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  1. tiz

    Choosing a drysuit - Brand and size

    My suit had goretex 'socks' attached, not ankle seals. I wore smartwool socks inside and Gill dinghy boots outside for traction and to protect the suit. Maybe they can add the socks if the suit has yet to be finished? --Kevin
  2. tiz

    Choosing a drysuit - Brand and size

    I recommend Kokotat. Had a suit from them that got old, needed seals and had a small tear to fix. Sent it back. They called and said suit was delaminating and they would send a BRAND NEW ONE. No charge. Kokotat. Call them re the sizing issue. --Kevin
  3. tiz

    Radio controlled sailing

    Great info thanks. --Kevin
  4. tiz

    Winter battery storage.

    I get mine (3 agm gp 31) charged up with solar panels in the fall after hauling. The cover blocks the panels and I never bothered making attachments to the canvas cover to keep them out all winter. Once cover comes off in April the panels go back on. Rarely use much battery in between and if I do I'll charge for a day on the multi-bank charger. Maybe once. I've had the same batteries since about 2008. YMMV --Kevin
  5. tiz

    Radio controlled sailing

    Thanks for the tennis ball / fish pole idea. Problem with snagging the keel would be that it's not a fin. But it may work tossing it over the boat . Its one of the columbia 42 models purpose built to not snag weeds. I'll be careful for now and probably get some sort of cheapo walmart powerboat to push a PVC rescue frame. --Kevin
  6. tiz

    Raymarine Wind Transducer Failure Rate

    Have had mine on mast for 10+ years. No problems with it except having to replace cups and vane once. Birds landing on it can screw it up. I have pigeon-proofing stainless barbs on the arm and any part of the mashead that is land-able. I also take it off for the winter whether the mast is up or down. --Kevin
  7. tiz

    Radio controlled sailing

    Ok. Hip boots not happening. I'm considering making a pvc-tube RC rescue boat I saw on youtube. Not sure I want to drop $150 on that just yet. Have see some cheapo RC boats that could push a pvc rescue frame to go get the disabled sailboat. Those are around $80. Very new to this. But my local pond ends in a waterfall..... May run a line across the pond upstream of the waterfall for now. --Kevin
  8. tiz

    Radio controlled sailing

    Do these RC models ever get stranded? Dead battery / electric problem / no wind / stuck on something? How do you get them back if you don't have a boat a person can fit in? --Kevin
  9. Macaroni / hamburger Casserole. I think the recipe is on the back of campbells tomato soup can. But my mom did some secret thing to it to make it awesome. She'd make one and freeze it for my wife and I when we started cruising. It was ice for 2 days then dinner. --Kevin
  10. tiz

    CS Merlin 36 Cutlass Bearing Replacement

    You would need to look inside to see what the access is to the strut bolts. If you change the strut placement by removing/replacing it you could screw up the alignment of the shaft through the strut. It would be way better to remove the rudder so it can also be serviced and inspected. An alternative is to cut away the rudder where the prop shaft will go thru, then repair that when the shaft is back in the boat. --Kevin 1991 CS34 "Rode Trip"
  11. tiz

    Loping 2GM

    I'd try bleeding it first and see if it changes. Those engines (I had a 2gm20f) have individual compression releases on each cylinder. If yours does, when it starts loping open the release on one cylinder and see if it changes performance. If you open one and it kills the engine then the other cylinder has an issue - probably injector or stuck valve (mine had valve spring issues). Same way if you open one and the engine stays at same rpm then that is the bad cylinder. If you try both cylinders and nothing changes then I'm stumped. --Kevin
  12. tiz

    Thickened epoxy in a tube recommendations?

    I have also found for small batches the small cans of resin and hardner, no pumps, some plastic film (to mix on - or a yogurt container) a small syringe, and a small digital scale all fit in a little cardboard box. I can keep that kit inside in the warm and get it to the project easily. Mix quickly and reasonably accurately. I tried a tube of Six10 and it was a bitch to get it out of the tube with a normal caulking gun. Bad tube? Not sure why that was but the scaling method works for me. --Kevin
  13. tiz

    Mast mate ladder

    +1 for the ATN Topclimber. Had the mast mate and the topclimber is a better system. --Kevin
  14. I have an older WM/Zodiac 310. With a nissan 5 it would plane with just me (190#) but no way adding my wife. Alone it was unmanageable at speed as the wind blew it all over . Felt like it would flip or fold in half at any moment. We got a 3.5 and now just putter around as needed. Yes it was properly inflated. --Kevin
  15. ...And stay away from any "blender" parties...... --Kevin