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  1. Couta

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    The AYC's are underway in perfect Port Phillip bay conditions...and that's where the good news ends. The live-streaming coverage is unwatchable - the sound quality, vision, commentary and vantage points are complete crap. Somebody at AS needs to pull the plug...on the coverage and the event.
  2. Couta

    is it me or is it you?

    And this just in from our "cough...cough" peak representative body: Personal Accident (PA) Insurance - Update The Australian Sailing whole-of-sport policy has been renewed, with cover extending to 1 October 2020. It is important to note that an exclusion has been added to this policy. Members of affiliated clubs will not be covered if they are participating in an event at a non-affiliated club. Changes to note are summarized below: Insured persons Category 1: - Members must now be registered in the database (not just be a member of the club). - SailPass participants are now included in cover; Scope of Cover Special Provisions: - Now includes a new sentence: This policy does not extend cover to Members of Affiliated clubs whilst participating in an event or on the premises of a non-affiliated Australian sailing club So...go check...and make sure that you're on the SA database (Club membership alone DOES NOT provide cover!) And DONT EVEN THINK about competing at an event where the host club is not affiliated...... Brilliant leadership! Incidentally, the January News email is absolutely packed with articles on the growth of.......Lympic and Lympic Pathway...sailing. Outside of that and IRC....absolutely nothing about grass roots stuff.
  3. Couta

    is it me or is it you?

    I play , coach & have administered in two of Australias great Lympix medal generators...sailing & kayaking..(you probably know about sailing's contribution to the medal tally, but for reference check out our kayaking medal history..). Two sports that the general public don't give a toss about....but the govt...Oh yes! They are really keen on those shiny lympix medals...So suddenly the money flows, and the professionals see that money and get interested in the sport...and the administrators and coaches and physios and nutritionists and sports psychs....well they need some athletes to justify their they start a junior program where kids as young as 10 are being "talent scouted"...and parents are told their little darlings have "the right stuff"...and now need a coach and need to go overseas to "world champs" in Europe...and the administrators create "pathways" and "programs" and they weed out the 12 year olds who's parents aren't or can't play by the administrators rules...and the chosen few become "Youth Squad" members and they have to go overseas in the squad and be "in the program" and then there's the "under 23" program for an even smaller select few....and then...they make the exalted Lympix squad! (now with the full finance of their peak body) Hurrah!!, But even then..unless they are ranked with a medal chance....they get flicked. Ah..But for those golden children, youths and real is closeted and paid for and completely isolated .....from the grass roots. And the Govt gets their medal tally. And the administrators rejoice (before demanding more public funding to ensure we hold our place in future medal Tallys!) And the sports? Well they're fucked!
  4. Couta

    is it me or is it you?

    Interesting that the sport was more successful (defined as : larger grass roots participation) back when the administration was much smaller.... Today we have more medals...(Success!!??) but fewer (and shrinking) participants at grass roots level....and.... we DO HAVE a world class bureaucracy!
  5. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Yep Hoppy...that's the plan (and of course, because it's the passage race...don't go "right"!)
  6. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Yep..decision was made to let the team have some fun doing whatever they want/need to do over the back end of I've been down @ Black Rock with the Finns...trying to convince someone to sell me a boat at a steal...unbelievable talent pool with every colour Lympix medalist in the 40 boat fleet....others have gone for a ride at the IRC Aussies.....and we'll drag some mates together to enjoy a lazy FOS at Geelong. For us, as it should be for everyone, it's about having FUN. Sometimes that involves hard core racing, other times it involves catching up with lifelong mates for a sail and a beer! Cheers!!!
  7. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    ...and you are someone who never paid his bets....but then, I couldn't hang around that long to wait for you! Filbert, you came here , talked yourself up and everyone else down... I called you out....and you crumpled. So, go ahead me what you like...but you've shown us all what you are made of...
  8. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    SCANAS...there's no footage that I can see on the link you've got to remember we're not from Sydney and CYCA, so unless you win LH or Tatts, you're just fleeting background for context...
  9. Couta

    Pittwater to Paradise 2019

    ^^^ With some recent form in the "3rd Place Stakes"...LB, we need to compare notes! ;-)
  10. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Any links SCANAS?...I looked but couldn't find.
  11. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    So ...anyone want to have a crack at actually answering the question?
  12. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    The rolex footage normally comes out a few weeks after the race. They do a nice job of it and they have full control unlike live feeds. I'm sure you'll get your 30 seconds of fame. Really? Thanks for that update...and here I was after a lifetime of playing the game at virtually every level (yeah I had my chances at AC status and tampered with the 5 rings circus) thinking I was in a mass spectator thanks for setting me straight...and me a marketing man...can't believe I didn't pick up on this sooner! The point I was making is that it's the sponsors who dictate the medium...and the message. For Rolex it's about associating it's product with "elite performance". In our game that WOXI and Comanche...the biggest, fastest and richest. The rest of the fleet give them some context...that's it. Coverage is commensurate with brand association. As long as CYCA (and WS for that matter) are happy to take the money from Rolex, our sport will be presented to the mass public as "Elitist". My question is....Is that what we want? Is it in the best interests of the sport (or the event)? What do the sailors actually get from a Rolex sponsorship? Personally, I don't think that sailing being viewed as elitist is going to attract more people to the sport....and in that respect Rolex (and WS) are damaging the participation at grass roots level. At the very least, its clear that the Sponsors and event owners are actively preventing any coverage that risks undermining the "Elite performance" message....keeping the event "On Brand"....last thing they want is for coverage of an "everyman & everywoman" accessible event!!
  13. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    OK, if we accept that the coverage is just a "colour & movement" entertainment interlude exercise for the Free to Air masses, that still doesn't explain why there isn't a brilliant online delivery to compliment the Rolex sponsorship. Rolex & CYCA have the resources to provide a focussed package that would address the international sailing audience...but the deal struck with Ch7 appears to be the block....pretty questionable media rights management on CYCA's part. Again, maybe Rolex are happy with their post production edited package that they flog to FOX and others....emphasising the elite nature of the sport (and their product)...something WS (and CYCA) is also happy to encourage. As long as sailors are compliant and continue to accept this presentation of our sport....we'll continue to be used in this way.
  14. Couta

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Technically the watch system was 3 watches of 5 crew....3 hrs on, 3hrs standby (on deck), 3 hrs off. The reality was 6 hrs on, 3 off unless there was a sail change (all hands). The result was a race of attrition with all hands on deck from the morning of the 2nd day (approaching tasman to the finish)....personally I got by with very little effective sleep...couple of hrs at best. Not ideal.
  15. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Coupla serious rumours circulating atm......first is that the big Indian is headed back to the US under new ownership......JC blew a reported $8M in the last 12 months in his quest to win the S2H and has had enough...second is that Infotrack is about to be traded & upgraded to a new 100footer...not sure if it'll be ready for the 2019 S2H.......Hmmm!