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  1. I've been amazingly lucky over the years - never really had a bad experience - plenty of things have gone wrong but none that weren't manageable. Closest we came to stepping up into a raft was a Hobart race on Joint Venture with a rock solid team of sailors....we'd managed to launch it off a series of backless waves and break 4 of the 5 ring frames resulting in a near water soluble, very spongy boat. These things only happen at 3am. Sails down...carbon pole cut up and using the cabin soles as pads we propped the hull to keep the bows from collapsing...grab bags on deck with liferaft ready and Securite radioed in...and back to Eden. We had plenty of company of the next 24hrs. There's footage somewhere in the archives of us being interviewed. Despite the obvious "drama" everyone was very chilled...just disappointed that our race was over....but we were young and that stuff was considered "part of the game". Now delivery debacles....that's a whole different thread topic!!!!
  2. Parody...ok...but there's some litigation issues as the images are all tagged: "Gogglebox: Watching the PRADA Cup racing © Gogglebox"
  3. Interesting insight! I don't watch Goggle Box and am surprised that they decided to give the AC coverage....but the reactions are real and the engagement obvious. The high speed, high risk format has emulated earlier Formula 1 and is capturing new audiences (interesting that Formula 1 now has become "boring" with fewer perceived risks). Not sure what the takeaway is from this, other than providing a career path / earning potential for sailing professionals. Right now, AC sailors are recruited from mass fleet foiling classes...but as the AC foiling format continues to evolve, it too will become a "bubble" with little ability to break into the ranks...interesting times!
  4. Couta

    Webb Chiles Interview

    Ta for posting..."amateurs seek adventure..professionals avoid it!"...could listen to this man for ages. In the 70's we had "Soul Surfers". Webb is a "Soul Sailor".
  5. I've followed the FRS team for ages and loved their "Just do it" approach to cruising. They started out with an old, small boat that they said "cost the same amount as a second hand car". Now that they've attracted such a following/$ backers (based on the low cost cruising principle & great story-telling) they've fully upgraded every system, rebuilt and rerigged (using latest technology) and now have a boat that sits way outside the original concept....arguably overcapitalised. That said, they're a great extended cruising story and their approach to refits is meticulous...and can we really criticise them for capitalising on their story-telling/fund-raising success? Yep...conflicted! ;-)
  6. Couta

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Anyone know when the new Scarlet Runner is planning to hit the water?
  7. Couta

    Boats and foils comparison

    Mozzy...this makes so much of the analysis accessible...thank you!!!
  8. Couta

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    As a big fan of the Swanson 36...I gotta say that bustle just doesn't look right. I always loved the look of our family boat - esp the underwater lines - Sequel was very pretty to my eye!
  9. Couta

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    ^^^^ Too many good stories in just that teaser.....Nice one Pulpit! ;-)
  10. Couta

    OLympics.....Just vaccinate all the athletes

    Watching the response of govt & athletes going thru prep for the Australian Tennis Open, I'd say there's only a slim chance of Tokyo going ahead...athletes from around the world are complaining about quarantine and lack of practice (despite the terms of attendance being fully explained prior to committing)....the populace is asking why these pampered people are getting access to quarantine facilities ahead of other citizens trying to return to the country....and why their health /economy is being put at risk by bringing people from around the world to a covid free zone....The answer is MONEY..but that isn't going over well with the public. It'll take just a handful of positive tests to derail events and schedules....I just don't think the roll out and protection it affords will be in place in time.
  11. Couta

    Launceston to Hobart

    ^^^ Go Fletch! ;-)
  12. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    V. happy with my cruising intentions.... The Finn racing is scratching the competitive itch!
  13. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    What happened with Cat 3?
  14. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    Are you putting your hand up LB? JC & BT are top blokes....and EP knows his way a venerable member of this group you could be "in the tent pissing out..."