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  1. Couta

    Mythical FP vs. The Borums

    "White guys..."?
  2. Sad news and condolences to all involved.....but....No life jacket?
  3. Couta

    Australian Peeps - Help!

    Exactly why you won't find it.......Conspiracies abound!
  4. Couta

    Australian Peeps - Help!

    When Aussie Joe Public is asked what they think of when they hear the word "sailing": Here's the summary: "Bunch of rich wankers" "Taking up public beach real estate" "Won't let us launch our tinnies at their ramps" "Won't let us fish from their jetties" Yeah....I reckon that covers it for the average Bloke....of course the better educated see it slightly differently: "An expensive pastime involving an insular, entitled group of elitist, white males with misogynistic attitudes" Yeah...I reckon that captures the zeitgeist!
  5. As for sailing acronyms.....LOMBARD was always good. A LOMBARD is a problematic boat in: "It's a nice boat but the owner's a bit of a LOMBARD"...... Lots Of Money But A Real Dickhead!
  6. So...back in my Adman days we had a computer tech client who wanted a double page spread in a magazine featuring their latest smart box.....I took the brief. It was full of indecipherable acronyms that we were assured would be "self-evident" to the target audience.....I didn't agree, particularly as the purchasing decision makers were not the tech heads. I re-jigged the brief and what resulted was a feature photo of a pretty boring box with lots of arrows pointing to different areas of the box....each arrow indicating a "TLA". Massive Headline read....."Now with More TLA's!" The tongue in cheek approach was a commercial hit - even collected an award! Taking the Piss with TLAs and tech ...was a winner!
  7. Couta

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    I'm looking forward to seeing the mods to XXX - the MG 30 from Lake Macquarie - definitely a different BOX rule ;-) Rumour is fact - a new rig set up with swept spreaders and new sailplan - winter mods will see its debut in Geelong, with several regattas including Airlie & Hammo on the books....expect much lunacy & laughter as this team plays as hard as they sail...good times my friends..good times!
  8. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    And we had regattas in places we'd never sailed before - like the Southern Highlands - with briefings in the carpark and beers and barbies at the end of each clubs, no administrators...not even any protests that I can recall. But we did have fun....lotsa stories and laughs...and some legendary sailing! I don't know how many thousands of Kms Doggie did to bring it all together but he made that Magic 25 class happen. I threw out my fluoro yellow Magic jacket a few months ago.....tragic! That class showed us all that AS...and even clubs...were only of use if they served the needs of sailors.... I love my little club, but AS is a waste of time & money from my perspective. I resent paying anything to them and feel that I'm being blackmailed into it. My club doesn't want to stir things ....I'm forced to pay. For a lifetime dedicated and passionate sailor to feel the way I do about AS, I'd suggest is pretty damning...but nobody gives a shit!
  9. Couta

    Dealing with uncooperative crew

    The situation with rebellious crew became decidedly worse with the advent of lightweight plastic winch handles......those old bronzies always did the trick! ;-)
  10. Couta

    IOR is dead for a reason

    Yeah I reckon that was my only Hobart non-finish...limped back to eden to be interviewed by the ABC ...Fletch has a VHS copy of it somewhere...Joint Venture with a star studded crew of ratbags...of course we were winning when the boat went all "water soluble".(wasn't everyone in eden that year?) ...9 of the 11 ring frames cracked and carbon poles being hacksawed and used with the cabin sole to hold the boat together as we limped back with life rafts and full safety gear ready to deploy .....good times...then the chartered aircraft from merimbula and the jettisoning of sick bags full of second hand, kidney filtered bundy & coke from the pilot's cockpit window over the still racing competition....and the boat being trailered back to melbourne via back roads without a travel permit...taking out most of the power & phone lines along the way......yeah. ....good times least for a 23 year old livin the dream!!! So yeah - we're old buggers - but we've got stories that the young buggers can only dream about..and get all pissy pants about knowing they missed the pinnacle of ocean racing and now have to put up with a watered down version of nanny state entertainment.
  11. Couta

    IOR Lives!

    Ta for that Video - reminded me to be thankful for all the good stuff I've had the great fortune to experience ....they were great times...great teams with comrades, great regattas in fantastic locations...and yes, great one of them was so aptly named...Great Fun!
  12. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    ^^^ That's my his virginal Hobart. I've told him to quit while he's ahead ;-) So the family has done alright over the years - Dad pulled a Div win and 5th O'all back in Bacardi days...Bro landed a Div win and 9th O'all...and Voodoo delivered a Div win and 3rd place for me... Patriot was purchased in QLD from the second owner who imported it from the US (hence the name) was then bought by a mate of mine (LR) who changed the name to Moonspinner and campaigned it locally in Melb for a short time before selling it to another mate Jason (Recliner) who then renamed it Patriot and put this campaign together. Recliner had previously owned and successfully campaigned the A31 More Noise...with many of the Patriot crew and it's been great to see this all come together so successfully..... My time on Moonspinner and knowing Recliners ambition confirmed that this was a boat he'd really enjoy. I coined the phrase "Wolf in sheeps clothing" cos in light air or certainly doesn't perform like the aging production boat it appears to be!
  13. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    GA was a great Club Man that made a difference. The sport is more than just sailing and from competitor to organiser and administrator at every level he contributed. It's a bugger that circumstances don't permit a proper send off..but as the note says, that'll happen when it can.
  14. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    I know I'm a little biased, but this docco is really what the Hobart race is all about. This is what CYC needs to circulate to build competitor numbers...enough of the Billionaire Maxi BS that is frankly boring and bears no resemblance to the experience the race offers to the vast majority. This video captures just one story - but it's the story that really matters...that if you really want to have a can. The result is always going to be a bit of a gamble with the conditions - but the odds are always improved when you do the prep these guys did! That said (and knowing that boat pretty well!!) they couldn't have written a better weather script for that boat! Congratulations to Jason and his awesome Patriot team on a great campaign and to the Docco makers for telling the REAL story of a Sydney Hobart race!
  15. Couta

    name that harbour

    Not sure wot ya lookin at JB....but that shot of the Euro harbour is defs Knees,7.2865033,834m/data=!3m1!1e3