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  1. Coquina012

    High Aspect Bermuda vs Batwing

    If you go on the Woodenboat Forum and post, A question for the sail makers... or similar...Todd Bradshaw will likely appear, the author of the above book. He is a presence on the Forum and a wealth of knowledge. Do not bring a knife to a gun fight it you want to dispute his advice. He has helped many amateur sailmakers.
  2. Coquina012

    Interesting Motor Mount for Wayfarer/Small craft

    He mentioned it was for a 22kg Yamaha--that certainly passes the test! I thought this was an interesting approach. Coming from building wooden boats, I would have put together something out of locust and ply, so this was a departure for the way that I might have approached the repair, given my status as a perpetual advanced beginner. I hope any comments will be respectful to the builder. Thanks to Ian Worrallo for the photos and the information.
  3. this might be better under the fixit/repairs section but on FB, on a Wayfarer group I belong to, a guy put up an interesting solution for a purpose built motor mount. He used pultruded grp box sections. On mine, I bought a cheap $50 motor mount and put a ply knee on the inside...this might be either a more elegant or a lighter way to go for certain craft. It looks to be more expensive; the OP apparently had some laying around from working on catamarans. Anyway, here is the website in the UK but I note many similar products here across the pond, as they say. Form his posts, I am concluding he took the box and then hand laid glass as a joint to the bases on each end. He said he used "resin", but I think he meant glass layup.
  4. Coquina012

    Cat Boats

    Tiempo is an amazing boat (your video posted). I forget the guy's name that built it but he is on the WoodenBoat Forum from time to time, goes by Mac. I don't know about the East Coast but on the Left Coast wooden windmills pop up from time to time for around $750 or so and they are planing hulls, which may or may not interest you. I can't speak to condition. If I were to build another skiff (I have built three, one without plans rack of eye) I would build an Arch Davis Laughing Gull. If you like skiffs, and I think they are highly under rated, your best bet might be a Lightning, Comet, or Blue Jay. I always prefer a wooden boat over a glass boat but that being said I own and sail a glass Wayfarer clone. It pains me to admit that it is lower maintenance than my wooden boatsToo bad about the skiff though.
  5. Coquina012

    Question for those who have old style Torqeedo 801

    Thanks for that. New project today but will get to it.
  6. Coquina012

    Question for those who have old style Torqeedo 801

    Yes, I will get it off if I can determine thread direction. Obviously, my concern is that I crank down like a SOB and serve to tighten even more.
  7. Coquina012

    Question for those who have old style Torqeedo 801

    Will check. Your point is that I might be able to determine direction for removal, correct?
  8. Coquina012

    Building a small sailing dinghy.

    Here is a photo of young Dollie Parton, who is nothing if not relevant to boatbuilding. This photo was taken right after I informed her I was building a skiff rack of eye.
  9. Coquina012

    Building a small sailing dinghy.

    Woodenboat Magazine, some years ago had an interesting article about building a flat bottomed skiff by eye. The hull was a weekend build. Sailing bits would add significantly, but no different than what you propose. Although the below is a Virginia Deadrise, meaning V bottom, it follow the same logic. That is a rack of eye, no plans build, btw. 19'6".
  10. Coquina012

    Building a small sailing dinghy.

    Sort of. See below. It has the same problem as your boat, however, because it is a rowboat and not set up for sail. Your skill set may be either different or superior to mine, but I could retrofit a rowboat for sailing if it were wood, but I don't think I could if it were a glass rowboat. The above answers to your questions are either an indirect "no" or people joking around. The rowing skiff in the picture is somewhere around a 36" beam and would not sail well. Though some have done it.
  11. Coquina012

    Is this an I14?

    What is it? Did I miss something?
  12. Not much info on these on the googlenet. Youtube videos for other Torqeedo models show that the propeller bolts are not consistently right or left hand tightening. Some one way, some the other. I don't want to crank down on this damn thing and damage something. I don't know what. The magic smoke that makes them work underwater? Has anyeone removed these props? Righty-tighty or counter? I hate to spend $100 on a replacement blade but I damaged the blade in my truck on the last outing, and it is now badly chipped on all three blades. I use this thing about 1 mile per year. If there is a cheaper replacement, I would do that as well. Any info?