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  1. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    That race is what I'm going to remember this Olympics for. Incredible result after building drama throughout. And their joy after the finish was so genuine that it reminds you of how things can/should be.
  2. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Well, I think I'm finally ahead of the escort frigate...
  3. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    This is why I took my extreme route. After the last Volvo leg and the Clipper leg, I couldn't stand another doldrums run.
  4. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Hi everyone - Just returned from a Boy Scouts campout with my son. Very limited cell connectivity. Part of my reasoning on the flyer was because I knew I'd be better off in open ocean this weekend. Very happy that I wasn't dealing with island hopping when my cell would only connect from certain places, very slowly, inconsistently. That jump to HK and back was weird, and I'm very happy it happened while I was sleeping. I think it was a bug associated with me entering the Western hemisphere (which VR may have not anticipated). As far as I can tell, they did a decent job of putting my boat back on track in the right place. They put me in with TWA on, whereas I should have been straight-lining it, but aside from that, it seems ok, and the wind wasn't shifting too much, and I was online 2-3 hours later, so not consequential. But if my route winds up winning, then I'll have to deal with conspiracy theorists who think VR helped my for some dumbass reason (I can't imagine VR helping an American named Your Mom who already is #1 in the world to win the leg). I have something like 230 hours to go, and I'm doubtful about the lead pack needing anywhere near that much time (haven't checked), so I'm still not optimistic. But it's been fun, and I've never seen 4 kts. I think my route would be a winner without the 4-kt minimum windspeed... Leaders would be slogging through 0.8-kt winds right now while I'm doing 20. But I knew about the 4-kt min when I chose this route, so I have no grounds for complaint. Mostly, I was just really sick of the doldrums.
  5. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Some good news for me... When I said the other day that the main pack was going to finish 2-3 days ahead of me, I had "ignore gates" turned on in Zezo... so it was giving me the main pack's routing without concern for the buoy. I'm still expected to be behind, but not THAT bad. With a chance for glory still if the doldrums suddenly get much worse.
  6. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Crazy stuff. Apparently one of the men broke his neck yesterday. (Not paralyzed, fortunately). US racked up a bunch more "just short of a medal" results between the men and women. Between those, a few Women's Cross Country and Luge results, there are a lot of US 4/5/6 results so far. Must be driving those finishers nuts. It's a great result against the best in the world, but "not a medal" is "not a medal".
  7. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I've considered it, but its current position is pretty ugly and I did all this extra distance to avoid the doldrums, so I don't really want to drop in just before the doldrums. I might do it in a couple days if my route doesn't start looking better... after the frigate is clear of the doldrums... It could be a good move if the frigate happens to clear the doldrums in a spot where much of the rest of the fleet is still in light stuff. I'm doubtful of being able to do better than ~5,000th if I take the frigate, but I suppose that would be better than my current ETA is likely to achieve. We'll see.
  8. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I finally decided to go ahead and check the routings for the main lead pack against mine, and it looks like I'm totally screwed. The whole plan was based on the doldrums being awful, but it looks like the main lead pack will have reasonable lanes to get through. I'm projected to finish 2-3 days after whoever wins. Oh well. I wanted to try something different because I was sick of the doldrums, and I did that. Occasionally that can pay off, but it usually doesn't.
  9. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    Why would anyone choose to do Men's Doubles Luge?
  10. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Regarding the problem of having to sign in frequently... That often happens to me if I go straight into the game right after starting up the computer, while background apps are still loading and Zezo is loading in another page, and maybe my email is downloading messages, etc. In other words, it happens when the processor and/or bandwidth are taxed. I usually exit, give the computer a minute to catch up with its processes, and then try again, and it usually doesn't ask for the logon again. On the other hand, if you actually log in the first time, then yeah... it requires you to do the tutorial stuff again, etc.
  11. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Yarrrrr!!! It's getting annoying how many people are asking me every day in the game "where are you going?" "what's your strategy" "are you going to Alaska"? I'm starting to wish I had taken the doldrums route. The good news is that 48 hours from now, I'll be East of Auckland and heading pretty close to due South, so the answer to those questions will finally be self-evident.
  12. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Well, I passed RQ-Naos today, so I'm hoping I'm at the front of my route now, for whatever that turns out to be worth in the end. I find myself wondering what angle the buoy 1 validation occurs at, and whether or not I might be the first one to validate it, from a bazillion miles away... Not that it matters. I'm leaving Tonga to starboard.
  13. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Maybe you are. Zezo just told me to go north for an additional 6 hours instead of being able to settle in for a week without gybes. That probably isn't good news. Ultimately, my plan is contingent upon the doldrums being unavoidably god-awful. There have been times when I've considered jumping to the escort frigate, as its position isn't terrible with the whole fleet ramming into a wall... but I keep telling myself the forecasts from PNG to Tonga will change dramatically with every update and a path through there that looks good right now might look terrible in 6 hours. My path East of Tonga should be much more reliable. Just a lot longer.
  14. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I turned all of the sounds off in all of my devices a long time ago. F'ing annoying. ;-)
  15. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I've been routing to a point NE of Auckland all along. Trying to get to a position where I can avoid the worst of the doldrums and approach the finish on a downwind angle. I do NOT think it's going to work out well. I might wind up 12-20 hours behind the winner. But I shanked the first day and the truth is that between this and the Clipper race, I'm really tired of dicking around in light and shifty doldrums and was ready to do whatever I have to in order to avoid that. So... if I finish 20 hours off the winner, in 3,000th place, having rarely sailed in less than 10 kts of breeze and just having sailed too far, so be it. And if I get lucky find a good end-around lane a week from now, then... :-) But I'm not expecting it. I'm actually mostly following Zezo's routing at the moment, but with a destination NE of Auckland. The wind is shifting such that a few gybes are necessary to play the angles correctly, and also there are diminishing returns on getting more wind once you have more than 27 kts. So I'll probably have a few more gybes in the next several hours, and then at some point tomorrow (US time) will start a more persistently ESE track. For the moment, my main goal is to stay ahead of Mangina and catch leg winner RQ-Naos.