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  1. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    2 bits of red tape and you can have....YooPoo! Done, now where's my prize?
  2. You might want to chat with Mr Langman....... "M's personal assistant" is rumoured to be heading this way.......
  3. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    ...didn't mention: O----- R--ing
  4. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Seriously LP... would Yoodoo do, or VooPoo, or will we just go for ooPoo? Over to you...
  5. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    The boat's heading down to Sydney when the forecast says so......And the team van is ready to go.....
  6. Couta


    ....and Dave Sylvester "the Cat" in action on the wire.....nice one ...I've never seen this vid of the hobie lads having a crack - thanks for posting!!! Takes me way back to many Sandy Point sessions.....and word is that the tribe is gathering for another weekend of boards & kites soon!! (Ibuprofen is being stockpiled!!) And yep that's definitely Sandy point in the up range (45kts plus) I have no doubt that it hit 60!!
  7. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Hoppy there are 36(!!) sails - so they're in a 40 ft container en route to Oz!! New Race sails order is being prepped as we speak....North 3Di or Doyle Stratis...Hmmm...decision time is close!!
  8. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Hoppy it happened 400m short of Tahiti on the 3800m trip from San Diego and we nursed it home.....the crew signed headboard is now a souvenir in my office! The back up main got the boat to Denarau (Fiji) and the new Delivery main (Doyle NZ) is ready for the trip to Sydney starting monday...stay tuned.
  9. As a designated medical officer on a yacht doing remote miles - I demand a sat phone and 24/7 access to medical advice & support - it's a responsibility I take very seriously. No medical kit and book can deliver the "here & now" emergency info & support. A text based system would be a poor second choice. I recently did a 3700m delivery of a race yacht in a region with very little support (San Diego - Tahiti) and was well prepared and well equipped. A previous medical emergency mid sth Atlantic (Capetown -Rio race) taught me how critical sat phone and medical kits are (The crewman had a severe hernia that resulted in sepsis and losing 10cm of his sm.intestine....) Without access to a sat phone, an over specced medical kit and medical support the result could have been tragic.
  10. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    The new "Venturi" main - rates brilliantly and self manages in the up range with awesome gust response! Hoppy - A few metres of stickyback and she was good to go for another 800miles! This was an old offshore main - one of the 36 sails in the container - the new delivery main is being fitted this weekend at Denarau. Interesting to note that it was the glue on the seam that failed here (and also where you can see the white seam - top batten- above)
  11. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Ssshhhh! Secret stuff Hoppy.....San Diego to Sydney is crew training and sail selection...(Tahiti was nice)
  12. Couta

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    then there's the ever reliable "0.5 ounce doona"
  13. Couta

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Mate, when you use the word "Form" it suggests a "track record" or "character trait" this case you'd be way off the mark. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances - I've made my position clear. Can you let it go now....
  14. Couta


    "This is the best Fail Vid IMO ..."we'll be right back Jill" ILMFAO!! they never do get their shit together and "Jill"gets "rescued"actually.." Checked the credits at the end of the Ham It Up Vid. Name of Foredeck crew in the drink......Jill....Freshwater! Ya can't make this stuff up!
  15. Couta

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Seriously Don? You don't think showing some support for fellow competitors, congratulating effort from winners and organisers and acknowledging sponsors is that important? I see the few minutes it usually takes to shake some hands, give & receive some applause, as a great opportunity to show some solidarity with the people I share the water with. Ockaroo has misread me. I do reckon being at a post race award is a good thing - and whenever possible I'm there - generally not collecting anything, just celebrating with my tribe. And yep - those rude arseholes that talk over the top of the MC, don't send a rep, or don't turn up at all, will attract my contempt. FFS our sport is already struggling and some people can't even be bothered acknowledging those that are making an effort and making it wonder we're fucked!