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  1. Team Subterfuge

    Recoating carbon mast

    Thanks. I'll try the scraping method. Not much to scrape since only 1 foot of the sprit is exposed 24/7. Although it seems that the prior owner tried to extend the clear coat life re-coating with some product that really yellowed - actually, browned.
  2. Team Subterfuge

    Recoating carbon mast

    I am thinking of re-clear coating a carbon fiber sprit. The clear is literally pealing off the sprit - which means there are areas down to carbon. Do I need a clear primer before applying a clear coat? Specifically, what primer if using Awlgrip or other quality marine product?
  3. Team Subterfuge

    Sail or Bail?

    I wondered if it is being sold with a new mast or "as is".
  4. Team Subterfuge

    Sail or Bail?

    Cool video. Looks fast,
  5. Team Subterfuge

    Vangmaster Vang Disassembly

    The owner of Vangmaster is a really great guy and super helpful. He does sail on big boats and if you cannot reach him, he might be out of town sailing.
  6. Team Subterfuge

    Smart Watch

    Your stated requirements seem in opposition - "low end user" wanting a countdown timer and . . . a watch that can make/receive calls without a tethered phone. The solution for a countdown timer is easy and cheap, the watch that can make and receive calls - not so much. I would think any watch that can make/receive calls, you'd be able to download a start timer. Also, if you are already in an apple ecosystem then the Apple Watch is a no-brainer to meet your requirements. One solution is have a dedicated inexpensive (relatively) sailing watch - Timex Ironman or Optimum Time OS Series 12R. If you are looking for more features and a watch with sailing apps, then Fitbit Versa or Garmin Quatix 5. Seems like the big issue with the Apple Watch is battery time but it seems that is only an issue if you have all the features turned on.
  7. Team Subterfuge

    Flying Tiger

    Since no one else has chimed in with a response and photo, I'll give it a try. Sorry, I do not have any photos. 1. Remove both vang blocks near the mast on the cabin top. 2. There are two rods - approximately 3/4" in diameter - with the tri-pod/Bi-pod. Attach the rods with pins at the locations where the vang blocks were previously removed . 3. The Bi-pod has slots cut in each foot. Slide the slot in the Bi-pod feet on the port and starboard chain plates. As I recall there is only one way the bi-pod fits and the Bi-pod should be angle toward the stern. 4. Attach the other end of the rods, described above, to the B-i-pod. The Bi-pod should now be rigid and stable. 5. Attach chain hoist to shackle on Bi-pod. 6. The rest should be obvious. Note: Do not raise the keel more than necessary. It is possible to have the keel bulb against the hull and still have room between the top of the keel and Bi-pod. (Which makes it mechanically possible to try and pull the keel bulb up through the bottom of the boat.) Once raised, the keel can move about in the trunk - fore, aft, and side to side. I would recommend having some foam or other packing to wedge the keel in place. Otherwise, the keel is like a clapper in a bell and can swing about.
  8. Team Subterfuge

    what is it?

    And I thought you were going to comment on the propriety of standing under a boat at the hoist. In this case, it would be two for one drop.
  9. Team Subterfuge

    Boat on the Beach

    The skipper is a Chargers fan. That explains a lot.
  10. Team Subterfuge

    This is going a bit far

    Here is the Encinal Yacht Club bar incorporating a nautical theme At least it is not hanging over your head
  11. Team Subterfuge

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    That seems a little pricey since the WS320 is only $200 more than the 608 wind sensor. Defender has an entire Triton2 bundle with speed, gps, compass, 608 wind sensor, 2 Triton2 displays, and NMEA 2000 starter kit for $1,499 (and I'd swear that it was just $1,399 the other day).
  12. Team Subterfuge

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    Tweeker- You need to be more careful in your use of the quote feature. Your post above contains your comments but makes it appear the comments are from someone else. It is unfair to attribute your drivel to someone else. Your logic is scary as is your need to see that the entire SDYC membership be punished by losing its lease at Catalina Island. By your logic, you are now going to Catalina Island Company to report that some SDYC members have violated F&G regulations because of what has been recently reported in the news, what you observed "a couple of years ago", and you "think this might be an ongoing behavior by a few with privilege ". It is your belief that the privileged few have no fear of being caught because there is a conspiracy among SDYC members not to report violations of F&G regulations. It is your intention to take it upon yourself to rectify this situation by speaking with someone with the Catalina Island Company about SDYC lease "violations" . Apparently, you want the lease terminated to the detriment of the entire SDYC club. Aside from the whining about privileged YC members and the conspiracy and complicity of the entire SDYC membership, don't you think it a bit draconian for SDYC to lose its lease. Why would you want SDYC to lose its lease? You apparently benefited from the lease by being invited by an SDYC member and having dinner ashore - probably paid for by an SDYC member. Instead you think that SDYC should lose its lease because members don't report members bad actions - even though someone reported the recent bad action and the only event you know was not reported was an event a couple of years you did not report. If, as you believe, SDYC should lose its lease because members did not report F&G violations, shouldn't you be banned from SDYC and all its events because you did not report the violation you observed. If there is guilt by association, aren't you guilty not reporting a violation you observed and as a direct consequence causing SDYC's lease to be put a risk. Don't you see the irony in your post.
  13. Team Subterfuge

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    They knew. The laws about lobster season and taking abalone a common knowledge to people that have any significant connection to the ocean in So Cal - and especially, people who would be at the islands catching/collecting/cooking lobster/abalone. However, I agree completely with your comment about an SDYC response. The persons responsible will be punished by the criminal justice system and it appears they will be paying a hefty fine. I am at a loss to understand why there are so many "holier than thou" people that believe that they have the need and right to heap on additional punishment - like YC suspensions. SDYC is not the criminal justice system and should not be meting out punishments, especially for transgressions unrelated to the club. The culprits may have brought disrepute to their club for activities not directly related to the club and for that they may owe club members an apology - but not a suspension. Rocks and glasses houses also come to mind - especially for the people clamoring for the club to impose more punishment .
  14. Team Subterfuge

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Drizzle Drazzle Drazzle Drone, time for this one to come home.
  15. Team Subterfuge

    code 0 furler for a jib?

    A furler without a rigid head foil allows the top of the jib to unfurl while the foot is held firm by the furler - the likelihood of that happening increases as winds speeds increase. The jib becomes twisted and difficult to unfurl.