nothing

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    Interesting everyone keeps ringing up southerns, from Ark. Being an X NYer , who where the 2 most powerful people in NYC , that had the goods on everyone, Donnie & Rudy
  2. Not for nothing

    POS found DTS

    same one that got ep, x mayor rudy!
  3. Not for nothing

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    I'm she knows his type already. like some ones father fiqure Iv I wonder if the same guards will watch over her like JE's To the same cell? A federal judge in New Hampshire ordered Ghislaine Maxwell sent to New York City to face charges that she conspired with her longtime friend, the late investor Jeffrey Epstein, to sexually abuse underage girls in the mid-1990s.
  4. Not for nothing

    What's Wrong with the CONfedrate FlAG?

    Did know where to put this so, here goes, The next civil war the north will hands down as southerners are too stupid , and there might too many of them left to wave there loser flag: Alabama college students are throwing 'COVID parties' where they invite infected people and gamble on who gets sick first, officials say
  5. Not for nothing

    Dorain/Alabama WTF

    I hope this nov it ends, and the fact that people believe this moron ,
  6. Not for nothing

    Trump wanted for Murder

    I don't believe in coincidence, but lets connect the dots, The Trump org. was building a tower BAKU , under Ivanka with Mammadov and who worked for him Oh, some general , who gets killed by a us drone, ? sounds like a hit to me! All this aroused the suspicions of New Yorker reporter Adam Davidson, who went to Baku and investigated the deal for three months. What he found was a barrel of worms, involving money laundering and links with Iran's Revolutionary Guard, which revolved around Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov. Billionaire Minister Mammadov and his son Anar were heavily involved in the Trump deal and had also awarded multimillion-dollar contracts to Iranian construction company Azarpassillo, whose chairman was Keyumars Darvishi. Darvishi is also the head of Raman, a firm controlled by Iran's Revolutionary guard. The Revolutionary Guard is involved in drug trafficking, sponsoring terrorism abroad and money laundering.
  7. Not for nothing

    Backlash grows against Facebook...

    Zman going down? Companies are continuing to sign onto a Facebook advertising boycott. Chobani, Pfizer and SAP are among the latest.
  8. Not for nothing

    Backlash grows against Facebook...

    The Zman is the antichrist, He'll sell your soul to make a buck, and you give it willingly. The first place divorce lawyers go to find out any wrong doing of a spouse is Fbook. I ban it from my boat years ago, as "friend" were putting shit on it, I came in from day sailing , and some came up to me and said ,see you went sailing with so/so how come I wasn't invited, They got their info from FB. wtf! I love the statement "but I don't do any wrong" well we all do something wrong to someone
  9. Not for nothing

    What's Wrong with the CONfedrate FlAG?

    I would kinda agree with and disagree with your statement, you might be right on the math thing, But on the other hand, Florida closed after spring break , for money reason and again opened too early , again for money, a lot places didn't or haven't followed any on the distance or mask rules, And also we have a trump puppet as governor, The RNC will be held in Jax , That should be fun, another Tulsa? Human decisions , the home grown boys don't follow rules very well, As mentioned the Bars, also the water ways and sand bars were packed today,
  10. POLITICS Trump Needs To ‘Show Empathy’ And ‘Project Strength,’ Says Super PAC Chief First some one would have teach him these words
  11. Not for nothing

    What's Wrong with the CONfedrate FlAG?

    FYI The states that wave the conf flag , have the biggest increase in the virus, I guess you can't fix stupid!, ( except the western states , which weren't in the Civil war) thought Bunker boy said the heat would kill the virus?
  12. Not for nothing

    Less testing??

    So just within the last week Bunker boy , says he doesn't kid when asked about less testing , but he then says it was sarcastic? so how can any on follow a leader that doesn't know what he's saying? or is he totally losing it?
  13. Not for nothing

    The USS Dumb Fuck

    it use to bother me to see these boats on the water , now it just reinforces that , that we have to get him out of office. I think that boat was from jupiter florida , ? I'm to a point I won't shop at any store that has a Bunker Boy 2020, fiqure there losers already.
  14. Not for nothing

    Greatest country in the world

    even if it was a TV show , his speech applied then and is still true today,
  15. Not for nothing

    Trump's wall finally built!

    Problem solved, he's not a ....................... so what is he? Trump will not follow New Jersey coronavirus quarantine order, ‘he’s not a civilian,’ White House says PUBLISHED WED, JUN 24 20204:42 PM EDTUPDATED 2 HOURS AGO