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  1. Barn Find Cal 40

    I believe the boat came out of the molds in two halves port-stbd and then glassed together, then ballast added and glassed in. That is to say, if you saw one molded half it would look like a half hull model of the completed hull and keel. --Kevin
  2. Barn Find Cal 40

    No- not bolted on. It's a lead block laid into the molded keel shape from inside/above. Then glassed over. Aft end of the keel is hollow for about 14-18 inches. I had 1970 Hull #164 in CT which then went to San Diego and was renamed Nozomi. The couple that bought it sailed it to hawaii DH in the Pacific Cup . Twice I believe. You can have a lot of fun and race competitively on these for a lot less than $250k. The guy from Schaefer did a great job but he had unlimited funds and a desire to make a real gold-plater out of the boat he restored. There is a method to do the beam if it needs it and costs much less than $50k unless you just have a very expensive boatyard do it. --Kevin
  3. isomat parts

  4. isomat parts

    I'm wondering if rig-rite is the only source for isomat parts now? I know I've bought isomat mast exits for my mast from somewhere else but can't recall where. Any ideas? --Kevin
  5. Daysailer recommendations for this area/situation?

    Rhodes 19 centerboard or keel if you have depth. --Kevin
  6. Looking for a quick (4 nights) getaway trip somewhere warmer than CT in early December 2017. From what I have found it's pretty hard to get there from the NYC area. We're not really resort people and saw a cottage on Eleuthera that looked nice. Most air seems to take an overnight or cost a ton($) to get there. Also wondering how the storms have left the bahamas. Any thoughts on this appreciated. Extra points for somewhere we can get to fairly easily and be able to rent a daysailer for part of our stay. --Kevin
  7. Bird Deterrants

    I've used plastic fence mesh like this: https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-14713G/Traffic-Safety/Safety-Fence-4-x-100-Green?pricode=WA9751&gadtype=pla&id=S-14713G&gclid=CJL_gonu4NQCFdgJgQodaaUAyA&gclsrc=aw.ds Make a triangle for each spreader, about 1ft wider than the rig width at the spreaders and 3-4ft high. Zip tie pvc tube on bottom. Line through center of fencing (top of triangle) to center of tube. Loop above and loop or length of line below. Hoist on main halyard until pvc is just at spreaders. Tension downhaul line. Birds can't land or take off if you block their path. Worked great on my boats. Probably not if you have runners/checks. --Kevin
  8. Race Committee screw ups

    Ran a Thursday night race / birthday party aboard. Race mgmt was fine but party ended after dark. At which point we picked up anchor and went in. Discovered we left the start line pin out at the course. Went back out but couldn't find the starting line pin....... Had to go get it in the morning. Fun. --Kevin
  9. Catalina 38 Sailplan needed

    Contact Catalina? --Kevin
  10. The Drinking of the Hemlock

    Remove all the land storage, jack the prices up, millenials can't get work. What is the result supposed to be? --Kevin
  11. Interesting boat in Mystic CT

    50,000 displacement. I'd want 125hp+ (@5hp/ton).
  12. Interesting boat in Mystic CT

    Thanks Spike. Great info. Interesting for sure. It's starting to deteriorate and will need some topside repair to the finish. Hope someone takes it on. --Kevin
  13. Interesting boat in Mystic CT

    Here's the transom showing inlays. --Kevin
  14. Found this in Mystic CT next to Red 36 Restaurant at Seaport Marine. Wondering if anyone knows what it is or any history of it? Has a distinctive transom and helm cockpit, otherwise looks like a wood maxi boat. Not really an ior stern. --Kevin
  15. Scottish sailing

    I'm so happy to hear the planning is solidifying into the ability to keep on sailing your adventure. I love the fact that you use the right boat for the conditions. There rarely seems to be a wet foredeck in view, even when you press a little boat into a bigger breeze. You pick them well. Can't wait for more shallow water exploration and the future with the Fisher. Best. --Kevin