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  1. Dense505crew

    cool or horrifying?

    I am surprised that they were not sitting further to the back of the bus while going downwind.
  2. Dense505crew

    505 Worlds Annapolis 20-29 September 2017

    I will be sailing with this legend: We won't win, especially if it is light, but if there was a super, great, great grand masters division we would be a chance at that, 129 years combined age!
  3. Dense505crew

    505s at CGOD 2017

    So I got an invite to sail at the legendary Columbia Gorge and it more than lived up to its reputation. Race officer on Sunday measured 20 to 30 knots with at least one gust of 40+ knots lasting at least a minute on the deck of the start/finish boat while we were racing. Very keen to get some photos of the boats racing, there were photographers there but I don't have any contact details for them. Does anyone have any idea where I can start to track them down? Question of spelling/pronunciation: I heard Columbia Gorge One Design (CGOD) pronounced as Sea God or See God, it is fresh water so not sure about the first, what is your opinion? For those not familiar with the venue, it is a tiny club run by a group of fantastic volunteers. This is the carpark with the clubhouse in the background: This is the amenities:
  4. Dense505crew

    5o5 pole downhauls

    Depends a lot on the position of your brace/guy blocks on the rail to hold the pole down if you don't have separate downhauls.
  5. Dense505crew

    Amsteel Shrouds Anyone Using?

    For standing rigging I like the Marlow heat treated, pre-stretched SK90 I was using 2.5mm for a forestay on an old 505 and broke the boat where the forestay purchase attached in front of the mast. Feels nice and stiff to me.
  6. Dense505crew

    505 World Championships - Weymouth UK 2016

    Depends on the Sailing Instructions. Sometimes the windward offset mark is only used on the first beat. In this size fleet it may have been required for each beat and those guys did take a shortcut which is what it looks like with everyone else going around the offset.
  7. Dense505crew

    The Alexander method of 505 gybing

    Skipper, who is not small, went over the high side straight onto the board to stop it going too far. Crew got back pretty quickly. Mostly luck that there were not horrible tangles in the spin.
  8. Dense505crew

    F-22 Update

    Please don't quote the Troll! I just made the effort to work out how to block someone on these forums.
  9. Dense505crew

    The Alexander method of 505 gybing

    Loving the Garmin VIRB, the built in GPS and their software makes the overlays really easy. I can do overlays from separate GPS data but it is a bit more work. The video without overlay is from Matt Bowden's GoPro.
  10. Dense505crew

    505 World Championships - Weymouth UK 2016

    OK, several very good teams OCS in the first race of the worlds! Looking at the tracker, the rabbit went past the pin about 15 secs before the gun and these boats started correctly but before the gun. I have been highlighting this as an issue with the Sailing Instructions for about 10 years. The instructions could so easily be written to allow boats to start correctly any time after the rabbit has passed the pin.
  11. Dense505crew

    Gate Starts

    In 505s with a large fleet it is usually 10th place from the previous race with the condition that you can only be pathfinder once in a regatta so if you come 10th twice it will go down the list to find a new bunny. With smaller fleets locally we will choose a number that seems right in the 4 to 10 range. For the first race of a series someone will be nominated or volunteer.
  12. Dense505crew

    505 World Championships - Weymouth UK 2016

    Where are the stories? Heard a rumour about people going around the wrong mark in race 2. Quite a few dnfs on day 2 as well??
  13. Dense505crew

    Gate Starts

    Having sailed gate starts for 30 years including 6 world championships with over 100 boats on the line I have seen plenty of incidents but very little damage to boats. I just love that huge fleets can start with very few recalls and no black flags!
  14. Dense505crew

    R2AK 2016

    I may be a bit slow but it seems the action has moved to the Sailing Anarchy forum at
  15. Dense505crew

    R2AK 2016

    Thanks, I had not checked the last update time!