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  1. Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    Quick look at CL shows several floor stand band saws for ~$200 or less. Back out the wasted lumber and he'd have a usable saw for ~$50. After done, sell it and he'd make a "profit" just by using his noggin. sheesh.
  2. Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    Buying 100 8 foot 2x4s then cutting them into 5' pieces. Why oh why did he not think to buy 50 10 footers? I was willing to cut him him some slack for following his goofy dream but now he's into deforestation.
  3. Missing Title

    You might look at Colorado for titling. They seemed pretty casual. Then transfer it to Washington.
  4. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    Regarding "Here, the garbage collectors and the doctors may not live in the same neighborhood but the pay ain't bad..." http://money.cnn.com/2016/02/24/news/economy/trash-workers-high-pay/index.html As a retired blue collar worker I am sometimes compelled to defend us. The pay is good in this instance (ie hasn’t fallen behind inflation in the last 40 years) because they work 55-60 graveyard hrs, often in crappy weather and conditions. Subtract the 15-20 hr time-and-half OT and their base wage isn't as good as it would seem; considering cost of living in NYC, or a 1 or 2 hr commute on public transportation.. Now compare that life to my tech worker son who I love and respect as any parent would, but who makes 2 or 3 times that, loves his work, doesn’t need a shower when he gets home, takes his free coffee/munchie break in the company cafeteria and often completes his assigned task in less than 40 hrs, whereupon he can tinker on interests (R&D, inventions?) that his employer encourages. Then he goes out to dinner in the evening or skiing all weekend because he is not bone tired. Now lets move on to executive compensation....
  5. Possible move to South Puget Sound

    My nephew lives just south of the Nisqually bridge off Dutterow Rd and works at JBLM. Seems to work for him. Olympia has some racing not far away.
  6. Sailors Powerboat

    I'll be darned Kirwan, (post 51). I raced Lightnings out of Seattle in the 1980's and remember Mark Patty's boat. I remember thinking the same thing about his "piano". I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was too gorgeous to mix it up in a competitive fleet, but he did. I think he called it (or one of his other boats) Peppermint Patty. I must have seen him at one of the San Diego NA's or maybe he brought it to Seattle for the 84 NA's. Do you know him? Thanks for the blast from the past. Back on subject: After I am done sailing I'm likely to get a ~26' Bayliner. Gasp. We had a 24er when the kids were little and there is nothing like getting to Desolation Sound (cheaply) in one day. Then being able to gunk hole around and even bump bottom with out drive up in the nether reaches. Small just fits so well in so many cool spots.
  7. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Ed Lada, Your anchor dragging reminds me of one of my favorite fireman stories. Sometime in the first week of our recruit class a group of my fellow newbies were doing ladder drills. After a few maneuvers they were having a tough time pulling the 55' ladder away from the building to lower it. The instructor with mirth in eyes but fuming urgency in his voice began yelling "PULL.......PULL,.........PULL HARDER.......HARDER!" and so on for 10 or 15 seconds. Meanwhile everything stops on the drill court, silence, (except for the screaming instructor), all eyes now on the struggling crew. Then a light bulb went off in one of the of the poor rookies head and he scorched up the ladder to untie the anchor they'd forgotten on the window sill. The instructor turned out to be one of the nicest guys there is but he sure seized on the opportunity to play the steamed up drill master that afternoon. I still get a good chuckle out of his masterful performance.
  8. Another screen shot Dylan. What does it say about me??? I think the one you pointed us to of the Orkney Islands is the first one I've watched start to finish, though, I did tap the fast fwd a few times during some of the quiet sailing scenes. I look in on some of these vlogs but can't justify more than a few minutes, there's just too much other stuff on my plate at this point in my life.
  9. Auckland multihulls

    Got a chuckle out of that. Nice to let the kids have some ownership of the boat, that will pay off later. Boom looks like that wing tip.
  10. Anyone know this cat?

    Just a thought but the Northwest Multihull Association in Seattle (begun in 1966 as a raw material buyers club) have some members down south that pop occasionally as well as oldtimers. I'm a newbie there but I can ask around to see if any one knows this boat.
  11. Auckland multihulls

    Thanks Over. Its like a classic car, it must be fun to take it out for a spin around the bay and bask in the admiring glances, (while over taking to weather of course). I always marvel at early designs. Some crossed oceans and made dreams come true, others like this were works of art, reminiscent of swoppy, 1930s, streamline aesthetic. I like the name too, (I assume a play on cavort), as much as the color scheme. I hadn't remembered the mast was blue though. I'm wondering if thats also a play; on cruisers' delineation of pink and blue jobs. He does the sails and trim at the mast and she does the house and cockpit. Can't make out what color the tiller is...........
  12. Nice Pan shot Brian, I remember when that boat was for sale and I thought hmmm that looks interesting. The I saw that you bought it. I dream of hauling my boat down there some day. Maybe I'll swing it and rendezvous with you for a sail on C2F. Cheers, Eric
  13. Auckland multihulls

    Well if we are talking about multis then I have this: For a couple months last January I traveled in NZ and snapped this picture as we were speeding by on a bridge. It is quite like me to not remember which city it was but suspect it was Aukland. It was in a large bay with a lot of other anchored out multis and other boats. Unusual color and shape struck a cord for me. I'm no expert but is it a Newick? Never thought I'd use the photo for anything but its cool, now here comes this thread. Any one know it?
  14. That is an amazing picture but I know those 4000 volt wires are very strong and I think that is a safety line not a ground wire, so he's clipped in. Besides its a wood ladder, so he's clearly thinking risk mitigation. I certainly would be hesitant to do it with an aluminum ladder or is that aluminium. If you only touch one conductor at a time, no problem. Darwin denied I assume?
  15. Ian Farrier

    Keep us posted on your build Roman. And join the Fboat Yahoo group. Ian moderated it and he has posted many helpful hints there, (though, AFAIK, there is no obvious/good way to "search" for past posts, you just have to scroll thru the ridiculously abbreviated thread titles). But its a very active forum with a lot of smart people to help and carry on Ian's legacy. Be aware that there is also a Fboats (plural) Yahoo forum which is not as active and Ian did not contribute to it, so I only look at it every few weeks. Good luck with the 32. Eric