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  1. Coquina012

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Gentlemen, I present for your mockery, "Sail away in this beauty."
  2. Coquina012

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    God. This thread has become my favorite thread on SA. Since I live in Sacramento, Hillbilly Capital of the West, AKA the Devil's Armpit, I run across this stuff everyday.
  3. Coquina012


    I love wooden boats (I have built ten) and I came across a Contender that is haunting my dreams. Anyone have any experience sailing these? Are they considered a two man boat? I am not interested for racing. I am interested for recreational sailing on a local lake that has close to a four mile fetch with a beam wind coming and going almost everyday of the year. I had been kicking the idea around for a Force 5--but they are plastic and I would enjoy owning it, but prefer the wooden boat such as above. My wife had a two year injury that is now healing and she is returning to sailing...
  4. Coquina012

    Helm and Rudders on Catboats

    I was reading a thread about Catboat helms and I wanted to add something--it is an archived, old thread but many of the prime offenders are still on the Forum ( Here is my question. The barndoor rudders common on the classic cats (let's say a March Cat--12 foot ish, beam of about 7', big rudder hanging off the back) are both maligned and admired, depending on when and where. Would the twist associated with the big sail be reduced by using a modern foil design? I have several laying around, including one off of a 505 that I like to use on my Wayfarer clone (CL 16). Would the modern rudder help or hinder that twist running downwind? Second, what about using a lug rig on those kinds of hulls. I understand that what makes a catboat is by definition the forward mast position, but there is also the beamy, jaunty classic hull that tends to go along with that. What about a March Cat with a modern foil and lug rig? Don't shoot me for the suggestion, I tend to use my two lug sails on my Coquina, depending on weather, and I long ago abandoned the gaffs as a pain in the neck, which did look better...but it performs at least a little better with the lugs, and set up is a cinch. Watch ya'll think?
  5. Coquina012

    Torqeedo 401t questions

    I picked up a used 401t today for putting on the stern of a CL16 Wayfarer clone. I paid $400 for it, which seems a bit steep even though the cost of replacement is high. It has a couple of unique things about it. First, it has a conversion head for a standard marine battery, with what appears to be a 3 prong pigtail/plug. I know where a Torqeedo spare battery is; what would be the difficulty (or sense) of converting back? I am not sure if I want to--I have two marine batteries sitting around in good condition. Second, what do you all think about weight and trim of a pair of marine batteries for the CL 16? I am thinking a battery box retrofitted on each side of the front forward of the centerboard trunk, glassed in... Second the propeller is a bit chewed up. I haven't run it yet on the might not be noticeably vibrational. New props are about $100. Is there an aftermarket product that is suitable for less?
  6. Coquina012

    Seggerling Plans

    PS an English version is nice but not necessary.
  7. Coquina012

    Seggerling Plans

    I couldn't get a meaningful response back on a request for plans to the website address. I got a letter that said plans are available on the website, or words to that effect. They are expensive in comparison to US boats but I am willing to purchase. Thank you for your kind response Suppenkelle. DLB
  8. Coquina012

    Seggerling Plans

    Alan, I should have bought that Blue LIghtning in Seattle. It was a good build, and asking price lowered to $2500. I don't know what it went for, but I bet it was under $2000. I sent several emails to the above site and got no meaningful response--a letter back that basically redirected me to the website. Another project just walked in the door but I need to get this build started--I have had the lumber on the back porch under tarps for two years and it is getting damaged little by little. It's a big stock of very fine WRC and clear doug fir. Some Alaska yellow as well, a little.
  9. Coquina012

    FD insisted on coming home with me.

    We have been sailing the FD almost exclusively for the last three weeks or so. We have been in mostly light airs. We had it in maybe 12-14 on a lake two weeks ago, and I think we got it just on the edge of hard planing. The helm went light and the boat began to vibrate while slightly fishtailing--it was surging hard, like afterburners turning on. But we did not have quite enough wind. It has been a very enjoyable boat thus far. I think this winter I will re-nstall the bilge drainers and paint top as well as hull. Everything is in very good shape, except a fractured bulkhead--which will be an easy but awful repair to do. I will ahve about 12 inches of headroom under a hellacious ugly fiberglass grind. When I get to it, I might just replace the whole section with lumber--I have some air dried locust laying around that my wife keeps stumbling over. I was also given an annapolis wherry so now I have ANOTHER project lining up. This, plus work on a 505, a wayfarer, a wlanut weatherby stock, and an attic sealing job before the rains hit in November.
  10. Coquina012

    Seggerling Plans

    Guten Morgen: Ich schreibe Ihnen, um Sie nach Bauplänen für das Seggerling-Beiboot zu fragen. Ich würde gerne eine bauen. Ich bin in kalifornien Aus diesem Grund würde ich, wenn möglich, lieber digitale Pläne kaufen. Könnten Sie mir bitte ein Preisangebot für DIY-Pläne geben (siehe Bild unten)? Entschuldigung für mein Deutsch, ich bin englischer Muttersprachler. DANKE!
  11. Coquina012

    Seggerling Plans

    I will sell it--but I want to use it a bit and learn about it. My wife repaired the jib window today. We are sailing in about 1 hour. People who build these Seggerleringerlangers have superb taste. Look at this landcruiser. We can't get these in the States. A guy has one in my nieghborhood that he shipped from Okinawa.
  12. Coquina012

    Seggerling Plans

    Thanks. I have no idea how you found that, but I will send a letter. I just bought an FD for almost exactly the same as the plans to this boat. But I have an empty trailer sitting in front of my house, and I need a a 12-14 ft. planing boat. NEED. Y'all know what I mean?
  13. Coquina012

    Seggerling Plans

    Rasputin, I posted mine at the same time. Looks good.
  14. Coquina012

    Seggerling Plans

    Looks like an easy build, too. Sort of the logic of a 550 butterfly construction.
  15. Coquina012

    Seggerling Plans