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  1. Thanks. I lost track of that site. Singlehanded outright is 7d 08h 47s, so that's looking unlikely now too. Seems he's mostly just going for the 40-ft crewed record (the one shown on the tracker) by himself. I guess if they choose to add a category for "single-handed, under 40 ft", he'd be the first one listed for that.
  2. And to properly qualify for Vendee, he needs to finish the race. Here's a fun contest to watch... average finish among the ladies vs. the gentlemen. If you score the abandons so far as shown (19th and 20th), then the women currently average 9.5 and the men average 10.75. (I realize there are numerous reasons for this beyond simply who's sailing better, but it's great to see 3 women in the top 8 at the moment, and it'll be interesting to see if they can keep it up or even move up).
  3. I've been reviewing the list in the second link of my above post #135 against this race's entries, and figured I'd share my notes... Qualified for Vendee, participating in Arctique (12): Amedeo, Bestaven, Beyou, Boissieres, Cousin, Cremer, Dalin, Davies, Escoffier, Herrmann, Merron, Pedote Qualified, not participating (6): Attanasio, Barrier, Dutreux, le Cam, le Diraison, Roura Sailing qualifications complete, but other qualifications remain, participating (3): Ruyant, Seguin (returning to port), Sorel Sailing qualifications complete, but other qualifications remain, not participating (2): Huusela, Nigon Needs a 2,000-nm passage, participating (1): Simon (Retired) Needs 2,000 nm passage, not participating (6): Burton, Colman, Costa, Destremau, Thomson, Troussel Needs solo race, participating (4): Joschke, Giraud, Shiraishi, Tripon Needs solo race, not participating (0): None Pip Hare seems to be missing form the article. I'm not sure of her status. Also, the article says 6 have completed their sailing requirements, but it only lists 5 names. I'm not sure why. Was someone in that category on June 8 when the article was written, who later dropped out and was replaced by Hare? To summarize: Most of this 20-boat fleet has already done all of their required sailing to qualify for Vendee. Seguin has no particular need to resume racing. None of the seven who need a 2,000 nm passage will attain it in this event. Simon was actually the only of them to even sign up. I guess those seven will all do it independently as controlled shakedowns rather than racing. Joschke, Giraud, Shiraishi, and Tripon all really need to finish this race. I'm not sure if they'll have another opportunity. So they're theoretically all "racing" in boat preservation mode. So... I think this explains Tripon's early tack. I think he chose to stay south of the heaviest winds, beating into 18-22 instead of 25-30. Boat preservation with the goal being to finish and qualify. Finish position is a secondary priority
  4. I wonder if Tripon is routing South of the High and planning to get his Northing in on its far side as tomorrow's Low comes in. Might be viable, particularly if his boat can't compete upwind, but if that's the plan, he could have headed West a lot sooner. I guess it's more likely that he's trying to stay out of the heaviest winds to preserve himself and his boat for later in the race when he'll be at less of a disadvantage. Edit: Scratch that theory... he just tacked.
  5. Time limit is double the winner's time, so I'm thinking Simon and anyone else who still needs the 2,000-mile passage has pretty good reason to go ahead and get it done despite breakage, unless the breakage risks compounding into more breakage or injury. Given the likelihood of foil damage in the actual Vendee, I'd think it would be worthwhile to do some learning about how best to manage without it. But I'm usually wrong when I think a boat with damage will keep racing.
  6. Here's the NOR: Section 7 allows for "technical stops", so Arkea Paprec could resume racing if the team so chooses (and they don't break the terms of a technical stop or officially retire in the meantime). Does Simon need to finish this to qualify for Vendee? Edit: I believe I have found the answer... Looks like he still needs a qualifying 2,000-nm passage... Which this race would achieve, but he could still opt to do it independently later. He isn't among the sailors who must do it in a race.
  7. Doesn't inspire confidence about many foils getting around the long course in November...
  8. L'Occitane seems to be a bit off the pace lately. Top 7 boats doing 16-18 kts and he's in the 14's. Looks like he was pacing with the leaders until about 1700 FR, and then they accelerated and he didn't. Steady drop since then from 3rd place to 8th. I wonder if something's wrong or if he's just taking it easy to play it as a long game.
  9. Should hit his first slow patch in a few hours...
  10. There are numerous records for this course, right? The two he's shooting for are singlehanded mono (any length), and mono (any crew) 40 feet or less, right? What's the record for mono, fully crewed, any length? Presumably he won't break that.
  11. Your Mom

    Who has had the test?

    I'm not sure what the Red Cross is doing so far, but in San Antonio, blood donations are handled by the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center... and they announced a week or so ago that all donors will get free antibody testing (apparently a 99.4% accurate test). I donated Saturday. Will hear back within 2 weeks if I have antibodies. I never had a positive test and was never exceptionally sick, but had a respiratory thing in January and also had a week of "just not feeling right" in March, so I've been wondering if maybe I had an early or mild case. This'll answer that. Anyway... if you've been wondering and want an antibody test, figure out who takes blood donations in your area, and check their website to see if they're similarly doing antibody testing on donated blood. Particularly if you're O-, which they always need. Elective surgeries are resuming, so the need is ramping up.
  12. Your Mom

    TDF 2020

    DVR makes it good fun. Watch a 5-hour race in 30-90 minutes depending on how much intrigue is involved... (flat sprint stages can be hard to watch until the end, aside from monitoring the breakaway or something interesting like crosswinds). But yeah... hard to watch the whole thing live unless you're doing something else at the same time... such as working from home... or drinking in the morning...
  13. Your Mom

    TDF 2020

    I watched ESPN's "30 for 30" documentary about Lance Armstrong the last couple Sundays... My conclusions... -The documentary itself likely had some "quid pro quo" of exclusive interviews in exchange for some control over how the content is presented. I didn't feel it was aggressively spun in Lance's favor, as they couldn't do that and still maintain journalistic integrity... but they didn't spend as much time as they could have on some negatives, and they spent a lot of time on his Livestrong work. -He was and still is a liar, cheater, and asshole. -He views the lying and cheating as part of the contest. His answer when they asked him what he would say if his son wanted to take PEDs in football made it clear that he hasn't really changed his attitude toward that, and doesn't view it as just part of cycling either. It's more of a risk/reward assessment than an ethical consideration. -But it's the asshole part that I think really ruined him in the end. His attitude toward teammates and staff was awful, and his treatment of them when he had to choose between treating them right versus perpetuating the lies was always to double down on the aggressiveness of the lies. He ruined people, lying the whole way. He could have stayed retired and likely would have gotten away with a lot, but he came back, knowing it would probably blow things up, because he was arrogant. When the lid was blowing off things, he still had a chance to cooperate and probably walk away with some of his titles and a diminished but still generally positive public persona, but instead continued to double down over and over. And he still has serious anger toward everyone involved with it coming down, even though the end result was probably inevitable, one way or another. -He's very bitter and angry about what happened to himself, Ullrich, and Pantani, in comparison to guys like Basso. This partly makes sense... Everyone who wanted to be competitive in that era had to be doping. It got to a point where no one had a chance if they weren't. And those who got caught were ruined while those who got away with it continued to be celebrated. I can see how he'd be angry about that. But... That's partly a function of having risen to the top. He made so much money that even after all of it, he's still doing fine. He rose very high, and had further to fall. When a domestique gets busted, it's back-page news. They server their suspension and no one notices. When it's a multi-tour winner, it's going to be a big deal. The part I think he's right about, though, is the willingness of the press and the public to continue to celebrate people who were almost certainly also cheating and happened to never get busted... while reviling those who got caught and erasing them from history. Honestly, though... the right solution would have been for him to cooperate and help to really blow the whole thing up properly. Then literally everyone would have been tarnished... but the tarnish would have been spread around more fairly. But he would have had to do it before spending years ruining people's lives to perpetuate the lies. -I think the biggest travesty in the whole thing is that it tarnished Livestrong. I think it's easy to want to cast him as all bad, but... he really did recover from cancer that should have killed him, to the pinnacle of the sport. He cheated, but the people he beat were probably all cheating too. He really did create a foundation that changed people's attitudes toward cancer, dispelled stigmas, and altered the patient experience in very important ways. He really committed a lot of time to interactions with cancer patients, and really cared about inspiring them to fight (and still does). Hate him if you want, but this is all incredibly positive stuff that few can claim to have done with their fame and success. -The UCI seems to have been complicit in the cheating. It isn't overtly stated, but seems to be thoroughly implied. It appears that they'd pick and choose who to bust and how to present it... whose lies to accept and who to blow up. Based on how it would play out in the press and for the profit of cycling. Rather than trying to actually ensure fair competition. Emma O'Reilly's information was meant to go into a book to expose the UCI, if I understood correctly, and then she was surprised that it suddenly changed to be just about Lance. There's an implication that the change was driven from the UCI's power. So I'm wondering about opinions of people more knowledgeable about cycling than me... Is that interpretation accurate? And if so... has the UCI been cleaned up at all since then, or is the whole thing just a new version of the same sham now?
  14. Your Mom

    Point Break

    IFC ran the original 1991 Point Break back-to-back with the 2015 version tonight.
  15. Your Mom

    Identifying boats in movies

    Stuck at home, just watched 1985's "Summer Rental" with John Candy... Pretty stupid movie, but reasonable basic entertainment. Hard to dislike John Candy. It actually has some decent sailing halfway through the movie (when he's learning to sail better). Some of the footage in the final "big race" is decent too, although it's too implausible to really enjoy and it annoyed me that in the key moments, he seemed to be heading up in one shot, sailing below the fleet in the next, and then on different tacks repeatedly without gybing... Anyway... Some of the boats were nice boats and I figured I'd ask here.... Who can identify the seven boats in the racing fleet (including John Candy's boat)? The below link should be timestamped to start at the beginning of the race. (Start over at the beginning if you don't want to spoil the overall movie's ending...) I found it humorous that the boat they're racing was quite obviously not the boat they started with and then fixed up in a standard 80s montage. Whatever it is, it's a stock boat with some fake wooden rails and fake bowsprit added to make it look somewhat like the beast they started with. Anyway... Aside from seeing who can identify those boats, I figured it wouldn't hurt to start a thread... maybe other people have seen interesting boats in other movies to ask about.