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  1. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Very interesting, is there more detail on this anywhere?
  2. downwind boat speed

    Carefull not to ‘barn door’ the sail, you need a sail shape, ie a little roundness, not completely flat
  3. Crew commentary from the Clipper race

    I got a laugh out of this one http://clipperroundtheworld.com/crew-diary/psp-logistics/race-2-day-9-punta-del-este-to-cape-town6
  4. Crew commentary from the Clipper race

    I'm sure I can get better reactions than I have already, I'm disappointed really In the meantime I'll continue to troll thru the Clipper site, and try to find some interesting posts to enlighten the cynical.
  5. Crew commentary from the Clipper race

    Ok so I can't seem to get anyone else to scroll thru the reports from boats, so here is another that I found interesting today, https://clipperroundtheworld.com/crew-diary/dare-to-lead/race-2-day-12-punta-del-este-to-cape-town5 26 knts, then a crash gybe! Ban that guy from the helm
  6. Crew commentary from the Clipper race

    Humorous wet weather gear commentary http://clipperroundtheworld.com/crew-diary/sanya-serenity-coast/race-2-day-9-punta-del-este-to-cape-town4
  7. Anyone else find the race commentary from the Clipper race very bland and dull? Well dive into the crew posts for some more interesting stuff, here is a post from a novice describing a kite drop, made me laugh https://www.clipperroundtheworld.com/crew-diary/unicef/race-2-day-3-punta-del-este-to-cape-town6 there must be some more that are a good read.
  8. Pittwater Info

    BJ Porter, I have a couple of moorings that you are welcome to use during the week, and you wont be thrown off in the middle of the night, one in Towlers bay and one in the basin. We regularly tie up 3 * 50 ft yachts, so would hold your boat without an issue; and only really use them on the weekends. Will contact you on your blogsite Rgds
  9. caption contest

    Owners and their old sails, why cant we get some modern ones, they would hold me!