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  1. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Maybe someone is interested. Here's a close up of the yellow CL boat's mast I found on my laptop. The large verticals are ~1.75" OD, 1.5" Schedule 40, aluminum pipe. It is real easy to scamper up the mast for a look around. Handy for entering shallow coral head areas. Though this boat has sailed plenty around the world it is a motor sailor with firm desire of the owner/builder/designer to motor when needed.
  2. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I don't remember any noise from the mast, at least not above ambient storm noise. I live 2 doors away and it was wet moored many winters just 80' from my bedroom windows. Regarding calcs, he was long time head of the oceanography dept at a major university and a math whiz per his son. Seattle is/was chock full of Boeing aeronautical engineers and IDK but I'd guess he may have had a few collegial friends of that elk to consult. He did say, IIRC from conversations a good 10 years ago, that he did consider the turbulance of the individual tubing in his analysis. Obviously however, the trussed mast design certainly runs counter to any race boat or conventional thinking. I do wonder if I ever decided to design my perfect voyaging boat, would I consider that design. I'd certainly pepper him with questions about it. Cheers
  3. eric1207

    How much is a brand new traditional steel boat?

    I'm no expert but I think the best advice given here way back in the the thread, is you and your GF get a crew job on a boat/business that you hope to copy. Or a business as similar as possible. Volunteer for food and berth, maybe some pocket money, if necessary. Get some experience as to what is involved and what type of vessel or clients are out there. It ought/should to be fun for you. If it isn't then do you really want to invest your life savings and be tied to this business AND BOAT? As a crew you have no responsibility, you can give notice and walk away. You can't if you have a large boat with monthly marina, insurance and more costs. A year or two of crewing and you will be giving us advice, and you will know whether you want to do this. All your questions, and the advice given here are well and good but I can't imagine starting a business without some experience. You are asking about a 60-80' boat. This is a huge weight around your neck and you will never be able to get out of it quickly or cheaply. Now if you start small with a 40 footer then you have way more exit options. I think you are real, but I can't help the slight impression this is a troll, kind of like at the start of fish food's thread. A couple posters gave good advice for thorough marketing and research into the sector. However, I'm talking about good old fashion apprenticeship. I don't think you can learn this business from Utube, forums or walking the docks/calling competitors and asking advice. I wish you success. Please revive this thread in a year or 3 and tell us how it went. Good luck.
  4. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Well, here's a little more info. I bumped into the builder's son today and they did sell the ferro cement boat for, he thought, $50k. As above, I'd guess that was around 1995/2000. It was very well finished and it was never wrecked on rocks, on their watch. Last they heard was a rumor years ago that it was wasting away in the Sea of Cortez. Its name was Ama Khaya. It would be going on 50 years old by now. Son was surprised that the more recent, steel boat (that yellow one) was in San Diego, he said "that wasn't possible". The ad doesn't say where it is but does say "delivery available". I'd guess its still in Tahiti. Check insurability before you buy. Re the mast; he's a pretty good welder, (duh, he built a steel boat) and the aluminum welds on the mast looked pretty good to my untrained eye. Painted white, it looked good ~5 years ago when it was last around here. Cheers
  5. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Thats funny
  6. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Yes Tom I think you have it right, though I'm under the impression his field was underwater geology. See post 13185 above it you missed it. I thought he sold the ferro cement boat but I could be wrong, it was along time ago that I spoke to him about it. It was also moored in the spot where the subject boat is pictured in post 13186.
  7. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Ok, I got a little quilting confusion there. Regarding Ishmael's keen eye in 2013, yes the builder/owner loved to spend a couple months on Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Island. I think it was 2015 that he took his last Pacific loop to Tahiti then turned it over to the new guy there. I have no idea if the current sellers are that person or a third owner.
  8. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Well, the current yellow color, quilting and somewhat lack of yachtiness are a bit mockable, but you're welcome, it was fun to sit down and reflect on all he's done. I can't imagine building and finishing 2 large vessels in one lifetime. All after his mid thirties! I have no idea what he'd done prior to that. I should remember to ask him as he comes around the old neighborhood occasionally. I miss that well kept steel boat, quietly bobbing up and down at the dock, no matter what ragging winter storms throw at it. Like a docile giant mocking the weather.
  9. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Aha, I found a pic of the boat at my neighbors dock in its original colors. No quilting to be seen back then. I said the mast needed 2 guys to pick it up. Not true, he could pick it up by himself, at ~60 years of age!
  10. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Well, I'm not sure I should admit this but that boat was built by my long time former neighbor, yep, B. Lewis. As a fellow sometime mocker I am getting a kick out of all your comments but I will come to his defense (at my peril). Like old Casey Kasem I will tell you "the rest of the story". It deserves to be told. It won't live up to a Rasper yarn but I am very impressed with this person, he's a real doer. He is a retired major university professor, so no dummy. He built a very well finished 57' ferro cement in the 1970's and circumnavigated with it, plus one or two Pacific circuits. He sold it around 1995 and designed this, HIS perfect boat. He then circumnavigated with it plus 3 Pacific circuits and several Alaska trips. It took him just one year to build. (how long has rusty junk been going?) A flatbed semi delivered a BIG pile of cad cut steel plates to CSR boat yard where he set to welding. He did all the bending and welding of the steel himself but he hired a certified marine welder to do all the below waterline welds after he tacked it in place. He did design it but, knowing him, probably had a NA look it over, IDK. He did mention that he had talked to he-who-must-not-be-named but I don't think there is any further connection to that person. The vessel is, like his ferro cement boat, finished to a pretty high standard inside and out. Fair and smooth as you can do without a bunch of effort. No visible hollows or bulges from the fabrication. No, he did not do the quilting, that must be the work of the subsequent owner. It was painted a very nice light grey when he had it, not Beatle submarine yellow. The hull porthole was added after his time. It is a very well thought out and ergonomic boat, though it is a motor sailer by intention. Besides a chair for stern candy the grand stair case in the back is very handy and the dingy gets winched up there on keel rollers and lashed down hard during passages. Now to the rig: What he told me is that "he did the calculations" and at the speed his boat would go the windage was less than what a single extrusion would be. Remember, he is a smart guy so I am not doubting him on this, and I would not be surprised if he ran that by one of his aeronautical professor buddies, there's lots of them in this home city of Boeing. He did say that it is built from 1.5" schedule (40, I think) aluminum pipe. It took him just a day for he and a buddy to weld it together. He precut all the pieces. Two guys can lift the whole mast. Its also might handy to climb, I've done that. There are duel, similar trussed, whisker poles permanently mounted on each side of the cabin top on u-joint swivels. They hinge out and down to attach to the clews of his duel roller furling headsail set up. Wing and wing so to speak. I can't remember but I think he had a second set of rigged lazy sheets to do this. So no spinnaker to mess with by this septuagenarian. Its an easy peasy set up. I've seen it sail. He told me he gave it to a guy in Tahiti that had helped him a lot after a rough passage from Mexico. He was getting on in years and his SO said no more passages. He just didn't feel like sailing it back to Seattle without her. Frankly, closing in on 80 years and after 2 circumnavigations and at least 3 pacific circuits, can you blame him? Maybe there was some money exchanged but he did say the guy helped him out a bunch. I'm a bit surprise that it has popped up for sale on the west coast. My impression was that the Tahiti guy had a real need for the boat there. Maybe a quick flip was too tempting. Anyway my neighbor was done with voyaging and certainly got his worth out of the boat. He doesn't need the money and Karma is good. So mock away, there is certainly a lot to "admire". I just want you to know that he is a pretty impressive guy and the boat is very well built and it served him safely and well for some 15 years. Cheers.
  11. eric1207

    R2AK 2020

    Maybe someone's interested in this Willoughby peddle drive in Seattle. $200. I don't know what size boat its appropriate for. I have no interest in the sale.
  12. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Mesh is part of the repair kit. Included in the deal. Keg under the stern is ready to go for the launch. OTHO my neighbor built and finished to a very fine level of craftsmanship his 57' ferrrocement. Then circumnavigated. He did a couple of Pacific loops after that.
  13. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Or 2" 5cm roll of blue masking tape
  14. No meeting this month but we we'll have a Holiday potluck at our regular meeting spot in Seattle. We won't have a speaker but we'll put up some Christmas decorations to add to the festivity and spend the time catching up with everyone. There's never enough time to do that at a regular meeting. Bring a dish and/or drinks to share. This is a sociable evening that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Guests are always welcome, we'd love to hear about your multihull interests and field your questions. Members are cruisers, racers, big & little cats & trimarans, home builders, adventurers and more. Drop by to see what we are about. Potluck starts at 1830. Puget Sound Y.C. 2321 N. Northlake Way, Seattle Non-Members are always welcome. NW Multihull Association going strong at 52 years!
  15. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Dang Todd, you are fast. I'm impressed! Hmm, have you done this too???? I haven't asked about the other one.