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  1. I signed up to get your updates on the device. I look forward to trying it out as soon as it is offered for sale.
  2. I was looking for serial to wifi and found this: http://www.usconverters.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=70&products_id=404&gclid=CjwKEAjw6e_IBRDvorfv2Ku79jMSJAAuiv9Ym7Sm2jCNnGtvrtbVmcK3J-ycCILsiRKLVbBTtj5_SRoC8lTw_wcB Do you think this will work?
  3. $10,000 bucks? That was the cost of admission before spending the bucks on the restoration and sails. Saying the boat cost $10,000 is a bit misleading and one - of many - of the yard bills probably exceeded $10,000.
  4. Inter 20 - Are you the new Janer keeping us current on all things Santa Barbara?
  5. 40 hp is really overkill. 9.8 hp Tohatsu/Nissan is what you want. I had a 9.8 on a 32 foot boat in the Delta with no problems. However, I would suggest that you get a good handheld gps or chart plotter and keep an eye on the depths. It is real easy to run aground in the Delta. Also, the winds in the Delta are driven by the temperature difference between SF Bay and the Delta - so mornings are typically glassy in the Delta.
  6. He might have made San Diego Bay if he cleaned the bottom before leaving Ventura - more speed and more distance.
  7. Just checking out the SA classifieds and noticed that SA's fearless leader has dropped the price of his M32 - which puts it within $9,000 of the asking price of previously owned Flying Tiger FT10s. I didn't ever expect to see that. Most of the M32 adverts (including YachtWorld) state that the boats have been lightly used. Every one of them driven by an old lady and only on Sundays. Also, many adverts state the boat was professionally maintained. Not a single advert mentions "rode hard and put away wet" and they all seem to come with a nice of sails. Are the M32 deals to good to be true? Is there an expiration date printed on the boats somewhere that I don't know about - "Use before 6/2017"?
  8. A boat policy - at least in California - has several types of coverages - usually. 1. Property Damage - (damage to the insured vessel). Typically, this covers any damage to the boat subject to exclusions. If there is damage to the boat, there is coverage. No showing of negligence is required for coverage. However, the exclusions include, among other things, normal wear, tear, and age as well as defects in the vessel's materials and construction. Usually, if you say the damage resulted because "I f'ed up", there is coverage because you buy insurance in case you f' up. On the other hand, if you tell the insurance company that your mast came down and you say it wasn't your fault, then there may be no coverage because the insurance company will probably conclude that an exclusion based on normal wear and tear applies or there was a defect in the materials which the insurance does not cover. 2. Medical Payment Coverage - Covers medical expenses and no negligence is required. If a person steps on your boat and then does a face plant into the cockpit, there is coverage for their medical expenses. (This is an interesting coverage most people are not aware - and may not be as significant as most people have their own medical insurance policies.) 3. Liability Coverage - This is where fault or negligence comes in. If a person steps on your boat and does a face plant into the cockpit because of the boat owner's negligence, there is insurance coverage not only for medical expenses, but lost wages and pain and suffering. If any of the above comes as a surprise, you should have a talk with your insurance broker and have them go over your coverage.
  9. Perhaps I should have stated where I am located - California - since insurance may be different elsewhere. In California the liability provisions of the policy is based on negligence/fault. Thinking on it more, how do you have a no fault liability policy - you cannot be liable for damages unless you are at fault. First of all, I am not an insurance expert. But, my understanding is that no-fault applies when two vehicles collide...each ins co pays for damages and injuries for the driver/vehicle they insure. In this case, there is no second vehicle. The owner/skipper of the boat is at fault, but there's no indication of negligence. He made a couple of wrong decisions, but it was simply a big fuckup, not negligence. There's no reason for his insurance not to cover the loss of the boat and the minor injuries within coverage limits.A big fuckup that doesn't rise to the level of negligence? I dont recall such a thing, and I got an A in Torts. Please enlighten us.If you swerve right to avoid a wreck, and should have swerved left, it's just a bad decision, not negligence. Boat owner was attempting to avoid the pier, there's alternative actions he could have taken, but it's not a situation where he did nothing. We don't know what happened prior to the video beginning, or the reason for dropping the main (and not re hoisting it), but it does appear they were trying to deal with jib issue until the end and likely thought they'd sort it out in time. That's precisely what negligence is. The fact that there are pages of posts that a reasonable person would not have done what happened in this instance or that a reasonable person would have taken certain actions that were not taken - that is the definition negligence.
  10. Perhaps I should have stated where I am located - California - since insurance may be different elsewhere. In California the liability provisions of the policy is based on negligence/fault. Thinking on it more, how do you have a no fault liability policy - you cannot be liable for damages unless you are at fault.
  11. What the hell makes you think there is anything left of that boat? The lingering lawsuits are from insurance companies trying to spread the cost of loss after they have already paid out, not from the insured. I highly doubt insurance companies are going to sue each other. The boat was worth what, maybe 15k? And that's if it is in really good shape. Maybe not in this case and may be not over the boat per se but I do recall that one of the POB had a dislocated shoulder so his medical insurance carrier might contact the boat owners insurance carrier to see if they want to chip in. After they have each individually takien care of their own insured, no doubt. Subrogation, you know what it is. I haven't heard of anyone using the "Medical Payment" provision that is usually in the boat owner's policy. The provision pays medical expenses without having to prove any negligence. If injured while on the boat, the injured party is covered for medical expenses. The last policy I checked, the med pay limits was $25,000. It is an interesting freebie thrown in policies.
  12. I was involved in investigating airplane accidents years ago and some interesting lessons were; 1. If you ask a non-involved pilot what the cause of the accident was, they usually say pilot error. What I came to realize was that every pilot wants/needs to believe that if they were in that situation they could have survived and avoided the accident. If a pilot believes there was no pilot error, then if they were in that same situation they would have died too. Consequently, everyone wants to believe they could/would have done something different that would have changed the outcome because to believe otherwise causes a person to believe that there are some situations that are completely out of your control. 2. Very few pilots will willingly sacrifice their aircraft to save their life or others when making spit second decisions. It seemed like many pilots making decisions under pressure make decisions that involve trying to save the airplane and lives even if it would be less risky to sacrifice the airplane to save lives. There is a decision bias to try to save the airplane when on reflection it would have been wiser to focus on saving lives not property. 3. Contemplating the various options must be done well in advance of the time to take action. It is impossible to make decisions at the moment action is necessary. When action is necessary, there is no time to contemplate the various options and potential outcomes. Rational thought and decision making must be made before action is necessary. It requires a person to look ahead so options can be contemplated and decisions made before action is required. I remember one accident when an airplane engine was failing and the pilot made a last second decision to attempt a downwind landing. The pilot, under stress, made a decision based on emotion and it turned out poorly. 4. It is hard to not to turn toward what your heart is telling you is safety when rational thought tells you that you need to turn away from what your emotions tell you to do. In this case, it was very windy, the sails were f'ed, and they were thinking I just want to go home. The heart wants to go home, rational thought tells you that you should avoid a lee shore especially when your means of power is compromised. The lessons I learned from aircraft accident investigations seem to apply here.
  13. What is your point? Negligence is not a coverage exclusion for property damage - that is why you buy insurance, in case you f up.
  14. I suspect the luffing jib tangled the sheets so it couldn't be trimmed. I think the person forward is attempting to untangle them. At some point they should have just rigged a temp sheet or held the jib in by hand, in order to escape the immediate danger.I don't know their experience level, or what issues they may have had prior, but my impression from the video is that they may not have been fully aware of the increasingly dangerous spot they were getting into, and didn't know how to avoid it. You must go to the gym alot.
  15. There is a principle involved. And money to US Sailing.