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  1. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Not poor form...just that some Voodoo crew are from NSW where monday is not a public holiday...so we ate, drank, bought bags of cheese and threw some cash at the local economy...Ya might want to aim criticism at the boats that didn't enter the race rather than knock one that did!
  2. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    ....but the trip home averaged 10kts plus...and topped out at 17.6kts. A (mainly) kite ride to Grassy and kite ride home is right up there with unicorns and rocking horse crap in terms of rarity! Felt for the boats still out there when the breeze crumped before the southerly change came thru. We were tucked up in our bunks dreaming happy dreams, satisfied with the infamous King Island steak sangas and a few refreshments. Team Voodoo pretty happy with the double win IRC & AMS.
  3. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Looking like a slow one for Grassy....they've even brought forward the start time to 1.00am Saturday morning to have the tide help push the fleet out the heads!! The other option is a start outside in Bass Straight off the ex-HMAS Canberra wreck.
  4. Best Race Committee Boats

    Skippers briefing meeting for Kings Cup in Thailand a few years ago...a hand goes up and asks..."will there be a starting line barging mark at the committee boat?" The naval commodore running the session explained "the committee boat is a naval gun boat with 2 inch armour plated steel....barge at your own risk!"
  5. Yeah, yeah...but no reasons why we don't got informative safety shit on the free interwebby thing.....seems there's a conspiracy to keep that safety stuff secret....why would that be? Stupidity or ....? Seriously, nobody here has answered the question.... Grassy race next weekend, there'll be 100ish crew in bass strait at night....maybe 30 will have done the SSSC. The rest will be relying on someone else on the boat knowing what to do if the shit hits the fan. We have the ability to share valuable safety information - free on the internet. We choose not to. Somethings wrong here.
  6. The point is SCANAS...SSSC isn't delivering the info to enuff people....The obvious question is "why?". At ~$400 and taking 2 days, I suspect that'll give some crews cause to pause. Better to invest in an integrated lifejacket/harness with personal AIS? Why no online resources for SSS? If it's about safety, why not provide them free? Of course , it'd have to come with the 10 pages of legal disclaimer our litigious society demands...but it'd be better than nothing (current situation for the MAJORITY of offshore sailors) The other factor could be....Back in the Day....there were more sailors going out onto the deep blue and building experience in marginal conditions. The safety gear was shit, but there were more races, more boats and despite that, very few deaths. As a result, today we're dangerously complacent and recon having a few people on the boat with knowledge is good enuff? The final possibility is that there's a reluctance amongst the professional safety cognoscenti to democratise the information.....that's hard to swallow, but might play into the zeitgeist. Personally, I reckon everyone should do a SSSC. It's money well invested. The facts support that I'm in the minority.
  7. That's gotta be outside assistance....LR jumping off the powerboat to spike the kite for the peel!! (Word is....LR still sleeps in his Larakis...and dreams of days of yore!)
  8. Agree completely! But isn't that a strong argument in support of posting of basic S&S@S stuff for everyone to discuss? For all of the material thrashed out in this forum, you'd have to dig around to find the nuts & bolts of S&S@S protocols. No doubt we have the brains trust to create a valuable thread ( that might just save a life?) Flame away!!
  9. Tragedies like this should prompt everyone who heads out into the blue water to reconsider their preparation...it has for me. I was looking at updating my SSSC and checking available options (don't bother going to the Aust Sailing site - there's nothing there!!). ORCV here in Vic are up to date and i'm booking in for the next available slot. In the meantime...I thought I'd check out what's available online...The answer is bugger all. Apart from promos for accredited schools and a few short clips there's nuthin'. I appreciate that there is specialist knowledge to impart and that it's best done in a formal class...but should that preclude providing potentially life saving info? Personally I reckon everyone should do a SSSC if they plan to head over the horizon, but the fact is, very few actually do any training. Having an online /video course would be a serious start to improving safety at sea.... Why don't we have an accessible online video series that covers safety at sea and procedures? BTW, does the S2H requirement to have a few of the crew SSSC accredited inherently suggest that they (as trained crew) then have a higher burden of responsibility for the unaccredited crew in the event of an incident??
  10. So what happens when the bowman is the owner? I'll tell ya.....on a delivery down from Brisvegas to Melb last year - with 20kts and an assy up we were having fun chasing waves....I won't go into details but a massive wrap ensued (I might've been on the wheel)....the furler was freewheeling and the wrap was doubled up - total shit fight. Call to go up and have a look...owner in harness takes up a knife (another crew member seeing the chaos suggested he take two knives for this job). 2hrs later, with the breeze now over 25kts, the owner in harness and the kite come down to the deck...both in one piece. This owner has sailed bow on everything...including maxis and RTW racers. He's cut away tens of 1000's of sq feet of kites over the years......surprising how things are a bit different when he's the one paying the bills! ("One goat" and "two knives" bought the beers as restitution!)
  11. Seriously...I saw a dog in a shopping trolley doing the aisles at the local Bunnings....I stopped and asked and yep....that's OK by Bunnings!!!
  12. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    S2H IRC results going back a little further..... 2008 - Quest 1st (TP 52) 2009 - Ran 1st (JV 72) 2010 - Secret Mens 3.5 1st (RP 55) 2011- Loki 1st (RP63) Jazz 4th (canting Cookson 50) 2012 - Wild Oats 1st - Loki 2nd , Jazz made 4th again Interesting to note - Loki never beat Limit over the line in the S2H...and won when Limit didn't compete... Could Limit be a dark horse? Or has the development of TP52's overtaken her? Also, if rolling the dice (its the S2H after all!) would adding another 50 footish boat to the fleet increase your individual chances of winning, given the number of players in this space? would you be better off (on average) going into a 60-70ft size that would likely separate you from the 50 foot pack?
  13. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Anyone here read "Moneyball"? That's the kind of analysis I'm looking for. A Boat that has the certificate and the water line length that puts it at risk of being on the podium - based on track records. I want the one that "shoulda won" So you people who follow the race closely, know your boats, crews and conditions for the races - I'm keen to hear your analysis. I agree the Cookson 50 has to be part of the equation - and the Hicko interview, while self deprecating was also insightful....I agree that even defiance could be a challenger (but it'd still be an outsider!). Seriously crunch the numbers, look at the competition and give us your best bet!
  14. ASBA Nationals.

    Agreed - but i'd add that the issue is the lack of "fun factor" - the social interaction that makes the effort of turning up at an event worthwhile. I commented earlier in this thread that the handicapping is never gunna work, but that isn't the main thing. If going fast in overpowered sports boats is your thing, then do it for the fun, for the camaraderie, for shits 'n giggles and the stories. If you want serious racing, do as Don suggests....get into one design. The problem with the SB division is that it takes itself too seriously.....the essence of SB sailing is FUN. Right now there's too little of that happening to attract the numbers.
  15. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    some good responses - Cookson 50 and TP/Pac 52's getting a solid run.... What about the idea that the 50 - 52 ft range gets a little crowded, so it's more competitive and reduces the chance of a win. Why not consider something in the 60-70ft space where there is less competition? Looks like Sean Langman might be doing that(??) On that basis the R/P 63 (Loki/Limit) might be a consideration.. Thoughts?