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  1. Ran a Thursday night race / birthday party aboard. Race mgmt was fine but party ended after dark. At which point we picked up anchor and went in. Discovered we left the start line pin out at the course. Went back out but couldn't find the starting line pin....... Had to go get it in the morning. Fun. --Kevin
  2. Contact Catalina? --Kevin
  3. Remove all the land storage, jack the prices up, millenials can't get work. What is the result supposed to be? --Kevin
  4. 50,000 displacement. I'd want 125hp+ (@5hp/ton).
  5. Thanks Spike. Great info. Interesting for sure. It's starting to deteriorate and will need some topside repair to the finish. Hope someone takes it on. --Kevin
  6. Here's the transom showing inlays. --Kevin
  7. Found this in Mystic CT next to Red 36 Restaurant at Seaport Marine. Wondering if anyone knows what it is or any history of it? Has a distinctive transom and helm cockpit, otherwise looks like a wood maxi boat. Not really an ior stern. --Kevin
  8. I'm so happy to hear the planning is solidifying into the ability to keep on sailing your adventure. I love the fact that you use the right boat for the conditions. There rarely seems to be a wet foredeck in view, even when you press a little boat into a bigger breeze. You pick them well. Can't wait for more shallow water exploration and the future with the Fisher. Best. --Kevin
  9. Greene Marine in Yarmouth Maine? https://www.mainebuiltboats.com/greene-marine/ A funky yard, but they have built and modified several world-class multihulls. --Kevin
  10. I've thought about this as a simpler approach than trying to pull the trailer all the way out, but the problem is the trailer has a lengthwise beam on the centerline that goes almost right up to the leading edge of the keel (see pic above). Confounds the forward centerline jackstand, so I think I need two forward jacks placed outboard of the trailer with a beam in between anyway, at which point I may as well just pull the trailer all the way out and get it completely out of the way. Ok - go with two jacks forward just outside the trailer forward. Take the pads off the tops and lag bolt a 4x6 to span between the tops. I've seen hundreds of pounds of masts sit on 'horses' made like that. If it sags put a bottle jack under the middle on a 2x6 across the trailer. We use to set up 22ft aquasports for the winter (2000lb hull only) on 2 cement blocks at each corner with a 4x4 across. Never a problem. Good luck! --Kevin
  11. I just backed out a payment to the old / incorrect address and made a new one via paypal. I discovered the series via cruising anarchy and was immediately hooked by the yell sound episode. So I began at season 1 episode 1 and have watched all up to season 6 episode 2. It was quickly clear that there is a shitload of work there. But it's a compelling series. I love the slow drifts with all sorts of different rigs to deal with bridges. The landscapes and conversational style of narration for historic and all other details are fantastic. I really do hope this goes until the goal (of circumnavigating) is complete. There's probably an episode in "the making of KTL" that would be interesting to see as well if it doesn't exist already..... I'm not web-savvy enough or any kind of fund raiser. But I mentioned it over on Off Center Harbor as something they should look into presenting. Seems like there could be other sailing / travel / adventure sites or periodicals that could toss in to support the trip. JMHO. Best Luck. --Kevin
  12. three jack stands. two under the stern and one with a "V" forward, in between the trailer frame. Crank them up. They will easily lift the boat a foot or more. Do your work. Lower the boat to the trailer, paint the jack stand pad spots, toss in water. Tarp the trailer if you need to keep it clean and paint-spatter free. --Kevin
  13. Here's a lovely steel boat. An old acquaintance has it for sale. Related to the thread, he's had lots of corrosion issue with the bottom. 1953 Abeking/Rasmussen built. Alden design. Name is "Enchanta". Sails like a freight train in a breeze. --Kevin
  14. It sails great. Really is a perfect racer-cruiser. We sailed it to Maine from CT and cruised for 12 days up there (16 total) and we have won races with it. Sails upwind just great and downwind with a chute is very solid and mild-mannered even in a breeze. Has a separate stand-up/sit shower in the head. I'm 6'2 and fit just fine in the bunks and shower. We got it from the PO in 2006 from lake St Clair near Detroit. --Kevin
  15. Is that a CS 34? Good Eye - Yes it is. 1991. --Kevin