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  1. If your Monitor is more than about 2? years old then there is a new design for the turning blocks down there intended to cure this problem. Worked for me.
  2. Gobbledegook Haha. You really are an ignoramous. The very stereotype of the loudest, dumbest voice in the room.
  3. HF is good for "party line" communications beyond about 25nm. You might be amazed at the interesting people who are out there sailing around, with good information and that you otherwise will not be aware of. Best to get a Ham licence...General Class or above. That way, you have greater access to frequencies, modes, and equipment. You don't need an expensive, marine hf radio. There are light, portable ham radios with built-in antenna tuners. Nor do you need high power. 10 or 15 watts SSB transmit is okay, is easy to install, and reduces or eliminates the problems with RF interference and high current draw on transmit. I can hit AUS, AK, MX and the US East Coast from the Central/North Pacific. HF is not essential for most racing but it makes for more fun on the return delivery.
  4. I have the Predictwind $124/month unlimited plan and recommend it. It will take at least a month to sort out the optimal way to use the system for your particular application. In my case, I had an intermittant problem with the Iridium Go's SIM deregistering. After repeatedly removing the SIM and wiping the contacts I finally got it to work consistently, or so it appeared. Offshore for five days I got to download one grib and then it deregistered again and for the final time. No way would it restart. Unit is now RMA'd. My advice, make sure you spend time with QA before going to sea...Even then there are no guarantees and it is good to have a backup. I ended up relying on weather texts relayed over my Delorme Inreach.
  5. Yes. I think you are right. Not all possible Hawaii races have occurred. Agreed. If I were an insurance company this is what I would do. It's hard for a civilian to get the numbers, though, which is why I was trying to crowdsource for a single specific race here.
  6. Thanks for the replies. In an attempt to be concrete, here is a first estimate for the probability of race boats being lost on round trips between the USA West Coast and Hawaii: There are three relevant races this year (2016): Vic-Maui (20? boats), PacCup (70 boats?) and Singlehanded TransPac (30 boats?). Call it 100 boats this year. Say about 50% make the return trip so that's roughly 75 equivalent round trips. If this year is typical then over 10 years this would be 750 boats. Based on the comments 3 boats have been lost. These are the trimaran (race), whale attack (return) and Wildflower (return). The boat lost in the hurricane last summer was not associated with a race and is not in the specified cohort. So, the odds of losing a round-trip race boat are 3/750 = 0.4%. If a typical insurance premium for the 75 day round trip is $2k per $100k (with extreme restrictions) then the risk to the insurer is 0.004 x $100k = $0.4k. A 500% margin! Sounds like a good business proposition to me.
  7. So, in trying to obtain insurance for offshore and transoceanic passages, I wonder what the statistics are for making it to Hawaii and back without losing one's boat. Other things can happen of course...such as losing a mast or rudder...that could also result in an insurance claim, but it seems the simplest probability to guestimate might be total loss. There is at least one Hawaii race from the USA West Coast each year with a few dozen boats so it seems like, over the years, there would be a large cohort (hundreds of boats) to sample. I know of two boats lost on the return delivery out of hundreds so I guess the probability of total loss is less than 1%. But that's just duh. Are there any credible statistics?
  8. Ive used PW Offshore App with an SSB and SailMail with some success. Does any know if using PredictWind through Iridium Go!, even just downloading Gribs using the PW Offshore App, is race legal? I've been assuming it's not because it requires a subscription.
  9. Surely a handheld GPS/DSC VHF radio is a good way to go for the scenario of being recovered by your own boat, or by another nearby boat. Broadcasts distress all-call, including location, which shows up on other DCS radios and on most modern, networked chart plotters. Two way communication between rescuers and rescuee included. All my VHF's, recently purchased, have the ability to display range and bearing back to the calling radio. Since it has routine uses beyond emergencies, it is very easy to justify carrying it. Downside is that the range for a transmitter at water level with waves can be quite short (maybe less than a mile in some cases) depending on the conditions. A PLB looks up to the sky and thus is less likely to be blocked by large waves, but has the disadvantage of requiring "action at a distance" previously mentioned. Carrying a handheld GPS/DSC VHF is a requirement for Northern California ocean racing.
  10. Very nice aggregation of data, Allen. Thank you for the link.
  11. What an outstanding accomplishment for Mike. Yahoo!
  12. There are tides to consider. Current is moving towards the finish line right now, and will turn against them at around 1a Pacific Daylight Time (0800Z Monday).
  13. My single-spreader cutter (a Pacific Seacraft 37) has runners down from the inner forestay. It also has two lower shrouds.
  14. You misunderstood so broadly that scarcely any specificity would help.
  15. My understanding is that Rimas made it to Sausalito, California last night.Impressive.