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  1. THIS JUST IN: http://www.marinij.com/marinnews/ci_24558443/end-dream-homemade-flyin-hawaiian-catamaran-sale-ebay
  2. you could take it up with fastbottom, who was promoting the idea. Woody, that tax idea is scary
  3. hate to interrupt the boredom with some of what could be fact, but here goes: If HR is heading to the estuary he could be in for as much trouble as he all ready has, or more, look for the headline "OAKLAND'S ANCHOR-OUT COMMUNITY" on the following link: http://www.latitude38.com/letters/201310.html there is more about the topic in earlier issues of latitude. Here is more: http://www.alamedasun.com/local-and-hometown/9833-marina-owners-complain-of-anchor-out-abuses http://www.alamedasun.com/local-and-hometown/12308-unregistered-boats-to-be-towed-at-end-of-month a lot more is out there if you are interested in googling it. HR, if you haven't all ready made it to Alameda/Oakland, you should probably not bother.
  4. I noticed a good breeze up here in San Rafael yesterday and wondered how he was managing. The estuary is one of the things we talked about at breakfast, and what HR emailed me about yesterday. The juncture of the Petaluma River and San Antonio Creek, where I suggested he also investigate, is probably too far removed from necessary services. The thing about the estuary that concerns me is just how close to the ultimate authority, Coast Guard, that puts him. There is just no hiding that monster. Good luck with it HR
  5. sorry. But the clock is still ticking on the relocation deadline. Got another question from HR about a specific location this morning. This thread could really come back to life, who knows. And the FHjr is gone, though I am not privy to the why of it. As friendly as HR is, it wouldn't surprise me if he found some help towing from the other anchor outs on RB. BTW, there is no problem with humanizing Mrs Hot, she's a genuine doll, and, as the saying goes, I've no idea what she sees in him! In all seriousness, there was genuine affection between them, it was very nice to see. And HR likes cream and sugar in his coffee. Hmmm caffeine and sugar, there a combo that goes a long way to understanding/explaining his writing style :-) Though here in caffeine laden Marin county, with a coffee shop on practically every corner, I've seen worse. Oh sorry, there I go again trying to humanize the unhuman, sorry....
  6. Just got back from a visit with Hotrod and Mrs Hot, she is a good influence on him, but seemed unwilling to explain her dalliance with Guy. He speaks about the speed of light, trying to gather info from him is interesting, not unlike the messages he posts here, an incomplete thought, followed by another. A few questions and eventually you can ferret out the answer. I met with them to pass on a SF current chart and two local charts that would be useful if they decide to try for the Petaluma River, I gave them some good local knowledge. We also discussed the Estuary, sorry, he could be your neighbor soon FastBottoms. While still under the deadline to get off the mooring, other options are being investigated, the saga may not yet be over. But the main point of this post is the pictures, Mrs Hot has all ten fingers, and even with fingers near his mouth, I still have all 9.9 of mine that I went in with. But maybe it was that the corned beef hash we had for breakfast was all he had room for, I dunno. Back into lurk mode or less, until something actually happens, and there are far more posts here than there is activity
  7. "Even the best advice in this thread was not given until it was too late to actually do much good" So true. Remember the under-built hulls were finished and trucked to LL before this thread ever started. If all the advice had been taken and the boat finished in a proper seaworthy fashion, the two hulls are still only 5/8, not approx 2" thick. Is there anyone here with any working knowledge of the Mighty Petaluma? If so, please PM me.
  8. I grew up in that area - low tide just shows a muck bottom. I've never seen grass on the bottom in Richardson bay I can't disagree from personal experience, but I asked one of my go to sources before posting. It is grassy these days. Yes, from 101 the pretty little house boats are lying in the mud, and that's what we see from shore. What is beneath the surface on the east side is definitely grass
  9. Just spent some time talking to HR, I wish to clarify about the anchor dragging. I was unaware of RB having a grassy bottom, That grassy bottom and his 150# stockless anchor are not compatible. A diver has offered to bury the anchor for him, I have no idea of that is viable or not, but I did discuss concepts of scope with him. FYI, he is exploring options of keeping the boat and moving it somewhere, but the RB harbor master wants him off the buoy, it was never made to hold such a large boat in winter storms. It didn't sound like he was being told to leave RB, though.
  10. all I did was tell you what HR related to me. The IJ and other media didn't go into construction detail, this list did. Can you tell the difference between exterior shots and a happy boat builder and interior shots and all the critique offered here? When did the media go into pages of debate about rutters?
  11. RB isn't anarchy, there is a balance there between the anchor outs permitted and the land owners whose view is defiled but the unphotogenic floating debris that at one time was a boat. The 'Master' is the controlling legal authority walking the fine line between both interests. That said, RB has more boats anchored out than I remember, maybe its because of the Cup that rules were eased a bit for the visitors, but with the Cup over and heavy weather on the way, its time for the Master to start the clean up. Twice now that we know of FH has drug anchor, and we haven't even had a serious wind storm yet, he has to be high on the Master's radar just for that alone. Could also be that whoever owns that buoy he may be tied up to wants him off, and again that could be the Master. The article about RB posted a few pages ago can give you some insights if you care to find it. Everyone is allowed to stay for a short time, I commonly hear two weeks, but many get to stay longer until something happens. RB would be filled if there was no one in charge, as has happened in Clipper Cove. I don't know the process for being allowed to stay, the one boat I am most familiar with is an ancient Monterey fisherman, a documented commercial vessel, it falls under Federal rules in the anchorage and pays no fee for its private mooring. It has been all but abandoned in the last few years and looks rather hopeless, yet there it sits, a perfect example of strange rules. For about two months I dated a woman pretending to be a therapist, well she was a hypnotherapist, but she had lunch everyday with a girlfriend of hers at a week long retreat for real therapists. Over lunch she was able to learn everything from her friend, so now she is a therapist, she thinks. I note you base a lot of your concerns about HR on having a neighbor who is a therapist. I am not impressed. I did meet HR and Dockrat, what HR says makes perfect sense to me, I've no reason to think this is another example of him jerking the collective SA chain. He has very good reason to have played with you guys, rightly or wrongly this forum has called attention to his life in ways that the newspaper and TV media couldn't. If any person of authority, harbor master for example, reads the thread, they see a picture that otherwise would have been hidden from their view. Seeing this, they want to get the problem out of their jurisdiction. But w.o SA he may have gotten under everyone's radar and gotten out the Gate. He may have been forced to launch earlier than planned and pushed out to the bay from the end tie on A Dock simply because of this thread, and w/o this thread there would probably be no bitten finger. He certainly believes all that. By no means am I holding HR faultless, he should have understood boat design yada yada, this drama couldn't have happened w/o someone of HR's character.
  12. The issues on Richardson Bay were explained many pages ago. The same laws tht forced them off the 'beach/ at Spinnaker Point, across from Loch Lomond have now been enforced in RB. They are much more lenient there because genuine cruisers come in from far away places, but with the weather coming, FH is becoming a bigger risk to the area day by day. He has told everyone who asks he'll be off in two weeks, even says that on his website date 2011, I think, first post, the same page where he confessed to dragging. The Master, Bill Price most likely, took him at his word, but now there is plenty of evidence that the boat isn't going anywhere. The movie is over, built to look like a fabulous boat, to sail on calm, peaceful, flat ocean waters from one clear water cove with white sandy beaches to the next, just like TV travelogues and travel brochure promise, the reality of mother earth has, with two windstorms, become clear. No lake is as calm as a lake all year round. The sad thing is, he got as far as he did because those winds are common here all summer, except for the last two years, its almost as if mother nature was also giving him false notions. I doubt the monstrosities used in the America's Cup could have sailed in the usual summer breeze.
  13. Probably a wise move James, I'm sorry your dream is bust, but you folks saw what some good bay area sailing weather can do, the winter storms won't be king at all. Good luck in your future Mike
  14. From late November through February. I never experienced the predicted high winds yesterday.. Today's weather prophecy: SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL 5 AM PDT EARLY THIS MORNING TODAY NE WINDS 5 TO 15 KT...EXCEPT 15 TO 25 KT WITH GUSTS UP TO 35 KT OVER PORTIONS OF THE BAY. STRONGEST WINDS EXPECTED ACROSS THE SAN PABLO BAY AND THE DELTA REGION. TONIGHT N WINDS 10 KT. thing are calming again
  15. Today's Weather: SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 2 PM PDT THIS AFTERNOON THROUGH LATE TONIGHT TODAY NW WINDS 5 TO 15 KT...BECOMING N 15 TO 25 KT WITH OCCASIONAL GALE FORCE GUSTS TO 40 KT IN THE AFTERNOON. TONIGHT N WINDS 15 TO 25 KT. That may move the FH a little closer to Angel Island, then maybe if they make Raccoon Straits they can catch the ebb and they're off the minnies! If its the flood, it's Delta Time, but they could be on the move if they haven't figured out proper anchoring techniques yet.