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  1. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I knew I should not have looked at this thread again.
  2. 6 meter Worlds

    Must have been an interesting conversation on the race committee boat. "Well, we got the start of the first race of the Worlds off without a hitch." "Great. Who set the windward marks?" "I thought you did." "Ohh . . ."
  3. 6 meter Worlds

    New Sweden was highly modified as shown in the video. But there is no rule against that.
  4. love is blind

    Scot is on Double Secret Probation.
  5. love is blind

    Perhaps the online entry has not been reviewed by a live person to check it against the list of "deplorables" to be chucked.
  6. Sourcing replacement shackle screw pins

    Sailing Supply in San Diego sells pins for some shackles - but I did not see it on their web site.
  7. I'm not yelling

    I use to teach motorcycle riding in the 90's. The Motorcycle SafetyFoundation course was written by a former military train course instructor. Everything was taught by command. The course worked well for most people but as time went one some people did not like being told what to do. I think it was a generational thing. There were some people that deferred to authority and some people question authority. In the 2000's the course was re-written to make instuction more of a trip of self discovery. No more commands. Instructors initially thought they were more like cheer leaders in the new program and fearful it would be a disaster. As it turned out, the new program worked well. I think you need to know your audience - and unless your crew knows and trusts you, it is unlikely in this age that they will respond well to commands being yelled and being berated. The other thing I have notice is that if you tell someone how to do something, then you are responsible for the result. If you tell someone what result you want, then they have to take responsiblity for the process and how it turns out. An example is how to run spin sheets. You can tell them how to do it or tell them what the result needs to be be - which makes them think about how to do it.
  8. Restore Carbon Fiber Clear Coating

    Haw any one else had good experience with SprayMax 2K Clear? I was thinking of using for a carbon fiber prodder. Also, what clear expoxy would work best for a small job - like addressing the exposed end of the prodder?
  9. Only happens for McGregor owners

    Sadly - not only McGregor owners.
  10. NMEA over Wi-Fi device coming up on Kickstarter

    I signed up to get your updates on the device. I look forward to trying it out as soon as it is offered for sale.
  11. NMEA over Wi-Fi device coming up on Kickstarter

    I was looking for serial to wifi and found this: http://www.usconverters.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=70&products_id=404&gclid=CjwKEAjw6e_IBRDvorfv2Ku79jMSJAAuiv9Ym7Sm2jCNnGtvrtbVmcK3J-ycCILsiRKLVbBTtj5_SRoC8lTw_wcB Do you think this will work?
  12. mondo bondage

    $10,000 bucks? That was the cost of admission before spending the bucks on the restoration and sails. Saying the boat cost $10,000 is a bit misleading and one - of many - of the yard bills probably exceeded $10,000.
  13. Windy Tower Race Santa Barbara 4/8/17

    Inter 20 - Are you the new Janer keeping us current on all things Santa Barbara?
  14. Attaching long shaft 40hp outboard to 26' S2?

    40 hp is really overkill. 9.8 hp Tohatsu/Nissan is what you want. I had a 9.8 on a 32 foot boat in the Delta with no problems. However, I would suggest that you get a good handheld gps or chart plotter and keep an eye on the depths. It is real easy to run aground in the Delta. Also, the winds in the Delta are driven by the temperature difference between SF Bay and the Delta - so mornings are typically glassy in the Delta.
  15. 1 SailBoat, 1 Gas Tank from Ventucky = Blacks Beach

    He might have made San Diego Bay if he cleaned the bottom before leaving Ventura - more speed and more distance.