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  1. Team Subterfuge

    New sail order headache

    I think you have that backwards. It is a breach of contract when when party fails to perform as promised. In this case, according to the OP, the sail loft's quote contained a bag weight and the loft breached the contract by failing to provide a sail that is nowhere near the quoted bag weight. You only have to get to fitness for intended purpose when the product fails to comply with a implied term and it would seem that the sail is likely fit for its intended purpose. As for linquistic horror - agreed, and any marketing material containing the words "paradigm shifting". From personal experience, it is really a bummer to have a salesman make product representations, then the final product is different, and then the salesperson claims that the difference is not significant.
  2. Team Subterfuge

    Swiftsure 86 - Sorcery and others

    I was told that there were some serious injuries on Sorcery due to the loads that people started calling the boat "So-Sorry".
  3. Team Subterfuge

    Flying Tiger - Tohatsu 9.8 HO motor

    If the engine will not idle and runs with the throttle (part or full) open - then it is likely a clogged carb idle jet, which is common. Below floor fuel tank - The problem with the tank is you cannot remove it (and dump out water and old fuel) while the engine is in the boat. The ethanol in the fuel pulls water vapor from the air and results in water in the fuel. Consequently, your fuel tank is water trap. To try and solve the problem, I installed a fuel filter and water separator. But I was never happy about fuel going old and turning to varnish in the tank. Also, I was never sure exactly how much fuel I had so I always had too much fuel to be safe. The Tohatsu 9.8 is a simple solid engine. Finding parts for the Tohatsu is as easy as finding M&Ms. Many of the major engine brands in the 9.8 hp range - like Mercury 9.9 - are just rebranded Tohatsu engines. Svendsens in Alameda is a Tohatsu dealer. There is also a funky shop in Alviso that is a Tohatsu dealer and they do great work - at least they use to. There is another dealer in Sausalito. Dealers are listed on the Tohatsu website. In taking the carb apart and cleaning, I was able to use the old gaskets. Removing and cleaning the carb is a job you can do. If you have someone else do it, it would be good to watch. You also want to see what is in the carb bowl. The last time I opened one, it looked like there was a fine sand in the bowl. A sure indicator the the jets are clogged. If all else fails, the Tohatsu imported in Texas is a great guy and you should give him a call. He was very responsive when I needed small linkage parts replaced under warranty when the do-nothing dealer I bought the motor from was of no help.
  4. Team Subterfuge

    Flying Tiger - Tohatsu 9.8 HO motor

    No. Never heard of anyone replacing fuel pumps. Clearly your mechanic is thinking fuel starvation. I bet the problem is the carb.
  5. Team Subterfuge

    Flying Tiger - Tohatsu 9.8 HO motor

    We had troubles with the carburetor on the 9.8. The carburetor bowl is made of an aluminum alloy that seems to react with fuel stagnating in the bowl. What happens is that the aluminum bowl starts to sluff off a sand like material that clogs the jets. My experience was that the idle jet was first to clog so that the engine would starve for fuel at idle but run when the throttle was opened. Continuing to run the engine like that results in the second jet clogging after a while and the engine running erratically. I had several mechanics look at it and none figured it out. I only found out what the problem was from other FT10 owners. There are only two bolts holding the carb to the engine and some owners can remove/replace the carb in minutes. The solution seems to be to run the carb dry after each use by removing the fuel line and running the engine until the carb bowl is dry. A further precaution is not to use old fuel. I use the 3 gal tank that came with the 9.8 and put new fuel in the tank at the beginning of the day going down to the boat - engine burns about 1 gal/hr so I just get a little more than a gal. If the boat is going to sit for a while, I dump what fuel is in the 3 gal tank into my car and keep the tank dry. I once left a couple gallons in the 3 gal tank for a couple of months and I poured the gas into a clear plastic jug - you could see water at the bottom of the jug. If you are using a large fuel tank in the storage area behind the motor, I would suggest you stop. There is definitely going to be water in that tank and you cannot remove the tank with the engine in the boat. Another solution adopted by some is that a new carb is about $100. It is possible to have a spare carb and change the carb at the first sign of fuel starvation or erratic running - then take the old carb home to clean the jets. The person to talk to about 9.8 carb issues is Clewless, FT10 owner in SD.
  6. Team Subterfuge

    Flying Tiger - rake length and shroud tensions?

    You may/should check with your sail maker, but: Many ditched the furler and somewhere there is a recommended measurement for forestay length. Hopefully someone else will chime in. I am not sure if the North rake measurement was the final number but note that it takes the furler into account in the measurement.
  7. Team Subterfuge

    Seek advice on forced buyout of 1/3 share in sailboat

    The above is a more concise summary of the facts and "friends" ridiculous that Partners A and B wait around for "friend" to find new partners. The simple answer is for "friend" to just make an offer to buy boat and then find new partners. Done.
  8. Team Subterfuge

    Seek advice on forced buyout of 1/3 share in sailboat

    Hiring an attorney to draft a partnership agreement for a $24,000 boat (or to protect your 1/3 share of $8,000) is like buying an extended warranty for a $20 Best Buy toaster - just not cost effective. Other then setting up a procedure to sell the boat, it is unlikely that any partnership agreement will cover the problems that do come up. Then there is the problem of legal fees to enforce the partnership agreement. You cannot cost effectively hire an attorney to litigate an $8,000, $6,400, or $4,800 claim or litigate the purchase of sails. And, if the parties are stupid enough to have an attorneys fees clause, some idiot will run up (or threaten to run up) a legal bill that exceeds your investment by a very, very large margin. The only good thing a partnership agreement does is set down in writing the expectations of the parties as to how and who uses the boat, sharing costs, what costs will be shared, and, hopefully, a budget for sail replacement - which does not require an attorney. The best advice will come from (a) a person who has a long term successful partnership and (b) a person who can point out why their partnership failed. It sounds like the parties are on the right track by selling the boat. Selling factional interests to unknown third parties is a recipe for disaster since you already have problems agreeing what to do with "friends". Just like the toaster, you hope for the best with a partnership but part of the cost of a partnership is knowing that things can and will go wrong.
  9. Team Subterfuge

    Looking for a new watch...

    I got a Samsung Galaxy Watch and I am pretty happy with it. I was originally thinking of getting a smart watch and replacing my lost timex with either another Ironman - which worked great - or an Optimum Time sailing watch. The Galaxy Watch seemed to tick most boxes and I didn't need a dedicated sailing watch: (1) Looks like a watch and not a box on my wrist for everyday use, (2) the screen and technology is awesome, (3) has a fitness tracker, (4) was not expensive like an Apple Watch or Garmin watch, (5) downloadable sailing timer app with gps speed (once I was able to figure out how to download from Galaxy Store using an android phone), (6) and it is waterproof. The Galaxy Watch is a sharp bit of technology but as I previously learned the hard way, great hardware without software is s#%t. For me the apps are adequate but much more variety in other smart watch ecosystems.
  10. Team Subterfuge

    Marina Karen

    I think the real issue is how could her shoes possibly go with that dress.
  11. Team Subterfuge

    Tips For Being Rescued

    I wonder what the guy who sold Fish Food the boat is thinking now. "Ah, my old boat is in the News AGAIN."
  12. Team Subterfuge

    Carbon fibre mast maintenance

  13. Team Subterfuge

    Sailing downwind

    TetraMin- What is your story about the rescue and need to call the CG? When did you depart? Where were you going? Starting your trip to TJ? Was FishFood giving you lessons? Who was the woman on the trip and why was she brought along? And out of curiosity, why did you think a free boat was seaworthy and safe to sail to TJ? What was your expectation of how much skill it takes to sail from Half Moon Bay to TJ? Would really like to know your perspective on the above.
  14. Team Subterfuge

    Dive Boat Conception deaths - more details

    I have been on the Conception and other Truth Aquatic boats - and had done so for years. It was a very well run operation. There was no fire door between the lower deck and main deck/galley - just a staircase.
  15. Team Subterfuge

    Hullside paint costs & necessity?

    My limited observation is that good paint manufactures make great paints that lay down great and, if there is a problem, it is failing to properly thin the paint for the local conditions. Here is an interesting video for rolling and tipping Alexseal. Also, I found a online site that was selling Alexseal for half to two-thirds of normal retail -