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  1. Olympic Classes for Paris 2024

    So how does an athlete who refuses to identify as a particular gender get treated under this proposal? Can't wait to see that one run through the courts!
  2. Olympic Classes for Paris 2024

    Whenever you find yourself on the side of LB, it is time to pause and reflect. - Mark Twain.....OK paused, reflected and damn it...still find no fault!!
  3. Yep...so the Archi 31 is on the market...but not in your price point I'd guess.
  4. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    He did his first Hobart with us on Farr 40 OD Young Australia way back in '99......nice kid...he's come a long way!
  5. Olympic Classes for Paris 2024

    Mixed gender sailing isn't big in Oz - so this proposal will require some changes here - could be a positive for female participation or equally a hurdle that will reduce participation in olympic/feeder classes. Most likely outcome here will be "pairings" of sailors from different classes to drop into the olympic squads with money focussed on these squads up until final selection.....not so different to how it is today. Foiling Kites are a no brainer for the lympix - made for television event.
  6. She just did the deal on moonspinner...sshh! Rumour is fact that More Noise now has a big sister.....
  7. Stack 'em back...find another crew member....and get them aft. That bow is pushin water.
  8. https://www.sailingillustrated.com/single-post/2017/12/11/Olympics-World-Sailings-radical-plan-to-overhaul-2024-eventsclasses Not sure why they'd want to make this call so quickly - unless it was to cut short discussion/debate. Initial thoughts - looks like more lympix & taxpayer money will go to even fewer candidates. Mixed gender classes will be virtually no-existent at state & national levels. Interesting to see how this works with Youth classes....but unlikely to boost participation. Offshore overnighter keelboat class?? Yeah right! The only thing that makes sense is the foiling kites. Lympix is entertainment and fast ,colourful, foiling kites with graphic overlays, over-hyped commentary and 10 minute races will have eyeball appeal to the masses - if only as a novelty. It's time for sailing to step away from the lympix 5 ring circus but countries like Australia won't give up that winning feeling they get when they beat Ghana in the medal tally.
  9. Seaquesta - Dubois 42 owned by Alf Neate out of Mornington YC- sailed there on her own keel (via Sydney - Suva race) and I brought her back via Kiribati, Honiara, Cairns. Did 82, 84, 86 & 90, so got a few t-shirts & stories. The boats were compromised by design and the crews mainly amateurs, but the camaraderie and racing was fantastic. Regattas were better - I'm not talking nostalgia - the demographics were way younger and the fun factor was off-scale. The economy was booming. Today, the demographics are geriatric except where the crews are pros.....and the nature & numbers of yachts are diminished. The 80's were a golden age for sailing. Glad I was part of it.
  10. Misogyny in sailing?

    Dennis Conner is.......... overqualified!
  11. ..The Stop Light.....and Lollypop Lounge....?
  12. ....and the Harbour Pub ;-) ...still got that t-shirt somewhere....
  13. Racer Chasers....MMmmm....Each boat had it's own designated hostess....now there's a concept!! Ours was sensational - knew all the best bars in town, hosted pool parties for all the team... and even set me up with her best friend! As for the Demolition Derby...under moonlight, managed to drive our companionway mounted Big Ben compass a coupla feet underwater - even the lifelines were under - the boat felt like it backed out of the wave before it fell on its side with keel in the air! A young kiwi 470 sailor - Chris Dickson - scared shitless asked..."do we jump on the keel?" He was serious!! Big fleets, big boats, big breezes, big waves.......just BIG TIMES!!
  14. Still got the hat, bag and t-shirts from that one.....first of many great Clipper/Kenwoods for me....good times!
  15. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    The Inglis 47.....in the hands of a bunch of dinghy sailors (Wharro was the exception) running before the frontal change and unable to put in a reef out of fear of dropping the rig.....the boat was so soft it was visibly twisting when you looked down the companionway thru to the bow. Just rode it out and hung on until a reef was possible...looks impressive but was just a bunch of scared shitless young buggers on one of the scariest bits of water round....no where to run to...nowhere to hide!