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  1. eric1207

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Well that MD website looks like it is pretty current. Some attractive boats there. I wonder if they can (or have made) some F22s.
  2. Floating Duck, The Farrier Tatiana is an F32 and IIRC Shilshole balked at first on the Air dock but the owner mentioned that there would be less pollution from bottom paint, etc with the air dock (code word; environmentally friendly) and then they said ok to it. Tatiana went to dry storage a couple years ago and sold the air dock.
  3. Roller on the deck edge, pumped hard fenders under the keel and block and tackle to get a bigger boat up on the dingy dock.
  4. eric1207

    Proa 21

    I enjoyed that article. Lots of interesting history there. It seems pretty comprehensive or at least representative of yachting innovation. I particularly enjoyed the section on early hydrofoils. I grew up a few miles up the lake from Boeing's hydrofoil plant in Renton Washington. Every so often in the 1950's and 60's one of their crazy 50-75' contraptions would roar up the lake on foils powered with an unmuffled jet engine on a gantry 20 or so feet above the deck. We neighborhood kids would run to the beaches to get a glimpse when one of these things was heard from miles away. As a 12 year old, with my dad's hearty blessing and mom not knowing, it inspired me to fashion foils on my 6' pram fitted with an 18 hp Evinrude. Sitting on the floor, steering with one hand and dead man throttle in the other the sensation of speed and danger was perfect. Now I get that from my f boat.
  5. eric1207

    Something refreshing to read

    I raced a Lightning and had a carpenter friend who raced a Thistle which I raced on a few times. I once asked him about how he puts up with hiking on the skinny gunnel as pictured in the red boat above. He said" Well, its like this Eric. Around February I start eating lunch while sitting on a 2x4. Then in March I get serious and set it on edge. By April I'm good to start the season" Cracked me up and I haven't forgotten that bit of humor for 40 years. Isn't it said that the best humor has an element of truth in it? Us Lightning and Thistle sailors love our little rivalry.
  6. eric1207

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    I know people dive with sharks, but diving with crocs? Yikes. I never saw Jacques do that.
  7. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

  8. eric1207

    Inflatable dinghy anarchy

    Mostly deflated, just so there's no pressure acting on the area. I probably cleaned & rinsed the repair area real well and let it dry in the sun for most of the day or more. Maybe tried to work the glue into the hole with a toothpick or something. I've heard denatured alcohol is good to prep/clean the area but I don't recall using it myself and am certainly not a pro nor have much experience, so again, your results may vary. I've only done this for a couple for pin pricks but I heard the superglue idea from an inflatable manufacturers rep so I go with it. So far so good.
  9. eric1207

    Inflatable dinghy anarchy

    Max, I just dab a bit of super glue on the pin hole and wait a day and it seems to work indefinitely. YRMV. I'd probably use a proper patch kit if I had it. I've never patched anything big with super glue, just pinholes that are hard to see but bubble a bit when submerged. The modern super glues with some viscosity may work better.
  10. eric1207

    Dinghy build: Two-Paw 8 nesting

    Jud, its not up yet. It may be a few days. You know; volunteer labour and all. And you will likely have to scan thru the ~1.5 hour presentation to find the pics of the 2 paw, probably around the early to mid point. I found it an interesting presentation though. No no no. I'm not sure those are smiley faces or what, but I didn't see any purple font so I want to make sure you got my drift; the 2 paw 9 was not the main ship, it was just the dinghy for the Farrier 32 trimaran.
  11. eric1207

    Dinghy build: Two-Paw 8 nesting

    Just learned that R2AK team Narwal racer and boat owner built a Two Paw 9 nesting dinghy a while back. It was used for the return to Seattle. It had good reviews from the crew. (Bill the owner could not participate in the return). You might get a glimpse of it in a few days on the NW Multihull website as the June Zoom meeting was recorded and will eventually be posted there with the minutes. There were a couple pics of the Two Paw being used. The presentation was about the return via the west side of Vancouver Island with pictures of popular cruising stops.
  12. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Not ground, its Earth. Says so right on the tach; "POSITIVE EARTH". jhc Super Anarchist if you really want to make us laugh do it with pure lucas componetry Lucas, the prince of darkness. Positive ground.
  13. eric1207

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I saw a Maverick today. Made me think of this thread.
  14. eric1207

    Inflatable dinghy anarchy

    I was told super glue works well for pin holes in inflatables. I've tried it in a few other applications like that (inflatable SUP) and it seems to hold.
  15. eric1207

    Colregs ignorance

    Dang, I was hoping to see a real collision in the re-enactment. I had a most bizarre incident a few years back. I was sailing my 30'er upwind in a mile+ wide, 5 mile long channel. Just after I tacked near the stbd shore I noticed a ~35' Bayliner over near the port shore a several miles upwind, planing down the channel at 15 or 20 knots. Just a few other boats around, not constricted or busy at all, NBD. A minutes or so later I noticed we were close to a collision course, again, no big deal, its a mile wide channel and he'll just turn a degree or two and we'll all continue our merry way. Another minute or two later, yep near dead on collision course. I could see the skipper and his wife, 15 feet up in the fly bridge, enjoying the beautiful sunny day. Did they see me, did he realize he was on a collision course? How could he not, we'd been closing for several minutes, in clear weather, with no other issues to contend with, (shoals, traffic, buoys, blow job from the wife, etc...)? Neither he nor his wife were distracted, they were just eyes up, watching the world go by. As we closed I could see he would just clear my stern, but it would be close. Like many here I raced dinghies a lot when I was young and still am adept at judging close crossings. So I just held my course. Then the skipper came out of his stupor, or whatever was transpiring in his ignorant brain. Rather than flick his wrist a few degrees to give me a courteous wider path astern he slams both engines in full reverse, from a ~15 knot plane. With no pause for neutral. Stops the boat, and just keeps revving it in reverse. Backing up at flank speed, for no good reason (we've already gone by him), for several seconds, water coming over the transom into his cockpit. He was never closer than ~20 or so yards. It was hilarious. I have no idea what he or his wife were thinking. He goes WTF, and I yelled "learn the rules, take a course". It was truly bizarre. How can someone afford a ~$150K boat and be so clueless. There was no way he or his wife didn't see me. Did he just think the sailboat would give his big powerful mobo a wide berth? Did he have some sort of undeserved sense of entitlement, (as mentioned above), that was his idea of rules of the road? Did he even know there are rules of the road? Was he a poster child for a certain type of boat owner that I derisively call Credit Card Captain; no sense, (common, or otherwise), but means to by a large boat? I wonder what his account was at the YC bar with his buddies that evening or what his wife thought of his seamanship. I shake my head and continue to keep a sharp look out for clueless ignoramuses. And big ships.