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  1. Understood and taking appropriate caution. Tracking it all day. Just saying it's better for the broader good if this thing tracks across land and spreads the rain out than if it drops 3 feet of rain in the range from Port Aransas to New Orleans.
  2. Hoping to see Harvey hit me in San Antonio. Not because I welcome a hurricane in my hometown, but because it it comes here, that means it isn't sitting on the coast dropping three feet of rain over the next four days.
  3. I have to wonder whether or not the clew of either headsail could reach that tender when luffing or tacking... You could beat the hell out of that tender in a hurry that way.
  4. Decent race the last few hours for 3rd in IRC4. Xara, Sagitta, and China Girl were all going fast enough to sneak in ahead of Cocody's time, but they've all slowed down in the last miles and Cocody is looking more likely to hang on. This is the closest I've ever watched this race. Mind-boggling how tight the traffic is at times. There must be some boats that are within sight of 10+ other boats the entire way around the course. Especially with the constrictions imposed by the TSS zones.
  5. Does Nikata have a "racing mode" with the luxury interior stripped out, or are they racing in full comfort?
  6. Should be interesting for Concise in a couple hours... doing 20+ knots Eastbound between exclusion zones with 100+ little boats crammed into the same space, going the opposite direction, at what... 4 AM local time or so? Plenty of tired, bleary-eyed helmsmen, some shorthanded, etc... If it were me, I'd probably avoid the traffic and go South of the "South of Scilly" TSS... Then just stay South of the fleet until past the last of them. Perhaps the wind is better down there anyway.
  7. I've been trying to figure out who wants the polka dots. Notice Pinot and Rolland have been losing time in the last few stages. I think that's on purpose, so that they'll be allowed to go in breakaways in stages like 8, 9, 13, and 15. I think KOM is their goal. Maybe also Roglic. There are 85 pts available on Stage 9, to whoever the best climber in the breakaway is. Stages 17 and 18 have 65 and 62 points, respectively, but the GC contenders will be wanting some of those because some of the pts are at the end, whereas Stage 9 is mostly for the breakaway. Majka is an interesting case. He won it in 2014 and 2016, but my understanding is that he considers himself a GC guy, not a KOM guy. He'll go for KOM if it happens to work out that way, or if he falls from GC contention, but I don't think it's his goal. So he's only 1:01 from yellow right now... which means the peloton presumably won't allow him to go with the breakaway in Stage 9, unless he drops a pile of time in Stage 8. Of course, it could wind up being that a GC contender like Aru takes it as a consolation prize if they rack up some points trying to contend and find themselves running 7th. Anyway... the key moment for KOM will be when the Stage 9 breakaway gets established. Looking forward to seeing who's in it.
  8. It would be a better race in the other direction. The sailors don't have a chance against QM2 upwind.
  9. I was thinking you were incorrect and it would go back to the World Series rankings, as that was the tiebreaker in the Round Robins... but I checked the SI and you're absolutely correct. 96.b.ii: "if the Challengers are tied at the end of the last scheduled day of that stage, it shall be broken by who has won the most recent match between the tied Challengers after applying any penalties in that match."
  10. Excellent example of matchracing rules differing from fleetracing...
  11. Too bad they don't have the semifinal losers do an undercard series for 3rd place. I have a feeling LRBAR vs the loser of the other half of the bracket would be a pretty good set of races, whereas TNZ seems likely to make the final boring unless they break down.
  12. Seriously... every time I see him, my first thought is that he looks bored.
  13. Prolly actually 99.97 or something. Simply rounding up. Musta spashed a hull early for like 2 seconds.
  14. While it seemed there was a clear speed advantage, I believe LRBAR shanked a couple tacks too. It wasn't all raw boatspeed.
  15. Thanks, but I wound up answering the question myself in posts 5 through 12. Figured I should respond so you don't burn time. I would have killed the thread once WetHog pointed out where I could find what I was looking for, but I figured others might find it useful to have the info all here in one place. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised to see that all of the teams had more nationals than I would have guessed.