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  1. Your Mom

    It Was The Race Committee's Fault

    Random observations... In the drone video, the start appears to be at 0:13. They put up the X flag, but it seems to be just for the one boat halfway up the line that's WAY over. Everyone else seems fine. Remarkably that the Viper was able to get in there 20 seconds after the gun, on port, and find room to gybe and take off. With such a giant cluster, you'd think more of them would have stacked up at the committee sooner than 20 seconds late. I'm loving the bearded dude smoking while steering a pink J/24 to pretty much crush the start. (I mean that figuratively... I don't think he did anything to cause the mess. I think he was actually giving the J/27 room to start and choosing to not close the J/27 out. I think the J/27 didn't need to bail out (and then snag the anchor line, etc). The J/24 was giving him a lane, and didn't appear to be taking him up to "close the door". I think I counted 5 different hourglassed spinnakers. Something like 30% of the spinnaker fleet. A lot of boats started more than a minute late. I guess that's not uncommon, but I always find it kinda depressing. What kind of J is USA 74, and why is it unable to accelerate out of the cluster when their huge white chute is full and everyone else around them isn't? They seem unnaturally slow there. It's interesting to watch the blue a-sail with bow #420 (a Melges, I think), all the way through. The second boat to pile into the crash. They have a 20/20 hindsight opportunity early to bail out with a gybe, but they don't. They also still have an opportunity to bail out high at that point, but no one wants to do that with a chute up already. Then their problem becomes that they're way faster than most of the other boats in the cluster... so they're swerving back and forth, trying to find a lane while everything's compressing around them. They appear to finally decide to bail out, only to have someone else bailing out blocking them. Like they're being funneled in slow motion toward certain doom. (Although you can't see the moments before impact, and it seems like the impact itself should have been avoidable). I'm also wondering... was there any particular reason to want to go right? Was the first mark there, or more wind? If not, then the guys who started on port down near the pin appear to have done well with that.
  2. Your Mom

    Front Page - scotw

    After the initial shock value, I actually found myself surprisingly curious about the actual circumstances of the photo... - What kind of boat is that? - What's going on? My guess is that she had capsized and is getting back in after righting it? - What's up with the mark? Looks to me like maybe it's a leeward mark (wind angle further aft than main trim would imply, if I'm right). Maybe she was approaching the mark on starboard, gybed on final approach, shanked the gybe and capsized short of the mark, hooked it with her rudder at some point, righted it with the rudder still hooked, and then climbed in on starboard. - What next? If my theory is correct, she'll need to get her rudder unhooked from the mark, do a 360, unwind from having passed to the wrong side of it, round it properly, and then resume racing. Royal pain.
  3. Your Mom

    Swim Call

    I don't suppose that was Camp Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan (in Wisconsin)... There's where I did it. They put a buoy a half mile out and you simply had to swim around it and back. My son's in scouts now. It seems the mile swim isn't what it used to be. Apparently at many camps now, you can swim it in pieces, taking as long as you want, in a pool or whatever. Like you can swim for 10-15 minutes a day, five days in a row at summer camp, and receive the mile swim badge. I don't see the point in having the badge if you can earn it that way.
  4. Your Mom

    what is it?

    Maybe a Schock Harbor 20 or a Schock U20? Or something else built by Schock? Just thinking maybe the comment about being shocked if it wasn't solved within 20 minutes may have been a hint rather than a statement...
  5. Your Mom

    Swim Call

    A word of caution on that... I loved doing that as a kid 30 years ago, but almost drowned myself by getting my foot stuck in a loop of the line and losing my hand grip when the boat was doing 4-6 kts. Of course, another risk is that losing touch with the tow rope at sea becomes a MOB situation. Good fun, for sure, but parents need to be highly attentive if letting their kids do this. Sure would suck to go below for a beer and then come back to discover the kid is long gone. Also great fun was putting the spin pole out with the halyard through its end, and dunking people in a bosun's chair.
  6. Your Mom

    Tour de France - 2018

    One thing that really bothers me about the overall coverage, now that I think about it... They've totally sanitized it of Lance (and Landis, etc). It's too bad because when they show retrospective footage, there was some pretty great stuff by those guys. Like when Lance looked back at his competition and then took off to certain victory... or when he went off-road without crashing to avoid disaster in a way that I can't imagine anyone else but Sagan achieving. I understand why... but to me, it's like they're trying to pretend it's black-and-white... show everything from every era that's believed to have been clean, and act like everything that was eventually proven dirty never happened. It would be nice if they could somehow reconcile things, recognize the decades of grey areas (while expecting people to believe it's 100% clean now, if they want), and show it all, rather than acting like those events never happened. It's not like the other GC contenders weren't cheating too... His team was just cheating better. I understand why the footage is shunned. They'd get a lot of flak if they showcased it. But it would be nice if they could find a place for it to be remembered as part of the sport's history, for better or worse.
  7. Your Mom

    Tour de France - 2018

    Found this article, which says he thinks he'll be ok... no major injuries, but probably some ugly bruising... In the comments section, there's a pretty good joke... asking if the rock he hit is going to be ok.
  8. Your Mom

    Tour de France - 2018

    Any specifics or video about his crash? The US live broadcast mentioned he was down, and showed him finishing with a torn up jersey and road rash, but didn't have any details about the crash itself. He looked pretty beat up, so one has to wonder if he'll be able to complete the remaining stages within the time limit to retain the green jersey. Would be quite odd to suddenly see Kristoff in green.
  9. Your Mom

    Tour de France - 2018

    BTW... Renardt Janse van Rensburg had a mild crash in the feed zone today. Replay showed a Bahrain rider throwing a feed bag down deliberately in the middle of a crowd, next to RJvR just before it. RJvR had a gear issue when he came up. (Commentators initially thought it was a Katusha rider, and it was zoomed out, so it was hard to be sure, but I'm pretty sure it was the Bahrain rider behind the Katusha guy). I mention this for the purpose of asking the people more knowledgeable than me about cycling... Any chance the Bahrain guy was actually trying to cause a pileup? I tend to think no... I think it looked like he was deliberately throwing it down because that was indeed what he was trying to do... trying to throw it hard to the ground between his bike and his neighor's, safely... and maybe the strap flipped out accidentally or something. But the footage made it look like maybe he had bad intent, so I figured I'd ask. Would someone actually do that? Especially with the knowledge that in the modern age, it will probably be caught on film?
  10. Your Mom

    Tour de France - 2018

    I tend to be fascinated by obscure things like elimination times on each stage and the efforts of a rider like Craddock to stay in the event at all. So I looked up the finishing time coefficient for the TTT. You have to be within 30% of the fastest team's time. Back in 2013, Ted King was something like a minute or two beyond that after crashing a day or two prior and then being unable to stay with his team for the TTT. There IS an option for the "Commisaires' Committee" to make an exception if the stage's average speed was very high, or if the rider suffered an incident during the stage with particularly unfortunate timing, or if the rider was delayed during the stage by an incident ahead, or by impassability of roads. I think back in 2013 the rules also allowed the committee to make an exception if the rider showed extraordinary valor in his efforts to finish, or something like that... That was the basis that US fans thought King should be retained by back in 2013, because he worked hard as hell, on his own, in obvious pain, after losing his team in the TTT. It may be that they removed that verbiage specifically because that day resulted in them wanting to be more mathematical and less opinion-based. Or it may be that I'm remembering how the commentators explained it instead of what's written in the actual rules. Anyway, it looks like the estimates for the fastest team's finish are around 39 minutes. So if Craddock or anyone else loses their team, which seems possible given how many guys hit the deck in Stage 2, they'd need to finish somewhere around 50.7 minutes to avoid the cut. If anyone out there is watching with that in mind like me, figure 50 minutes is probably safe and 51 is heavily at risk. Here are the official rules, BTW... English starts on Page 20, and the finish deadline coefficients start on Page 27.
  11. Your Mom

    Tour de France - 2018

    Uran may be hurt a bit in the TTT by Craddock not being able to help much. US TV coverage suggested one of Craddock's purposes on the team was to be a strong engine in the TTT. (I'm rooting for Craddock to hang in there to the finish, but I'm worried he may not be able to stay with his team in the TTT, which could quickly turn into him losing enough time to be eliminated tomorrow... which happened to Ted King in 2013). Terrible loss for Astana, and Fuglsang's chances, when Sanchez crashed out today. Nibali's team seems to be intact. I have no idea how good they are at TTT, but at least they should all be able to give 100%.
  12. Your Mom

    Tour de France - 2018

    Fernando Gaviria appears to be getting a lot of hype as a possible multi-stage winner. Apparently very high top-end speed. It'll be interesting to see if he can get through three weeks.
  13. Your Mom

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    Conrad was a highlight of the event every time he had an opportunity to contribute. His use of props to explain some concepts was inventive and entertaining. Most importantly, he had a way of explaining basics of sailing and navigation to non-sailors in a way that wasn't boring for experienced sailors. That's really difficult to do, but it seemed to come naturally for him.
  14. Your Mom

    Tour de France - 2018

    I know I'm stating the obvious, but the "sleepers" tend to depend on what plays out with injuries and withdrawals. For example, if something happens to Porte, then TJvG could suddenly be a huge sleeper. I think he'll be much happier, and perform better, in support of Porte than front-lining a team... but if he stays high in the GC while doing that job and then something happens to Porte, who knows. Just one example. Plenty of guys out there like that.
  15. Your Mom

    World Cup

    I think I'm missing something... How could losing badly to Sweden on purpose have been beneficial to Mexico? With a win or tie, Mexico would have won their group. It would have made it possible for Germany to advance from second place over Sweden, though. With a loss by 1 and a German win by 1, I believe Mexico, Germany, and Sweden would have been tied with 6 points, and all three would have had a GD of 1. It would have only worked out for Mexico on the Total Goals tiebreaker if their loss had been 1-2 while Germany's win was 1-0, or something like that. Or it could have gone all the way to the yellow card tiebreaker. But it's moot because losing to Sweden by 3 isn't relevant in this case. With a loss by 2 or more and a German win by any number, Mexico was going to be eliminated on the GD tiebreaker. With a loss and a German tie or loss, Sweden and Mexico were going to advance, regardless of the size of the Mexican and German losses. If Mexico was for some reason simply willing to not advance to the next round at all, in order to keep Germany from winning the group... then I guess the implication of them taking a dive might make sense. Germany and Sweden were tied on GD going into the match, so if both won and Sweden won by more, then the bad loss by Mexico would have cost Germany the group win... But Germany would have still advanced over Mexico as the second place team. Did I misunderstand the situation?