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  1. Nope. Who guesses Z before E, O, or D?
  2. The Patrick O'Brian novels are a decent series for sailors, and will consume a LOT of time. I recommend trying to get them at the library, as buying them can get pricey if you go through the whole series. Skim or skip the land-based elements, though. Dull as dirt. Always itching to get back to sea.
  3. Do we have any info yet on what happened before the video starts? Specifically how/why the main is down, and what is or isn't fouled on the jib? I personally think all evaluation is premature until that information is known. If they chose to drop their main and sail under jib alone, and then lost steerage and fouled the jib while effectively being hove to because they didn't maintain enough boatspeed to control the boat... that's one thing... if they were in control and BANG the main dropped into the cockpit due to some kind of failure, and they lost control temporarily in the chaos, and the jib was fouled before they could regain control, and the boat capsized before they could recover control of the jib in order to gain speed and therefore steerage... that's an entirely different thing.
  4. Whenever my wife asks me if I'd buy a keelboat if we lived closer to the coast, I say... probably, but it would have to be a performance racer/cruiser... so this thread is of interest to me as a hypothetical future. I've always thought I'd want to look into getting Class 40 in Racer/Cruiser configuration. Something like these: http://www.fastsailing.gr/the-yachts/high-performance-line/pogo-40/ http://www.owenclarkedesign.com/Class40CruiserRacer http://www.owenclarkedesign.com/class-40-pogo-40-for-sale Pricing seems reasonable, and the performance is certainly there, plus you can sail very shorthanded, which is appealing if you aren't into hunting for crews of 6 just to go racing. You have to have a family that considers a spartan cabin acceptable as "cruising"... Would someone with more knowledge of Class 40s vs. the other options discussed in this thread like to tell me if my daydreams are a mistake?
  5. It's my new favorite show. I was really happy last night to find it because it's been years since anything new was introduced that I actually wanted to watch. My interest in TV had pretty much declined to just sports and Robot Chicken reruns.
  6. Many excellent suggestions above. The San Antonio Museum of Art should be included in the list of good cultural options. The Museum Reach of the Riverwalk is new in the last few years and connects the old touristy downtown Riverwalk to SAMA and then continues up to and beyond the Pearl Brewery complex. Lots of great restaurants and shops in there, whereas if you stick to the old Riverwalk, Seaworld, etc, you'll pretty much just get the tourist experience (NTTAWT). I'm partial to a restaurant called The Luxury. The Mission Reach of the Riverwalk has also been extended and you can rent bikes to ride it. Great area. The missions themselves can also be very interesting while being far less overrun than The Alamo. I'd recommend a stop at the Blue Star complex. Blue Star Brewing and Stella Public House are both quite good. In other words, the Riverwalks to the North and South of the old downtown area are excellent even for locals and the original downtown Riverwalk is only good if you're a tourist doing it for the first time (or a local wanting to feel like a tourist temporarily). If you want to go sailing, the best option short of driving to the Gulf Coast is Lake Canyon Yacht Club. It's a great place with great sailing, and a couple nice towns en route (New Braunfels, Greune, and then San Marcos has outlet shopping if that's of interest). But you'd need to be a guest of a member.
  7. I'm doing it without options. Won't be trying hard. Racing a real regatta next week. Will probably alter course once or twice a day and see if I can finish in the top thousand.
  8. According to Vendee's official stats, Pieter's best 24 hours was a 16-knot average to do 385 nm on January 28. So he exceeded that for a full 24-hour average. Seb's best 24-hour average thus far is 14 kts on 1/13 for a total of 335. Would be great to see him exceed 335 in the next 24 hours, though. I like him and would love to see him finish strong. I don't think Seb and Pieter should be compared, though. Totally different programs, boats, sailors, and goals. I just pulled these stats because the comment made me curious.
  9. Yes - went with options on this because a variety of other circumstances led to a conclusion that I wasn't going to have a life this week anyway... I was going to basically be trapped near a computer most of the week. So I figured circumstances set me to do well, and I was right. When I have other stuff going on, if I do virtual races, I do them without options and without trying much. Sometimes I finish ok, and often I don't. Once I pay for options, I tend to get obsessive about it, which of course is what's usually required to do particularly well. So for me, it's often a matter of looking at the calendar and seeing how it sets up. Hopefully I'll be able to do well in VOR, but I'm not counting on winning anything in it. Top 100 would be nice. All of the best competitors show up for the big races like VOR and VG, along with thousands of other strong boats. For the two races I just won, half of the top 20 in the world rankings didn't participate, and the number of particularly serious entries was probably a couple hundred rather than a few thousand.
  10. Just pulled off the double... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1420706361295428
  11. Great to see Conrad going fast under jury rig with Romain approaching faster under jury rudders. Would be sweet to see the jury rig hold off the full rig just long enough, but it looks like he'll miss it by a couple hours. While most of the attention goes away after the first few finishers, this is the best part. The guys who limp in, starving, with solo-repaired gear, who were determined to get there, no matter what it took. I include Didac with that, as re-starting 4+ days late after the ideal starting conditions were long gone put him in a huge hole and he had to sail most of the race alone. Question: Who has raised their stock for the next Vendee the most? It seems that Romain, Didac, and Colman would all be on that list, with Colman probably at the top. AT and ALC probably both raised their already-high stock a bit, but had less room to rise. Anyone else? Anyone hurt their stock (excluding those who wouldn't be going again anyway)? Anyone who would be doing this again tangibly hurt their stock?
  12. The next race is the RORC Caribbean 600. It starts tomorrow morning, US time. I'm undecided about whether or not to do it. Before anyone pays for options for that race, let me forewarn you about a couple things... - It'll probably only take ~3 days, which makes the standard price steep. But it is what it is. - It involves many turns around buoys and islands. Normally, one would want to use waypoints for that. BUT... They've inserted a limitation... You can't set waypoints less than 10 nm from your current position. Don't ask why - I don't know. But this means three things... (1) You can't tightly manage turns that are close to you (including the first two turns of the race). (2) If you want to use waypoints to control a turn, you have to set them up in advance. (3) If you set waypoints up in advance, DON'T touch them after getting within 10 nm. The moment you touch one, it'll jump outside the 10 nm circle and you'll have to revert to hand-steering. - If you can't use waypoints for a corner and you want to try to control it better than hand-steering's once-per-10-minutes accuracy, you can try with the scheduler... but don't rely on the scheduler to be accurate. The current version of the interface has slight variability in the windspeed and direction that changes with each cycle. You won't see giant fluctuations, but if you're trying to cut a corner as close as possible, you might find yourself turning short of where you thought you'd be, running yourself aground. - The scheduler also has a limit that you can't schedule maneuvers less than 20 minutes in the future (it might be 10, I'm not sure). So if your next turn is inside both 10 miles and 10 minutes, you must hand-steer it. As with the waypoints, if you try to change a move that was scheduled further in advance, after it gets within 10 minutes, it'll jump outside 10 minutes and you'll have to hand-steer the turn. - Bottom line is that this race is likely to involve a lot of hand-steering even if you pay for options. I believe some people might be opting to just buy pro sails and not bother with the rest. I also believe that if you want to do this race for free, you'll be able to contend against those who paid for options. Aside from pro sails, most of the options will be worthless most of the time. On the surface, my point is that this race isn't worth it. But... I might do it anyway... coming off the victory, I'm feeling good, and this is a situation where racing with an awareness of the limitations could actually be an advantage. We'll see.
  13. We usually eventually have a thread for the Virtual VOR, Virtual Vendee, and Virtual Clipper. However, there are other Virtual races all the time, and at least a few SA folks usually participate. This thread is for discussion of all such races. I'm guessing it will sometimes get some usage when a few of us are playing and want to discuss, and then it will sometimes go unused for months at a time. To kick off the thread... I just won the "Down Under" race: http://www.virtualregatta.com/en/ranking.php?race=272 If they post an article, I'll put up a link to that. One general comment, if this thread gains traction: While I'm happy to help anyone who's getting started and has questions, I'd rather not have to answer the same questions over and over. A new user interface was created for this year's Vendee, and I posted a lot of information about it in the Virtual Vendee thread. Please review some of that information before raising questions about how the game works: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=177844
  14. Good going YM. I am a bit confused as I registered before the Trans Tas start, but was out playing golf at the start time. When I checked in later I was already at 1,000 although I had set the same course as everybody else. Is there an automatic delayed start if you do not push the button dead on the start time. P.S Going on the rocks a bit later also did not help. I set a course to clear which showed the new timeline, but it still did not clear until I reversed myself. Is that how it works? If you access the race course before the start, I'm pretty sure it starts you on whatever initial course you set, even if you aren't online at the time of the start. But if you don't go into the race at all until after the start, it starts you at the "pilot boat", which is around 60th percentile of the fleet, on the rhumbline. If you run aground, you need to turn around. I don't think it has to be a full 180, but it probably needs to be at least 140 off of your original course.
  15. Very kind of you to mention it, but I've been refusing for a week now to admit to myself that I could win this thing. Don't want to jinx it. I still have to wake up at 3 AM to make sure I don't hit the Tasmanian Curtis Island. Once I'm past that, I should be able to straight-line it to the finish, and may at that point finally admit that I can win. I've been thinking we may want to start a thread entitled "Other Virtual Races". The VOR, Vendee, and Clipper races get enough virtual racers to have threads of their own be worthwhile, but we should probably let this Vendee thread die. On the other hand, there are usually at least a handful of us doing the other smaller events, each not big enough to warrant a thread. Perhaps we should have a thread for whoever feels like talking about those smaller events. I was thinking that if I pull off the win, perhaps I'll start such a thread with a link to the VR article with the headline that Your Mom won Down Under...