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    OLympics.....Just vaccinate all the athletes

    Watching the response of govt & athletes going thru prep for the Australian Tennis Open, I'd say there's only a slim chance of Tokyo going ahead...athletes from around the world are complaining about quarantine and lack of practice (despite the terms of attendance being fully explained prior to committing)....the populace is asking why these pampered people are getting access to quarantine facilities ahead of other citizens trying to return to the country....and why their health /economy is being put at risk by bringing people from around the world to a covid free zone....The answer is MONEY..but that isn't going over well with the public. It'll take just a handful of positive tests to derail events and schedules....I just don't think the roll out and protection it affords will be in place in time.
  2. Couta

    Launceston to Hobart

    ^^^ Go Fletch! ;-)
  3. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    V. happy with my cruising intentions.... The Finn racing is scratching the competitive itch!
  4. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    What happened with Cat 3?
  5. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    Are you putting your hand up LB? JC & BT are top blokes....and EP knows his way a venerable member of this group you could be "in the tent pissing out..."
  6. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    ^^^^ Shaggy wrt your area of interest, I'd approach Jason Close - he's not only a top bloke with deep experience with club member issues (long term club captain at Sandy YC) but a deeply committed yachtie...of course, against those impeccable qualifications is the indelible black mark of being a mate of mine....
  7. Couta


    Saw this powerful interview the other night - a terrifying reminder to take responsibility for our own health and get yourself checked regularly. I've just done my annual skin check and had the usual suspects iced off - I've had 6 cut out over the years...."when in doubt, cut it out". We love our watery lifestyles, but it comes at a cost: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!" Spread the news and don't let Stuarts tragedy be in vain. (Thanks hasher for posting!)
  8. Couta

    Best Ocean Races

    The Sydney to Suva was a great race....and for the cruising set, the Darwin Ambon was well supported...I've had the pleasure & privilege of doing all but the China Sea on the OP list but rate the Rio Race as the most epic. Haven't done any of the longer Med races but they look like fun.... Insurances, liabilities and expensive safety requirements have limited the accessibility for competitors and viability for organisers....
  9. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    "Cabron"....spanish for Arsehole.... ;-)
  10. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Not sure what comments you're referring to, but nowhere has anyone suggested it's about trophy hunting....The event is a race...and every competitor is out there to do their best.... within their limitations of budget, time and ability....we race for the fun, adventure, storytelling and cameraderie....and if, in doing our personal best, we happen to pick up an accolade, well.... Bonus! There are a few professionals and a few big egos....(none of them here incidentally)....but the vast majority are in it for shits 'n giggles. To call anyone here a trophy hunter means you have little understanding of the event or the people you're dealing with. Cheers.
  11. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Do we have to keep relearning what we choose to forget? 3 yrs ago I posited that if you want a chance at winning the S2H you need to read "Moneyball" and then do your might remember that a crew did just that...reviewed 20 years of design performance & weather data, current design performance and concluded that there were gaps in that data that could be exploited. The "white space" (where there was less competition) in the results sheet were around the 60-70ft WL and that historically RP was a design that beat the odds. With limits on time & budget we bought an older R/P63 in San Diego...sailed it to Oz...put on new new rags and a dedicated team....and were beaten into 3rd ....a couple of R/Ps (both between 60 & 70 ft). Yes conditions played a part....but doing the data, being in the "ballpark", excluding the competition....that's where you start.
  12. Couta

    Olympic Cunt Fuckery

    Serious question...with the inclusion of Breakdancing and the dropping of the Finn.....if the shark has so clearly been jumped...when will "shark jumping" be included as a lymix sport?
  13. Couta

    Dinghy Racing/Olympic Class want world class competition against the legends of sailing? wanna benchmark? want to hang out with some of the best informed, physically fit and intellectual sailing gurus? How about some of the most friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable bunch of buggas you're ever likely to meet on a beach or start line? You had the answer all along!
  14. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    It might be a "first " for the asshats at CYCA...but DH has been racing world wide with technological support for years.....that is the issue here...that they didn't do their research, didn't judge the pushback from the local mafia and didn't hesitate to buckle. The result is that punters spent big dollars and prepped in good faith, only to have the rug pulled just weeks out. Harsh? They couldn't give a shit! Business as the bucks.
  15. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    The result was inevitable...and the real travesty was the about face so late in the game....the entry rules were clear right up until the Mafia started moaning....and suddenly the rules changed. So for those that bought boats, trained & prepped on the basis of being in the main event...only to have that taken away just weeks out?...well that's the standard of this race's management.
  16. Couta

    Finn dinghy help

    There's a massive Finn Community out there that's easy to contact...not sure what you're doing here?
  17. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Wharro & Hayes doing the DH div? ......they'll kill each other before they clear the'll be a win for the cyc....and another story in the Hobart saga! Whatever you wanna say about GW, he's a serious and very competent sailor....the other one, well, hecan match him in the "talk it up cup" but doesn't come close on the water. Will be interesting to watch unfold...much like any train wreck.
  18. ^^^ Pencil is the Pied Piper of Australian Finn sailing...wherever he goes, he builds a fleet of Finns...using nothing more than encouragement, positive feedback, quality information, commitment, energy (!!) and a great sense of humour! He currently sails outta RQ....and yeah...he's convinced me to join the Finn fraternity...and I'm in Melbourne!
  19. Couta

    World Sailing and China's Leadership

    ^^^^^ Google translate works just fine ;-)
  20. Of course the Finn fleet is thriving...they look after themselves, focus on fun and sharing ideas...and have the awesome Pencil driving the show. He's built a fleet from just 3 to regular turn-outs of over 20 boats. Fraternity, fun, learning together and a few beers.....That is how you do it!
  21. Couta

    World Sailing and China's Leadership

    I, for one, welcome our new over-lords and stand willing and ready at their beck and call, to execute any order, in the eternal fight that will forever be known as "The Great Leap Forward" for wind driven aquatic sport!! All hail The Leader!!
  22. Couta

    Australian Sailing

    Or....we could all go and do a little "cruising in company" turkish style.......
  23. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Gotta love the justification..."The Club believes further understanding needs to be gained regarding the full capacity of this technology and how it will be accommodated within current handicap rating systems."....Like they've only just realised that short handed racing yachts use self steering tech......and have been doing so for years. Either the club threw the idea of short handed into the mix as a poorly considered "brain fart"...or there's been a serious push back from the power brokers necessitating a back down. Pretty clear what happened.
  24. Couta

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    And here's the decision from that tight-knit little fraternity that looks after its own.... It's the classic "shit sandwich" approach with the "we value you" opening statement..followed by the shit .....followed by the "we really value" you on: "Thank you for your patience and understanding with regard to the Two-Handed eligibility decision The Club has spent a long time considering all aspects of this decision. We are writing to advise you of the Board’s decision. The Club remains incredibly excited about the inclusion of two-handed sailing in the Rolex Sydney Hobart, particularly as this area of our sport becomes increasingly popular worldwide. Nevertheless, this new division adds a layer of complexity through the sophisticated sailing technology associated with Autopilot units. The Club believes further understanding needs to be gained regarding the full capacity of this technology and how it will be accommodated within current handicap rating systems. As such, the Club will be amending the 2020 Rolex Sydney Hobart Notice of Race to reflect that two-handed entrants will be scored within their own handicap category divisions and not be eligible to compete against fully crewed boats in divisions or for the overall race win. The inclusion of two-handed sailing is an important step forward for the Club and we will be honouring this division with a new perpetual trophy for the IRC Two-Handed overall winner. The Amendment to the Notice of Race will be published early next week." This is despite meetings and reassurances by none less than the commodore and sailing manager that this would not just did...because a handful of power-brokers on big name boats threatened/persuaded the club to reconsider their priorities.... Entries have been withdrawn....