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  1. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    No incriminating details....and yep, that puts me at risk of being another SA bullshitter.....but I was shown some very recent correspondence between AS board member and high profile, well connected, disgruntled yottie. The complaint was completely valid ( and reflected views expressed here re SA relevance) but was dismissed out of hand by the senior SA board member as being "emotional rhetoric that did little to advance the argument".....the exchange was extremely "greek on an escalator" (Con - descending)... To quote CSN&Y....."There's something happening here...what it is ain't exactly clear....." But there is a definite turning of the tide wrt AS dominance.....Hmmmm
  2. "Solidarity forever....for the union makes us strong!"
  3. Couta

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I was mid Bass Strait Friday Night & Saturday morning as the front came thru......nothing to it.....didn't even spill my beer.....but that's the TT Line for you...!! ;-)
  4. Couta

    Fast singlehander for 60 yo's for messsin' about

    If you want great camaraderie and an all round sensational sailing experience with a world-wide network.....Finn
  5. Couta

    Sail on Olaf

    Had the pleasure of sharing his very good company on many occasions at various boat shows around the world - the industry has lost a real gentleman, a pioneer and an innovator - his quiet drive and guiding hand was at the heart of his business. Sail on....
  6. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    ....and the modest growth in participation in AS programs (quoted elsewhere in the report) is largely from.....windsurfing & Power boating!! The in! Seriously...and I'll be parochial little club pays $6922 in affiliation has a membership of ~200.....and I seriously question the value it gets. That money could arguably be better spent on Local Area Marketing activities that would be far more effective in driving participation in the sport and club membership than any AS driven initiative I've seen. As for Coaching and Race Management - the people involved in these areas (wrt major regattas) are increasingly PAID for their services....and local club races are largely self managed and administered....there might be an argument for an annual Rules & Admin subscription paid to the Peak Body...but if it was more that $1000 per year, I'd question that too. It's way overdue to point out that the SA/WS emperors are naked....(fat, lazy and self serving could also be apt descriptors of the organisations) That said, I have no doubt that there are well meaning people involved....but the structure is fundamentally flawed in favour of the elite few. Think I'll go do some MTB stuff with my mates down in Derby (Tas) this weekend.....(incidentally, MTB insurance for 12mths inc Income protection via their peak body....$60) Good Toimes!!
  7. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    According to AS.....Of the 82,291 members in 2018: • 2.4% of members are under 18 • 22% of members are over 65 Hmmm....and their so called "Club satisfaction" rating makes for dismal reading....with pathetic response rates.... Here's the summary (which questions their own relevance!) in their own words: Summary • Many questions solicited a higher than average “Neutral” response. This neutrality may suggest lower than expected levels of interest, engagement or relevance from Clubs to the offerings of Australian Sailing. • The high neutral scores may provide a key and highly significant opportunity to introduce and grow Australian Sailing services to the Clubs who are currently reluctant to or yet to engage in the benefits that Australian Sailing offer. • Key sailing-oriented services such as training, competition services and safety are considered most important by member Clubs. • On-line and web-based services solicited highly mixed responses, suggesting there are quality and user-interface oriented challenges that require prioritisation and work. • There are mixed views on effectiveness and responsiveness of the Australian Sailing staff interactions which require deeper investigation and insights derived. • Although the survey was extended from a single key club contact to all club office bearers, the response rate was disappointing
  8. Couta

    Cursing like a sailor

    The fucken' fucker's fucken fucked!! ( 'nuff said)
  9. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    I get it from the clubs perspective...trying to get owners to encourage their guest crews to sign up.....but personally, I'm generally invited by an owner to sail with them to help put a crew together and get a boat around the course safely and professionally (and sometimes that improves the result). If I do that for a few boats, a few times at any of the major clubs (and SYC, I'm thinking of you!) it ends up with a potential embarrassing discussion....'cos I'm not paying for the privilege of helping put together teams. ... I do it for the fun factor and a few beers...and the club admin can get fucked. It was a bit of a fiasco a few years back when the team I was helping out was run by the club captain....and the team went on to win the Association cup.....funny how nobody wanted to mention membership....hmmmm. That said......I was part of an Association Cup team boat that sailed on behalf of Royals for many years that had only one member actually on the boat...again...nobody was too concerned when the cup sat in the club trophy room... All that said....we don't need the admin of clubs bullying skipper/owners into having their crews sign up...what we want is clubs that have such an appealing value package that everyone wants to there's the challenge! (Disclaimer - I've done my time in admin....years on committee, flag officer...even commodore!!)
  10. Couta

    Cursing like a sailor

    My GF ( now wife) and I lived together in a place that shared a common (thin) wall with a well known & liked priest.....we assumed he could hear most of our a result we used our own code....GFYMFC! was a favourite...the Y stands for you.... The neighbour ended up marrying us...and we let him in on the code...he doid larf!!
  11. Couta

    Flying Fifteen: the boat for everyone

    And there's a serious rumour that a top performing FF has been recently added to the fleet of a Sydney sailor who - when he isn't restoring old timber boats for the Hobart...or putting together various big boat programs....hangs out occasionally at a major Sydney marine facilities establishment....
  12. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    Yeah well....the temp increase and associated urchin infestations have knocked off the masses of kelp forrest I used to dive in down there.....devastating environmental losses....some great diving experiences.....never to be seen again... Great forests of kelp with filtered sunlight playing on the nursery of crays and myriad fish....So glad to have seen sad to have lost it.
  13. Couta

    World Sailing - doing their bit...

    Vote #1 "Crazy Luca".....bringin' the fun back (yeah that's kiwi talk!!)
  14. Couta

    12m Australia KA-5 for sale

    Yeah...from Dorro himself!! ;-)
  15. Couta

    World Sailing - doing their bit...

    We have a Snaggle understudy....